Christmas 2006 Challenges

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's time to think of Christmas. Our challenge is set on, or immediately before the big day.

Using some ideas from what folks said they'd like to see in a Christmas fic, we offer two challenges this Christmas. You can pick one, both, or if you're feeling particularly clever, find a way to combine the two without leaving out challenge elements.

No Room At The Inn

It's December 24th, in a year you've got to determine on your own. Mulder and Scully* are together on the way home for the holidays, but something comes up that throws a wrench in their plan to spend the next day with friends and/or family. And did I forget to mention that Scully's nine months pregnant? Whatever will they do?

Challenge Elements:
- Place your fic after The Truth. It's now safe for Mulder and Scully to have a second baby. Why? Give at least a brief explanation as to how things have changed.
- William exists. Is he with them, or not?
- Give them an obstacle to overcome on their path "home" for the holidays.
- Throw in a miracle of some sort. It's Christmas after all.

* Or you can use Doggett and Reyes instead of Mulder and Scully.

Challenge fics:
After The Run Part 7.5: Meg, I Believe by Pattie

Holiday Bizarre

It's Christmas 2006. William is five, and Mulder and Scully are still alive, somewhere. Something strange is going on this Christmas, and the three decide to investigate. Will they solve the mystery before it's time for Christmas dinner?

Challenge Elements:
- William brings the bizarre to his parents' attention. Only one parent believes him at first. Which?
- Include a bird of some sort. Cooked or not is up to you.
- Include at least one ghost sighting, preferably of someone they'd known AND/OR Oh my god, Aliens! Or is it? OR something equally surreal that you can come up with

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Challenge fics:

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