Title: Never Far Away
Author: Squishy
Category: future, Will-fic
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Summary: Their first conversation...

Author Notes: At end. = Other stories in as-yet-unnamed series:Happy Birthday, Baby Boy and Son

The soft thud from the kitchen draws his attention away from the baseball game. After calling out to his wife-whom he knows is in the kitchen--and receiving no response, Mulder stands and walks into the room. He sees Scully laying on the floor, phone in hand. In three steps he is at her side and quickly kneels. Her eyes open as he touches her face and she bolts into a sitting position, putting the phone to her ear.

"William? William, are you still there?" Her eyes fill with tears and she leans into Mulder's embrace. "He hung up, Mulder... He hung up."

Gently pressing the power button on the phone, Mulder kisses his wife's forehead and murmurs, "He'll call back." The phone rings as soon as he speaks. Scully reaches for the phone, but he gently pushes her hands down and answers. "Hello?"

The young man on the phone sounds extremely nervous. "Hi, um... I'm William Van de Kamp... I called a little while ago, but I think we were disconnected..."

"Yeah... something like that." Noticing tears in Scully's eyes, Mulder nuzzles her hair with his nose.

"Your call surprised my wife quite a bit, William." The name is unfamiliar on his tongue, he notices, "But I think she really wants to speak with you."

He hands the phone to Scully, who immediately starts speaking. "Are you alright? Do... your parents... know that you're calling us?" She listens, and at one point presses a hand to her lips. "Oh, William... I'm so sorry to hear that..." Mulder listens as he cradles Scully to his chest and kisses her hair. Several minutes later, he gets a chance to speak with their son. The conversation is menial, covering small topics that are really inconsequential.

Mulder, however, is surprised by William's request. "If y'all don't have plans for Saturday, I'd like to invite you and your family to the ranch, and maybe... we could talk? It's hard, over the phone, I mean. All the animals are real friendly too, so I really don't think your children would have a problem..." He trails off, suddenly sounding unsure of himself. Mulder looks at Scully, then answers.

"That sounds wonderful, William." He copies the address down on a pad from the counter and inquires about the time before hanging up and squeezing Scully tightly. "We're going to see him. On Saturday, at his ranch if that's alright?" She nods against his chest, smiling slightly.

They are going to see him.

On Saturday, they are going to see him. - fin.

Thanks: As always, to Meg, who is the awesome-est beta ever! Also, for allowing me to use her in the next story that follows this one. ;) The title comes from the Jack White song "Never Far Away," which can be found on the Cold Mountain--the BEST movie-soundtrack.

- Squishy

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