An archive for both fics set at halloween and for otherwise generally scary stories.


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Challenge topics include smut, titles, zombies, that Halloween ball, and smut (people really want more smutty Halloween fics, you guys)

Story Categories

Halloween Casefiles & Mysteries
27 fics
Halloween Parties & Balls
11 fics
Trick or Treaters
36 fics
Companionable Halloween Nights
13 fics
Smutty Halloweens
11 fics
Halloween Humor
14 fics
59 fics
Haunted Houses
26 fics
Haunted Places
26 fics
23 fics
19 fics
14 fics
Demons & Possessions
12 fics
Werewolves & Shapeshifters
9 fics
8 fics
Nitelite Recs
20 Scary fics

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