Title: Visions
Author: Kate Dyer
Category: T, S, A
Rating: R (violance, language)
Timespan: US Season 5, after All Souls
Written: April 1998
Spoiler Warning: Mainly Emily Arc- Christmas Carol, Emily, All Souls; Patient X, The Red and The Black, and some little ones from other eps.
Keywords: ScullyAngst, MulderAngst, Religion, Emily
Disclaimer: I don't have any money to begin with, so don't sue me. I don't mean any harm and am getting no money. I'll be nice to Mulder and Scully while I borrow them.
Archive: Anywhere, just keep my name and e-mail addy with it. (and I'd appreciate if you sent me the URL of the page )

Summary: Scully continues having visions of Emily, and she is arrested for murder. While she considers the forces of good and evil, Mulder considers the evil of the Consortium.

April 10, 1998
1:13 AM
Annapolis, Maryland


Dana Scully woke with a start. Her apartment lay still in the unlit darkness. Small shimmers of moonlight seeped through the blinds and fell in pools upon the hardwood floors. Scully listened for a minute.

"Mommy! Come on!"

This time, she threw the blankets off of her and jumped out of bed. She spun around, trying to find where the voice had come from. She say movement out of the corner of her eye. Emily hopped of a chair cloaked in shadows and approached her. Scully raised a hand to her mouth and let out a cry.

"Emily." She gasped. Her eyes filled with tears as the small girl grabbed her hand.

"Why are you crying, Mommy? Let's go to the park." The girl said happily. Scully nodded and let her daughter lead her out of the building and onto the street. This couldn't be a vision, her hand was real. It felt warm, so much unlike it had once been. As they neared the park, Scully stopped.

"What is it Mommy?" Emily asked. Scully kneeled, and pulled her into a gentle hug. Emily hugged back and then ran toward the swing set. "Push, please?" She asked. Scully smiled and did so. She thrust her arms forward, sending Emily high into the air. Suddenly, a harsh red light descended upon her. Her body was bathed in it, and she raised her hand to her eyes to block it. When the light abruptly turned blue, she realized that her hand was wet with blood. And her other held, glistening in the moonlight and dripping with blood, a large carving knife. A siren began to go off, and she was violently grabbed from behind.

11:21 AM
J.Edgar Hoover FBI Building
Washington, DC

Agent Mulder leaned over the financial reports regarding his and Scully's last case. A knock at the door interrupted his work. Skinner entered, with a worried look on his face.

"Agent Scully just called," he said sternly.

"Oh, good, I was getting worried about her, she's late." Mulder admitted. "What did she say?"

"It's very serious, Agent Mulder." Mulder lifted his head, locking eyes with his boss. "She asked if you knew a damn good lawyer."

12:08 PM
Annapolis Police Station
Annapolis, Maryland

"Ms. Scully, you have a visitor." Said the guard.

"Scully," Mulder said, partly as an acknowledgment, partly a sigh of relief. He turned to the guard, "Can I talk to her somewhere in private?" he asked.

"Are you her lawyer?" The guard questioned. Mulder shook his head. "Then, no."

"Look, I'm with the FBI, I'm investigating this case, so I'd appreciate it if you take us to an interrogation room," Mulder said sternly, holding up his credentials. The guard complied, and led them to one of the rooms. After he left, Mulder turned to his partner.

"What happened, Scully?"

"Haven't you been watching the news, Mulder?" she asked indifferently.

"I didn't have the heart to." He confessed, pulling up a chair. "But I have heard the `official statement'."

She nodded. "And what is that?"

"Caught a suspect, innocent until proven guilty," he said vaguely. "But I haven't heard what really happened, and only you can tell me that." Scully looked away. "I don't think you did it. It was a murder in cold blood, an innocent woman, hacked to death. I don't think your capable of such a heinous murder." He paused. "But I trust you and believe in you. I need to hear you say that you didn't do it." Scully stayed silent. "Scully, anything, just tell me you didn't do it." He pleaded.

"I can't." she whispered.

"Why not?" Mulder demanded, slamming his fist on the table. Scully flinched at his outburst.

"Because I don't know what I did or didn't do." Mulder sighed and rested his hand on hers.

"We'll find out what happened. But you need to tell me what you did or saw." Scully looked at him.

"If I do, they'll plead insanity."

"And that would ruin your pride." Mulder concluded. Scully pressed her lips into a tight line. A woman knocked on the door and motioned for Mulder through the window. Mulder started to leave, when Scully called him back.

"I need you to do some things for me, Mulder. I don't think I'll get out on bail. Please tell my mother what has happened. And can you call my lawyer and Dr. Kossoff and ask them to stop by." Mulder nodded, then left.

"Agent Mulder, I'm Detective McReynolds." The woman introduced as Mulder stepped out of the interrogation room. "I'm glad you're here. Being that Agent Scully works for the Bureau, this is officially your case." She smiled, filling his arms with a stack of file folders.

"Can you fill me in on the case?" Mulder asked. McReynolds led him to a nearby table. She picked up the folder on top and produced crime scene photographs. "This is Leigh-Anne Withers. A single Caucasian female, age thirty seven." She pointed to what remained of the body. "She lived alone and was on her way home from work. She had missed the local bus. She was found in a small park within a mile radius of your partner's apartment complex. Agent Scully was found standing over the body, dazed, and covered with the victims blood. She was holding a carving knife. It matches the cut marks on the body." The detective stopped to take a breath. "Sorry, Mulder, but all the evidence points to your partner. The only thing that doesn't are the hack marks." When Mulder looked up in disgust, she replied, "Sorry, I'm not a scientist, so I don't know any nice way of saying it. The marks show that they were made ferociously by someone filled with rage. To make such marks, the killer would have to be very strong. The profile doesn't fit your partner." Mulder looked hopeful. "Unfortunately, Agent Scully is refusing to talk to anyone and doesn't have any memory of that night."

"But I think she does. She's just afraid to admit it," Mulder said. "Can you take me to the crime scene?" McReynolds nodded. "I also need to stop by Scully's apartment and do some things for her."

4:29 PM
Annapolis Police Station
Annapolis, Maryland

"Ms. Scully, I still believe that pleading insanity is our best bet. You don't have any memory of the killing. You've been going through a hard time in your life. Losing a daughter is a difficult thing to overcome. Your psychologist has informed me that this is not the first time that you have seen your daughter since her death. I see that you have also just gotten over cancer. We could use that to make you seem weak and not capable of committing this murder."

"Look!" Scully said firmly. "I don't want my cancer used as anything. Especially not weak. I was strong enough to survive it."

"You look, Ms. Scully. They have enough evidence against you right now to send you to jail for a good thirty years. Either you cooperate or you look around and except this as your new home!" Her lawyer said, waving his arms around the room. "Good-bye. I will stop by tomorrow afternoon." He picked up his briefcase and left. An officer walked in with her mail. There was only one piece, a piece of paper with a hasty message scribbled on it from Mulder: I'll get you out, you don't belong in there, I'm sure of it.

"Oh, but I'm not, Mulder." she whispered through the bars of her cell.

5:11 PM
Ludington Park
Annapolis, Maryland

Mulder sat on the park bench. He took a deep inhalation from his cigarette before dropping it and putting it out with his toe.

"I didn't know you smoked." McReynolds said, sitting down next to him.

"I don't," he said grimly.

"What aren't you guys telling me?" she asked. Mulder looked at her. She had caught him off guard. "I know that there's more going on here than lost memory."

"Well, there is so much that I couldn't possibly tell you, but I'm afraid that she did kill that woman, but not at her own will." McReynolds raised her eyebrows in question. "Someone may have controlled her actions, brought her to this place to kill that woman, and she had no control over her actions." He paused and lighted another cigarette. McReynolds made a show of coughing and Mulder promptly put it out. "I'm afraid that she thinks she really did it. And I think that she isn't even telling me everything. In the past few months she has changed. She's not a person anymore, just a shell of one. I'm worried." He admitted. He coughed from the cigarette.

"You haven't smoked in a long time, have you?" she asked.

"Nope. I was going on seven years." He scowled, cursing himself for even starting.

"Why would you even start when you know that they'll kill you slowly?"

"Because I felt, I feel, that I deserve whatever disastrous end comes to me." He said quietly before walking away toward his car.

April 12, 1998
10:13 AM
Annapolis Prison
Annapolis, Maryland

Mulder walked into the prison, where Scully had been transferred since her bail was posted at five hundred thousand dollars.

"Agent Mulder." A voice called. Mulder turned towards a woman calling his name. "I'm Karen Kossoff. I'm Dana's psychologist. Can I talk to you?" She led him into a small room.

"I'm glad your here, Mrs. Kossoff. I'm worried about Scully." The doctor nodded her head in agreement.

"Look, Mulder. Dana told me what she believes happened to her." Mulder looked at her, slightly hurt that she had told her doctor before she told him. "I can't tell you what she said, due to patient secrecy. But I believe that you need to talk to her. But, Agent Mulder, be patient. She's afraid to tell you."

Mulder looked shocked. "She's afraid? Of me?" he asked.

"You really should be talking to her about this. I've encouraged her to tell you how she feels. She's afraid that you will mock her, as she feels you have in the past," she explained.

"I have never mocked her!" Mulder proclaimed.

"Agent Mulder, just talk to her and give her some time and room," she said before leaving Mulder alone in the room.

10:17 AM
Annapolis Prison
Annapolis, Maryland

"Hey Scully," Mulder said. Scully looked up as a guard unlocked the bars of the cell. Mulder walked in and sat down on the cot next to Scully. "How are you doing?" he asked. "And don't tell me that you're fine, because from where I'm sitting you look like you haven't eaten or slept well in a long time. I also just talked to your psychologist. I think there is some things we need to talk about. Everyone's worried about you Scully and it doesn't seem like your putting up that much of a fight to get out of here."

"Maybe I belong in here," she said. "I may have killed someone Mulder. And I don't even know if I'm innocent. You swear that if I had seen the things that you have, that I would be a believer. But I have seen things that make me believe. But not in the same things you do. What's the difference, Mulder? God or aliens? Supreme being on earth. What I saw that night scared me. But at the same time, it made me happier than I've been in a long time."

"Why don't you tell me?" Mulder urged.

"You'll laugh. And say `you're to involved in this case, step away', just like the last time I told you. Whenever I confront my religious beliefs you make me seem humble, out of line, and frankly stupid. I saw Emily, Mulder. She lead me to the park. It was her, I swear. But, this time, I don't think that God was the one who presented her to me."

"You think the forces involved in this are Good and Evil?"

"Something like that, yes. What do you think?" she asked.

Mulder reached over and placed his hand at the back of her neck, fingering her small scar from the insertion of the metallic chip. "It called you to the bridge before." Scully's eyes widened with unspoken possibilities. She hadn't thought of the chip as a cause of the vision.

"I don't know what to think Mulder."

"Me neither, but I'll keep trying," he said, pulling himself off the cot.

10:45 AM
Annapolis Prison
Annapolis, Maryland

Skinner searched for a parking space at the crowded prison. Pulling into a lot behind the building, he got out and stretched. Looking toward the prison, he saw a man hidden in the shadows, leaning against the brick wall of the jail. Even though his back was turned to Skinner, he saw a trail of smoke rising into the air. He silently approached the man, full of growing rage.

"You Son-of-a........." he said as he grabbed the man's shoulder and spun him around so they were facing. He stopped in mid sentence as he found himself staring into the youthful face of Agent Mulder, not that of Cancer Man. Mulder looked down guiltily.

"Agent Mulder?" Skinner asked, amazed. Skinner grabbed the cigarette that hung from Mulder's mouth. He looked at the label. "Morleys," he said before throwing it down. "What the hell are you doing, Mulder?" Mulder didn't reply and kept staring at his feet. "Why did you start again?"

"What do you mean, again?" Mulder asked innocently.

"Stop the bull, Mulder. I'm an Assistant Director of the FBI. I probably know more about you than Scully does." This scared Mulder, who looked uneasy. "And talking about Scully, standing out her moping isn't going to get her out of here. If you want to help her, do something worthwhile."

"I would prefer you call her *Agent* Scully, sir," Mulder said.

"I can't. Her badge is being revoked until this is worked out. She is no longer an agent of the Federal Bureau."

"Your the son-of-a-bitch." Mulder yelled.

"Mulder, I had no say in this and you know it. I'm going to go talk to her now. Unless of course you disapprove of that?" Mulder felt like saying a smart ass comment, but kept it to himself.

6:16 PM
Annapolis Police Station
Annapolis, Maryland

"I saw something." A short, thin man said to no one in particular. He was dirty and smelled of liquor. His clothes were mismatched and ripped.

"How can I help you?" One of the secretaries asked.

"I saw....someone get killed." This caught her attention.

"Where did you see this, sir?" she asked.

"A couple blocks from here in a small park." He answered.

"Stay right there. Don't move an inch!" she said, excited. She ran to one of the offices in the back of the station. "Hey, McReynolds, I think you just got a big break in that Withers case!" McReynolds was by her side in a matter of seconds. The secretary explained the man.

"Get him into a vacant room. I'll be there ASAP," she said. In a few minutes she came into the room. "Sir, this is very important. I need you to tell me exactly what you saw. Every single detail. Is that clear?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. I was sleeping on a bench in the park when it happened........

6:19 PM
Ludington Park
Annapolis, Maryland

Mulder's phone rang twice before he picked up. "Mulder," he said into the mouth piece.

"Agent Mulder, this is Detective McReynolds. Are you near the station?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm just looking at the crime scene for another time."

"Great. We just got a big break. I'd advise you get down here as soon as possible," she said.

"I'm on my way, detective," he replied, hanging up.

6:35 PM
Annapolis Police Station
Annapolis, Maryland

"You'll be happy to know that we found an eyewitness. He says that your partner did NOT kill Withers." Mulder let out his breath in a tremendous sigh of relief. "We can't release her because one witness isn't enough. It may help her in court, but we need more. He did give us a description of the killer," she said holding up a compost drawing. "It'll be on every post office window in a matter of hours."

"Thanks. Does Scully know?" Mulder asked.

"Nope, I saved that for you." Mulder smiled and headed for the prison.

8:07 PM
Annapolis Police Station
Annapolis, Maryland

When McReynolds finally locked up her office, the sun was already setting. Just as she walked out, Mulder walked in.

"Agent Mulder, go home. You haven't slept in almost twenty four hours. Scully will be fine," she said exasperated.

"No, the killer is still at large. I gave Scully my word," he replied. An officer approached McReynolds and drew her aside. When she reappeared at Mulder's side she had more news.

"Well, here's your chance, Mulder. A man fitting that description was seen at a local homeless shelter." Mulder ran out of the station.

"Mulder!" McReynolds shouted, "Wait for back up! Don't go alone." But he took no heed, and sped out of the parking lot. "Men!" McReynolds sighed.

8:09 PM
Annapolis Prison
Annapolis, Maryland

Scully woke with an aching back. The small prison cots weren't helping her sleep at all. It must have been night, because the lights were out, but she wasn't entirely sure. She wasn't sure of anything anymore.

"Mommy." A small voice said. Scully opened her eyes and saw Emily standing in front of her.

"No. You aren't real. I'm just psychotic." She whimpered, shaking her head to rid herself of her daughter's image.

"Let's play hideseek, Mommy." Emily said, grabbing Scully's hand.

"No. Last time I followed you I killed someone!" she whispered.

Emily giggled and crawled under the bed. Scully didn't move. Emily peeked out. "Mommy! Follow me!" The small girl demanded. Scully kept refusing, and each time, Emily grew more distraught. "You have to come! He needs help!"

"Who?" Scully asked, growing nervous. Emily didn't answer, but hid under the bed again. This time Scully got on her knees and looked under the bed. She was amazed to see Emily push aside a brick and crawl into the wall. Scully gaped at her.

"Come on, Mommy!" Emily whispered.

Going against all her good senses, Scully followed and soon found herself outside the prison perimeter. Emily began to run and Scully followed her. She ran much faster than any regular five-year-old would. Behind her, Scully could hear sirens splitting the air, announcing her departure.

8:21 PM
Annapolis ACTs Shelter
Annapolis, Maryland

Mulder approached the homeless shelter and knocked on the door. When a resident answered, he presented his credentials and asked about the man. The resident pointed behind Mulder at a man emptying the garbage at the street curb. Just then the man looked up and put two and two together. He dropped the bags, spilling trash and food over the driveway, and took off down the street. Mulder was already close behind him as he ran into an alley. Mulder entered, with his weapon drawn, and slowly looked around. The man was no where to be seen.

Mulder slowly inched down the alley, looking behind boxes. He was caught off guard when the man dropped on him from above. Mulder was propelled to the ground and cringed as his gun slid down the alley. He turned back to the suspect, who had recovered from the fall and was now producing a small switch blade from his pocket.

He approached Mulder slowly and lifted the knife to strike him in the throat. His hand had started coming towards Mulder's neck when a shot rang out and echoed through the alley. The body of the perpetrator fell atop Mulder. Mulder pushed the body aside, and took a few minutes to steady his breathing.

"I'm glad you got here, McReynolds," he said. He looked up and gasped as he saw that it was Scully, holding his gun, who had fired the shot. "Scully?" He got up and walked toward her. She looked dazed. "Scully, are you all right? Why aren't you at the prison?" he asked.

He took the gun away from her and reholstered it. They heard sirens getting louder, and soon the detective's car pulled up in front of the alley.

"Mulder, what happened?" she asked.

"Scully? What the hell...."

"The perpetrator resisted questioning and arrest, and then I chased him down here. He came at me with a knife, and we struggled and I shot him." Mulder interrupted.

"And you wouldn't be making any of this up to protect your partner, would you?" She asked. "Due to the fact that her badge was revoked, if she shot this man, she can be tried for murder."

"Of course not, Detective," Mulder said. "I shot him."

"No....I know who really killed him," she said as three more cars pulled up behind hers.

"Who shot him?" An officer asked.

"I did." McReynolds said, looking Mulder in the eye. Then to him, "It'll be easier for you two that way. Ms. Scully, please come with me."

April 19, 1998
9:11 AM
Annapolis Prison
Annapolis, Maryland

"Let's get out of here, Mulder," Scully said, opening the passenger side of his Taurus.

"What, didn't like your stay, Bonny?" Mulder grinned. "Where to? I'll take you there."

"Dulles Airport, Clyde," she said, playing along.

"Mind if I ask where you're going?"

"San Diego. I need to visit Emily's grave," she said, growing serious.

"Are you going to be all right Scully? May I accompany you there?" he asked.

She was about to say her usual and rebuilt her wall around herself, but something stopped her. "I think I'll be all right from now on. And I'd love to have you company." Mulder looked at her in surprise. She smiled and sat back. She turned on the radio to end conversation and quickly fell asleep.

Mulder looked at her as she slept. So much had changed. Nothing would ever be what it had been when she was first assigned to him. He sighed and reached for a cigarette. He picked up the pack of Morleys and then stopped. What the hell *was* he doing? He pulled over to the side of the road and got out. Taking the pack of cigarettes with him, he threw them as far away as he could. He walked back to the car and got in.

"Well, I'm glad that right fielder's arm gets some good use every now and them," Scully said. Mulder smiled and started the car.

Then, again, change might not be so bad, after all.

The End

~Kate Dyer
"I do not lie. I willfully participate in a
campaign of misinformation" - Mulder

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