Title: Baby, Oh Baby!

Author: Cassie Consten

DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully belong to 1013. But, Dr. Uhalde and the octuplets are my creation. So there!

KEYWORDS: Mulder/ Scully marriage

RATING: A good, whole-hearted G!

SUMMARY: Happily ever after has a whole new meaning when the Mulders have octuplets. =)

DEDICATION: Well, those septuplets are just *so* inspirational! I think that it is only right for me to dedicate this story to them. Ooooh, so *cute!*

The pregnancy was not easy for Dana and Fox Mulder. It took a new form of In Vitro fertilization with the assistance of the fertility drug ĎChorionic Gonadotropin.í Dr. Uhalde, their fertility specialist, knew the risk of multiple births, but the Mulders insisted. So, when they found out that Dana was having octuplets, Dr. Uhalde wasnít really surprised.

He told them that in-womb extermination might be necessary to ensure the safety of Dana and the other babies, and he suggested that three of the babies be aborted. Fox supported the doctorís idea also, but Dana, being the Catholic that she was, insisted that she try to carry them to term.

So, Dana carried the babies through the first two trimesters without incident. But, at about seven months, they knew that an induced birth would be indispensable. Before the description of the entire labor process, perhaps we should take a look back at the months of the pregnancy.

It was the second month sonogram when they found out that it might be multiples. Dr. Uhalde was expecting quadruplets or quintuplets, but when the sonogram showed that there might be eight embryos, he wasnít sure what to do. After Danaís insisting that an abortion was not an option, he put her on full bedrest.

Around four months, Dana looked as if she would pop. She was around the size that a singleton mother would be around *eight* months. Her mother had come to stay with her while Mulder worked, and both of them had jobs to earn money for the baby. Naturally, when the media found out about the Mulder octuplets, there were paparatsi flocked all over the large house they had purchased.

At six months, Dana could hardly walk because of the extreme weight on her front. There were numerous times that she would begin to fall forward, but luckily her mother was always there to catch her.

That brings us to the seventh month. Presently, it is about 7:14 p.m. and Mrs. Scully, Dana and Fox are sitting around the dinner table.

"Dana dear, what are the names going to be?" Dana wasnít able to answer because the phone rang.

"Hello?" Fox answered. "Oh, hi Dr. Uhalde. Yes, sheís right here. Hold on a second." He turned to Dana. "The doctor wants to talk to you. Something about inducing labor?"

Dana jumped up from her chair. Or *tried* to jump up from her chair. She waddled over to the table. "Dr. Uhalde? Well, yes. Tonight? You mean, right now? I suppose we can be to the hospital in about a half an hour. Should I call anyone? Okay. See you soon."

"Whatís going on, honey?" Dana was staring down at her huge stomach.

"Dr. Uhalde wants us to come down to the hospital tonight. He thinks itís time to induce labor." Fox looked puzzled. "He is going to give me a drug that will put me into labor. Iím going to have the babies tonight."

Mrs. Scully squealed, and Fox started to laugh. "Weíre going to have the babies! Oh my God oh my God oh my God! Should I go and get the overnight bag? Mrs. Scully, could you take Dana down to the car? Iíll be right down, Iím going to grab her pillow and overnight bag. Go go go!"

"Come on, Dana! Hurry Fox! But wait, how is Dana going to fit into the van? Even the back seats for the babies wonít be big enough! Oh well, weíll squeeze you in. Hurry now!" Mrs. Scully yelled, excited.

When Mrs. Scully and Dana got down to the car, Mrs. Scully pushed her sideways so that her back was to the window and her feet were on the chair arm rest. "Mom, Iím not actually *in* labor yet. Oh my God! Duck!" They were being approached by a photographer and a reported from NBC.

"Whatís going on here? Ms. Scully, are you going to the hospital to have the babies now? Please, the people have a right to know! Whatís going on?" A camera-man came up to the van.

"Yes, we are going to the hospital to induce labor. Fox will release a public statement tomorrow morning. Please, we have to go!" Fox came running up behind the commotion and pushed through to close the van door.

"Come on Dana and Mrs. Scully, we have a hospital to get to!"

Upon arriving at the hospital, large crowds of reporters and other media were gathered around the front entrance, but Dr. Uhalde had already orchestrated a plan at the back entrance with a wheelchair and the head nurse of the maternity ward. When the van drove in, the wheelchair was run up to the sliding door.

"Ms. Scully, how are you feeling?" The nurse shouted.

"Iím fine, just get these things out of me! I want to see my feet again!" The nurse laughed, and wheeled her in, Fox and Mrs. Scully close behind.

In the delivery room, Dr. Lance Uhalde was waiting with the induction syringe. "Well Dana and Fox, are you ready to meet your family? Ready or not, here they come!" Within minutes after Scully was induced, she began having contractions. "Do you want this to be natural, Dana?"

"Give me drugs, now!" She growled, in the middle of a strong contraction. The pain racked through her body with such force that she nearly convulsed. "I want drugs, Doc, now!"

"Okay, here you go!" She vaguely felt the nurse prick her arm with the needle before she felt a calm numbing feeling move throughout her body. "Is that better? Good. You are about 8 sonameters dilated. Youíre getting close!"

Mrs. Scully and Fox were on either side of Dana, holding each of her hands. "Dana honey, how does it feel?" Her mother asked, excitement clearly evident.

"I donít know, mom. It feels, it feels good and scary and exciting all at the same time. Itís like nothing Iíve ever experienced before." Her mother squeezed her hand assuringly.

"I want to make you all aware right now that there is the risk that not all babies will make it through delivery. You are only in the seventh month, so low birth weight and underdeveloped organs could be a factor leading to infant fatality." Dana and her mother looked at each other worriedly.

"Yeah, Doc, we know. Weíve thought about that a lot. But Dana and I know that itís a sacrifice we might have to make to have children, and we would like to have as many as possible. I trust you, doc." The doctor smiled, and returned to his work.

"Well, everybody scrub up, youíre fully dilated, Dana! Letís get these babies popped out, shall we?" Fox and Mrs. Scully went to scrub up as fast as possible before Dana had another contraction. "Dana, on the count of three I am going to need you to push as hard as you can." By that time, Fox and Mrs. Scully had returned.

"One..." Dana breathed hard and Fox looked terribly pale. "Two..." Mrs. Scully began to get even more excited. "Three! Now push!" She pushed as hard as possible, before she needed a breath. "Again!" The many nurses scurried around with towels ready to catch the babies as soon as they came out. "Come on, Dana, you can do it!" She pushed again, and the first baby crowned. "Thereís the head! Fox, come over here and look at your baby!"

"M-my baby?" He rushed over to see the head. It was dripping with amniotic fluid, but Fox thought that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. "Hello, baby!"

"Itís coming! Hurry, push Dana!" The infant came fully out, the afterbirth soon after. "Itís a boy!" Fox began to cry.

"I have a son... Garret Ethan Mulder. Thatís his name!" Dr. Uhalde handed Mulder the bandage scissors to cut the umbilical cord while he turned back to Dana. "What do I do with these?"

"Cut approximately 3 and a half inches from his torso, between the scrips." He crouched down to catch the next baby. "Push, Dana! You can do it!" The baby slipped out quickly. "Itís another boy!"

Mrs. Scully named that one. "Little William Drew! Oh, Dana, this is so wonderful!" Dr. Uhalde handed the baby to the nurses.

One by one, eight tiny babies were delivered. Garret Ethan, William Drew, Samantha Renee, Adam David, Sarah Elaine, Melissa Nadine, Emily Elizabeth and Oliver Reece.

Garret Ethan, the oldest and the biggest, was five pounds and two ounces. He had a beautiful head of brown hair and hazel eyes just like his daddy.

William Drew was the only boy with blue eyes. He was four pounds and seven ounces, with brown hair.

Samantha Renee was the only girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She was petite at four pounds and two ounces, with long fingers.

Adam David was the shortest, a mere sixteen inches. But, at four pounds and eleven inches, he was the chubby baby.

Sarah Elaine was the prettiest baby with a long oval face and ice blue eyes. She had thick red hair, and was seventeen inches, four pounds three ounces.

Melissa Nadine was very peculiar because she had blonde hair and brown eyes. She was nineteen inches, the longest baby, four pounds six ounces.

Oliver Reece was a red-haired skinny baby at seventeen inches, four pounds and one ounce.

Last was Emily Elizabeth. She was the only baby that wasnít doing well at all. Her low birth weight, three pounds nine ounces, was very risky for the brown hair blue -eyed infant. They kept her in an incubator monitoring her every move.

That was three weeks ago. The other seven babies had been sent home with heart monitors. Emily wasnít doing so well, her heart was being stabilized and she was using artificial lungs. Whenever Dana and Fox went to see her (about every afternoon) they were very upset. One month went by before they decided to take Emily off of life support.

She died almost instantly, and the world grieved for the loss of one of the Mulder octuplets. Her gravestone read:

Emily Elizabeth Mulder

August 17, 1999 - September 17, 1999

Emily will forever be held in the worldís heart

After Emily was gone, the people of America began to go into a frenzy over the now Mulder septuplets. They were on Oprah, the Today show, the Tonight show, and many other talk shows. Baby companies gave them everything they would need for the first five years of their lives. Colleges offered scholarships, companies offered them jobs when they turned 15, and many other donations were made. Dana and Fox hired four full time nannies, and Mrs. Scully moved in to the guest quarters.

The excitement was renewed each year on August 17, when the Mulders were sent birthday gifts from around the world.

August 17, 2029

The lives of each septuplet

Garret Ethan Mulder followed in his fatherís footsteps. Working for the FBI profiling department, he lived alone in a small apartment in Washington DC. No wife or children, but many female acquaintances.

William Drew Mulder joined the army and went into World War III. He earned the purple heart for rescuing eighteen men while on duty, but was assassinated while performing in a demonstration in Russia.

Samantha Renee Mulder became Samantha Renee Rogers and lived in southern California with her director husband. She made millions a year as an actress, and had three children.

Adam David Mulder was a struggling artist in New York City, raising a son on his own. He had one painting that was world-renowned, and the cash flow of reproductions barely supported him and young Fox in their studio apartment.

Sarah Elaine Mulder was a multi-million dollar model with the largest lingerie designer in the world. She was married to big-time actor John Henry, and had no children.

Melissa Nadine Mulder made it as a lawyer in Chicago, representing people like the notorious Geri Halliwell, Spice Girl turned homicidal maniac. She lived with her two children in a high-rise apartment overlooking the shoreline.

Finally, Oliver Reece Mulder was married with quadruplets, and was a pro-basketball player. He made news almost every game being the high scorer on the L.A. Lakers.

Mrs. Scully died in 2013, leaving Fox and Dana to watch their children grow alone. Fox retired from his position as Assistant Director of Director Walter Skinner in 2025, and Dana retired in 2028 from her job as Director of Pathology in the Bureau. They were proud of all of their children, and they certainly had reason to be.


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