Title: The Second Miracle
Author: Scullyrules5

This story follows:

Summary: Finding out that they're going to have a baby is just one of the surprises that Mulder and Scully get after marrying
and adding Emily to their lives.

Scully was lying on the couch when Mulder came in to the living room.

"Honey...I'm home."

Scully smiled weakly, but couldn't hold it. Mulder's smile faded too.

"Scully? What's wrong? Skinner said you'd left early."

"Yeah...I wasn't feeling well."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing now. That was this morning. I think I'm better now."

He kissed quickly, and added a quick squeeze. "Good. So where's Emily?"

"She's still at school. I was feeling to sick too get her."

"I'll get her."

She got up slowly. "No it's alright, I'll get her."

"Well...I've got nothing to do now. My new partner, is a jerk. Too scientific, always has an explanation for everything. Tells me I'm nuts..." He glanced at Scully, smiling.

"Sound's familiar," Scully said grinning.

"Well. At least it's not Alex. His name is Robert Sharp."

"So...It's a he? I figured they get another woman in there."

"No they would take the chance. Look what happened last time," he added teasingly.

She grinned and grabbed her coat. "So...Is he cute?"

"Um...Scully? I don't check things like that. I'm a married man now," he added, a small smile on his face.

"You better believe it."

"I want to believe," he said quoting the poster in his office.

She smacked him lightly on the arm and grinned, pulling him out the door after him.

"Hi Mommy," Emily said absently. She was still working on coloring a picture that, to Scully, looked like a cross between a house and maybe a cow. She smiled at her daughter, and waited till she finished.

"Look Mommy!" Emily said than glanced up. "Daddy!" she yelled noticing him for the first time.

"Hi Em. That's a good picture. Tell me about it."

"It's an elephant."

Scully smiled again. That wasn't even one of her guesses. "Are you ready to go home, Angel?"

She nodded. "But first I have to say bye to Ashleigh and Holly." Ashleigh and Holly were Emily's new best friends. "Mommy do you think maybe they could come over tomorrow?"

"We'll see. I'll call their moms and see."

"Cool," she said and ran off.

"So Mommy. You're willing to take on two extra kids?" Mulder asked. "Sure. Why not? As long as you don't mind."

"No that's fine. I think I should spend some time training Rob."

"Training?" Scully asked in a teasing voice. "On Saturday?"

"Training. Yeah on a Saturday. I'll have to work extra hard just to get him half as good a partner as you were."

She laughed lightly, and he put his arm around her waist. She looked into his eyes...just looked. They just stood, locked in silence, for nearly a minute.

Their moment was ruined when Emily ran back in with Ashleigh, a smiling little girl with brown pigtails, and Holly, a kind of spacey girl with blonde curly hair. Holly was a little older than Ashy, as she was called, and Emily.

They pulled apart quickly, although Emily saw them and smiled.

"Emily, do you have their phone numbers so I can call their parents?"

"Yup. Holly's is 555-2954 and Ashy's is 555-4528." She smiled, proud that she had remembered.

"Okay. I'll call your moms tonight and see if you two can come play with Emily tomorrow," Mulder told them.

"Okay. Bye Emily. Bye Mr. and Mrs. Mulder."

"Yeah bye," Holly piped up.

** The next day 8:09am

As it turned out, both Ashy and Holly could come and were going to be there at noon. Emily was up at 7, excited.

Scully on the other hand, wasn't feeling quit as chipper that morning. She had woken up at six, sick, and couldn't get back to sleep. She was thinking about canceling Emily's play date, but then decided she couldn't do that to Em.

When she realized that she had sighed, waking Mulder.

"What's wrong Dana?" He called her Dana and Scully depending on his mood.

"Nothing. I'm just not-" She was interrupted as she ran to the bathroom once again. She came back a minute later. "-feeling well," she finished miserably.

"Maybe I should stay home with Em and Company," he said, concern in his voice.

"No, no. It'll pass. It always does," she added.


"About a week," she admitted.

"Maybe you should go to the doctors..."

"I have an appointment on Monday. It's probably just the flu."


"Go on, you're going to be late."

He got up squeezing her hand quickly.

Dr.Bettes office Monday, 10: 21am "Dana?" Dr. Bettes asked.


"Your test results are back."

"What is it?" she asked sensing an odd tone his tone.

"Mrs. Mulder...Your morning sickness...It's been caused by..."

Suddenly Scully knew what he was going to say. ::But how?::

"Mrs. Mulder... You're pregnant."

"Pre-pregnant?" Scully asked, still trying to grasp the idea.

"Yup. About 3 and a half weeks."

"But-but you toold me I couldn't have kids..."

"I know. Technically you can't...I don't know how this happened."

She nodded slowly. Then she thanked him and, after promising to call him the next day, left.

::Pregnant? Wait until Mulder finds out...:: Suddenly something hit her. ::This is my second child...and I can't even have kids! My two little miracles...::

She decided she must tell Mulder right away. She quickly dialed his number on her cell phone.

"Mulder," he answered on the first ring.


"Scully. Hi! So what did the doc say?"

"Mulder," she said ignoring him completely, "I want you too meet me at the front of Headquarters...in 10 minutes."

Mulder heard a tone in her voice and he didn't argue or ask questions. "Okay," he said and hung up.

Scully hung up and, with a sigh, got into her car and drove toward the Headquarters. ::I can't wait to tell Mulder he's going to be a daddy. again.:: She grinned.

"Mulder!" Scully yelled and he turned around.

"Scully," he said, looking a little concerned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong...Come on let's go some place quiet." She grabbed his hand and they walked a little ways to a small diner about 1/2 mile away. When they were seated and had ordered drinks, Scully took Mulder's hand. Then she took a deep breath.


"Mulder...The doctor said...We need to fix up one of those guest rooms...Mulder...What I'm trying to say is...I'm pregnant."

Mulder just stared at her. Then her words hit him and he blinked. "But..."

"I know. The doctor said I can't have kids...He doesn't know how this happened. Mulder...I have heard of miracle babies. As a matter of fact, I believe Emily is one. But Mulder...this little baby. It is not even physically possible...yet it happened. Now all I am going to say is that He must have some reason for giving us this child. So...Are you happy?"

Mulder looked at her. Then he grabbed her hands and squeezed them quickly. "Of course I am. I'm going to be a daddy again!"

Scully sighed happily. She had known in her heart that Mulder would be thrilled...yet somewhere in her mind she had wondered if he had married her knowing she couldn't have any children.

::But that's not so Dana.:: Scully knew Mulder well enough to know when he wasn't telling the truth. Now wasn't one of those times.

"Scully," Mulder said, interrupting her thoughts. "I'm going to call Skinner and tell him neither of us can come in today. If he asks why...I tell him the truth. Okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "I'm going to tell my mom."

Mulder looked surprised. "You mean you haven't told her yet?"

She shook her head. "I wanted to tell you first."

He grinned then went to a corner to call Skinner.

Meanwhile, Scully dialed her mom.



"Dana. What's a matter?"

"Nothing...It's just...Mom, I'm pregnant."

Maggie's breath caught in her throat. "Dana that's wonderful...But I thought..."

"I know," Scully interrupted her. "I can't have kids. Supposedly. The doctor said that, technically, I still can't have kids."


"I don't know," she said simply. "I truly don't know."

They had decided to wait a week or two before telling Emily, so life went on a normal, Scully and Mulder both going to work, Emily sometimes going to school, and sometimes to Ashleigh or Holly's houses. Their parents and Em's had become good friends, and one was off, the kids went to their house instead of school. One day, Scully decided they needed to tell Emily. She told Mulder when he got home that she wanted to tell her. So after dinner they were sitting around the living room... Emily didn't know her Mommy couldn't have any more kids, so they didn't have to explain that to her.

"Mommy?" Emily looked curious.

"Honey, how would you feel about having a younger sister or brother?"

"I don't know...why?"

"Because, we are going to have a new baby in the house."

"Oh. Cool." Emily sounded confused. "Why?"

"Emily, you know where baby's come from right?"

She shook her head. Scully looked at Mulder, and couldn't help laughing at the look he had on his face. Then he sighed and said," Okay. Well we'll tell you...Scully?"

So she crawled into their laps and listened to them. By the time they were finished, Emily severely grossed out, and Mulder and Scully were totally red in the face.

Emily's School The next day...


"Hi-hi Ashleigh," Emily said whirling around at the sound of her friend's voice. She had been waiting for Ashy to get there, along with Holly.

"Hi!" Holly's voice came from the doorway.

"Hi Holly, hi Holly's mom," Ashleigh said.

"Holly! Good. Now that your both here I have something very important to tell you."

"What?" Holly asked excitedly.

"Not now. Wait until your mom leaves."

So the girls waited what seemed like forever until Holly's mom left, then they went into a corner to talk.

The teachers looked at them a little strange, but by now they were used to Emily, Holly, and Ashleigh going into corners to talk. They all knew they were best friends, and didn't bother listening in. They believed children need privacy. "Guess what!" Emily said excitedly.

"What?" Ashleigh asked impatiently.

"I'm going to be a big sister! My mom's having a baby."

"I have a baby brother," Holly spoke up.

"Sean and I have a baby sister," Ashy said. "Libby."

"Well now I'm going to be a big sister too!"


"Yeah, cool," Holly echoed.

"But. That's not the most exciting part. I now know were a baby comes from." "Really? Where?"

"Are you two sure you want to know? It's extremely gross."

"We're sure, right Ash? "You bet."

"Okay..." Emily said and explained.

When she was done, Holly said, "Okay, ew. Emily where did you learn that?"

"My mom and dad told me last night. I was going to call you two but Mommy said it was too late."

"So...Now what?"

"Want to color?" Emily asked.

"Sure," Holly and Ashleigh both agreed, and they went to the coloring table.

Later the same day... ** "Whitney?" Holly asked. "Whitney, are you even WITH us any more?"

"What? Oh yeah. Sorry," Whitney replied. She had been reading a book of children's poetry. She was only came on the weekends, because she got to go to middle school.

::Lucky.:: Emily had thought when she had first met her. Emily couldn't wait to go to middle school. She loved to learn.

"Guess what Emily told me!"

"What?" Whitney asked with a sigh, impatient to get back to her book.

"She told me where babies come from," Holly announced proudly.

"Really? Where?" Whitney asked, humoring her.

Holly explained. The news traveled all around the school after that, from Whitney, to Rachel, to Carrie, then on to Cory, Aaron, and then Samantha, who told Katie. Each child was definitely grossed out, yet oddly interested.

Those weren't the only children who knew. Ashleigh had told two people, Zack and Tiffany. They had told two people and then those two people had told people...

Emily, for one, hadn't told a soul besides Holly and Ashleigh. Not that she minded, it was just that the other two had told everyone.

So, by the time they got home, each child had a story to tell their parents...And each parent had a story to tell the teachers.

"Mrs. Mulder, your daughter is a disruption in this school. She is spreading rumors."

"What about," Scully asked in alarm. As far as she knew, Emily was an angel at school.

"She told Holly and Ashleigh a rumor about were babies come from. Then each of them told people, and in turn the whole school knew...and told their parents. What I'm asking is, did you tell Emily about this or did she make it up?"

"She is a kid! How could she make up all those detail? Yes we told her. I am pregnant and my husband and I agreed the truth was better than some stupid story about the Stork. We don't want to lie to our child."

The teacher, Mrs. Greene, was astonished. "Are you sure she is old enough?"

"Mrs. Greene she is my child. If I think Emily is old enough and mature enough to handle it, that is my business."

"Mrs. Mulder I'm sorry. I just don't want Emily telling the all the children about this."

"Emily told Holly and Ashleigh. They told other people. Not Emily."

"Yes, I see. Well It's was nice to talk to you. Good-day."

"Bye," Scully said hotly and hung up the phone. Then she let out a groan. Her hormones were all out of whack right now.

::Mood swings. Mulder's going to be thrilled.::

** "White?"


"Baby blue?"




"Bright lime green with bright orange highlights?"

"No!" Scully said laughing.

It was 4 weeks later, and Mulder and Scully were trying to pick out colors for the baby's room. It was kind of hard because it was to early to tell whether it was a girl or boy, although it wouldn't have mattered much because Scully didn't want to know.

"Well, what color do you think?"

"Yellow. Yellow and white."

"Okay. That's good for a boy or girl."

"Yeah...Although I think it's a girl."


"Yes. I just have this feeling."

"Yeah? Well I have a feeling it's a boy."

"Well we'll see in about six months."

Mulder nodded.

"Come on lets go shopping," Scully said changing the subject.

"Oh joy," Mulder answered sarcastically.

"Mulder...Shut up. Go get Emily."

"Yes sir."

"Mommy look!" Emily yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Shhh honey. What?"

"See that teddy bear? I want to get it for the baby. Can I?"

"Well I don't see why not," Scully said, getting it down. "Come on lets go see what Daddy found."

Mulder was supposed to be shopping for car seats, but instead had gotten side tracked by a bottle display.

"Scully, are you going to bottle feed this baby?"

"No. It's better the other way."

"That's what I was reading," he said holding up a brochure on bottle feeding vs. breast feeding.

"And you are reading that because...?"

"Information, Scully!"

"Oh. I see. Come on lets go look at car seats. **


"Dana? It's Beth."

"Oh hi! What's up?"

"Well...Guess what."


"I'm pregnant!"

"Oh .My. God. You too?"

"TOO? You mean your pregnant?"

"Yes. About two months."

"I'm about three."

"Oh! You mean you were pregnant when you were here?"

"I guess. That's what the doc said."

"You know what? You and your husband should come down here for awhile. Or maybe we should bring Em up there."

"That's a great idea. I think I need my best friend to go through this with me."

"Me too," Scully agreed. "Why don't I talk to Fox and you talk to Scott and we'll decide something?"

"Alright. So...Do you want to know what sex it's going to be?"

"No. We've decided not to find out."

"Oh. Me and Scott decided to find out so we can decorate."

"I've decided to go with yellow and white. Very neutral."

"Yeah. We're going to paint it lilac , for girl, or light green for a boy."

"Great idea. Steer away from the traditional pink and blue."


The continued talking for a few minutes, then they had to hang up because Scully had an appointment withy Skinner.

"I'll call you back tomorrow. Don't forget to talk to Scott."

"You either. Bye."


Skinner's office One hour later

"Agent Scully. Please have a seat," Skinner began.

"Sir," she said as she quickly sat down.

"Scully...What is this I hear about you being pregnant? Is it true?"

"Yes. About three months now."

"Okay. Well...how long can you still work?"

"Well...Since I'm only doing background checks now, probably until I have the baby."

"And that would be...?"

"Think about it Skinner. Babies stay inside the woman for 9 months," she explained, feeling like she was talking to Emily. "I'm in my 3rd.God haven't you ever talked to a pregnant woman before?"

"Well...No. Not lastly. So the baby is going to be born in six months?"

"Yeah. My due date is August 16."

"Okay. Well I'm going to give you the two weeks before that off too."

"Fine. Thanks."

"You may go. By the way, who are you doing a background check on now?"

"Bill Clinton," she said with a straight face. Then she walked out the door and burst out laughing.

One week later...


"Yeah hi Dana."

"Oh hi. I can't wait to come down."

"I know I can't wait till you come either. It's going to be so much fun!"

"I know. Kind of like the slumber party we had in high school."

"Oh yeah. We can fix each others hair and talk about Mulder's and Scott's and the guy at the gas station's ass."

"Oh yeah. And talk about Hanson and N*Sync and how cute they both are." "Oh yeah. Don't forget Backstreet Boys."

By this time, they had both lost it. Scully had to sit down, she was laughing so hard.

"Okay," Elizabeth said when she had caught her breath. "Te reason I called you is...Guess what they found at my last ultrasound?"


"I'm having twins!"

"Aww. You're so lucky. I kind of wish I was having twins."

"I don't feel lucky at the moment. I feel fat."

"Beth! You're pregnant!"

"I know, I know," she said laughing. "I'm just kidding."

"I haven't really started showing yet," Scully said reluctantly. "I can't wait until I do. Then I will know for sure my little miracle is really in there."

"Don't worry. You're almost to your third month. You'll show soon."

"I have gained weight at least."

Beth giggled. "Can you believe we WANT to gain weight? In high school we went crazy if we gained a pound."

"I know."

"Well I have to go now. I have a doctor's appointment."

"Really? Good luck. I have one tomorrow."

"Good luck to you too then."


Doctor Bettes office...

"Hello Mrs.-"he glanced at his charts. "Mulder, it is now."

"Hi," Scully said nervously. She was getting ready to have her second ultrasound.

"Well, I'm just going to check the baby out, and then Nurse Meyers will take care of your ultrasound."

She nodded.

::Where is Mulder?::

At that moment, Mulder burst through the door.

"Hi, Honey. Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?"


Mulder gave her a quick kiss and sat down.

"Hi, Mr. Mulder," Dr.Bettes said.

He nodded a quick hello to him.

"So, you are in your 3rd month right?" the doctor asked after he had taken her measurements.

She nodded.

"Well, your measurements are a little small for a third month..."


"You should gain more weight. Soon."

"Okay," Scully agreed.

"Also...this is kind of odd. I don't hear a heart beat..."

Scully froze. Mulder froze.

"Wha-What's that mean," Scully said, already knowing.

"Mrs. Mulder...I think it's dead."

Scully burst into tears. Mulder wrapped his arms around her, tears streaming down his face too.

Suddenly Scully's face turned white.

"Scully? What is it?"

"It-it moved. I swear...It moved."

The doctor put his hand on her stomach.

"My God. She's right. But...There is no heart beat."

He went and turned the machine on high power. Suddenly they could make out a small sound.

::A heart beat.:: Scully thought.

"That's-that's not mine...right?" Scully asked, her voice quivering.

"No. That's the baby's. But...It's very weak for this stage of development. I'm going to recommend that you go see a Dr. Kantor. She specializes in high risk pregnancies. I'll call her and we'll make an appointment before you leave."

Scully nodded. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she would burst out crying again.

Dr.Bettes left and a few minutes later Nurse Meyers came in and begin her ultrasound.

"Okay. Everything looks okay here...But the baby is very small, as the doctor told you."

Scully nodded as she sat up.

"Thanks Nurse Meyers."

She walked out and a few minutes later, Doctor Bettes walked in.

"It's time too call Doctor Kantor."


He called, spoke to her secretary, then finally to her. He told her Scully's wait, and how softly the baby's heart was beating. The he glanced at Scully.

"What are you doing this afternoon?"

"Nothing. I just have to pick my daughter up from school by 4."

"Can you make an appointment in an hour?"

"Yes," she said, then glanced at Mulder. "Can you come?"

"Yes. I just have to call Sharp and tell him I can't come in today after all."

"You don't have to be there..." Scully protested.

"I want to be there for you. I'll always be there for you, Scully. I love you remember?" he added, and smiled.

"I love you too Mulder," she said. She had said it many time before now, but at that moment, it felt different, special some how. She knew she had not made a mistake in marrying Mulder. She knew they were meant to be.

After Scully's appointment ** As they were walking out the door of Doctor Kantor's office, Scully suddenly burst into tears.

"Scully? What's wrong?" Mulder asked, his voice full of concern, and heavy with tears himself.

"What do you think is wrong Mulder?" Scully answered hotly.

Mulder sighed, not taking her tone personally. "Scully, it's okay. The baby is fine. You're fine."

"I know." She looked into his eyes. "Mulder...I'm sorry. Mood swings you know."


"Look, lets pick Emmy up and go home. I think I need to call Elizabeth. I need my best friend." She glanced at Mulder. "My second best friend," she added with a smile.


"Dana. What's wrong?"

Scully burst in to tears. She tried to calm down and talk, but she couldn't. Finally, after about 10 minutes with Beth still on the phone talking to Scully and trying to soothe her, she calmed down enough to talk.

"Elizabeth," Scully said quietly, her voice wavering. "There-there's some complications with the baby. It-it's to small, and it's heart beat is to weak. Beth...There is a good chance the baby will not make it." Scully choked out the words, then started crying again, harder this time.

"Oh Dana..." Elizabeth was at a loss for words. "Dana, I'm coming down there as soon as possible."

Scully nodded, then remembered she was on the phone ad said, "Okay. Thanks. I need a girl friend right now, who's going trough the same thing."

"I'm going to call the airport right now."

"What about your husband?"

"He's at work right now. He can take a later flight."

"Beth...You don't have to come..." Scully said quietly, not at all meaning what she said. "Dana...I want to come. I want to help you through this. We'll get through it together. I promise, I'll never leave your side."

"You sound like Mulder," Scully said with a small smile.

"I knew there was another reason, besides the fact that he's hot, that I liked him. See, your best friends think alike."

Scully laughed a little, feeling a little better now that Beth was coming.

"I'll see you soon," she promised.

"Bye," Scully said softly.


"Beth," Scully whispered, and burst into tears.

"Dana," Beth murmured, wrapping her in a hug. "I'll help you through this. I promise. Mulder and I will never leave your side."

Scully nodded, her tears subsiding momentarily. "Beth...If I lose this baby...I don't know what I'll do. I know I am only 4 months today, but this baby already means the world to me."

"I know. The twins me the world to me. At least you have Emily."

Scully nodded. She knew that even if she lost this baby, she would still have Emily. Always she would have her baby, her Emily. But this baby meant something...Like it was God's will for her to have this baby. Somewhere, deep inside her, she knew she would not lose this child.

"So," Scully asked changing the subject for a moment," what are you going to name the twins?"

"Well, we were thinking, for two boys, we were going to name them Shane and Sean, for two girls Whitney and Britney, and for a girl and a boy, Cleora and Dustin."

"Cleora...I love that name. I might just have to steal it if you don't have a boy and a girl," Scully said teasingly.

"Oh yeah? Well what are you going to name your baby?"

"Well, Mulder and I haven't really discussed it, but...I want Samantha Melissa Mulder of William David Mulder. I don't know what Mulder is thinking...I'll ask him tonight. Lets go home now...Suddenly I want to see my Emily," she added, suddenly feeling protective of her. She had forgotten that she was still sick, technically. She could get sick again. None of the doctors, including Scully herself, knew if the stuff Mulder had found was the cure or if it just delayed the inevitable.

When Scully got home, she ran straight up to Emily's room and gave her a hug. Emily, who had been looking at a picture book, glanced up slowly.

"Mommy, can Ashleigh come over?"

"Sure, but what about Holly?"

"We are mad at her," Emily said matter-of-factly.

"Oh really?" Scully asked hiding a smile. "Why?"

"Apparently she would rather hang out with Whitney and Rachel. She hardly talked to us at all on Friday."

"I see. Well what were they talking about?"


"Cheerleading? Do they know they only in elementary school?"

Emily giggled. "Yes. There is this cheerleading squad at the rec center, and they are all trying out."

"And you and Ashleigh don't want to?"

"You mean I could maybe try out?" Emily asked excitedly.

"I don't see why not. When are try outs?"

"One week from today. Next Saturday."

"Okay. I'll talk to Holly's mom. Right now why don't you call Ashleigh and see if she come over? I've got to find Elizabeth."



"Yeah, hi Emily."

"Hi. So listen, what are you doing right now?"


"Wanna come over? My mom said you could."

"Okay, I'll go ask."

Emily heard the phone being set down, and Ashleigh running off. Then she let her mind wander to cheerleading. She so wanted to make the squad, although she had never cheered before. She had done gymnastics though, from when she was only two.

She heard Ashleigh ran back towards the phone and pick it up.

"Yeah I can come. My mom'll bring me over now."

"Okay...Ashleigh what do you think about cheerleading?"

"Ugh. I think I have heard Whitney, Rachel, Holly, and almost ever girl in school talk about it as if it were the only thing in life."

"Well...How would you feel about trying out?"

"What? Are you kidding? Emily, those are CHEERLEADERS. Preppy, snobby, witches, who think their all that because they can scream loud, and turn cartwheels."

"No their not," Emily said, a little more harshly than she intended.

"Look. Lets talk about this later," Ashleigh said with a sigh.

"Fine," Emily said and hung up.


"Okay. Emily lets talk...rationally," Ashleigh said searching for the word.

"Okay," Emily replied calmly.

"Are you telling me you want to be a CHEERLEADER?" Ashleigh asked, spiting out the last word.



"I don't know...I want to be popular."

"Em is that the only reason you are trying out?"

"Well...Look at Courtney. She was a cheerleader last year and look how popular she is. All the cheerleaders are popular."

"Emily...You shouldn't do this only to gain popularity."

"I know...I am doing for myself a little to...Plus Ashleigh, I miss Holly. I can't believe she ignored us on Friday."

"I know...I miss Holly to...She betrayed us. She said she would never leave us and she said we would be best friends for our whole lives. Emily...I believed her." Her voice was thick and Emily glanced up at her and saw she was crying.

"Me too," Emily said. She realized for the first time tears were falling from her eyes too.

Both girls tried to control their tears, then finally gave up and sank to the floor, both of then sobbing silently, and squeezing each others hands, as if they would never let go.

The two girls simply stayed like that for an hour, until Scully got worried because it was so quiet. They had eventually stopped crying, although they still griped one another's hand tightly.

When Scully came in and saw them sitting on the floor, their faces streaked with tears, and their hands linked.

"Emily...Ashleigh...What's wrong?" Scully asked gently.

Neither replied, they simply scooted closer to each other and looked at her.

"Nothing..." Emily finally answered softly. "Just..."


Emily glanced at Ashleigh, who nodded.

"Holly...the thing with Holly...we were talking about it...she betrayed us. She said we would always be together...she lied."

Scully winced at Emily. Her voice was filed with pain, and betrayal. At that moment, all Scully wanted to do was comfort her, to hug her, and tell them both everything would be okay. But she couldn't. She didn't know what would happen, she couldn't guarantee Holly would come back.

"Mommy...can Ashy spend the night? Please?"

Emily's tone was begging, pleading with Scully to say yes. Scully knew they needed each other right now. She couldn't deny them that. It was killing them.

She wondered if Holly knew how much she was hurting them.

That thought stayed with Scully the rest of the day. She couldn't get Emily, Ashleigh, and Holly out of her mind. Until it was time for bed.

Of course Ashleigh and Emily had demanded to sleep in the same room, so they had spread sleeping bags on Emily's bedroom floor. The two hadn't left each other's side the whole evening. Scully could sympathize with them...She remembered how her and Beth had acted almost the same way when their 9th grade best friend, Janien, had left them, and joined the popular group. The group that smoked, drank, and did drugs. Scully held back tears when she thought about the next thing that had happened. Janien had died six months after joining that group, of a drug overdose.

::Being popular doesn't always pay:: Scully thought bitterly. Then she shook her head to clear it and kissed both on the cheek and left the room, and walked down the hall to Elizabeth's room.

"Hi! What's up? You look a little out of it..."

"It's nothing. I'm just thinking about Emily's life. She's only little...and yet her life is as complicated as any adults."

"Yeah...You know I was thinking about Holly...she kind of reminds me of-"

"Janine Garofalo? Ninth-grade?"

"Yup. You remembered to huh?"

"How could I forget?"

Elizabeth shrugged.

"Well, I better go see where Mulder is...I'm going to force him to talk about names for the baby."

"Good luck," Elizabeth said with smile.

** "Mulder...we need to talk."

"Uh-oh Scully. That line was never good in high school."

She grinned. "I mean about names!"

"Ohhhhh I see," he answered, climbing in to bed next to her.

"First for a girl."


"Too common. Piper."


"Add the other sister, and you'll have the whole Charmed cast!"

"Oh yeah? What's her name?"

"Um..." She drew a blank. "I don't know! I have more important things to remember."

"Sure. Paige."




"TABATHA? Scully are you insane?"

"What? It's a cute name."


"Samantha," she said quietly.


"Samantha Melissa Mulder. I like it."

"Me too," he said softly in her ear.

"Okay, now boys. It's not very hard. William has to be in there somewhere...how about Zachary William Mulder?"

"Good...Now can I go to sleep?"

She laughed and through a pillow at him. "Fine...Pleasant dreams."

Cheerleading tryouts One week later Ashleigh and Emily had decided to try out for cheerleading anyway. Elizabeth was still there, so she and Scully sat on side and watched.

Scully watched Emily in amazement.

"What?" Elizabeth asked.

"Look at Emily. Look how good she is. She's never even cheered before, except with Ashleigh in our yard."

"Really? Ashleigh's good to...Let me guess. You worked with them?"

"Well I WAS the head cheerleader in high school," Scully said with a grin.

"Look at Holly."

"Poor Holly," Scully said sympathetically. Holly was terrible. As was almost every girl with the exception of Em, Ashy, and about 5 other girls.

"So, when's your next doctor's appointment?"

"This Tuesday. Wanna come? Mulder can't he'll be out of town." "Of course."

"The new '95 cheerleading squad is...Courtney Borders, Alyshia Dygert, Emily Mulder, Ashleigh, (I forget her last name...)Brenna Manning, Stephanie Founds, Heather Hicky, Angel Davisen, Sarah Row, and Jerry Lynn Sharp, and Emily Meyers. The rest of you were very good, and it was hard to choose. Will the new squad please come over here?"

"EEEEEEEEE! Emily we made it!"

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Can you believe it? Thanks mommy for helping us!"

"Your welcome, but you had better go see the coach or whatever she calls herself."

As they ran off, Scully found herself looking at Holly, Whitney and Rachel. None of them had made it...She felt sorry for them, but when she saw Emily's smiling face, she grinned.

Dr. Karen Kantor's office Tuesday "Well, they baby looks much better than last time. It is bigger too. Do you want to know the sex?"

"Um...I do but I don't know if Mulder does."

"Oh Dana just find out. He wouldn't mind," Beth said.

"Okay. Yeah I guess we want to know."

"It's a girl."

Scully grinned. "Another daughter. Great. Emily will be happy; she didn't want a brother."

Elizabeth laughed. "And why not?"

"Her friends have told her stories..."

"Really...well she'll be happy then."

"Yeah...Are you going to find out at your next doctor's appointment?"

"Actually...I already know."

"Really? Why didn't you tell me? What are you having?"

"One girl, and one boy. Cleora and Dustin."

"Aww. Lucky. I'm still jealous you are having twins."

"You want 'em?" Elizabeth joked.


Mulder was back from his trip; he had been gone for less than 24 hours. Scully decided she had to tell him so, as they were going to bed that night, she decided to tell him she was having a girl. Actually, she was thinking about the name, and she kind of wanted to change the middle one...Missy's memory was still so painful to think about.

"Mulder...About my appointment yesterday..." Scully hesitated when she saw his face.

"Scully, is something wrong you didn't tell me?"

"No! That's not it. What is it is...I found out the sex of the baby."

"You did? But I thought you didn't want to."

"I do. I did."

"Well great what is it?"

"A girl," Scully said with a smile.

Mulder grinned. "Now we can quit calling you 'it'" he said to her stomach.

"Yeah...Mulder that's something else I wanted to talk to you about...I kind of wanted to change the middle name...Missy's memory is still painful to me, and especially to my mom."

"Really?" he asked in surprise." Because I kind of wanted to change her first name...I kind of don't want to like...Jinx this baby because of her name."

"Okay. So what can we name her?"

"How about...Kerri?"

"I like it...But what about Kelli?"


"What is with all these K names?"

I don't know...Jessica."

"That's different," Scully said with a laugh. "What about...Phoebe?" she added with a grin.


"The other Charmed sister. I watched it the other night."

"Phoebe...I don't know...How about Cassandra?"

"Cassandra," Scully said, trying out the name. "I like it...OW!"

"What? What's wrong?"

Scully giggled. "Nothing. I think someone likes that name. She just kicked me. Okay Cassandra, I'm glad you like your name."

"What about middle?"



"Cassandra Katharine Mulder...I love it, although when she grows up she'll hate us for giving her such a long name."

"Call her Cassie."

"Good idea."

"Yeah...Good-night," Mulder said, as he drifted off to sleep, snoring gently beside Scully, their hands intertwined.

Scully woke up that morning to hear Beth downstairs, with Emily. When she dragged Mulder out of bed, and they whet downstairs, she could see that they had made breakfast.

"To celebrate that you are officially in your fifth month, and that I am in my sixth."

Tears in her eyes, Scully hugged both Emily and Beth, whispering thanks.

Scully saw they had made a stack of pancakes, and sausage, with fresh orange juice to drink.

"So, what are you girls going to do today?" Mulder asked, lifting a forkful of pancake to his mouth.

"Well," Scully started, "first we are going to the Tiny Tots store in the mall, then we were going to hit the Angel Baby complex."

"Angel Baby complex?"

"Yeah. It's a whole mall with stores that sell nothing but baby, and toddler stuff."

"Great have fun..." he made a face.

"You're not a woman Mulder. You don't understand how cute baby stuff is," Beth said with a smile.

When they were finished eating, Emily went upstairs and came back ten minutes later wearing flare jeans, and a white sleeveless tank with a purple cat on the front, with purple tennis shoes, wit white laces.

"Uh...Emily? Were did you get THAT outfit?"

"Daddy got them for me," she said.

"Really?" she asked glancing at Mulder. "She looks cute," he said, defending himself.

"That she does," Scully admitted. "Look at those jeans. I didn't even know they made those that little."

"You mean...You don't mind," Mulder asked tentatively.

"No...She does look pretty cute."

"Yeah. Now come on Mommy, fix my hair. Daddy got me some matching hair stuff."

Later that day, Emily in curly pigtails held with purple cat clips, they pulled into The Baby Angel complex.

"It's not very crowed," Scully observed.

"Well, it's Wednesday," Elizabeth pointed out. "Come here on a Saturday, and it'll be crowed."


"Okay, where to first?"


"Cool I love shopping for baby clothes. They are just so tiny."

"I know, and cute too!"

"Mommy, can I get an outfit too?"

"Yeah, I want to get you and Cassandra at least one matching outfit."

"Cassandra?" Beth asked. "Yeah we decided to change her name too Cassandra Katharine."

"Cute," Elizabeth remarked.

"Aww Dana look at this!" Elizabeth said picking up a little purple dress. "It's so cute! I HAVE to get this for Cleora."

"Aww," Scully answered, picking up a little denim skirt with a check red shirt. "Emily what do you think of this for Cassandra?"

"No, I was thinking of this," Emily said holding a little one-piece jumper.

"Which one?" Scully asked her.

The looked at each other. "Both," they said simultaneously.

"Okay Emily, I think we have enough. Lets help Beth look."

"Actually, I'm done for today with Cleo's stuff, time too go look for Dustin.

In the baby boy's department, they picked out a few outfits, then went to search for a crib, car seat, etc.

By the time they were done, they had enough for 10 babies, not 3.

One month later "Bye Beth," Scully said, wiping away tears.

"Bye..." she answered hugging Scully, who returned it tightly. "I'm see you in a few month okay?"

Scully nodded. "Don't forget to call," she added.

"I promise," Elizabeth answered. "I'll call you as soon as I get home."

Scully nodded again and wiped another tear from her eye. They hugged once again, cried some more, then finally Beth had to catch her plane.

"See you again soon," Elizabeth whispered, as she walked through the gate.

"You bet," Scully replied quietly, crossing her arms across her chest and walking back towards Mulder. Elizabeth turned and waved before she walked out of sight.

Scully turned to Mulder and he wrapped his arms around her while she watched out the window, until Elizabeth's plane took off.

"Dana, hi," a voice said on the other end of the phone.

"Elizabeth! Hi. God the house seem empty right now. Your gone, Emily is at cheerleading with Ashy and Mulder...Actually I don't know where Mulder is..."

"It's weird to be back here. Normally I wou7ld only be back her for doctor's appointments, and to see Scott...Occasionally," She added with a laugh.

Scully giggled. "He hasn't seen you at all the past couple months."

"He doesn't mind. He understands that you need me, and that I need you right now. After all, it's not like he's ever been pregnant."

"I hope not," Scully said smiling.

"Yeah...Well listen, I gotta go, I'm going to visit some of Scotts and mine's friends. I just called to tell you I'm here and to tell you too call me when you need to talk."

"You too," Scully said.

"I will. Bye."

"Bye." As soon as Scully set down the phone, it rang again. This time it was Mulder. "Hi Honey," he said. "Look, Robert and I have to go New Jersey."

"for how long?"

"I don't know. Maybe a day, maybe a week. I have to go, our plane is about to leave. I love you. Tell Emily I love her."

"I will. I love you too. Bye," she said. Scully hung up the phone, and burst into tears.

"Hi Mom," Emily said as she walked in the door with Ashleigh, later that afternoon.

"Hi Sweetie. Hey your Dad wouldn't be home for a few days."

"Really? Why?"

"He and Robert had to go investigate a case. He'll be back in a few days."

"Oh. Okay then. Mom can Ashleigh and I go have a snack?"

"Yeah...There's ice cream in the freezer."

"No thanks. We're on a diet," Ashleigh said and ran up the stairs with Emily.

::A diet??? They're so young!:: Scully thought. ::Maybe this cheerleading thing was a bad idea...::

Scully knew it was a bad idea when, later, the girls were begging Scully to take them to Clairs. Scully agreed, only after calling Ashleigh's mom to make sure she approved. She let the girls buy body glitter, perfume, and lip gloss, but drew the line a getting their ears pieced. She let them each get a black and purple backpack purse, then told them they had enough.

"Oh Mom just one more thing? Please?" Emily begged.

She sighed. "What?"

"Hair glitter."

"Fine," Scully agreed, because she wanted to get out of there.

So they picked out two bottles of This-and-That hair glitter, before finally heading to the register. "44.98."

"44.98?! Emily how much was that stuff?"

Emily and Ashleigh shrugged.

Scully sighed once again. "I didn't think I'd have to go through this until you where at LEAST 12 Emily. A shopping spree at Clairs? For little kids? Ugh," she added as she paid, and marched them to the door.

"Mom...Can we PLEASE go to Limited Too?"

"Yeah, Please Mrs. Mulder?" Ashleigh added. "Emily, do they even make clothes your guys' size?" They must've because they went on a shopping spree there as well.

"Emily...No more mall for you anytime soon. You either Ashy."

They both giggled as they lead the way to the door.

"Mom how do we look?" Emily asked, twirling around next to Ashleigh.

"Lovely," Scully said smiling.

It was two days later, and Ashleigh had slept over (again) and they were modeling their new clothes (again) for Scully (again).

The phone rang and Scully picked it up slowly. It was Skinner; Scully suddenly felt unease. There was something in his voice that told her something was wrong.

"Scully, Robert and Mulder are missing."


"The case they were working on...It involved a cult. Who kidnapped it victims."

"Wait a minute. My husband is missing?"

"Yes...I'm sorry."

Scully burst into tears, and slammed down the phone, while Emily and Ashleigh looked at her, frightened looks on their faces.

Scully dropped them Ashleigh outside her house and raced to FBI headquarters with Emily.

"Where is he?" Scully demanded.

Skinner sighed. "He and Agent Sharp were last seen in the woods of Wisconsin. They where taken by the person they were investigating."

"I've got to get out there."

"Scully...Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean your 7 months pregnant."

"So?" she shot back. "I'm going."

"Okay suit yourself. Are you taking Emily?"

"I don't know. If she wants to go I guess she is coming..."

"Scully are you sure this is a good idea? I mean taking your daughter, not to mention your unborn child, to a place were there is a crazy kidnapper running lose on the street. This doesn't seem smart."

"Screw you."

"WHAT? My God Scully, temper! Calm down!"

"I'm sorry," she said with tears streaming down my face. "Hormones. This adds to it. I'm, sorry. I'm sorry."

"Hey Scully it's okay," Skinner said softly.

Scully walked over and put her arms around him, and simply cried on his shoulder.

Scully just cried for almost 5 minutes on Skinner's shoulder. She felt incredibly close to him at the moment, really seeing him as a friend.

Then she dried her eyes, thinking ::I'll never get anything done crying.::

She called the airport from Skinners office and got two tickets to Wisconsin that left in two hours. Then she went and got Emily, who was talking to Skinners secretary.

She asked Emily if she wanted to come, but she didn't, so Scully called Ashleigh's mom to see if she could stay there for a few days, then she called The Lone Gunman. Langley answered.

"Langley this is Scully."

"Oh hi...You wanna talk to Frohike," he joked.

"No. Listen Mulder and his new partner are missing."

"Missing? Mulder? Where?"

"Wisconsin. They were investigating some kind of cult."

"Oh Scully, I'm sorry."

"Listen, I'm going down there in about two hours. I need one of you too come with me. The other two can come out tomorrow."

"Okay, let me go talk to the others."

Two minutes later, he got back on. "Frohike is coming."

"Frohike? Great," she said sarcastically. Then she thought of how sensitive he had been, when he was missing. "Okay. Tell him to meet me at Mulder's apartment in an hour."

"Will do. Bye Scully...Good luck," he added.

Airport Scully now knew, with out a doubt, that Langley meant with Frohike. He followed her like a puppy, never leaving her side. At first it had been sweet. Now it was just irritating.

"Scully, you need help with that?" Frohike asked motioning to her purse.

"Frohike, it's just my purse. I can manage." He looked a little hurt, and Scully felt bad for snapping at him. "Thanks for offering," she added quickly.

Things got better on the flight. Scully loved talking to him, and listening as well. She started to think of him less as *Mulders* friend, and more as *their* friend. She forgot how much he got on her nerves. She simply laughed the flight away, at Frohike's lame attempts to make her feel better. She was having a good time on the outside. But inside she was crying.

When the got to the hotel, Scully told Frohike to start unpacking , while she went to talk to Sergeant Michaels. She wanted to start searching as soon as possible for Mulder. Every second count. Ever second could mean Mulder's life.

Later that night, Scully lay in her bed thinking of that day, and the next one. Her meeting with the chief had been good in helping get the search started, and she had called Emily earlier that night. The rest of the Lone Gunman would be out tomorrow. Everything was in place to get the search started. The cult lived, hid, in the woods, so that was were they were going to started looking the very next day...

One week later, there was still no sign of Mulder or Robert. The Lone Gunmen had come up, and brought Emily with them, and Elizabeth had come, despite being almost 9 months pregnant. Scully, who would be 8 months in a day, was having a hard time searching as well.

She was sitting on her bed that afternoon, when Elizabeth walked in.



"I think we need to get to the hospital. My water just broke."

"I can't drive...Um...Get Byers or Frohike. Come on lets hurry," she added.

They walked to Frohike's room, to find all the Lone Gunmen there, with Emily. "Um...Can one of you drive us to the hospital? Elizabeth's in labor," she added. All three of them started to panic.

"Whoa, guys calm down. We have plenty of time to get there. Now come on, hurry." The quickly ran to the car, and were on there way to the hospital.

Three hours later, Elizabeth was holding two little bundles of blankets in her arms, Dustin Thomas, and Cleora Katharine. Her husband was standing by her side as well, with Scully, Langley, Frohike, Byers, and Emily.

"They're so little," Frohike whispered, getting an amused looks from both Langley and Byers.

"Duh," Byers answered. "They were just born a half hour ago."

Langley shot them a look and told them to shut up.

"All of you shut up," Emily said. "Just watch the babies." They were squirming around, then Cleo opened her eyes.

"Aww," everybody said except Byers, who just looked creeped out.

"Is she supposed to look like that?" he asked.

"Langley!" Scully yelled.

Two days later, Beth, Cleo, and Dustin left the hospital. They couldn't fly home, because it would hurt the babies ears because they were to young, so they were driving. "We'll come visit as soon as the babies can fly," Beth said walking to the car.

Scully nodded. "I'll call you soon."

"Me too."

They hugged quickly, and Scully kissed the babies foreheads, then Elizabeth and Scott had to leave.

As she watched them dive away, she sighed. Then she went in to see were Emily was, and found her with gunmen. They were turning into pretty good baby-sitters, she had to admit.

The phone rang as Scully walked into the hotel room, and Emily picked it up. "Mommy," she said after a few seconds, "it's for you."

She took the phone a listened for a minute. "Okay," she said then hung up.

"Watch Emily," she told Langley. "I've gotta go to the police station. They may have found were Mulder is being held."

"See that spot were all those trees are?" Asked the police chief. "Yeah. Is that where he is?" Scully asked.

"We think so. It is the shadiest place in the woods."

"So what are we going to do?"

"Well, some of my men are going to sneak up on them late at night."

"That's your best plan?" Scully asked sarcastically.

"You got a better one?" he shot back.

She shook her head. "Okay when are you going to do this?" She asked.


Later Later that night, and around eight o'clock, Frohike heard a knock on his door. He answered it, figuring it was Langley come too yell at him for borrowing his socks. When he opened the door, Scully stood there.

"Hi. Can you take me too the hospital?" she asked.

"What? Why? You mean-"

She nodded.

The rest of the gunmen followed them out to the car.

"Scully, I thought you weren't due for another month," Byers said on the way.

"I'm not," she answered. "But first children are often born early."

She screamed as another contraction washed over her." Langley aren't we there yet?" she asked when it was over.

He pulled into the parking lot." Yes."

Two hours later, Scully was still in labor, and the gunmen were still at her side.

"You know," Scully said, between contractions. "I never guessed that you three would be the ones here by my side when I have this baby."

"Well, your mother is on her way," Langley said.

"Yeah she called about an hour ago," Byers added

"She should be here soon," Frohike said.

Scully nodded, then felt another contraction. She squeezed Frohike's hand until it was over then said," How dilated am I?"

"8 centimeters," the nurse answered.

Two hours later, she was fully dilated.

"One more push Dana," Dr.Greene said.

She pushed and squeezed Frohike's hand tightly. There was a cry and the doctor said," Congratulations. You have a baby girl." "Is she okay?" she asked.

"She's fine. A little small, but fine."

"I have to go tell Langley and Byers," Frohike said slipping out of the room.

The nurse brought over a little bundle of blankets, with a tiny face peeking out. Her breath caught in her throat. She was so tiny, so cute. Scully instantly fell in love.

One day Later Everyone had come to see the baby. Elizabeth had come, leaving Scott at home with their babies, the gunmen were still there, Maggie Scully.

"So what have you named her Dana?" Beth asked.

"I don't know yet...Somehow Cassandra doesn't fit anymore."

AD Skinner walked in to the room. "Um...Hi. Can I please talk to Scully alone?" Everyone nodded and left the room.

"Mulder was not in the woods. The cult was, but not Mulder."

Scully sighed and look down at the picture of Mulder on her table. She had kept it there the whole time she was giving birth. She felt tears coming to her eyes when she thought of how Mulder had missed this miracle.

"Don't cry Scully. We will find him. We just have to believe."

"Believe," Scully said to herself as he walked out of the room. "Right."


Her mother, Beth, and Emily walked back into her room, just as a nurse brought the baby in.

As she held the little girl, she though more about Skinner's words.

"Everyone I would like you too meet Believe Mulder. Believe Courtney Mulder," she added. "After Grandma."

"Believe?" Maggie asked.

"I'll tell you later," Scully replied simply. She look at down at the tiny child. "Welcome too the world Eve."

Two days later, Scully got out of the hospital, although Believe had to stay until the doctors were sure she would be fine. Scully brought Emily to see her little sis everyday, even though it meant bending the hospital rules, because she was to young to be in the ICU.

Scully knew she would never be able to repay the gunmen. They had been so supportive, so caring...They had been true friends. They had stuck with Scully through everything. She had never been more thankful to anyone. They had stayed all three days in the hospital with her, sleeping in chairs next to her bed. They had watched Emily whenever she needed to do something. They had not only not only offered her a shoulder to cry on, they had offered her three. She knew she would always love them, and that they would always be her best friends, with the exception of Mulder.

So as Scully sat next to Believe's crib, thinking these thoughts, Langley walked in, followed a moment later by Frohike, then Byers.

"Is she going to be okay?" Langley asked gently.

"No word yet," Scully said, tears in her eyes.

"Scully...She'll be okay," Langley said softly. "She's a Mulder and a Scully. This kid's tough."

Scully sighed. "I know. The doctor said she will most likely be fine but..." a tear fell as she trailed off.

First Langley, then Frohike, and finally Byers, wrapped her in a hug, as she sobbed uncontrollably for a long time, letting all her bottled up emotions out.

"I'm sorry," Scully said wiping her eyes.

Frohike squeezed her hand. "It's okay Scully."

The others nodded around her agreeing.

"We'll always be here for you. No matter what," Byers added.

Scully now sat on her bed with the gunmen next to her. They were trying there best to comfort her uncontrolled sobbing. She could not take her mind off Mulder. Scully held Believe in her arms. Emily ran to her side and hugged Scully.

"Mommy It's okay, daddy will be back soon."

Scully hugged her back, holding her close. the gunmen watched the scene in silence, not wanting to break the mood. The phone rang, and Frohike picked it up quickly, then motioned it was for Scully. She let go of Em, and handed Eve to Langley, who was used to holding her by now.

"Hello?" she answered.

A minute later, she set down the phone, her expression blank. She walked over to Frohike, and her face just fell, and she was once again sobbing. He didn't know what was wrong, but his heart went out to Scully. She had been strong, until this day, when it all just got to be to much. This time, she didn't even try to hold back her tears, simply let them fall, while Frohike held her, rocking her gently, trying to sooth her.

Finally, she was able to stop crying long enough to tell them what they said. "Th-they found a body in the woods...It matches Mulder's description," was all she could say, before bursting into tears again.

Frohike held her tighter. All he wanted to do was protect her, his best friend's wife...and now one of his best friends.

"They have to do a blood test..." she added through her tears. "The results will be in two days."

She was suddenly reminded of the blood test she did, comparing Emily and Melissa. She remembered how happy she was when Emily and Melissa's DNA was a match...and the shock when she learned she was Em's Mother.

Scully stared at the body in front of her, Langley at her side. It looked like Mulder...But there was no way to tell, until the DNA test came back. Scully had hope that it wasn't Mulder...until she saw the gray tee-shirt the man was wearing.

She couldn't cry anymore. She couldn't speak. She could barely breath. All she could do was stare at the man.

** Two days later, Scully held the results of the DNA test in her hand. "Mom," she whisper into the phone. "I have to tell you something."

"Dana," Maggie answered. "What is it?"

"You know that DNA test? Well they ran Emily's blood against Mulder's...and it matched."

"Dana...are you saying..."

She wiped a tear from your eyes, smiling. "Yes. Mulder is Emily's biological father."


"I don't know. They ran an RFLP as well. It's true."

"Wow...What about the man? Was it Mulder?"


Scully sighed, staring at the picture of Emily and Mulder in her hand. She couldn't believe he was her father. It didn't make sense. How? Emily...was supposedly half alien. That must mean...Mulder was abducted to. But when? he had never been missing for a long period of time. It was so frustrating for Scully. Was there something Mulder hadn't told her? She couldn't believe that. Scully had finally talked to Frohike. Mulder had never mentioned anything to him either. One question bothered her the most: Did Mulder know?

Scully sighed as she watched Believe in her playpen. She wanted Mulder to be here at her side, to watch his two daughters playing together. To just meet his new baby daughter. She wanted her to meet him as well.

She had finally let herself think of the fact that Mulder may be dead, and that she might never see him again. She hadn't revealed this to Emily, all though she had discussed it with Frohike, including cry with him for a moment. They were all beginning to lose the faith.

Every time Scully looked at Believe, she felt like crying. She might never meet her father. To make it worse, she had dark brown hair, just like Mulder's, and Mulder's eyes. Scully forced herself out of her thoughts, and continued packing for Maggie's house, were they would be staying for a while, so Maggie could help with Believe.

Maggie took Eve out of Langley's arms as he walked in the door.

"Are you three staying here too?" she asked him.

He shook his head. "No we're just helping Scully with Eve and Em."

Frohike came in, carrying a sleeping Emily, with Byers at his side.

"You can lay her on the couch," Maggie whispered, pointing down the hall. Scully came in last of all. She looked terrible. She hadn't slept for awhile, that was obvious.

The gunmen left awhile later, hugging Emily, and telling Scully to call whenever she needed them. After they left, Maggie turned to Scully.

"Why don't you lie down?" she asked.

"Okay. It's Eve's nap time anyway. I'll lay with her."

She took Eve and lay on the couch. A moment later she fell in to a deep sleep, not waking when the phone rang.

Maggie picked it up with a sigh as she heard Eve crying. "Hello?"

"Hi, is this the Scully residents?" a voice on the other end asked.


"Can I speak to a Dana Mulder?"

"Um...hold on," she said as she set down the phone and went into the living room, to find Scully awake and comforting Eve.

"Phone for you," she said, taking Eve from her as Scully went into the kitchen.



"Yes...who is this?"

"Agent Benit. Mrs. Mulder...We have found your husband."

"WHAT?! Were? Is he okay?"

"He's unconscious, and in intensive care. You should come right away." "I'll be there soon," she replied hanging up. then immediately picking it up to call the gunmen.

"They found him!" was all Scully said, before she heard the phone hang up. Twenty minutes later, all three were at Maggie's door, ready to go with Scully. Ten minutes after that, Scully, Frohike, Langley, Byers, Believe, and Emily were on there way to the airport.

On the way to New Jersey, Scully could barely sit still. She had Eve on her lap, until Emily wanted on, so Byers took her. Now she Emily on her lap, as she watched out the window. The flight was short, only about and hour and half, so she didn't have to sit long. As soon as she was at the hospital, Scully got the room number, and walked down the hall, with the gunmen and the girls with her. She opened the door slowly...and caught her breath. Laying in the bed was Mulder, his eyes closed.

"He's conscious now," a nurse said coming into the room. "He's sleeping."

"Mulder," Scully whispered, a tear rolling down her cheek. Seemingly at the sound of is name, Mulder stirred then opened his eyes.

"Scully..." he said softly, tears in his eyes as well. She grabbed his hand.

"I missed you," she said. "I was afraid Believe would never meet her father."

"Believe," he asked. "You had the baby? You weren't due till..."

"Tomorrow actually. I had her early."

Frohike carried Eve to the side of Mulder's bed, and handed her to Scully.

"Oh...She looks just like me," Mulder said staring at his daughter.

"I have another surprise for you...But it will wait," Scully added glancing at Emily. "You wanna hold her?"

"Sure," he said holding out his arms, as Scully handed her to him. "Why is her name Believe?"

"Skinner told me, while I was in the hospital having her, he told me that we would find you, that we just had to believe. I did Mulder...I did. And now your back. And I'll never let you go."

He smiled, then saw Emily, holding Langley's hand. "Emily...Not a day went by when I didn't think of you. I missed you Honey."

She ran up beside him and hugged him, almost smashing Eve. "Watch your sister Em," he said laughing. "You three," he said glancing at the gunmen. "Did you take good care of my wife?"

"Yes they did Mulder. I swear to you, I will never again complain if you wanna have Thanksgiving with them. They are true friends."

"Well..." Frohike said smiling.

"Really you guys. I'll never be able to thank you. You stuck by me through all of this."

"If you ever need a babysitter, call us," Langley said.

"We will. I think we have a permanent babysitter now."

"Happy to do it," Byers said, smiling at Emily, who smile back.

"You guys baby sit?" Mulder asked in amazement.

"We do now," Frohike said shrugging. "For your girls.

"Yeah we've gotten pretty good. We even diaper well," Langley added.

They laughed.

"Guys...Can you give us a moment alone?" Scully asked. The nodded and, taking Eve and Emily, left.

"Mulder...I have to tell you something."

"A good something or bad something?"

"I don't know. Mulder, I don't know how but...Emily is your biological daughter."

The first thing Scully saw, was that Mulder wasn't surprised. He seemed to already know.

"Why aren't you surprised?"

"I knew."

"How? And why didn't you tell me?"

"Scully...You were abducted, yes. But you were already pregnant."

"What? How?"

"Scully...Emily was conceived naturally. By me."


"We were drunk...it was late..." he shrugged.

"I don't understand. What happened then...?"

"Duane took you...He took you too a hospital, were the embryo was taken from you and implanted into Anna."


"Too many questions. The main thing is, Emily is yours...and mine."

"Why didn't you tell me Mulder?"

"I was trying to protect you."

"I can take care of myself."

"I know," he answered. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

She wiped a tear away. "Let's not get into the past. We have two daughters now...and they are both mine and yours."

"I know."

"Mulder...When you get out of the hospital, we need a family picture. And Emily had been begging for a dog. Eve needs a new crib, she is using my old one, because I forgot to get her one."

"I've been gone that long?"

She giggled. "Yes."

"Well we'll get all that done, as soon as I get out of here."

"Okay," Scully said getting up. At the door she turned around and said," And Mulder?"


"The den needs to be painted," she said quickly, then ran out the door before the pillow Mulder had thrown could hit her.

Three days later, Mulder was out of the hospital, although it was slightly AMA. He insisted he was fine, and could fly back to DC, so the next day, they were home, and life started slowly returning to normal. Mulder went back to work a week after his return, much to the dismay of Scully. They painted the den as a family, with Emily, and even Eve helping paint, all though she just covered herself in paint, got a family photo, done by one a Maggie's friends, and even got Emily a puppy, a golden retriever named Ally. It was so perfect, it was almost sickening, Scully though once.

"Emily, come on," she heard Ashleigh call to her, as she sat at her desk.

"Hold on," Emily answered weakly, holding her stomach. "I don't feel that good."

"What's wrong?" Ashleigh asked coming up next to her friend.

"I don't know...I don't fell god now, my tummy hurts, and my head..."

"Come on, lets get you too the nurse," Ashleigh said, helping her up.

Emily reluctantly agreed, and followed her to the office.

"You got a temperature Emily," the nurse said a few minutes later. "A high one. 101.5. I'm going to call your mom."

"She's not home," Emily answered. "Call her cell phone."

"I don't know if we have that number..."

"Oh, God. It's 555-_ _ _ _ ."

Twenty minutes later, Scully ran into the office, Believe in her arms. "Where is she? Is she alright?"

"She has a temp. of almost 102. She needs to get to the hospital."

"I'll take her."

"What about me?" Ashleigh asked.

"Ash, is your mom home?"

She nodded.

"Do you think she would mind watching Eve, till Mulder got home?"

"No, she wouldn't."

"Okay good. Can you call her and tell her to come right away? Tell her it's important."

Ashleigh obediently followed the nurse to the phone and did as she was told. "She'll be here in 10 minutes, and she'll watch Eve as long as you need her to," she said when she hung up.

"Okay, good. Now, Emily honey, we've gotta get you too the car. Can you walk?"

"No," she whispered.

Scully picked her up, after handing Eve to the nurse.

Two hours later, a doctor came out to see Scully, the same one who had treated Em the last time.

"What's wrong with her?" Scully asked a tear falling down her face. She knew what they were going to say. She just knew it. She didn't want to hear it, yet she had to be sure. She a survived last time... would it happen again?

"Mrs. Mulder...The tumors are back."

Scully burst into tears. Not again. They were just getting happy. Why did all this keep happening to her? Why? She hated God right now. God took her Mulder, God took her Em, and when she had finally gotten to be happy, God is trying to take her daughter away.

::No. I can't let my Emily die. I won't.::

She walked in to see Emily, who was sleeping, and grabbed her hand.

"I'll never let you go either Emily. They'll have to take me first."

This turned out to be a very bad thing to say.

The next two days went by in a blur for Scully CSM had tried to kidnap her, in order to get to Emily and Eve, but hadn't succeeded. Ashleigh had visited Emily so much, Scully lost count. Scully practically lived at the hospital with Mulder, and Eve DID live with the gunmen temporarily, until things got back in control. Emily got severely worse, and slowly made some progress. She was still in ICU, but the only thing Em cared about when Scully visited her for the fourth time that day, was that she missed cheerleading.

"Mommy! I wanna gooo," she whined in a very un-Emily kike way.

"Sorry Em, you can't. You have a temp of 103. Although it is lowering slowly."

She rolled her eyes. "I feel fine. Please mom?"

Scully just shook her head, a slight smile playing on her lips.

Meanwhile, thing were a little hectic at Langley's apartment. All three had decided to stay at Langly's, so they could all watch Believe, who at the moment was crying at the top of her lungs.

"What does she want?" Frohike asked, getting irritated.

"I don't know...A diaper maybe," Byers answered.

"No, we just changed her," Langley said.


"She just woke up."

"A bottle."

"Twenty minutes ago."

"Did you burp her?" Langley asked.


They all glanced at Eve who was holding her tummy.

Byers sighed. "I think that's it. Who wants to do the honors?"

"I'll do it," Langley answered, picking her up. The moment he touched her back she burped, loudly.

"Lovely, Eve."

"She's getting better. A little bit."

Scully nodded. She knew Emily couldn't hold on much longer. She was suffering this time, unlike last time when there was no pain. But she was brave. She didn't show her pain. She didn't show how much she missed Ashleigh, or Eve, or her room. Not anything showed. Emily was a lot like Scully in that way.

"She's sleeping," Langley said, coming out of his bedroom, were Eve was in a portable crib, and flopping on the couch next to Byers and Frohike.

"Finally," Byers said. "Now we can get to the good stuff."

"Oh, you didn't," Frohike said, a smile on his face.

"Oh yes I did."

"No," Langley said laughing.

"Yes. For the next 6 or 7 hours we are going to watch..." he pulled out two videos. "Bad Jackie Chan movies!"

"This is the life," Langley announced.

The man puffed silently on a cigarette, staring out the window.

"How is she Alex?" he asked.

"She's getting better."

"We can't have that."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Deal with her."

"You wanted me to kill a child?" "Just do it Alex. If Mulder wants a war, he's going to get one."

A day later

Emily had gotten worse again, and had slipped into a coma. All Scully had done since this happened, was cry. Mulder had cried to, at first, but now his tears were through, and he was gone, leaving TGL to once again take care of Scully. Well, Frohike and Langley were there at the time. The three were taking 3 hour shifts with Eve at Langley's house.

Alex Krycek watch Scully from a distance, a vial of liquid gripped tightly in his hand. He watch her look at Emily's room, just as the tears had started to slow, and start crying once again. He watched as on of the two men, The one with long blonde hair, put his arms around her as she cried. He saw the look of thanks in Scully's eyes. Her eyes...They look so forlorn. So sad, and empty. He knew, if the child died, he would not just be hurting Mulder, but Scully and the three men was well. The three walked down the hall towards the cafeteria, and Alex walked into the room, were the girl lay. She looked so very little in lying in the bed...So little and frail.

He glanced down at the vial in his hand.

::I can't do:: he suddenly realized.:: I can't take the life of an innocent little girl...Just to hurt her father. I can't. It's crazy.::

He put the liquid back in his pocket, and walked slowly out of the room, right in to Langley.

"What do you want?" Langley asked coldly.

Alex just looked at him, then said, "Can't I visit a friends child?"

"Yeah. Just not Scully's."

"When did you start calling her Scully's? Don't you know she's Mulder's as well? Don't you know it's Mulder's fault if she dies? Her fate is in his hands."

"Sure. And your." Langley saw the liquid in his hand. "So, your guys are trying to kill Emily again?"

"We didn't try last time. The same person tried last time as this time."

"And that would be...?"

"Figure it out. Who wasn't here last time and isn't here this time?"

"Krycek, just leave. And if anything at all happens to that child, you'll be sorry."

"I'm scared," he said sarcastically, and walked from the room.

"Mulder!" Scully whispered as he walked in the door of Em's room.

"Hey Mulder," Byers added. He was the only one there besides Scully, because Langley was talking to the nurse. He just could not sit still while Emily was in this condition.

"Hi," he said to them, kissing Scully softly. "How is she?"


A look crossed his face, but quickly disappeared. "That's great," he said.

"Yeah...Well, we are going to go get some coffee, wanna come?"

"No, you go a head. I want to see my daughter."

They nodded and walked out of the room. Mulder pulled out a needle, filled with liquid and, seeing his chance, injected it into Emily's arm. Almost instantly, her vitals begin to drop.

He put the needle back in is pocket, just as Langley walked in.

"What did you do Mulder?"

"Nothing. Her vitals just started falling."

"WHAT did you do?"


Langley spotted the tip sticking out of his pocket, and grabbed it.


"All right. Fine. I did it."

"Look at her Mulder. She is going to die."

At that moment, a doctor ran in.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Mulder- her FATHER- injected her with this," Langley answered, holding up the needle.

"What was in it?"

"I don't know," Mulder answered.


Mulder shot the nastiest look at Langley.

"We need to get her to the ER."

As if by magic, one more doctor and 3 nurses came into the room, as Emily was wheeled into the hallway, leaving Langley to stare at Mulder, as Scully walked in confused, Byes at her side. Mulder glanced at Scully, and stormed out.

"He did it."


"He injected this stuff, poison, into Emily. Her vitals fell."

Scully was stricken. She had trusted Mulder. Mulder, was her husband, and her one of her best friends. He was her daughter's father.

Just then, Alex walked in.

"Am, I too late? Is she okay?"

"He did it, Alex," Langley whispered. "He actually did it."

"I knew he would." He pulled out another vial, this on containing purple-ish liquid. "This is the vaccine. You must get this into her."

Byers nodded, and grabbed it the vaccine, running out the door.

Alex stood watching, as Scully just stood staring at the door. He watched as Langley walked to her side and gilded her to the chair. He watched as Scully burst into tears suddenly, and Langly hugged her close. He saw the look of safety, as if she knew she was safe in Langley's arms. And he saw her return his hug, as she sobbed uncontrollably into his chest.

Scully didn't mean to feel so comfortable in Langley's arms. She didn't mean so put her arms around, and to look into his eyes. She couldn't help feeling safe, as if nothing could harm her in Langley's arms. She felt shut off from the world, as if Emily wasn't dieing, as if she had Eve in her arms, not with Frohike at Langley's apartment.

Langley didn't mean to hold her so tight. He didn't mean to reach down and whip away her tear. He didn't mean to feel that, that urge so to hold her closer. He didn't mean to be so happy while Emily was on the brink of dying.

They broke apart for a moment, and Scully shivered.

"Are you cold?" he whispered, not noticing Alex slip out of the room.

"A little," she confessed. "Hospitals are always cold it seems."

Langley sat down, pulling Scully into his lap, and putting his arms around her.

"Better?" he asked after a moment.

"Yeah," she said. "Thanks."

He grinned at her. "Didn't they tell us to wait in chairs?"


"Come on then," he said, taking her hand and leading the way. She shivered again, and he hugged her close to his side as the walked down the hall.

Byers found Scully sitting in Langley's lap, her eyes locked on his.

"Um..." Byers interrupted them. Scullys head snapped around, but she didn't leave Langley's lap.

"How is she? Is she better?" she asked quickly.

"She's getting there. The vaccine worked."

"Oh, thank God. Were is Mulder?" she asked guiltily, glancing at her hand intertwined in Langley's.

"They arrested him. The police pulled him over for reckless driving, and he confessed."

"Oh..." Scully still felt guilty, all though she wasn't sure why. She hadn't done anything with Langley, except turning to him for comfort, when Mulder failed to offer any.

"Can we see her?" she asked.

"Not yet. She's still recovering. Listen, it's my turn with Eve, but I'm going to just call Frohike and tell him to bring her here."

Scully nodded. "We'll be here."

As Byers walked away, Scully looked back at Langley, who was looking at her. Their faces moving closer, Scully took a deep breath. She couldn't' believe this was happening. Mulder was her husband. But... This all felt so right, like she and Langley were always meant to be together. When there lips met softly, Scully felt something click inside her, something that hadn't happened with Mulder. She suddenly realized something.

"I love you Langley."

Langly awoke suddenly, to Eve screaming. He looked around, confused. He was in his apartment, on his couch, and Eve was crying in her crib. The images from the dream were still clear in his mind. Scully in his lap, Mulder being evil...Scully's whispered words. It had all seems so real.

He got up, and walked into the room were Eve lay, screaming her head off.

"Weren't you supposed to be napping?" he asked her softly, picking her up. He jiggled her around, until she settled down, then carried her into the kitchen to make her a bottle.

"It's okay Eveie," he said picking up the phone. "Let's call your mommy and see how your sister is."

She grinned a baby grin, making Langly smile as he dialed.


"Byers? Why are you answering Scully's phone?"

"Scully's sleeping. What do a need Langly?

"Just checking on Emily."

"She's getting better."

"Good...listen, you didn't see Alex Krycek in there by any chance have you?"

"No, why?"

"No reason. When is Frohike coming?"

"In like twenty minutes."

"Okay. Bye."

He hung up and looked a Eve, who had spit up all over her clothes, and him. "Now you remind me of Mulder, messy girl," he said laughing, and laid her back in to her crib, after wiping her off.

Langly sat down with Eve in his lap, and turned on the TV, before he remembered Scully had strictly forbidden television. It was bad for her little baby eyes, or something, until she was at least two.

He turned it off, then sighed. "What do you wanna do Eveie?"

She giggled.


She laughed again.

"I don't know what that means, honey. Wanna read a book for something?" Eve stared blankly at him, her eyes not moving.

"Um...I gonna take that as a yes."

He got up, and got her diaper bag and started digging for a picture book. He pulled one out just as, the door opened.

"Hey Frohike," he yelled from the other room. "Your early."

There was no answer.


He started walking back into the living room, the book in his hand. He didn't see anyone. The walked over to Eve's playpen, and looked in. He just looked, than walked over to the couch, and put his head in his hands.

Eve was gone.

Frohike came in a moment later, to find Langly looking everywhere for Eve. He just stood silently, until he saw Langly pull up the couch cushion.

"Um...Langly, what ARE you doing?"

"Looking for Eve."

"Under a couch cushion?"


"Why are you looking for her anyway?"

"I lost her."

"You LOST her? How can you LOSE a three month old?"

He explained everything, ending with "The door was locked Frohike. Only three people have keys, not including myself." He looked at him darkly.

"Wait, you think I took Eve? Why would I take Scully's baby?"

"Well, it was you, Byers, or Mulder. You three are the only ones who have keys."

"We have to call the police," Frohike answered.

"I know. I just don't want to see Scully's face."

Half hour later, Scully was at Langly's apartment, staring blankly at nothing.

::My fault...That look is my fault:: Langly thought, gazing at her. ::If only...If only I had brought her with me. 2 minutes. 2 friggin minutes.::

The police kept asking Scully questions, although she didn't answer any.

"Um...Maybe you should ask us," Byers said finally, gesturing to the other two.

"Okay. What is the child's full name?"

"Believe Courtney Mulder," Byers answered.

"And how old is she?"

"Four months on Friday," Frohike said.

"And who was watching her when she disappeared?"

"He was," Byers said, pointing at Langly, who was still staring at Scully. "Um...Langly?"


"You were the one who discovered she was missing?"


"Okay, how long were you out of the room?"

"Not more then two minutes. I heard the door open, and assumed it was him-" he looked at Frohike-"but it's wasn't. The door was locked," he added.

"How many people have keys besides yourself?"

"These two and the baby's father."

"Okay. We'll need to talk to you again."

He nodded, then walked over to were Scully stood, alone.

She glanced up when he came over, and saw the look in Langly's eye.

"It's not your fault," she whispered, as silent tears started to fall down her face.

Meanwhile "It's okay Eve," Mulder said, rocking her, and looking at Alex. "Now what?"

"Now...We wait."

"For what?"

He didn't answer.

The next day, they still had no leads. They only finger prints in the apartment were, all of the gunmen's, Mulder's, Scully's, and Emily's. The FBI had ten people concentrating on Eve's case, most doing a favor for Scully. Mulder had turned up at the apartment, almost an hour after Scully, saying he had some business to attend to.

When the FBI found only there finger prints, the gunmen begin to suspect each other. They stopped talking to each other for days, except to fight, until finally, a week after Eve had disappeared, Scully took them aside.

"Now, you three," she said, her voice quivering slightly. "You three, stop it. I have enough to deal with, with out having to play Mommy for you three. Now, you're best friends. Please stop. Best friends," she repeat, and they saw tears in her eyes. She had not yet let herself cry for Eve.

"Scully..." Byers whispered. "You need to let it out. You need to cry for Eve. You'll feel a little bit better, then you can concentrate on Emily and Eve."

Scully looked at him, then looked past him, to a table, were a picture of Emily and Eve sat, looking back. She stared at it for a moment, then a single tear fell from her eye. then another, and another, until she was crying harder than she'd ever cried.

She cried for Emily, she cried for Eve, she cried for herself, she cried for the gunmen, who felt it was there fault Eve was missing. She was crying for Melissa again, and her father. She cried for mother, for all her loses. And then, she just cried, as the gunmen tried to comfort her.

Her tears were slowing. She hadn't wanted to cry in front of anyone, especially them. She realized something. Whenever she cried lately, for Emily, for Eve, the gunmen were there. Mulder had been showing up at least once a day at there house, the hospital, or Langly's, were ever Scully was. the gunmen noticed, and told the investigators, who promised to follow Mulder the next day.

Scully, didn't notice Mulder strange behavior. When he was near her, she clung to him, and cried. When he wasn't, she clung to the gunmen, her mother, or Beth, and cried. Since the gunmen had talked to her, and she had looked at the picture...She had rarely been seen not crying.

Scully sat, simply staring at a sleeping Emily. She had come out of the coma, ad her vitals were strong.

Emily stirred then woke up, just as Ashleigh walked into the room, with her mom.

"Hi..." Emily said weakly.

"Hi..." Ashleigh said nervously.

They both smiled.

"I brought you something," Ashleigh said., and handed her a book.

"'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, '" Emily read. "Cool thanks Ashleigh."

"Everybody's reading them. There are four, so far, but there is going to be 7, all about this boy Harry Potter, and in friend Hermione, and Ron. they are wizards, and they are at Hogwarts School..." she chatted on, Emily listing closely.

"'Hermione took out a list of subjects and titles she had decided to search, while Ron strode off down a row of book and started pulling them off at random. Harry wandered over to the restricted section. He had been wondering for a while if Flamel wasn't somewhere in there.'"

"More mommy. Please?"

"No, sorry, time to go to sleep."

"Just one more page?" Emily begged.

Scully shook her head. "You're already on page 198. In a day and a half."

She shrugged. "Langly read it to me."

"Well, maybe he'll read you more tomorrow. You need to go to sleep now. The doctors say if you get a little bit better, you can go home."

"Okay then," she replied. "'Night mommy."

"Good-night, sweetie."

She walked quietly out of Emily's hospital room, and right into Langly.

"Hi," he said. "Ready?"

She nodded., and he lead her to his car, and they drove silently back to Scully's.

She looked up at him, at her door. Scully could tell he was uncomfortable, so she gave him a hug, and whispered "Thanks" in his ear, and went inside.

He stood staring at the closed door, for a moment, before slowly walking back to his car.

At the same time, Mulder was once again with Alex.

"Now what?" Mulder asked.

"We wait till they find out that you took her, then we run."

He rolled his eyes. "Why can't we just give them a mysterious phone call or something?"

"Because I don't WANT to."

She sat, staring at a sleeping Emily, her mind on what had happened earlier that day, at her apartment. She felt something, something she couldn't quite remember...But she knew it had been there.

Mulder sat, staring at Eve, lying in his arms, as she cried. He saw her tears, and knew he had been wrong to take her. He WASN'T like Alex, he knew he wasn't. He wanted to take Eve home.

"Emily!" Maggie yelled as she ran out of the house.

"Careful, she just woke up," Scully said, picking her up out of her car seat. Maggie wiped away a tear, as Scully gently carried a still drowsy Emily into the house.

"Are they here?" Emily mumbled sleepily.

"Yes," Maggie answered. "Melvin, John, Ringo, Emily's here!"

Frohike, Langly, and Byers came into the room quickly, all of the needing to see Emily, to see she was really better, and out of the hospital.

"Hi..." Emily whispered, suddenly shy.

"Hi Em," Byers answered. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired," she answered.

Scully smiled. "She needs to go back to sleep." She turned to the gunmen. "Would one of you take her into the bedroom?"

"I will," they all answered.

Emily put her arms out to Langly, and he picked her up and walked out of the room, the other two following closely.

"I don't want to do it."

"You must."

"Why, Alex? Why do we have to take her?"

"Mulder, you don't understand."

"What don't I understand? You want to hurt my baby, and my wife?"

"We don't WANT to. If Scully would just..."

"Just what?"

"Never mind."

"She's asleep," Frohike announced as he, Byers, and Langly walked into the living room.

"Finally," Byers added.

"Oh c'mon guys. It didn't take that long."

Frohike looked at his watch. "An hour."

"All it took was a couple of chapters from Harry Potter."

"Shut up Langly," Frohike said.


"ALL of you shut up," Scully whispered from the couch, were she was sitting with Maggie. They were both crying.

"Scully...What's wrong?" Langly asked softly.

"We know who took Eve."

The all looked at each other. They had a theory, that they had only shared with each other.

"It was..." Langly knew from the look in her eyes, that they were right. "Mulder," she finished, then burst into tear once again, as the gunmen comforted her.

"They know."


"Those computer freaks you hang out with."

"The Lone Gunmen?"


"Alex, didn't we want them to find out?"

"Not them. We wanted Scully to find out. She wouldn't have gone to the police, she would have tried to find you on her own."

"Frohike went to the police? He's scared of them."

"Well he went. They all went. But, now Scully knows."

"She does? Now what?"

"We run."

Scully was still crying, an hour later, when a police officer came too question her on Mulder.

"When did you last see him?" she asked.

Scully refused to talk, she just kept crying. she was in shock that her own husband would do this to her.

"Dana, we need you too answer, so we can find your daughter." She shook her head. "

"Let me talk to her," Langly said.

The officer nodded, and they took Scully to the kitchen.

"Scully..." Langly started.

She raised her head to look at him, and he saw the betrayal in her eyes.

"You need to answer her. We have to find Eve."

"I knew it was him. I wouldn't let myself believe it. I knew he was being investigated. I didn't tell him...Or you."

"How long has it been since you saw him?" he asked softly.

"Yesterday. I told him what time Emily was getting out of the hospital. He said he'd be there...He wasn't."

"So were are we going?"

"You know where Mulder."


"Yes. We are going to meet Cancer Man there."

"Oh. So...When so we leave?"


Scully answered the rest of the questions holding Langly's hand. She knew she had to answer them, yet she still felt as though she should protect Mulder, even after what he had done. It was habit now. But after she had answered a few questions, she glanced first at the door of Emily's room, then at Langly. She knew she had to stop trying to believe Mulder was innocent.



"Don't you here something?"

"No Alex, I just think you've gone nuts."

"Listen...There it is."

"I hear it."

"It sounds like...sirens."

"Thank you for you time," the officer said standing up. "Call us if you think of anything else."

Scully nodded, not taking her eyes off Emily's door, nor her hand out of Langly's.

When he left Scully lead Langly into Emily's room, and gently stroked her hair. "We'll be back," she promised, and kissed her forehead. "I promise."

Then they walked back to the living room, were the other three were sitting, and said good-bye.

"Where are you going?" Maggie asked quickly. "I know were he is," Scully answered simply.

"C'mon. We've got to get to the airport. Our flight leaves in half an hour."

"So, did you use our real names?"

"Mulder, are you an idiot? Of course not. Mike and Christopher Jenkins."

"What about Eve?"

"Ashley. Don't forget."


"It's kind of a long story," she said, and glanced at Langly's watch.

"Oh. Well, call me from wherever."

Scully nodded. "Tell Emily I love her, and I'll be home soon."

"Tell her I'll miss her," Langly added, and Scully smiled slightly. She knew it was true.

On the plane, Mulder held Eve in his lap as she and Alex continued talking, using there fake names. The had decided to pretend to be brothers, and CSM was there father (you know that's actually a possibly in the show??). Eve was Mulder's daughter, Ashley.

"Mike, when are we meeting Dad again?"

"Tomorrow, eight o'clock."

Eve was screaming as they landed, as Mulder tried to calm her.

"Shhh Ashley, it's okay, calm down."

She did calm down finally, after they had entered the airport, and were on there way to a motel, to meet CSM.

Scully sat in the living room later that evening. The house was quite. Emily was staying at Maggie's because she hadn't woke up. the gunmen had gone home, because Scully had said she wanted to be alone. She didn't. All she did when she was alone was sit, and think of Mulder. She had though of calling Beth, but it was almost 3 in the morning there, and she didn't want to wake her. She wanted to call Maggie, but she didn't want to wake Emily. Lindsay and Ann, she had called both, weren't home. She had finally called Byers and Frohike, but they were not home either, and for some reason, she was to shy to call Langly. She needed to talk to someone. Anyone. She took a deep breath, and dialed Langly's number.

"Alex, Mulder," he greeted them, as he puffed on a Morley. "Finally."

Mulder rolled his eyes; it was dark and no one could see him.

"I believe you have something I want?"

Alex held up Eve, and handed her to the blonde lady, Lynn, next to him.

"Aw..." Lynn whispered, taking her. "She's cute. I hope we don't have to hurt her."

"Hello?" he answered, a moment later.

"Langly? Hi..."

"Hi Scully. What's a matter? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she whispered, holding back the tears that threatened to spill over.

That were silence for a moment, then Langly whispered, "No you're not."

That was enough. Tears rolled down her face as she cried.

"Scully...want some company?"

She nodded, remembered she was on the phone, and whispered, "Yes."

There was a click on the other end of the line, as he hung up. Scully started to change, and brush her hair, then decided she didn't feel like it, and stayed in her purple pjs.

She sat down and just stared out the window, thoughts filling her mind. She though of Mulder, of Emily, and Eve...She thought of Langly, on his way over, just because she asked him to, to keep her company. Scully realized something, as she stared: Beth was no longer her best friend. Her best girl friend, yes, but not her best friend. It wasn't Mulder either. It was Langly. He had stayed by her through everything; Emily's kidnapping, Mulder disappearance, her pregnancy, Emily's illness, and now, Eve's kidnapping. He had been there to baby-sit, or to just sit with her. She knew she could never repay him.

Langly was over half an hour later, in his own pjs. Scully met him, crying, at the door. He hugged her quickly, then pulled her back into the warmth of the house.

"I'm sorry," Scully said, wiping her eyes. "I've been thinking about Eve."

"It's okay," he answer, his arms still around her waist.

Scully stroked Ally's ears, as she stared idly at the pictures on the wall. The puppy whined, as Scully shifted to make room for Langly as he came back into the room, and sat down.

"Now what?"

"I don't know," she answered.

Scully woke up, confused for a moment. This wasn't her bed...And that wasn't Mulder. Then she saw a piece of familiar blonde hair, and rolled her eyes.

She was on her couch, with Langly next to her. They must have fallen asleep watching TV last night. Glancing over, she saw the TV still on, and knew she was right. She glanced at Langly, who was still asleep, his arm around her.

"Hi Mommy," Emily greeted her later that day.

"Hi sweetie," Scully answered her, picking her up.

Langly walked over, something furry in his arms.

"Ally!" Emily cried, jumping down, and holding out her arms for the puppy.

"Go play with her out side honey. I'm going to talk to Grandma."

Langly looked at her, silently asking weather to go with Emily or stay with her. She nodded slightly and grabbed his hand.

Scully lead him into the kitchen, and to Maggie.

"Hi mom," she said quietly.

"Dana, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It's good news." She glanced at Langly. She had told him, and only him, what she had know for days. "They know for sure were Mulder and Alex are, with Eve."

"Oh...Well that's good right?"

"Yes, but it doesn't help. Since they aren't n this country, we can't touch them. They are using the code names Mike, Christopher and Ashley something or other. They are with somebody named Lynn, and the CSM."

"So..." Maggie said confused.

"So, if we want Eve back, we've got to get her ourselves."

The next day, Scully and Langly were on a plane to Libya. Scully had told him he didn't have to come, but he had insisted. Now, as the plane took off, she glad he was by her side.

"Now what?" Langly asked, later that day, as they sat in Scully's hotel room.

"Now, we wait for them to call."

"I can do that."

Ten minutes later, Langly had left, to go get drinks, and Scully was left alone. A minute later, the phone rang.

A woman named Lucy took his money, as he paid for the drinks. When he walked out from the lobby, he saw Scully coming out of her room.


She turned around. "I was looking for you. He called."


She nodded.

"Mommy," Emily mumbled, in her sleep. She woke up suddenly. "MOMMY!"

Maggie came running into her room, awoken by Emily's scream. "Emily, honey what's the matter?"

"I know were Eve is."

"What are you talking about?"

"Grandma, I know where she is. I need to talk to Mommy."

"How do you know?" Maggie asked softly.

"I just know."

"He's somewhere near you," Emily said into the phone. "Near water...That's all I can remember," she added, sounding upset.

"It's okay Emily. your dream might help us find Eveie."

"Bye Mommy," she whispered, then set down the phone. She felt so alone now. Her Mom was gone. Her Dad was gone. Langly was with Scully. Byers and Frohike were on their way to Libya. Maggie was sleeping. And her little sister was missing.

She felt Ally's wet nose at her hand, and remembered she wasn't totally alone.

"Langly," Scully called as she hung up the phone. "Is there any water around here?"

"There's a lake."


He pointed now the road. "About 10 minutes that way."

Scully pulled up in front of a rundown house, and jumped out of the car, Langly right behind her. She ran into the house, and looked around. Nobody was in the front room...but she saw Eve's blanket, lying on the floor. She heard a cry, and took off for the stairs. Upstairs, in the bedroom, was Eve, in Mulder's arms. Scully grabbed her, and just held her for a moment, before looking at Mulder.

"Did you hurt her?" she asked as she soothed Eve's tears. "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing. Scully. I would never hurt Eve."

"Then why did you TAKE her?"

"Alex threatened me. He threatened to kill Emily, if I didn't give him Eve for a few days."

"Why did he want her?"

"I don't know."

The End


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