Twisted History Season 10/11 Challenge

Your challenge is to write a fic set just before, during, or after season 10 and/or 11 that has a slight twist from canon. In your story, imagine that one of these things had happened instead of what actually did, and then write your story base on this "new cannon."

Before your story, one of these things happened:

  • Scully returned from her abduction pregnant instead of without her ova or Scully was gone longer than in season 2 and Mulder was given Emily or another of her children while she was missing

  • Melissa wasn't murdered and had a family

  • The adult Samantha that Mulder met really was his sister, and he got to have a relationship with her and two children

  • Instead of putting it back in "Emily," Mulder brought the fetus labeled with Scully's name to her and they attempted to save it, successfully or not

  • Diana wasn't murdered...and had a child with the Smoking Man, therefore Mulder's young half-sibling

  • William had a twin (or he was a triplet etc.)...that was human or otherwise

  • Krycek survived being shot and had a family...and to protect his kid/s he has at some point after Existance put Mulder and Scully in danger, or worked with them

  • William wasn't given up for adoption

  • Reyes or Martita was pregnant during The Truth, or Marita had a baby/toddler we didn't see during the episode

  • Reyes had a child between The Truth and her most recent appearances

  • Emily did not die, and Scully still attempted to adopt her, successfully or not

  • Gibson was adopted by an adult X-Files character during season 5, season 8, or immediately following season 9

  • John Doggett's son Luke was not murdered, and came with him to D.C. in season 8, with or without Doggett's wife

  • * If you wish, you can combine elements here (William and his twin brother or William and Fetus and/or William and Emily have both/all been kept post-"William"; Mulder and Scully spend time with Samantha and Melissa's kids etc.)

    ** If you choose a twist that'd make the child in question - like Gibson, Emily or Luke Doggett - an adult in 2016 or 2018, please also include a baby/child/teenage character in your story (William, Gibson's OC daughter, Doggett's OC grandson etc.)


Take your selected twist away from cannon and write a season 10/11 story that includes a child ages 0-19 and makes sense of the twist :)



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