Title: Memories
Authors: Pam and Bisky
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Summary: "Gramma, tell me a story..." the girl pleaded.

Notes: This is just a little something that we thought up around 2 am after reading "Telling the Story" and "Tears of Stone" Thanks to the authors of those stories!! Write and tell us what you think at dycooper@visuallink.com
Pam and Bisky


Margaret Scully sighed and looked down at the little girl lying in the bed in front of her.

"Gramma, tell me a story..." the girl pleaded.

She could never say no when she called out to her like that. She was like her daughter, Dana, and her husband in that respect.

Which made perfect sense, the little girl was their daughter after all. Abigail Katherine Mulder. Born exactly one year before her parent's were shot to death in New York, February 12, 1999. Abi was six now, and she was starting to get curious as to what happened to her parents. Maggie could understand that, but still, secretly, she hope she wouldn't ask tonight. Because even though they died over five years ago, it was still extraordinarily painful for her to remember.

"What kind of story do you want to her, honey?" her grandmother asked gently.

"Gramma, what happened to Mommy and Daddy?"

Maggie sat down in the chair next to the bed and took a moment to try to control the overwhelming surge of emotions that ran through her from her granddaughter's request. "Sure honey...just give me a second, okay?"

Maggie closed her eyes briefly and tried to think about what she was going to tell this small child. Their child. And then she decided she would tell her the truth. Well, the censored version. "Well, sweetie, your mommy and daddy were FBI agents..."She cut off when she saw that Abi didn't seem to understand. "It's like a policeman, honey. And one day they were assigned to work together, they solved many cases and caught lots of bad people, until one day your mom was taken. Your dad was very upset and looked everywhere for her but didn't find her. One day she showed up in a hospital, she was very sick and we thought that she would die, but she didn't. She made it through and went back to work with your daddy. One day they started to realize how much they loved each other and then they got married. And had you. And they were so very happy until one day..." her voice trailed off, tears forming in her eyes. "One day, they were on another case...and they were...shot."

Abi looked at her grandmother, wide eyed. She wasn't quite believing her story.

Maggie, however couldn't keep the horrific image of their bodies out of her mind. Her daughter laying her head on the chest of the man she loved so deeply. And Fox, trying to protect Dana as always, down to their last seconds on Earth. It was the most heart-wrenching sight she had ever laid eyes on. "Abi, I think that it's time to go to sleep," Maggie reminded her.

"Oh gramma!" Abi complained.

"That enough young lady. Time for bed. I'l tell you more some other time, okay?"

"Okay, night gramma, I love you."

"I love you too sweetie," she replied, and turned off the light. She headed for the door and then looked back to see the beautiful child that was the perfect mix of Dana and Fox. His hair and eyes, her nose and smile.

She walked out of the room and closed the door, knowing inside that this was far from the end of Abi's curiosity.

And she was thankful that she was getting to tell her about her wonderful parents.


As Margaret Scully had expected, her curious granddaughter once again asked about her parents...but she couldn't blame her, after all, she would want to know if she were Abi.

"Gramma, can you tell me what they were like? Not their jod and stuff, but what they acted like." Abi asked. She really was interested. She never had really known them, but she wanted to feel like she had.

"Oh honey, are you sure you want to hear this tonight?"

"Yes gramma. First tell me about daddy," Abi asked.

Maggie sighed deeply. She knew she had to tell her. Abi needed to know who her parents really were. "Okay. Well, dear, your daddy was a very determined man. He was very good at his job. So did your mother, they were the perfect team....but your father had a unique reason, a personal reason why he was so good at his job. Your father, when he was young he lost his sister, Samantha. They couldn't find her anywhere. He was very scared and confused. He was afraid that he'd never see her again. He was determined to find her. This is the main reason that he did the job he did, and did it so well. But he never did find her."

Abi looked at her grandmother. She was completely engrossed in the story. She loved hearing about her parents. "Gramma, do I look anything like either of them?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Oh yes dear. A lot," she answered, once again noticing the overwhelming resemblence. "Your hair and eyes, just like Fox. And your beautiful smile. It's exactly like Dana's...honey, your parents loved you so much. They would have taken such good care of you. You meant so much to them..." she trailed off. "Now tell me about mommy."Abi pleaded. "Aren't you tired dear? It's getting close to your bedtime."

"A little, but I wanna hear about Mommy before I go to sleep. Please," Abi asked. "Oh alright. But not much longer, you need you rest," she told her. She could see the excitement in the small girl's hazel eyes. "Your mother, Dana, she was so loving and so beautiful . She was a lot like you." Abi smiled. "She was also very level headed. She often had to 'take care' of your father. She sort of kept him under control. She really cared about him. Whenever he got a little out of hand, she could set him straight." Abi looked confused, so Maggie explained what she meant. "You see, your father believed in all the things that Dana was skeptical about, aliens and the sort, sometimes she thought he was downright crazy. But she loved him and that's all that matters."

She smiled, remembering the call from Dana telling her they had been engaged. She had known all along that they were meant for each other but they'd never seen it.

She was also very stubborn. When she set her mind to something, you couldn't change it for nothing." Maggie laughed, remembering all of Dana's traits. "Well, sweetie, I think it's time for you to go to bed," she told Abi.

"Oh, alright. Thank you gramma," Abi said.

"You're welcome, Sweetie. Good night." She stood up and kissed Abi softly on her forehead. Then she turned out the light, shut the door and leaned against it, out in the hallway.

She let out a sigh. How she missed them. How she wished they could see her. They would love her so much...

The End

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