Title: Mulder and the Quads

Author: Jessie Lee Harris (aka Agent Leki)

E-mail: TheDamnBee@juno.com


Content: M&S Married, Alternate Universe, Mulder's POV, Humor

Spoilers: A minor one from "Anasazi" (I think) or was it "Paper

Clip?" anyway... it's one of those three episodes... ::smirk:: and a

VERY mild one from "Home"

Rating: PG

Summary: Mulder learns what it's like to care for quadruplets the *Hard* way

Disclaimer: Mulder + Scully = Chris Carter

Author's Notes: This is a sequel to "Four is a Wonderful Number." If you haven't read it and/or can't find it, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll send it to you. :) This can be read as a stand alone, but you'd be better off if you read the original story first. And as I've said in the last story, this idea was lifted from a story I read on Gossamer where Mulder and Scully had Octuplets.

The Mulder Residence

February 13, 2001

7:17 p.m.


*Look at those beautiful eyes* I think to myself as I look into the lovely face of my baby daughter. Her name is Jade and she's one of four children. No, it's not what you may think. We haven't been screwing like rabbits, they're quadruplets and they were born on Christmas day. Another two weeks and one day and they'll be two months old. And another week and six days and my wife will be 37.

Right now Dana is out with her mother. She insisted that I stay home with all *four* of the babies so she wouldn't have to worry about tugging around four babies at the mall.

Suddenly I'm taken from my thoughts from a distant crying. And I realize that it's coming from the nursery. I pick up the baby that I have laying on my lap and carry her with me as I walk into the nursery. I walk up the almost steep stairs in our lovely home. I bought this house for Dana for Christmas last year with the money that was in my father's trust fund when he was murdered by Krycek. This house is one of those old Victorian houses. Dana fell in love with it the moment she set eyes on it so I got it for her.

As I walk into the nursery I lay Jade down in her crib and pick up the baby that's crying. It's Emerald. She looks just like Jade. Actually, all four of them look the same. I don't know HOW Dana can tell which is which. The only reason I can is because Dana and I have come up with a color code for me so I can remember them. Jade wears a light shade of green mostly, Emerald wear's a light shade of pink, Meredith wears yellow, and Kaytlan wears a light purple that's almost lavender.

Even when the babies are laying there with only a diaper on Dana can tell which one is which. I'm jealous. Maybe it's just that mother's intuition she's always telling me about. I wish there was a such thing as father's intuition.... or is there? I have a sense that the reason for Emerald's crying is because she has a dirty diaper.


I wish Dana were home. She's the one who normally does the diaper changing. She lets me give them their baths and dress them. For some reason she's not like me when it comes to changing diapers. Maybe it's because she's had a lot of experience with her nieces and nephews. But if that's true, I just HOPE that our children don't turn out like one of Dana's nephews and want to watch "Babe" like ten times a day. Just thinking about those talking animals is enough to make me sick. That was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I'll watch "The Little Mermaid" before I'll watch "Babe." I walk over to the changing table and pull off Emerald's baby bloomers and slowly I pull the tabs on the diaper. Sure enough! Peee-ewwwwwwwww it smells so bad! I think *this* is exactly the reason I hate changing diapers.

I clean off the baby's bottom gently with the little baby bottom towlettes and replace the diaper with a clean one. I put her baby bloomers back on and pick her up. After carrying her over her crib and kissing her on the head I lay her back down in her crib and walk over to get the diaper so I can dispose of it.

I put my foot on the little petal at the base of the trash can next to the changing table and drop the diaper into it.

I walk over to the other two cribs and look down into them to see Meredith and Kaytlan sound asleep. They look so sweet when they're sleeping. Especially with the Winnie the Pooh blankets they have. Dana thought it would be perfect to decorate this room in Winnie the Pooh. So, the wall paper is Winnie the Pooh along with Tigger, and Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, Rabbit, and the Kangaroo mom (I can never remember her name) along with her baby Roo.

Kaytlan's blanket has Piglet on it and it matches her pillow. Emerald has an Eeyore blanket with a matching pillow, Jade has a Winnie set, and Meredith has Tigger. They all have a cute little stuffed animal to go with their blanket sets too.

I look into the other two cribs and notice that Emerald and Jade have also fallen asleep. I smile. I love my daughters. It may be painfully hard to take care of four at once, but it's sure worth it.

Suddenly I'm taken out of my trance and practically jump through the roof as two arms encircle my waist.

"Wow, quite the jumpy one today, are you?" she says suggestively in my ear.

I turn in her embrace and look at her, then I plant a soft kiss on her forehead and look at my watch. "Well, I wasn't expecting you for another half hour or so and when you walk up on me like that of course it's going to make me jump." I smirk at her.

"How are the girls?"

"They're asleep, but next time *YOU* get to watch them while *I* go shopping."

She chuckles at me. "What is it that you have against diapers?"

"The smell."

This makes her laugh even harder and I wrinkle my nose and playfully scowl at her.

"My mom said she'll come pick up the girls tomorrow morning."

"Tomorrow? Why?"

"Duh!" She playfully slugs me in the shoulder. "Have you forgotten? Tomorrow is Valentines Day.... I thought you told me you made plans for us..."

She gives me one of those smiles that always takes my breath away. "Oh, right! Sorry, it just slipped my mind."

"Suuuure." She reaches up and messes up my hair.


Then she steals my phrase. "Is for horses, and sometimes cows.... but pigs don't eat it cause they don't know how."

I snicker lightly and take her hand and lead her out of the nursery, but not before kissing the forehead of all four of our wonderful daughters who just happen to be an almost exact replica of my lovely wife, Dana Katherine Scully-Mulder.


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