Christmas 2008 Challenge

(Post-IWTB Reunion)

This Christmas, give readers a gift that CC didn't - a reunion. Write a Christmas fic that involves Mulder and Scully spending time with their son William on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Have they gotten him back? Are they just visiting him at the Van DeKamps? Or is it a mere chance encounter? You tell us!

Challenge requirements:
* Set your kidfic during a Christmas after I Want To Believe. It doesn't need to be 2008, but William should still be a child.

Challenge fics:

Tell 'em William Called by Pattie
Presents Under The Tree by Jacquie LaVa
Snow and Mistletoe by Neoxphile

Hey! If you do a fic for this challenge, don't forget to send it or the link to it to by December 24th

Happy Holidays everyone!

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