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After the Future by Donna (several births)
After The Run series: Meg by Pattie
All Hallow's Eve Series by Windsinger
As Long as They're Together by Tiffany
Assignment by Donna
Baby, Oh Baby! by Cassie Consten
Baby Plans by Kristen
Babysitting VI. Home to My Sweethearts by Binky
Back Just In Time by 'Jane Austin'
Ben by Jess
The Bet by Gillyfan
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by Dramaphile
The Birth by Donna
Birth by TeeTee
Birth: Ocean by Jenrose
Birth Day by Siobhan Gormley
Breathe by Terri
The Caretakers by Kelly Keil
the Changed series by Cathey Scully
Christopher Ryan Scully series by Jori
Closer by BioGirl
Coming Home by a.k.a. Kennedy
Deliverance From Evil by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
Daniel/The Couch series by Macspooky and Ten
Day of Magic by Jacquie LaVa
Deliverance From Evil by Jacquie LaVa and Tess
Delivery by Katriena Knights
Delivery at the Corner of Dupont and Connecticut by Rachel Wilder
East Side of Eden by conspiracy
Edge of Field by lisby
Eggnog by Fatcat
Elysian Fields by Amy Schatz
Eminent Domain by Christine L
Everlasting Miracle by DScully141
Everything in Its Place by Joelyjo
Eyes of A Child by Lovesfox
Faith by DKNYScully
Faith by T. Griffen
Familial Survivors by Jacquie LaVa
Family Files series: Caitlin by Wildafox
A Favor for Scully by Scarlet Scully
FBI Deliveryman by Pattie
Fiducia e Verita by BlueRose
First Born by diamondlife17
Fondest Dream by Debbie Cullen
Four Corners Cycle by Spookey247
Four is a Wonderful Number by Agent Leki
The Fruit of Our Labors by L M M
Futures by Donna
The Gift by Donna
Guardian II: Renewal by Amy Vincent
Glass Landscape by Annie Sewell-Jennings
Great Expectations by bellefleur and Emily Sims
He Walks Down the Road by Katyblue
Healing Touches by Jayne Austin
Heart Turned Inward by Keleka
Homecoming by savagemom
In The End by SnickJF
Intimacy Deux by MoJo
the Iolokus series by MustangSally and Rivka T
Journal 2000 by MD1016
Joy Begets Sorrow by Parrotfish
Kelly by Lolabeegood
Labor Day by Justine L.
Labor Day by kyouryokusenshi
Labor Relations by Rihannsu
Life on Edge III. Knifed Through The Heart by Kate Rickman
Love Child by adorable_moni
Love for All Seasons by Kate Rickman
The Lullaby series by Donnilee
Meant To Be by Jen(JenR13)
Meg, I Believe by Pattie
Miracles by Linda Phillips
Mixed Emotions by Jujubean
More Than The Clouds by Little Starbuck*
Mulder, It's Time! by Mulderache
Nothing's Ever Normal by hellogoodbye57
Now Is the Time by Anndie
Our Existence by Devin
Phase 2 by Char Priolo
Power of Suggestion by Spock
Re Vivus Facere by aka "Jake"
Second Birth by Alien Girl
The Second Miracle by Scullyrules5
Seeds by Xenith
Shadows of the Past by Marsha Bare-Taylor
Sir William, Lady Mommy and King Daddy by Mary
Something Rational IV. End The Struggle by agent myers
The Sound of Wind Chimes by Sarah Stegall
Surviving A Different Kind of Birth by XSketch
They're Here by L. M. Shard
A Thimble For Peter by S. Anderson and Cheryl DeLuca
Truly, Madly, Deeply by Jenna Tooms
Twice Blessed by Katchat
Velvet by Shipper M.D.
Visitor in the Desert by Gillian Leigh
Vulpecula by Jeri
Water Water Everywhere by afg
We Believe by Anonymous and Lizzi
Where You Are by LoveFox42
Wish You Were Here by Brianne C
Wishful Thinking by Caz the Beeslayer
A Wonderland Life by Kristen
Womb of the Morning by MulderLuvScully
Your Father's Child by Lorri
Zoe series by Smurf

Monica Reyes

...and Baby makes Six! by Skinner's Vieja
Daddy's Girl by Starrlyte
Desperate Measures by RPcrazy and Desertrats
Destination: Truth by Billie Reid and Kyouryoku Senshi
Hard Times by Billie R
Labor Day by Billie R

Other Ladies

After the Future by Donna
Baby Plans by Kristen
Binding the Edges by Jess
Breathin' Room by mountainphile
Family Ties by Mary
Final Truths by Lexy Torell and Psi Fi
Hold The Lantern by Peter Copeman
Miracle Season by Neoxphile
Nick of Time by TrueBlueStef
Total Confusion by Billie Reid


Little Foxes by Laurel
Little Foxes:Five Year Itch by Laurel
Too Blunt An Instrument by Rose Campion
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