Title: My Father's Son
Author: The Fox
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Classification: S
Disclaimer: My name isn't Chris! Does that answer your questions?

Summary: William POV on his life so far Author's Note: This is not part of the New Beginning Series (tho' maybe it could be used later on). This story was derived from an idea after watching parents doting over their son one morning. Thanks to Kimpa for the beta work and encouragement to send this (as I was going to scrap it!) and for her website where my stories have been archived. (www.kimpart.com/foxden.html)

I am my father's son.

We share similar insights and our thought processes work along the same lines. His abilities allow him to profile with amazing accuracy. Mine go far beyond this though I tend to conceal as much as possible. I do this to shield myself from prying eyes and to shelter my parents, to keep them safe from worry.

I do not have my mother's scientific abilities, though I am able to comprehend so much more each day. I enjoy listening to my parents' conversations. Sometimes they just joke and banter but often it is intellectual, sharing theories or debating on world issues. I feel at these times that I should not intrude with my own theories. I know they wouldn't mind, even encourage this from me, but I would feel like an intruder into their world. Their time. No, I highly enjoy my observations.

I wonder sometimes though, who I am and to what purpose I have been placed on this earth. I am only able to understand a portion of my capabilities that I began to catalogue since I was three.

I have watched the lines of concern, anxiety and complete perplexity shadow the faces of my parents and always there is an underlying fear. Yes, fear. I know they love me and would give their lives for me without another thought, but there is fear for me and even OF me. They do not understand who I am either. I am their son and I am as complex as both my parents but I also remain a mystery. I remain a mystery to myself.

With nothing more than a mild cold that I am able to recover from the next day, I seem to have immunities to all childhood diseases. My mother does not reveal this to anyone and has forged many medical documents. She believes that if this knowledge were to be revealed, I may be used for science: a journey of vast proportions for scientists to take. And tests, endless tests. I know that I would be sought after to be tested, perhaps for other far more complicated diseases of which I may be the cure.

My parents have tried to shelter me from the world yet enabled me the closest thing to a 'normal' childhood to the best of their ability. I have few friends and school consists of a tiny, one-teacher portable on a reservation in New Mexico. I am never judged for my advanced knowledge and a clear challenge to my teacher.

As normal as this life can possibly be, I yearn to see the rest of the world. I can feel the restlessness creep over me ever so gradually like moss on a stone. I sometimes feel the 'moss' strangling me, strangling my need to acquire.

I see the love my parents share for each other and for me. I realize this has been a driving force keeping us together while hiding from the life they once shared as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. They have a communication beyond the five senses and perhaps this was the beginning of my own complexities. I can only hope that one day I will be as lucky to discover someone as attuned to me as I am to myself: a partner of the soul.

I do not know how much longer I can be concealed or if there is still a need for me to be, but I know with almost certain clarity that I will not be able to remain here forever. Not right now though. Right now, my calling is with my parents. I am still only 15 and still need care, their love and nurturing. I still have much knowledge to acquire. In a few years my calling will be far from here.

Until then I remain here as a complex mystery to all, but I will always be my father's son.

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