Title: Cassidy
Author: Sara QueeQueg
Written: 1998
Rating: G
Classification: Mulder/Scully romance
Spoilers: Christmas Carol/Emily
Disclaimer: The X-Files and Mulder and Scully are not mine they belong to CC and his staff of wonderful writters. They are part of fox network and I will never try to steal them .

Summary: Just when Scully thought her life was empty Mulder stumbles on something that will change their lives forever.

Mulder paced back and forth outside the door of Skinner's office waiting for Skinner to finish approving his newest case. Not that it matter to him, but Scully always wanted things to be practical. She was the one who kept him in line most of the time.

Skinner finally opened the door and nodded his head, and Mulder cried out in his mind *Yes! I mean All right, it's time to tell Scully and pack*

He slowly turned and walked away when his cell phone rang, "Mulder" he said.

The woman's voice on the other line was unknown. "Mister Mulder, I am doctor O'Keith from Maryland Young Ones orphanage. We need to talk to you in person."

Mulder sighed and answered. He guessed the case would have to wait a couple of days. He went down to his and Scully's office and looked around she hadn't arrived. *Well DUH* he thought, it was only 5:45am and she never arrived 'til about 7 *Oh well.*

He wrote her a note and explained how she could reach him.Then he headed towards Maryland.


Cassidy Baits ran around the Young Ones Orphanage playground. She was only five but very smart. Mulder watched her wondering why doctor Melody O'Keith had called him down. Cassidy had short auburn hair and blue eyes, but she wasn't a skeptic not from what Mulder could tell; she was playing FBI with the kids in the playground.

A little brown haired boy was holding her hand he pulling her to the post they had set up. Cassidy yelled at him, "I was going to see the aliens!"

The boy yelled back and then let go of her hand, "Cass, you know aliens aren't real!"

Cass shook her head. Mulder realized that they reminded him of Scully and himself. The doctor interrupted his train of thought, "Isn't she just a young you, Mister Mulder."

Mulder looked shocked. "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

"Mister Mulder, meet your daughter."

Mulder looked even more shocked. "Her mother would be...?"

"A Dana Scully, do you know her? We haven't been able to look her up."

"Yes, she's my partner and how could this happen?"

"The government said it was an accident that she was created and she was sent to live with her foster parents but they were killed. We were then told by the heads of state that she should be sent to live with her biological parents. So here you are"

Mulder was confused and nervous that this wasn't something Scully was ready for after Emily. "Well, is she healthy? And how do I get her home with me?"

The doctor looked at him curiously. "She's in perfect heath and considering that you're her father, you don't have to adopt her."

He took out his cell phone. "Ok, get her packed. I have a case in Florida but I'll take her home first."

Doctor O'Keith nodded "Yes, Mister Mulder." She walked out into the playground and Mulder picked up his cell phone. He dialed Scully's number.

The End

*To be continued in Baby Girl *

Author's note: Dedicated to Jess one of my closest friends who no matter how sick of me and these stories she gets she always listens and gives me ideas to put in she the funniest person and the kinda person I know and this is for her because she has always been there for me when I need her even when she falls asleep at our bashes she just as much aPhiler as I am .So Jess you are just as close to a me as a best friend that I have beside Lins who is more like a sister.

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