Title: Tell 'em William Called
Author: Pattie
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Category : Kidfic, X-File and Christmas Fic.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to you know who, except William's sibs. are MINE!

Summary: A father hears from an estranged son.

December, 19, 2008

While a young, intelligent boy of (nearly) 8 was keenly awaiting the miracle of Christmas and teasing his sisters, Meg and Mandy, Mulder and Scully were subversively shopping, wrapping and rushing through office work at good old J. Edgar's Headquarters. However, no one knew about a telephone call to a farm couple by the name of Van deKamp. Only one of the couple had passed on.

One Saturday afternoon, William Scully-Mulder got up the courage to dial long distance. (His parents could afford it, even for the length it was.) Now, why say something by Internet when you can use voice? Yes, an intelligent young lad William was. He was also compassionate.

We all know the story. His parents needed to retrieve him from his adoptive parents after his adoptive mother's death and many years of heartache, but they DID care for him, and he was grateful someone looked after him while his parents went through utter hell to save the world.

He dialed Mr. Van deKamp while the girls were outside and Mulder and Scully were shopping. Even girls have snow fights.

"Hello?" The man had just arrived from shovelling snow.

"Uh, hi. Remember me, William?"

"Oh yes. I sure do. We loved ya, boy."

"I remember you, too, and I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and thanks for all the time you gave me. I get your cards every birthday."

"Oh, you know we loved you, William. Even the apple trees miss you. Seven years old and already a real, feeling kid. That's rare these days."

"And Daddy V?"


"Tell the sheep I miss them, too. Tell 'em William called."

The man's eyes filled with tears as he remembered his wife's struggles, and his feeling that Dana Scully and Fox Mulder needed their son more than anyone else. Then joy overwhelmed him that he had made the right decision.


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