Title: Baby Girl
Author: Sara QueeQueg
W ritten: 1998
Rating: PG
Classification: Mulder/Scully romance
Spoilers: Christmas Carol/Emily
Keywords: None
Disclaimer: The X-Files and Mulder and Scully are not mine they belong to CC and his staff of wonderful writers. They are part of fox network and I will never try to steal them .

Summary: Just when Scully thought her life was empty Mulder stumbles on something that will change their lives forever. Can Mulder tell Scully the truth? Even if it hurts her? The truth is so vital to him but will he keep it from her to protect her? (Sequel to Cassidy)

Scully answered her phone on the first ring. "Scully...Hi Mulder, where are you? Should I pack for a case?"

Mulder licked his lips and tried to think of what he was going to tell her.

Someone pulled on his pants. He looked down to see Cassidy staring up at him. "Daddy...I love you."

He picked her up and heard Scully ask, "Mulder what was that?"

"Nothing." He decided not to bring Cassidy home first. "Scully, just come down to Maryland airport. I'll see you there."

He hung up the phone and Cassidy looked at him with crystal blue eyes, "Is that Mommy?"

Mulder laughed as Cassidy tried to grab the phone. "Mommy's already gone. We'll see her when we go to Florida, okay?"

"OK." Cassidy nodded her head and he looked her over. With her short flowered dress, her auburn hair, and blue eyes... Boy, she looked a lot like Scully. How was he going to tell Scully?

Mulder saw Scully walking down to him, so he switched Cassidy to his other side. Scully noticed her anyway, and began to ask questions but he stopped her. "Don't even start with me."

Scully said nothing and they boarded the plane. Cassidy wanted the window seat so she got it and Scully sat in the middle of them while Mulder went over his notes about the case of glowing people. While doing that he listened to Scully talk to Cassidy.

"Hi, I'm agent Scully. What's your name?"

Cassidy smiled and shook Scully's hand. "I'm Cassidy Mulder please to meet you."

Scully looked at Mulder and he blushed. Still looking at him, she asked, "Well, Cassidy, who's your Mommy?"

Cassidy looked shocked. "The lady on the phone."

Mulder looked at Scully he realized that by not telling her he was hurting her. He had told Cassidy not to tell her, either.

Scully said nothing to Mulder or Cassidy the whole plane ride, until they got off and Cassidy stated "I have to pee."

Mulder looked at the small child "Ask you mommy to take you, Cass."

Cassidy easily turned to Scully and tugged at her jacket, "Mommy I have to pee."

Scully looked at Mulder and then Cassidy. "But we didn't.... How could......" Scully began to cry, when all her feeling about Mulder rushed to the surface. She looked longingly at him he nodded his head.

She reached down and picked up Cassidy who said, "Mommy, don't cry. Be happy Mommy." Scully laughed and looked at Mulder who wiped the tears from her eyes.

Scully took Cassidy to the ladies room, and then the headed out to work on their case.


They arrived at the bar where the 20-something victim was killed. "She was only twenty-two," Scully said as the walked in and meet Detective Katherine Snow.

Snow was a tall blonde, thin with blue eyes. Snow shook Mulder's hand before and rolling her eyes at Scully. Then she glanced at Cassidy "Who's this little cutie?"

Mulder saw the anger in Scully's eyes, "This is my daughter, Cassidy."

"Our Daughter." Scully added in the most pissed off tone she could gather up.

"Yes. Our daughter," Mulder said putting his arm around Scully, who moved because she was sure he was liking what he saw. When Scully moved too far from Mulder Cassidy got squirmy and pushed herself out of Scully's arms and ran to Mulder.

"Daddy Daddy." she pulled on his jacket form him to pick her up this made Scully mad that he was getting her attention. Cassidy looked at Scully and then at Mulder and then Katherine Snow "Witch!" she yelled.

Scully laughed but tried not to.

Mulder said, "Cass, that wasn't kind."

Scully then noticed that Mulder was laughing too, so she eased back. He didn't like Snow, she realized. She had been jealous because she thought he was all hers *That's absurd* she didn't even know if Mulder had any feelings for her. What would happen to their relationship now?

Mulder saw the worry in Scully's eyes so he decided to give up on this case. He walked toward her. "Scully, I know I dragged us down here but I don't think it's an X-File and we should let the locals handle it."

Scully just nodded and Mulder took her hand and whispered in her ear. "I love you."

Scully looked at him and replied "I love you too Fox Mulder and call me, Dana."

He looked at her wantonly. "Scully is sexier."

She looked at him "Agent Mulder, what are you saying you want to do?"

He grinned "Don't play Miss innocent with me, Dana Scully."

Two weeks later Mulder and Scully moved into a place together and their wedding was planned for June. They told Skinner right off the bat and he had a cow but Mulder stopped him in his tracks and Scully was very proud of her fiance.


So what did you think I would love feedback. These are my fist fanfic I posted, so I want to know if I should keep on posting fics?

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