Title: Mulder's Pot of Gold
Author: Doriane Scott
Classification: X-File, Angst, UST
Rating: PG-13 (for some bad words
Spoilers: 5th season (just to be safe)
Disclaimer: Everyone in here that has been mentioned on the TV show I don't own. People who you don't know are mine.

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Summary: Is it really Leprechauns robbing New York? Or can it be something even more unbelievable? (this is not a comedy piece)

Author's Note: his story isn't what you think it is about because of it's summery and title.

"Hey Scully, what's up?" Mulder asked his partner as she walked through the office door.

"Nothing Mulder. What are you looking at?"

"A St. Patrick's day present a few weeks late."

"What are you talking about Mulder?"

"Our next case." He handed the folder over to his partner and leaned back to study her reaction to it.

She was predictable. He'd give her that. "Maybe it was meant as an April Fools joke." She looked at her partner. "Leprechauns?"

"Hey I didn't say I believed it. You are the Irish on here."

"Fine. So when do we leave for New York?"

"Whenever you make the arrangements."

"Boy, you're a big help."

"I was reading the case file."

Scully rolled her eyes and made the flight arrangements. "My turn to pick you up. Be ready at 2."

"For once we made it here on time," Scully said as the air plane started to taxi.

"Are you insinuating that it's my fault that we are late for the plane most of the time?"

She was silent for a moment, as if she was thinking about the answer. "Yes, yes I am."

"Well excuse me. Anyway do you want to hear what the Gunmen came up with?"

"Okay. I just hope they don't think it's leprechauns."

"They haven't passed judgment yet. But there has been a crime spree going on in New York for the past year and a half. Nypd thought it was random and unrelated until about a month ago when a honeymooning couple from Ireland was pickpocketed. They described the assailant as short and dressed in green. They thought they were leprechauns.

"Further interviews with victims old and new, showed the cops that it was little people in green that was robbing New York."

"Hence our Leprechauns."

"Correct Agent Scully. "

"So, what's the plan?"

"We don't meet with Sergeant Hayfield until tomorrow."

"So what are we doing here this evening?"

"A night on the town Agent Scully?"

"Only if it's your treat Agent Mulder."

"How about on Melvin Frohike?"


"Frohike said to treat you to a night on the town at his expense, as a birthday present to you. But I am to keep reminding you that it was his idea."

"Did he give any recommendations?"

"He recommended to take you out to dinner. He gave me his credit card."

"That's odd."

"I guess, but not really for Frohike."

"Isn't he ever going to learn?"

"Can't blame a guy for trying."

"Guess I can't So where are we going?"

"I don't know. We'll figure it out. Maybe ask a cabbie. I remember last time I was in New York. I don't want to sit in traffic again."

"No problem by me Mulder."

The two agents discussed the case some more on the plane ride. When they landed at La Guardia they caught a cab and headed to their hotel in the city.

"Mulder. Let me take a shower and change. Then we can catch dinner. And if you're nice, I'll even let Frohike treat us to a movie."

"Kind of like a date?"


"Oh fraternizing partners. That's a no-no," Mulder said mockingly.

"Shut up Mulder." And she entered her room.

An hour later they were both outside trying to catch a cab. They were lucky enough to find one that spoke English. "Where to?' "Any nice restaurants?"

"What are you in the mood for?"

Mulder looked to Scully who shrugged.

"How about a nice stake house?" the cabbie suggested.

Another look to Scully. "Sure," she answered.

"Alright, off to Mortons." There was something about his two passengers that made him want to start a conversation with them. "So are you two honeymooners?"

"Ugh - No. We are partners. We're here investigating a case." Mulder jumped in.

"What the leprechauns?"

"Is that what you think they are?"

"I don't know. I mean New York has some odd creatures. And there has always been crime. I guess there are just more people reporting it now."

More small talk was made as they got to the restaurant.

Dinner was excellent. Even Scully enjoyed it and didn't complain much about the health factor of the meal. The two agents talked about everything but the case. Something they hadn't done in a while. It was decided that they'd attend a showing of City Of Angels after dinner.

It was outside waiting for a cab to take them to a movie theater that Mulder felt something on his side. His hand went to his side when he noticed his wallet and gun were missing.

He turned suddenly and saw a green glad figure running. "Hey you." He called as he started to chase it.

Scully saw her partner take off and went after him. But she knew that she wouldn't catch up till he stopped. Damn him and his long legs.

Mulder ran after the small, green figure, and was gaining on it. Suddenly it tripped and slid across the pavement. Mulder was on it in a second. He picked it up by the arm and was shocked to see it was a child.

The boy looked at Mulder with terror stricken eyes and feinted. Mulder collected his gun and wallet while waiting for Scully.

"You got it?"

"Yep. You were right. Not leprechauns, a little boy," Mulder said as he took off his coat and wrapped the boy in it.

Scully gave him an odd look as he continued to speak. "Let's take him back to the hotel with us. He scraped his legs and knees when he fell. He also feinted when I caught him."

"Okay Mulder," Scully said as Mulder cradled the boy in his arms and waved down a cab.

The cab ride back to the hotel was silent. Both agents were caught up in there own thoughts and minds.

"I'm going to wash him up. You can come in and patch him up when I'm done. Why don't you go and get comfortable."

"Okay. See you in a bit."

Mulder laid the kid on the closest bed and went to run the water in the sink. When he was happy with the temperature he carried the boy into the bathroom and rested him on the toilet seat cover. He was able to tell that the boy was asleep now.

Mulder wondered when the boy slept well last. As he took the boy's torn and dirty clothes off he also wondered about food and a bath. 'Well first a bath and then some sleep.' He thought.

As Mulder carefully washed the boys the body he noticed scars of abuse on the small body.

That was the reason he felt attached to the boy? The boy could have passed for a double of Mulder, when he was five. And now that he discovered scars, similar to the ones that he still had, kind of spooked him.

Wrapping the boy in a towel he carried the boy over to one of the beds. "Let's get you something to sleep in." Mulder went to rummage in his suitcase. "I remember sometimes my dad used to let me sleep in his old tee shirts. I used to love it," he dressed the kid in the tee shirt. "Okay, kid. You sleep here while I go and get Scully. " Once the boy was down on the bed he curled into a small ball. Mulder couldn't help but ruffle the boys hair.

"Hey Scully. You there?" he tapped lightly on the connecting door.

Scully opened it. "What is it Mulder?"

"The kid is asleep. The scrapes aren't so bad. They stopped bleeding. I gave him a quick bath too."

"You think it's smart to hold him here?"

"We are holding a suspect in custody. You really want-" He was cut off by a cry.

"No daddy. Please daddy no," a soft raspy voice called.

Mulder went to the boy. "Shhh. It's okay. It's only a nightmare. Wake up."

The boy opened his eyes and looked at Mulder. "It's okay. Shhh. You're safe." Mulder continued to soothe.

The boy's eyes and mouth opened wide in shock and surprise.

Mulder was going to say something when the boy moved to lay across Mulder's lap and lifted up the back of the shirt to reveal his bare bottom.

Mulder was shocked at the action. But knew it well from his childhood and performing it often. "No," Mulder said as he pulled the shirt back down and turned the boy over so he was sitting on Mulder's lap. "You are safe here. No one is going to hurt you," he said looking straight into the boys eyes. "Do you understand. You are safe here."

The boy slowly nodded. "Good. Now why don't you go back to sleep or would you rather stay up and talk?" Mulder said with a smile.

The boy looked at the bed then back at Mulder. The fear in his eyes was palpable. He reached his hand out to Mulder's shirt pocket ad took out a pen. For some reason the boy wanted to write. Mulder was willing to do anything for him. "Scully I think there is a pad of paper in my case over there. Can you get it for us?" she returned a few seconds later with the pad and a chair and sat across from the two males. "Here you go?" she handed it over to Mulder.

Mulder put it on his lap and boy started to write.


"You want to talk?" Mulder asked.

The boy nodded. "My name is Mulder and this is Scully. What is your name?"

David Anderson, he wrote slowly.

"David, how old are you?"


"Wow your pretty smart you know how to write like that." The boy smiled shyly and Mulder continued. "We work for the FBI. Do you know what that is?"

David shook his head.

"It's kind of like the police." At this David tried to get off of Mulder's lap. "You aren't in trouble. We just want to ask you a few questions. Is that OK?"

He nodded.

"Where do you live?"

Down. in The Suwars.

"In the sewers?" At the boys nod he asked. "Where are your parents?"

I DO not NO

"Who do you live with?"

The Suwar King

"David why don't you talk?"

I AM not Alowed

"Is that when you get hurt?"

David nodded.

"Do you remember I told you, you were safe here? No one is going to hurt you here. I promise you."

A nod.

"Okay. Scully is a doctor. She just wants to check you over and make sure you are okay. I want you to answer her questions."

"Okay." David voice was soft and raspy from lack of use.

"Good. Do you want me to stay?"


"Of course. You can even stay on my lap."

Scully examined David, quickly and painlessly. "There you go. All done." Instantly David curled up in Mulder's arms."When was the last time you ate David?" Scully asked.

"I don't remember," he yawned.

"I think David is tired. Why don't I put him to sleep and then we can talk." Mulder suggested.

"Sure see you soon." And Scully left.

Scully was glad that Mulder wanted to spend some time alone with the boy. It gave her some time to think about all that had happened that evening. All in all she was amazed at what was happening. The boy looked very similar to pictures of Mulder when he was about five and six. Was that the reason Mulder was so attracted to the boy?

The reaction of the boy when he first woke up was also shocking. But her partners reaction to the situation was a lot more interesting. He seemed frozen in terror, but quickly recovered.

Mulder looked good with the child on his lap. She wondered why he reacted the way he did when the boy thought he was going to be hit. Did Mulder have previous experience in that area? Is that how he knew what to say to the kid to calm him down? She hoped that was not the case, but she was wrong of course.

"I'll stay here with you. I'll even hold you till you fall asleep. Okay?"

When Scully had left the room Mulder watched the boy curl up on to his lap. "Why don't you let me change into something a little more comfortable and then we can both go to sleep." Mulder wasn't planning on going to sleep but he wanted the kid to.

Mulder felt his heart being ripped out when he looked at the boy from across the room. The boy look so terrified, as if he thought he was going to be left behind. His eyes were so soulful, and sad. This kid should be the poster child for all abused children.

He quickly stripped and stopped at his tee shirt and boxers. He pulled on A pair of sweat pants and went back over to the bed. Mulder laid on the side further from the door, so he could watch. David, with a thumb in his mouth turned into a ball with his head on Mulder chests.

Mulder's hand went to the boys back and he ran it in slow and smooth circles. "Shhh. Go to sleep little one," he whispered in a soft sing song voice. "Tomorrow will be better as will all your days after this. That I promise you. Shhh."

Soon the child was asleep. Mulder waited an extra ten minutes before going to knock on Scully's door.

Scully answered the knock on the connecting door. She knew who it was. As soon as Mulder was in her room and comfortable, she asked. "How is he?"

"Scared, tired, alone."

"So what's the game plan now?"

"Well we solved the case."

"And got another one on our hands. So what do we do?' "We still meet with Sergeant Hayfield tomorrow. And tell him what happened."

"What about David?"

"We take him with us. Maybe also try and find out where his parents are."

"His parents abandoned him. What I meant was what are we going to do with him after the case."

"You let me worry about that."

"Sure. Now what are we going to do about this Sewer king using these kids to rob New York."

"Well I want to interview David some more tomorrow. We then relate the information to Nypd and Skinner. Then we see that they tell us to do."

"Wow Mulder. You mean that you don't want to go in with guns blazing?"

"Of course I do Scully. Those kids are being used and abused. But I don't know about this guy down there. I might be putting those kids in more danger."

"Okay Mulder. I just want to say that it's nice to see you are using that head of yours."

"Love you too Scully. I want to get back to David. If he wakes up I don't want him to be alone."

"Okay Mulder. I'll see you in the morning."

Mulder went back to his room and started up his laptop. His mind had been turning since he put David to bed. He got into the Missing Persons database. David was a missing child, but it wasn't his parents that were looking for him, it was the police.

According to the report Mrs. Jane Anderson killed her husband Dale Anderson and then herself. The police were still looking for the child. Probably thought he was dead. Mulder was happy that he was able to solve one missing child's case.

Fox did a little more research before going to sleep for the night. He'd make a phone call tomorrow morning. Maybe she'd be able to help him.

When he woke the next morning, Mulder was amazed at how well he slept. He looked over at the boy.

David was rocking back and forth in the bed. "David. Wake up. Come on baby. Wake up for me. Come on David." Mulder shook him a little.

David eyes opened wide taking in his surroundings. Terrified and confused he curled into a ball.

"David you are safe here." Mulder picked up the little ball and held it close. "Shhh David. Your safe here, I promise. Hush." He walked around the room rocking and soothing David.

Scully poked her head into the room to see if Mulder was up and was surprised to see what was going on. Mulder caught her gaze. 'Breakfast. ' he mouthed to her. She nodded and left the room.

"It's okay David. I got you. You're safe. I promise." Soon the sobs quieted.

"Sorry." David apologized hoarsely.

"It's okay David," he said softly. Mulder looked down at the boy. "Why don't we get you dressed. You can then eat breakfast while I take A shower and get dressed."

David nodded and wiped his eyes. Mulder helped him dress and then sent him into Scully's room. "I'll join the two of you soon. Don't let Agent Scully give you anything healthy to eat." Scully smiled as did David.

Mulder quickly showered as he was getting dressed he made a phone call. He hoped it wasn't to early in the morning.

"Morning. Scully residence."

"Good morning Mrs. Scully. I hope I didn't wake you."

"Nonsense Fox. What can I do for you?"

Fox spoke to Mrs. Scully for a few minutes before going over to Scully's room.

"David you got to eat. Just a little bit."

"What's wrong Scully?"

"David doesn't seem to want to eat."

Mulder crouched down on the floor to be eye level with the boy. "David are you hungry?"

He nodded. "Then why don't you eat?"

"Not allowed," he spoke softly, still not sure if talking was permitted.

"Were you fed when you were with the Sewer King?"

"Some times."

"What do you mean?" Scully asked.

"Some times there were no leftovers. Sometimes he didn't throw them on the floor."

"You only ate when the leftovers were on the floor?" Scully was shocked.

"He also had to tell us."

Mulder shuddered at the thought. He had similar memories of not eating because his father didn't give him permission.

"Remember last night? Well I want you to eat with us. What do you want to eat?" Mulder spoke again.

"I don't know?"

"How about some cereal?"

The boy shrugged. Mulder put the cornflakes in the bowl with milk. "David why don't you sit on your knees so you can reach the table."

Everyone say in silence for a bit. "David you are going to join us at the police station. We'll try not to be long"


"We might have to ask you a few questions." The boy nodded. "Why don't you finish eating. Agent Scully and I are going to go next door to talk a little bit. We'll keep the connecting door open."

The boy nodded and Mulder and Scully went next door. "What happened this morning?"

"He woke up from a nightmare."


"I'm sure he's going to have nightmares for some time."

"You think it's smart to bring him to the station?"

"What else should we do with him? He can probably give us information on this Sewer King guy."

"Like what?"

"Where he lives, what he looks like? How many other children are there."

"You think he can help? He doesn't talk to anyone but the two of us. And he barely says a word to me."

"Scully he's scared. He's been starved, abused, and neglected. He obviously doesn't trust people. And I don't blame him. When the people you think should protect you only hurt you more, you start not to trust anyone." Mulder had become animated at this time and had tears in his eyes.

"Mulder are you talking from experience?" Scully asked softly. At the look at his face she knew the answer. "Mulder." She put a hand on his upper arm. "I understand what you are trying to do for him."

"Scully," he cut her off. "I just want him to know that there are some adults out there that won't hurt him."

"Okay Mulder, let's go back and start the day."

"You ready to go?" Mulder asked David. David got out of the chair and scrambled over to hold Mulder's hand.

"Can I help you?" a young desk officer asked.

"Yes. I'm Agent Mulder and this is Agent Scully we're with the FBI. We are here to see Sergeant Hayfield."

"Straight down the hall and to the left."

David hung on for dear life to Mulder's hand. Mulder picked him up as they entered the office.

"Sergeant Hayfield?"


"I'm Agent Scully and this is my partner Agent Mulder."

"Oh Yes. Please sit down." Once both complied, Hayfield continued. "And who is this young gentleman?"

"Part of the case."


"We caught one of the 'Leprechauns'. It seems that young kids are being used to pickpocket New York."

"So this boy is a suspect?"

"No. I believe that these children are being used by someone who calls himself the 'Sewer King' to steal," Mulder added.

"How many children?"

"We don't know yet. We really didn't get a chance to interrogate David fully."

"Well I happily hand this over to the two of you. Use any resources you need."

"Thank you. I was wondering if I could talk social services and can we see about a little toy for the boy?"

"Sure Agent Mulder."

"Can you also show us to a free interrogation room?"

"There is one right across the hall that is never used."

"Thanks again. Up we go David." He pulled the kid off his lap and Scully joined them next door.

"David, can you sit here while I talk to Agent Scully?"

The boy nodded.

"What are you doing Mulder?"

"I'm going to interview him."

"Shouldn't someone else do it?"

"He won't talk to anyone else. You said it yourself. Other's are welcome to watch. But I have a feeling that a certain touch is going to be needed."

"Alright Mulder."

"You probably aren't going to like my method either, but it should work."

"You're the one who has the degree in psychology."

"Thanks." they walked back into the room.

"David, I need to ask you a few more questions. Is that OK?"

David nodded.

"Good. Now what is your name?"

"David Anderson."

"Do you know your birthday?"

"In the fall."

"How old are you?"

"Five I think."

"Where do you live?' "In the sewer."

"Where are your parents?"

"I don't know."

"When did you last see them?"

"I don't remember. About a year ago."

"Where did you last see them?"

"Mom took me to the store and left me there."

"Where did you go then?"

"I thought I could find my way home. I got lost. The Sewer King found me."

"What is the Sewer King's real name?"

"I don't know." David was starting to get nervous.

"David what do you do for the Sewer King?"

"Take stuff."

"What kind of stuff?"

"Anything I can. I have to bring something back."


"He says we have to earn our keep."

"What happens if you don't?"

"We don't get dinner and he hurts us."

"How does he hurt you?" there was no answer. "David?" the boy looked up with tears in his eyes. "It's almost over. I promise. Just A few more questions," he paused to let the boy calm down a little. "Did he hit you?"


"Punch you?" Nod. "Kick you?" Another nod but accompanied by free flowing tears. "David? Was it the same way your father did?"

It was then that David lost it. His small body started to shake. Tears fell down his cheeks. Small gut wrenching sobs escaped his lips.

Mulder looked at Scully who was taking notes, before he picked the child up. "Shh. It's okay. I'm sorry." Mulder walked around the room rubbing his back in small reassuring circles. "Calm down baby. It's okay no one is going to hurt you."

Scully sneaked out of the room to report what they had to Hayfield. "Age nt Mulder and I are going to try for a description of this man a little later. The child is very upset."

"Very good. Thank you. Oh Dr. Zhan will be in to see the boy soon."

Scully nodded and left. When she got back to the room she found both Mulder and David sitting at the table opposite each other. David was trying to shoot a penny through Mulder's fingers.

She watched silently till David scored. "Good job David." She congratulated.

"Thank you," he said softly. Mulder was happy that the boy was starting to talk to his partner.

"Sergeant Hayfield said you did real well David. And Dr. Zhan will be down to see you soon. So what would you like to do?"

David shrugged. "How about some paper and you can draw a picture." Mulder suggested. David smiled and Mulder took out a pad of paper. He then rummaged through his pockets. "But I only have four colors. Red, blue, black and green." He handed the pens over.

"I think I have some more interesting colors." She looked into her bag. "Ah here we go. Pink, purple, orange, light blue and light green " She added her pens to the pile. David's smile grew bigger and he started to color.

Mulder looked at his watch. "Scully I got to go. Will you stay with David?"

"Of course Mulder, but where are you going?"

"Something personal. I'll tell you later," he next went over to David. "David, I got to go run an errand. Agent Scully will stay with you."

"No. Please."

"It's OK. I promise I'll be back. Maybe we can go out and get you something for behaving so well," he patted the boy on the head. "I' ll be back as soon as possible."

And he then left the room. Fox had to take a moment to himself before going on. He was able to feel the fear of the little boy. No child should have to be so afraid.

'Look whose calling the kettle black.' The little voice in his head said.

'What?' He tried to play dumb.

'Your right. No child should have such fear at such a young age. But what about you? Do you remember when you were five?' 'Shut up. It was different then.' He shook his head in hopes of getting rid of the little voice. He then walked away from the corner he was standing in.

"Yes Agent Mulder. What can I do for you?" Helen Crispin asked as he sat down.

"I was curious as to what was going to happen to David after the case is over?' "Well depending if he has any surviving relatives or not he would probably end up in foster care."

"So basically he could be adopted?"

"Correct, Agent Mulder. What is your interest in this?"

"I've gone through the FBI's missing persons data base and I found David there. To me it looks like he has no family."

"Agent Mulder are you interested in adopting David?"

"Yes I am."

"Agent Mulder I got to tell you that taking care of a little boy is no easy task. Especially one who was exposed to the things David was."

"I understand that. I am a trained psychologist"

"And you are also an FBI agent whose job takes them on the road. Who would watch David?"

"I spoke to someone who said they'd be more than happy to watch David when I'm out of town."

"Who is this person? Can you trust them?"

"It's my partner's mother. I trust her with my life and the life of my partner."

"How about a spouse or girlfriend?"

"I'm single. And I haven't been on a date in the last six months."

"What do you do, then?"

"A lot of my time is work related. So I spend it with my partner. Dr. Dana Scully. "

"Your partner is female? Is she married?"

"No, we are both single. We are not lovers. Our relationship is one of trust not sex."

"Where do you live?"

"I live in Alexandria, near DC it's a one bedroom apartment. You are probably curious as to where David would sleep. He'd use my room. I sleep on the couch as it is. I will also be looking for a bigger place to live."


"I don't really know of all the schools in the area. There is a public school that most of the kids in the building go to."


"I'm Jewish. But I don't practice. I would introduce it to David and let him choose what he wants to do."

"How many children are there in you building?"

"About four or five families. I really don't know."

"Any kids David's age?"

"There is a little girl across the hall from me who is five. I baby sit her some times."

"I see. I assume you put down the parents of the child as a reference. Do you have any pets?"

"Three gold fish."

"Okay Agent Mulder. I'll be contacting your references today. I understand that you have been keeping the boy with you.' "Yes. Last night he was scared and I didn't want him to be left alone with more strangers. I'm sure that being with familiar people who wouldn't hurt him is important. He needs someone to trust."

"Please explain."

"Last night he woke up crying from a nightmare. Once he realized he was crying out loud he immediately stopped, turned over and expected to be hit. I finally got it out of him that he was not allowed to speak otherwise he was punished.

"Unfortunately I know about child abuse firsthand. I know what it does to a person. Right now, to David, all adults he knows have hurt him in some way. I'm trying to get him to at least trust someone bad let him know that I won't hurt him and that I never will."

"As I said before I will contact the people you listed. I will also meet with the psychologist who should be talking to David now. I know when this case is over you will leave town. I will try and get you an answer soon."

"Thank you." Mulder stood up and shook her hand.

"Good luck." She wished and Mulder headed back to the interrogation room.

The sight he saw when he entered the room upset him.

Scully and another man, who Mulder guessed was the psychologist were huddled in a corner on their knees. He was able to see a small ball on the floor.

Cries were coming from it and soothing words from the adults.

"What's going on?"

"Don't know Mulder. Tony was talking to David when David got upset and started to cry. I tried to go over and comfort him but he bolted to the corner and has been that way ever since. He won't let anyone get near him."

"Let me try. Why don't you both back up."

Both complied as Mulder sat on the floor. "David?" he started out softly. "David, can you hear me?" he put a soft hand on the boys back. David flinched. Mulder tried again. "It's okay David. You are safe here. I promise." The boy didn't flinch as Mulder started to rub his back. "I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise David."

David's body started to relax. Mulder scooped him up in his arms and started to walk around the room with the boy on his shoulder. David clung to Mulder, arms wrapped around his neck, legs around the waist, face burred in his shoulder. Mulder continued to speak softly to David and rub his back.

"We are going to go out for a walk. Can you stay?"

"I want to go over my notes for this case. I'll stay here and wait for you."

"What about me Mulder?"

"Actually I was wondering if you would go see Helen Crispin for me? She'll explain everything." And Mulder left with the crying boy.

They walked all around the building while Mulder spoke softly to the boy. After about a half an hour David fell silent. A quick look told Mulder that he had fallen asleep.

Mulder was kind of shocked to see the psychologist actually still waiting for him. Mulder laid his coat on the floor. On top of it he laid David. For a pillow he used his suit coat and Scully's coat went for a blanket.

"Thank you for waiting. I'm Agent Mulder." And he sat down at the table.

"Anthony Zhan. Call me Tony. It's no problem really. I wanted to speak to you." Mulder nodded for the doctor to continue. "Your partner mentioned you have a doctorate in psychology."

"Yeah. Oxford."

"England. I think that beats my degree. Anyway David seems really attached to you. How did you find him?"

"He tried to pickpocket me."

"Oh. He reacts very well to you. Your partner and I were trying to calm him down for close to a half an hour."

"What did happen?"

"We were talking about his home life before he lived in the sewers. We were talking about what his father did to him. He seemed to zone out and go back to the past."

"And you touched his arm and he jerked. Next thing you knew he was in the corner."

'Yes. How did-"

Mulder cut him off again. "From personal experience. It's no one's fault. Many don't release it happens/"

"How would you plan on dealing with David?"

"Well in my opinion, David doesn't trust anyone. I've been trying to get him to trust me. He needs it. It seems to have worked a little." He looked towards the boy.

"That's what I thought. Do you know anything about his time in the sewer?"

"I know he was also abused and neglected there. According to Agent Scully he is okay. At least from an initial examination. Except for the malnutrition."

"What do you plan on doing with the boy?"

"I would like to keep him with Agent Scully and I. In hopes of enforcing the trust factor."

"I agree but we are going to have to get more information from him."

"I doubt much more can be gotten. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get a description of the Sewer King and where they are located."

"That could work. I'm going to want to talk to him some more. Is 2:00 tomorrow okay?"

"Yeah. It shouldn't be a problem. Thanks."

"What do you have planned for today?"

"Let him sleep now. I'm going to suggest taking him out to lunch and maybe get him some new clothing and a little toy. He didn't sleep well last night."



"Did he sleep in those clothing?"

"Gave him a tee shirt of mine to sleep in."

"Thank you for your time. I got to go and talk with Mrs. Crispin." The men shook hands and Tony left.

Mulder watched the boy sleep and was transported back to his youth. It wasn't till Scully touched his arm that he was brought back to the present. "When did you get here?"

"I just did. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"That you wanted to adopt David."

"I just thought about it last night. More this morning after I interviewed him again."

"Are you sure it's a good idea?' "Who else is there Scully? He will go to a foster home. The family there won't know how to deal with him correctly. I lived through similar stuff. Had similar nightmares. Woke up in similar fashion, scared that someone heard me scream."

"I imagined so. Helen said that you spoke to my mom?"

"Yeah. I spoke to her this morning. She was all for it. She said she wouldn't mind watching David if we were out of town. She said it would be nice to play grandma a little more often."

"I don't know. Just seriously think about it. Now that I look back I'm not sure it would have been a good idea for me to adopt Emily."

"Alright Scully. I-"

He was cut off by whimpering. "Daddy please. No, don't hurt me. Mom where are you?"

Mulder went over to wake the boy. It took a few seconds before David remembered where he was. "Sorry for falling asleep."

"It's okay, but I want to asked you a question." At the boys eager nod he continued. "David, what is the last thing you remember before waking up?"

"You left me with Agent Scully. Then some man walked in."

"Is that all?"

David nodded, scared at what was being implied. "It's okay. You're not in trouble. The reason I'm asking is because a doctor came in to talk to you. He said some thing to upset you. When I came back you were crying. You ended up crying yourself to sleep. Are you sure you don't remember anything else?"

"I'm sorry sir." David looked like he was on the verge of tears again.

"No matter. Are you hungry?" David shrugged. "Well I am. Do you like hamburgers?"

The boy's eyes opened up wide and nodded. "Well get up and let's go," Mulder said mockingly. David ran over to grab Mulder's hand. "Coming Scully?"

"Only if you tell me where it is we are going?"

"Your choice. Wendy's, Burger Kind, or McDonalds."


"Then off we go."

"You grab us a seat, David and we will get the food. What do you want to drink?"

"I don't know."

"You like coke?"

"I-I don't remember"

"OK. No problem. Be a good boy and go sit down. I promise to be right back."

"Okay" Mulder watched David from the line. "He's going to be fine Mulder."

"I'm sure you are right, but I still want to watch him."

"What do you have planned next? You think you can get some more information from him?"

"He needs a break. That's why I suggested this little excursion. When we get back I'm going to try for a description of this 'Sewer King.' Maybe how to even find the guy."


"Even if I don't adopt him, he is going to need some clothing. I figure a stop at a Caldor or K-Mart to get him some clothing."

"There is a mall not far from here with a Caldor. We should go there. And Mulder turn around."

"Oh sorry," he apologized to the cashier.

"See I told you we'd be right back." David moved over so Mulder could sit next to him. "A burger kids meal for David with a small coke," he laid the box and drink in front of David. "Chicken Caesar Pita and Diet Coke for Scully. And a bacon cheese burger with a coke and fries for me." Scully and Mulder started to eat while David just stared at the box.

"Do you need help?" Mulder asked, and David nodded. "You just have to ask David." Mulder opened the box and laid the burger out for him. He even put some fries on the paper. "You want ketchup?"


"Burger or fries?"

"Both please."

"Of course." Once Mulder was done, David started on the hamburger.

By the time Mulder and Scully were done David had eaten half the burger and most of the fries. "Did you see what else was in the box?"


"It's a-" Mulder paused for dramatic effect, and reached into the box. "Car." He handed it to David whose smile was so wide it was almost too big for his face.

"Thank you," he said in awe.

Mulder gave a little laugh. "You finished with lunch?"

David nodded, still fascinated by the car. Scully pilled all the garbage onto the tray and through it out while Mulder picked the boy up. "More surprises await you David."

Shopping was an interesting experience. David still in awe by the simple car didn't know how to react to getting new clothes. He was in shock through most of the process. Scully was given the job of picking out clothes while Mulder helped David try them on.

Scully couldn't help but smile at the way Mulder and David interacted. They were a perfect match. David was unlike any five-year-old she ever met.

Mulder insisted on a toy store next. What had been his reason? "He behaved so well, and helped so much." David sat in the back of the car now clutching a teddy bear.

"What are you going to name the bear David?" Scully asked.

"I don't know"

"Did you ever have a stuffed animal?"

"I think so."

"I had a fox when I was younger," Scully said.

"A fox?" Mulder asked.

"Yes a fox. Melvin the Fox."

"Melvin." Mulder couldn't help but laugh. "I got to tell Frohike that."

"And what about you, Mulder?"

"Walter the Rabbit."

"A bunny? I'm sure Skinner would love to hear that."

"Fine a bunny."

"What color was it?"


It was small, soft giggling that broke the playful banter. "Sorry." David quickly sobered.

"For what?" Mulder asked.

"It was funny the way you were arguing about the bunny."

"It's okay. It was funny. We do this a lot."


"So did you come up with a name?"

"Sherman. It was the name of one of my friends."

"Do you know where Sherman is?" Scully asked as they got out of the car.

"I don't know. I was supposed to play with his the day mommy took me to the store," he started to choke up.

"I think Sherman is a great name." Mulder quickly stated. "Do you think you can help us some more?"

"What can I do?"

"Have you ever seen a computer?"

"Yes, I think," he stammered as he held Mulder's hand walking through the halls.

"Have you ever played on a computer?"

"Mulder, I'm going to do some research."

"Oh, sure Scully. Catch up with us at 6 PM in Hayfields office."

Mulder spent close to two hours with David and the computer. They started out by making funny faces with the graphics program. But soon they got down to business. By 6:00 when they met up with Scully they had sent out a picture of the "Sewer King" to the FBI's Data base to find a name to go with the face.

"Mulder, Mrs. Crispin want's to speak to you before we leave today."

"I guess I can go speak to her now. I'll meet the two of you here when I'm done."

Mulder was actually glad to see the social worker. He was starting to have second thoughts about this adoption thing. He could barely take care of goldfish and he wanted to take care of a little boy?

Mulder sat down in Helen's office. "I'm glad you wanted to see me."


"Yeah, this whole adoption thing."

"Starting to have second thoughts?"


"It's normal for any parent to have second thoughts. You're second guessing the fact if you are responsible enough to take care of a child.' "Obviously it's a common thing."

"It is Mr. Mulder. I just spoke to Ms. Scully again."


"From that and other conversations I had with some people you sounds like you'd make a wonderful father. Especially for someone like David."

"Thank you. I really like David. He's a great kid. Very shy and intimidated. I think he is someone who doesn't trust anyone especially adults."

"You think he trusts you??"

"I don't know if he trusts me yet but I think that he is well on the way of trying."

"That's good. Where is he know?"

"With Agent Scully. "

"Why don't you go back to David and we can speak again some other time."

"Thank you again doctor."

When Mulder found Scully again David was asleep. "Let's get him to bed. And we can get room service for dinner."

"Sounds good. He just conked out."

"Poor kid had a busy day. And he really didn't have a nap today. Perri's the same age and she sleeps for close to 2 hours a day. David barely got an hour and a half."

"What did Ms Crispin say?"

"Nothing except that she contacted my references."

"I meant to ask you. Who'd use as references?"

"You, your mom, Cyndy Ciner, and Skinner."


"Help me take David inside. Can you carry up some of the bags? I got him." Mulder carried David as Scully picked up a few bags .

"We forgot to get him pajamas," Scully whispered.

"No bother. He can sleep in my shirt again."

"Why don't you change him while I put some his clothing away."

"That works."

Scully kept an eye on her partner and the little boy. Mulder was so gentle and caring changing the boy . He even spoke to the boy as he worked."

"Good night David." Mulder kissed his forehead and looked over at his partner. both walked next door and closed the door half way. It was around 7:00 and Mulder pulled out the case files and his laptop.


"So what Scully?"

"Why Skinner?"

"He's give an unbiased opinion of whether I'm capable of taking care of David."

"You really feel attached to the boy?"

"I do Scully. I've worked with children before. Kevin, Perri, the Eves, and others. I've never felt this connection before. David and I share something that no one could truly understand unless they lived it. Unfortunately I did. If I could save one child from having to go through what I did all the better."

"Mulder." She put a hand on his shoulder. "He would be safe in foster care."

Mulder stood up. There was a lot he could say to her on this matter. But was it worth revealing so much of himself at such an emotional time? Probably not. "Scully it's hard to understand the system if you haven't been part of it." That should reveal enough with out giving it all away.

Scully excepted his answer. It was a subject he didn't want to get into. She understood. "OK Mulder. I'm going to order dinner and we'll discuss the case some more."

"Sounds like a plan I'm going to get comfortable."

Dinner and working lasted till close to midnight. A plan had been laid out in hopes of wrapping up the case soon. They were going to question David some more about where in the sewer he lived and the other children that were there. Mulder had already asked for pictures off all children who were missing in the Tri State area, for the past two years. Maybe they'd be able to reunite some more families.

Scully was surprised that she had to wake her partner up the next morning. She was even more surprised to see the position that he was sleeping in. On one of the double beds was Mulder on his side. His right arm around a little ball that looked like David. It was a very sweet sight and Scully cursed herself for not having a camera.

"Mulder?" she gently shook him.

"What?" he moved slowly.

"It's eight in the morning."

"Alright I'm up. Can you stay here with him while I take a shower? I'll dress him afterwards. Do we have any coffee?"

"No I figured that we'll stop some where to get a cup."

"Good idea, but you drive."

"Go take a shower. It will help."

When Mulder got out of the bathroom he looked and felt semi human and semi awake. "How is he?"

"Didn't even twitch." Mulder went to take out a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. "Bad night?"

"Yeah. I can't wait for this case to be over. For both of us."

"Soon partner. Do you want to wake him?"

"No. I'm going to try and get him dressed like this. If he wakes then he'll wake. But I think he will just sleep through it."

"How much sleep did you actually get Mulder?"

"Two hours. Maybe a few minutes more. David was up crying most of the night. I hope that he is awake later to help us."

"There is a Starbucks not far from here that we can catch coffee from. I'll treat."

"Sounds great."

Mulder and Scully were at a virtual stand still until David woke up. They used the time to collect the missing children's data and to call their boss to tell him about their progress on the case.

Mulder wouldn't leave David alone in case he woke up. Mulder didn't want the boy to be awake in a strange place.

It was around 10:00 when David opened his eyes. "Morning David."

"Morning sir."

"Are you hungry?"

"A little."

"Here is some juice and a bagel." Mulder put it out in front of the boy.

Scully sent a look to Mulder informing him that they needed some information from the boy. She understood that he didn't want to rush it for the boy but things needed to be done.

"David, how do you feel about playing game?"

"OK. What kind?"

"I'm going to tell you a name or show you a picture. You tell me if you know anyone by that name or who looks like a picture. Okay?"

The boy nodded enthusiastically. Mulder figured that if he made it fun, then David would be more helpful.

They got through half the list that Mulder had before David got antsy. They found that if they should David the picture he could tell them if he knew them or someone who looked like them. When asked about names he as a little sketchy due to the fact that the children weren't allowed to talk.

"David, can I ask you a few more questions then we'll stop." David nodded. "How many other children lived in the sewer with you?"

"Lots." David held up his fingers and started to count to himself. "More than 19." David looked down at the floor. "I can't count higher then that."

"Where did you learn to count that high?"

"Steven was teaching me in secrete."

"How old was Steven?"

"He was 8."

"When was the last time you saw him?" Mulder asked softly.

"A long time ago. He was bad so he was punished." Was all that David said.

Mulder realized that it was something that David didn't want to talk about and he respected the boys wishes.

"David, do you think you can tell us where exactly in the sewers you lived?" Scully asked.


"David, what do you mean no. You know how to get there right?" the boy nodded. "So why can't you tell us?"

"I can't say but I can show you."

Mulder looked up at Scully, only to find her looking down at him. They had to talk. "David why don't you color some while Scully and I go outside to talk."

"OK." Mulder laid out the coloring book and crayons for the boy and then went to join his partner in the hallway.

Both were silent. "So what do you think we should do?" Mulder asked.

"I don't know. Part of me says let's take him to show us where this is and arrest the asshole and save the kids."

"And the other part is saying but what happens if one of the kids gets hurt," Mulder finished for her.

"Yeah," she sighed. "So what do we do?"

"We can tell Hayfield what we plan on doing, and to have some uniforms waiting around for us. Ask David how far from were we found him it is. And then call for back up when we get there. Send David back with a cop and play hero."

"Mulder. I am truly impressed. That sounds like a good Idea. Do you want to talk to Hayfield or should I?"

"Why don't you go and I'll deal with David. I'll meet you by Hayfields office."

"Sounds good to me."

"Hey David, you ready for a little trip?" David nodded and stated to put the crayons and coloring book away. Mulder was curious as to why David didn't ask where they were going. "Do you want to know where we are going?"

"You'll tell me?"

"If you want to know." David nodded. "We need your help to find the Sewer King. We are going to go back to the street were we meet. And you are going to show us where to go. Then we are going to call the police, and they are going to go and take care of the Sewer King. Is that OK?' David nodded. "Are you scared?"

"A little."

"You want to know something David? So am I."

Mulder and David met Scully outside of Officer Hayfields office. It was there that she informed them that there would be extra officers patrolling the area. And some plain clothes cops trailing them. They would leave immediately to find the hideout and then they would plan for the next step.

David was even more withdrawn on the car ride over. Mulder tried to draw him out of his shell and calm him down but nothing seemed to work.

David was terrified of going back. He knew what happened when you run away. What would happen if the Sewer King caught him. He remembered what happened to Steven. He held Mulder's hand in a death grip and just stared straight ahead.

"Okay David. Now it's your show. Tell us where to go." David didn't move. Scully shot a look at Mulder. "David I know you are scared but I want you to know how proud of you I am. The quicker we get this done the quicker we can play some more. I saw a park not far from here we can go there after this. Would you like that?" David nodded. "Well then off we go."

David led them through the city for close to a half an hour before they came to a deserted alleyway.

"Is this the place?"

Before Scully could get an answer she, Mulder and David were knocked unconsciousness.

Mulder came to first. When he tried to move he found his hands and legs were tied together. Further inspection told him that he was sitting on a couch with Scully next to him.

He closed his eyes again briefly to stop the dizziness and nauseousness. Damn, another concussion. Just what he needed. This time when he opened his eyes he looked around to try and understand where he was.

His first thought was of David. Where was the boy. It was then he heard a cry. It was after the second time that he recognized it as David's. Mulder followed the sound to the floor at the other end of the room from him.

David was on the floor naked and in a fetal position. There was an older girl, possibly around age 7 or 8, beating him up.

On the left were five other kids, either older or the same age as the girl. To the right were more kids. About 15 to 20 of them. All younger or the same age as the girl.

Sitting next to the kids on a folding chair was a man about 40 years old and looking at his watch. When he turned around Mulder saw that it was the face of Samuel Mckinney.

Mulder's first instinct was to save David. But he couldn't. At least not without help. He shifted his legs, damn they took his reserve gun too. OK. This was going to have to go down the hard way.

He decided to wake Scully up and have her help him. By some miracle Scully was waking up at that minute. Mulder watched her slowly let things focus and come to make sense. Is this what he looked like after a concussion? Finally she looked towards her left and made eye contact with Mulder.

Through some kind of miracle and eye contact they set up a beginning of a plan. The two agents moved silently back to back to work on each other's ropes. Scully freed Mulder first. The cries and whimpers of David gave Mulder pause as he had to stop from time to time to delay tears from falling.

Finally after a painfully long time both Mulder and Scully were free. "G o back up to the surface and get help."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to stop this from continuing."

"But Mulder-"

"Scully go. Please I'll be alright. David can't hang on much loner. Just go Scully. "

"Fine. I'll be back a.S.a.P."

As soon as Scully was out of site Mulder slowly made his way forward. He had spotted a piece of wood on the floor and decided that it would make a good bat. But as Mulder's luck would have it when he was about 3 feet from Mckinney's head he turned around.

"How did you get free," he howled.

Mulder didn't bother to answer but swung the wood. Samuel Mckinney was about an inch taller than Mulder and had at least 20 pounds on him. The wood didn't do much but anger him and Samuel threw a punch square in the face.

The children all huddled to the side to watch the fight. This was the first time that the children saw someone stand up against "The Sewer King" and fight him. David was still on the floor barely conscious and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The gun shots are what made both men stop. "Samuel Mckinney put your hands where we can see them, and step away from Agent Mulder" One of the uniformed officers said motioning with his gun. Mulder crawled over to where David still laid.

"David? Wake up David." Mulder felt for a pulse. "Come on David open your eyes for me."

David didn't move. Mulder soon found Scully and the paramedics by his side. "Mulder let them work." She touched his arm and saw him flinch. "Come over here Mulder. Let me get a look at you. You look hurt. Let me take a look."

"Is he going to be OK? I can't leave him. If he wake up he will be scared."

"He'll be fine Mulder. I think you hurt your arm. I'll take you to the hospital. And we will see David there."

Two Days Later

Mulder had not moved from David's bedside since he was released from the hospital himself. Scully had told him to go back to the hotel to sleep some, but he would not have it. "Scully, it's only a broken arm and a few bruises. I'm taking my medication. And I don't want David to be alone."

"Fine I'm going to leave you alone to your thoughts then. Maybe you will fall asleep."

"I got to finish the report."

"Mulder don't worry about it. I'll type it. It's probably annoying to do it with one hand."

"It keeps me busy."

"I got to check on what's happening with the kids."

A knock on the door interrupted Mulder's thoughts. "Come in?" Mulder turned around to see his boss walk into the hospital room. "Sir?" Mulder stood up.

"Sit down Mulder. How are you doing?"

"Not bad sir. Why are you here might I ask?"

"I wanted to commend you on a job well done."

"Not well enough," Mulder said looking back at David.

"David is going to be just fine. I know it. Also I wanted to deliver this." Skinner handed a yellow file envelope over to Mulder.

"What is it sir?"

"Just read it."

Mulder tore at the envelope and pulled out the letter. Skinner was amazed at all the emotions displayed on his agent's face. But even more surprising was the hug the Mulder gave his boss. "Thank you sir. Thank you so much," he kissed his cheek before blushing embarrassedly at what he had just did. "Sorry sir."

"It's OK Mulder. Congratulations," he hugged Mulder back.

"David, come on David. Daddy's here. Wake up baby. I promise you it will be alright."

Scully walked in watching this display of affection between Mulder and David. "Are you okay Mulder?"

"They said Yes!" he exclaimed. He gave her the paper to read. After A moment, not caring about the arm in a cast, Mulder picked Scully up and twirled her around the air.

"That's great Mulder. That's wonderful. I'm so happy for you." She kissed him and laughed out loud. "Now why don't we go and get something to eat. I know you didn't have breakfast this morning."

"But Scully, what if he wakes up?"

"I'll stay here Mulder. Scully, go treat the new father to lunch."

"Do you want anything sir?"

"No thanks I had something before I got here. Go on you two I'll watch David for a bit."

When Walter was certain that Mulder and Scully were gone and not coming back so soon, he pulled a chair closer to the small boy. This was the first time that he had seen the boy, and was amazed at his appearance. Scully was right. He could pass for Mulder's son very easily. But he looked so tiny in the bed. According to the doctors David was beat up pretty badly. They had to do surgery on his kidneys and to remove bone fragments from when his ribs were shattered. He also had a broken leg, and a bad concussion. That was what was keeping him in the coma.

"David, you got to wake up. There are many people here who want you to get better. You now have a daddy that loves you so much. He will never hit you, or hurt you. He will take you some place nice to live and feed you and send you to school to learn. And you will both be so happy. I promise you that it will be good as soon as you wake up David." Skinner kissed the boy's forehead and sat back down to wait. Yes, David was what Mulder needed. Skinner was glad that he agreed to deliver the letter to Mulder himself. It was so nice to see the agent, especially one like Mulder so happy.

Now if he could only get Mulder and Scully to realize how much they love each other his mission here would be complete. Walter sat back and closed his eyes daydreaming about the wonderful family the three of them would make.

Mulder and Scully were sitting in the hospital three days after Mulder got the news about David's adoption. They had to finish their report soon on the New York Leprechaun case. All the children had been placed in either foster care or were living with relatives. Two of them actually were reported missing and feared kidnapped, and were returned home to their parents.

Samuel Mckinney was going to be tried on 28 accounts of child abuse. He was also charged with neglect and theft. If what the courts where saying was true, then Mckinney would probably never see the light of day for a long time.

"Scully when are you leaving to go back to DC?"

"Well I was waiting for you. The doctor said that David can be transported to a hospital in DC when ever we were done with the case."

"Is that safe?"

"Yeah. They do it all the time."

"OK. You want to make the reservations. I got a lot to do at home to set up for David."

"Oh mom told me that she spoke to your landlord and there is a bigger apartment on the fifth floor if you want it. It's only a little more than you are paying now. And according to mom the landlord rather give it to you than the person who is looking to buy-" Scully was cut off by a moan from the bed.


Mulder moved over to the bed. "Daddy's here David. It's all going to be OK."

"I don't feel well."

"I know but you just rest. It is going to be just fine."

"Love you." And David fell back asleep.

Mulder just stood there and let the tears flow down his cheeks as he watched his son drift back off to sleep.

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