Title: Love Child
Author: adorable_moni
Rating: NC-17
Category: MSR (Not at first, but eventually it becomes MSR)
Spoilers: References to Scully's cancer, but nothing big.
Disclaimer: All the characters do not belong to me, they belong to
Chris Carter and 1013 Productions and FOX Broadcasting. Feedback: I love feedback! It helps me build as a writer.

Summary: A one night stand changes Mulder and Scully for the rest of their lives.


One Night

"Mulder! It does not look like this snow is going to clear up anytime soon! Let's just pull off at the next motel we see, we can call Skinner and tell him that we will be a day late in getting back."

"I'm sure the snow will clear up within a few miles," Mulder said calmly all the while leaning up to focus intently on the blinding road before him.

"Please Mulder! I would rather be a day late, than be killed in a snow storm." Scully exclaimed feeling like, she was arguing with a two year old.

"Fine!" Mulder exclaimed as continued to drive while looking for the nearest lodge.

They ended up driving for about twenty more miles before a small lodge came into view. Mulder held the door open for Scully as they walked into the lobby, fighting the storm the whole way. There was no one at the front desk, so Mulder tapped the service bell and called out, "Hello?"

A middle aged Indonesian man came out of the door behind the desk, dressed in a striped shirt with corduroy pants, a cigar sticking between his lips. "Good evening, I can help you yes?"

The partners exchanged a glance before Mulder spoke, pulling out his credit card. "Two rooms." He stated placing the card down in front of the clerk.

"One room." The clerk replied accepting the card and began to tap away on this computers.

Mulder took a deep breath, "No we need two rooms."

"All we have is one room, yes? I'm sure this pretty lady wouldn't mind sharing." The smile he flashed at Scully made her want to throw up. She just turned away, pulling her jacket tighter around her still chilly body.

Mulder sighed and rolled his eyes, "Fine we'll take it."

"I'm sorry about this Scully," Mulder apologized as they walked up the stairs to their room.

"What I don't understand, is how this hotel is a no vacancy when it is stuck in the middle of no where?!" Scully fumed as they trudged down the concreted hall.

"I don't know, maybe all the men had an annoying woman at their side, threatening them to stop at the next motel or else."

Scully just shot him a look that could have killed as he pushed open the door and led her into the room. The partner's noses immediately wrinkled as they walked in and took in their surroundings. The carpet was an old faded brown orange with striped olive green and brown wallpaper. There was a television placed upon a wood dresser with three drawers. There was a double bed placed directly in the middle of the room with a couch just adjacent to it and the room itself smelt of old cigarettes and liquor.

"Well, it's not the Ritz." Mulder mumbled as he tossed his bag onto the couch, "I'll take the couch Scully. You can have the bed."

"Fine," Scully said tiredly as she pulled out her pair of silk pink pajama top and pants, thankful she had not brought her silk negligee as she started to the bathroom, "I'm gonna take a shower."

As the door closed Mulder fell back onto the couch and ran a hand over his face, tiredly.

Scully emerged from the bathroom twenty minutes later in silk pink pajamas, and was towel drying her hair. She walked over to where Mulder was lying on the couch, watching a Knicks game. He looked up at her as she tossed her dirty clothes in her overnight bag.

"Nice PJ's Scully." He teased lightly hoping to get a smile out of her.

"Shut up Mulder." She retorted as she pulled out a comb and began to comb through her hair, getting out all of the tangles.

"Sorry." He apologized as sat up and looked at her and then gestured at the television, with a grin on his face, "Hey look what's on...."

"Great." She muttered as she flipped her head over and combed through her hair from underneath before straightening back up and tossing her comb into her suitcase. She moved to sit down on the bed and looked at the television. Mulder watched her closely before getting up and going to sit on the bed next to her.

"Is everything okay, Scully?"

Scully nodded mutely as she stared at her folded hands in her lap.

"Talk to me Scully. Something has been bothering you for a few weeks. I'm worried about you."

"I don't want to talk about it Mulder," Scully said as she hung her head.

Mulder pulled her chin up with his index finger so she could look him in the eyes.

"Please talk to me Scully. I am beginning to feel like you are drifting away from me."

She sighed as she looked into his eyes." I don't mean to be so distant, but as you know, I have only been in remission from my cancer for a little under two months. I, uh, don't know. I guess I am just living in fear of if it will ever return. I mean will I ever be truly happy in life or constantly worrying about whether I will stay in remission?" The question was directed more to her than to Mulder.

"You shouldn't have to live in fear Scully. Your doctor says you are in perfect health and made a wonderful recovery. Nothing to worry about. Was there something else bothering you?"

She gave a small nod, refusing to meet his eyes. "I'm afraid."

"Of what?"


Mulder was taken back. "Me? Why are you afraid of me?"

She closed her eyes and tipped her head back, letting out a deep breath. Mulder swallowed hard as a nice amount of her neck was revealed to him. After a few moments Scully finally looked at her partner, a million emotions running through her, "I don't know if I can tell you this Mulder. I'm afraid it may ruin our friendship. We have such a bond that I don't want that connection broken."

He reached over and gently took her hand into his, "What is it Scully?"

Scully took a deep cleansing breath as she looked up into her partner and best friend's eyes, "I want to sleep with you."

Mulder's eyes widened. She wanted to sleep with him? How, as in literally sleeping with our eyes closed or as in hot blooded monkey loving? Oh God, say something you idiot. Don't leave her hanging like this.

"Scully, I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything Mulder, I understand if you don't want too." She mumbled as she slowly rose from the bed.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him and she gasped as she landed onto his lap, "You didn't let me finish...."

She let out a small moan as his lips came down onto her neck, "Mulder....mmm....wait I have to tell you....I just, uh mmm, I uh don't want anything more than that...."

Mulder's lips stalled as he pulled back to look at her, before standing up from the bed taking her off his lap, "So that's it, you want us to have a one night stand?"

His words weren't bitter, but they weren't gentle like before either. He stood before her with his hands on his waist his gaze piercing hers. She folded her hands in her lap and stared down at them, never feeling so helpless.

"I told you I was afraid."

Her voice was so quiet and she looked so small, Mulder took a deep breath. Running a quick hand through his hair, he moved back to her and pushed her back so that she was lying on the bed. Her eyebrows rose in question and her eyes widened, but before she would question him verbally his mouth covered hers in a deep kiss. He forced her mouth open with his and slipped his tongue inside.

Scully let out a low groan as her hands slipped through her partner's hair and held him to her as she began to kiss him back. Their tongues began a yearning battle as they tasted, nipped, and enjoyed one another's mouth. Mulder was hard instantly, the moment his lips made contact with Scully's. He shifted his hips and slowly began to grind his lower body against her thigh as they continued to kiss. Moving his mouth to her throat he slid a hand down to untie her string of her flannel pants and slowly slid them down her body and tossed them over his shoulder, her shirt following.

Mulder then came back up her body and began to run butterfly kisses along her neck, collarbone and over the curve of her breasts.

"Mulder...." She sighed as he took an already hard nipple between his lips. He sucked and nipped at her breast as she threw her head back and grasped a handful of hair. Scully then grabbed his head and brought him back up to her mouth. She kissed him again and their tongues danced in perfect rhythm.

"Mulder, you have too many clothes on. . ." She gasped as she grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He helped her with his shirt before he went back down to her chest and took her other breast in his mouth.

"Oh God...." Scully sighed arching under him.

Mulder released her breast from his mouth and ran his lips down her taut body. Scully let out a small groan as Mulder dipped his tongue in Scully's navel and swirled it around.

"Mulder, please...."She grasped his hair and pushed him down further. Mulder chuckled at her impatience as his lips trailed down to the side of her hip and placed an open mouth kiss there. She then cried out as his mouth came down onto her most private area.

"Ahh" Scully gasped as Mulder ran circles with his tongue around her clit. She gasped and arched against him, fingers winding through his hair as he kissed and licked at her tiny clit. He'd never tasted anything so pure and clean, so perfect. He hummed into her as he stroked her wet flesh and her hips rose off the bed as she began to shudder.

God, he was amazing, she thought as she shook and quivered under his talented mouth. She turned her face into the pillow, stifling a moan as he lifted her leg over his shoulder. His mouth moved softly, insistently over her, taking what he wanted. She chanted his name in a choppy whisper as she gave herself over to him.

If this was to be their only night together.... he wanted it to last for hours. To prolong the intense pleasure, he was feeling, to be buried between the thighs of Dana Scully. With one last small suckle, he slid his tongue past her outer lips and Scully was a lost woman. She convulsed beneath her partner and came under his torturing mouth as she gripped the faded quilt beneath them.

Mulder eagerly licked his lips and then came back up Scully's body and claimed her mouth with his own. They exchanged hot, open mouth kisses for a while before Scully reached for his belt buckle. She worked with shaky hands to unfasten his belt, but calmed when Mulder placed his over hers.

"Let me help you." He whispered softly bending down to kiss her neck before undoing his own pants and sliding them off, leaving his boxers as he covered his partner's body with his. Scully moaned as she felt him hot and hard against her bare thigh. Sliding her hands down his back, she slipped them under waistband of his boxers and squeezed his ass.

"Lose the boxers Mulder, I want you inside me." She murmured gently caressing his butt.

"Yes ma'am," he said as he lifted up slightly to slide his boxers down his hips and was instantly pressed up against her. Without warning, he plunged himself deep within her and she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt her toes curl into the bedding.

"Aww God, fuck me Mulder." She panted as her nails raked up his back and through his hair.

Complying with her wishes, he began to move within her, slowly at first and then he was like a wild animal. He pounded into her so hard that she had to grasp the bedpost behind her for support. Mulder had a grip on her waist as he continued to shove himself into her. 'God she felt so fucking good!' He thought through his animalistic thrusts.

Mulder glanced up at Scully while he was giving her pleasure. Her head thrown back and she was meeting him thrust for thrust. She had never looked more beautiful.

"Oh God Mulder!"

Just as he felt her tense, indicating that she was close, he felt his orgasm building as well. Quickening his pace, he slammed into her one last him and she screamed a scream so loud he was sure they were going to have complaints from everyone in the morning, just as he felt himself flood deep into her womb.

They collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Mulder buried his face into his partner's neck as she ran her hands up and down his back.

"Hmm, thank you Mulder." She murmured softly as she leaned up to kiss him.

Mulder reached down and pulled the comforter up around them as he spooned up back beside his partner.

He wanted to stay with her for a few more moments, before he moved to the couch. It would just be to damaging to wake up in her arms, know that that was for one night only, and not be able to kiss her good morning and tell her how much that he loved her. This was something that they were going to have to deal with for the rest of the lives. He just hoped to God that they did not just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

Rays of sunlight beaming through the window awoke Scully from her sleep. She looked over and noticed that Mulder had moved to the couch sometime during the night.

They had really slept together. Would this change them? Would she be able to look at him the same ever again after the wonderfully erotic experience they had shared last night? `This is what she wanted, just one night of unbelievable passion with Mulder' She thought, `Nothing more.'

Sighing, Scully slid from the warm covers of her bed that her and her partner had made love in the night before, and headed for the bathroom. Scully took a shower to wash her self up, and was soon transformed back into full Scully mode, Armani suit and all. She dried her hair, did her make- up and brushed her teeth. Hopefully, she could talk Mulder into stopping for breakfast on the way to the airport.

When all of her daily morning tasks were complete, Scully went back into the main room. Mulder was up.

"Good morning Scully. Looks like the snow has cleared, I got us on a flight in an hour."

"Okay," she said loading her stuff in her suitcase and zipping it closed.

The tension that began to form in the room was enough to kill. Mulder stopped the tension by saying as he grabbed his luggage.

"Ready to go?"

"Don't you want to grab a quick shower, or something?"

"Um, nah I will just wait and shower at home."

Scully nodded and picked up her bag and started to follow Mulder out the door, but he all of a sudden stopped.

"Oh God Scully, I forgot we didn't use any protection!"

It was the first time that last nights activities had been mentioned and Scully felt a slight pang twitch in her gut as she reached out to place a hand on his arm.

"It's okay Mulder, I can't get pregnant, remember?"

Reassured Mulder nodded, trying not to think about how good her hand felt on his arm, as he turned to lead her out of the room. It was going to be a long trip home.

End Prologue

Dulles Airport
Washington DC Two Months Later

It has almost two months since Mulder and Scully's night together. To the other's surprise, it has never been brought up. They had basically gone on with their lives, gone back to being partners and their lives in D.C.

This past week they had been on another dead end case, that had drug them out into the back country hills of Missouri. `Another week of their life wasted by the damn bureaucratic policy.' Scully thought as she and Mulder had waited for their luggage at the baggage claim.

"So Scully, any plans for the evening?" Mulder asked conversationally as they waited for her one missing bag, him having all his.

"Uh yes actually. Tara and Mattie are visiting because Bill was just sent out for six months sea duty and mom is making dinner, I'll be there for a little while."

"Oh, well you'll have to give my best to the family," he said smiling down at her.

"I will," She said smiling back at him as her last bag came into view. She went to pick it up, but suddenly a wave of nausea flooded through her and she dropped the bag to the ground grabbing her head. Mulder was at her side instantly, looked at her with concern.

"Scully? Are you okay? What is it?"

"Uh, I'm fine. I felt a little dizzy, but I'm okay now." She smiled slightly at him and bent to pick up her bag.

"You sure?"

"Positive," she said gathering her carry-on and started walking away, he followed apprehensively.

Mulder's Apartment
Arlington, Virginia

Mulder rushed from the shower and grabbed the phone on the third ring, breathless. "Hello?"


"Mrs. Scully? It that you?"

"Yes, are you all right dear? You sound out of breath."

"I just ran from the shower. Is everything okay?"

"No, actually. It's Dana, she was here for dinner and afterwards she and Tara were helping me clean up when she all of a sudden passed out on the floor."

Mulder felt his blood quicken "Oh my God! Where is she now?"

"Washington Memorial. I didn't know what else to do, she wouldn't wake up."

"I'm on my way Mrs. Scully," Mulder said coaxed gently, "I'm sure everything is all right."

Mulder rushed through the doors of Washington Memorial Hospital. He found Maggie Scully sitting nervously in the waiting room next to the Emergency Room, Tara and Mattie along side her.


Maggie turned at the mention of her name. She hugged him tightly and he hugged her back. He then welcomed Tara's warm embrace and Matthew playfully patted his cheeks, the best a newborn could.

"I'm glad you could come Fox. Before we started cleaning Dana had been telling me that she hadn't been feeling well lately."

"I don't know about lately, but she nearly collapsed today at the airport while we were waiting for our luggage coming back from a case."

Before Maggie could respond, a doctor in scrubs emerged from the ER doors.

"Is there a Fox Mulder out here?"

"Yes that's me. It Dana okay?"

"She's fine, but she would like to talk with you alone."

Mulder nodded and then followed the doctor, but not before winking at Mrs. Scully and giving her a reassuring nod.

Mulder walked into the examination room and saw Scully sitting on the examination table in a hospital gown. Her face was pale and she looked a little frightened.

"I'll leave you two to talk." The doctor said closing the door to the room.

"What's going on Scully?" Mulder asked immediately after the door was shut.

"Mulder, I have to tell you something that is going to change our lives forever. I hope that you will help me, and take this as a blessing; rather than a mistake."

"You know I will always help you, what is it Scully?"

"Now I know that we agreed to never speak of that night again, but I have a feeling that it is going to come out."


"Mulder, I'm pregnant."

Mulder felt his eyes go wide and without a moment's hesitation he pulled her into his arms. Slightly startled, Scully only thought a second before sliding her arms around him and resting her head on his chest as she still sat on the table.

"This is so amazing Scully, but how? I thought. . ." He pulled back to look at her questionably.

"So did I Mulder, but maybe we should just take his as a miracle from God." He nodded slowly before gently taking her back into his arms and she ran her hands through his hair and closed her eyes, enjoying the closeness. She had missed the way it felt to have him in her arms and all the love she had felt there. "It is a miracle Mulder."

He covered her hand with his and looked into her eyes, "So what does this mean? Should we get married?"

"Not now Mulder, I mean we are not in love with each other, we love each other like friends and that is our strongest relationship now-maybe it will flourish into love after the baby is born, then we'll see about marriage. Okay?"

Mulder nodded and they smiled at one another.

"Tell you what Mulder---I can't believe I am even suggesting this---let's start looking for a bigger place to live, I mean once the baby comes, all three of us will not fit in the same apartment."

She stopped when she saw the look on his face.

"Is that too fast for you Mulder?"

He shook his head. "No! No! It's not that! I just can't believe that you and I are going to be parents! A mixture of you and I is coming into the world!"

"Watch out world!" Scully exclaimed brightly as the tears began to fall.

They hugged again and slowly pulled apart when they heard the door open.


The partner's eyes met and through silent communication they decided it would be best to try and explain their situation as gently as possible.

"Hey come in," Scully said as she sat back on the table, Mulder by her side.

"Is it true what the doctor said? Are you really pregnant Dana?"

Scully smiled and looked at Mulder, "Yes mom, I really am."

FBI Headquarters
Two Weeks Later

"See anything interesting?"

"Listen to this one Mulder, four bedroom home with two stories, kitchen, dining room, family room and three bathrooms. Two acre yard with two car garage. . .Mulder I think we should take at this."

"How much are they asking?" Mulder asked her as he looks up from the report he was reviewing.

"Umm. . ."Her eyes scanned down the article looking for the asking price, she let out a whistle "Oh wow. . ."

"How much Scully?"

"Quarter of a million," she replied as she sat down the paper.

He came up to stand behind her and looked at the paper, "What's the number? I'll call and set us up for an appointment."

"Mulder are you insane?!" She looked up at him incredulously, "A quarter of a million dollars?! Where in the hell are we going to get that kind of money?"

"Oh ye of little faith," He retorted as he reached around her to pick up her phone and dialed the number as he looked at her, "I have more than enough money saved up in trust funds from my father. Don't worry about it Scully, this is our child we're talking about here. He or she deserves the best."

"Oh I can see it now," Scully murmured teasingly as she sat back in her chair while he perched on the edge of her desk, "This is going to be one spoiled child."

"Damn right," He said and then the other end picked up, "Yes this is Fox Mulder, I'm interested in the house in your ad. Yes ma'am, the one in Suburban Maryland. Yes I'll hold."

He looked down at Scully and gave her a smile and a wink and she just shook her head, smiling.

Suburban Maryland
House in Question

"Mr. and Mrs. Mulder?" The real estate agent questioned as she came up the steps of the house the agents wished to purchase. She was an older woman, with a head of gray hair pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a crisp, clean business suit and she carried a leather briefcase on her shoulder.

Mulder smiled and extended his hand, "Please call us Mulder and Dana, we're not married."

"Oh you're not married?" She looked a little shocked by this.

"Is that a problem?" Scully questioned shaking the woman's hand as well.

"No, not at all. I just assumed. Anyway my name is Sarah Moore, your real estate agent. Well, shall we take a look at the house then?"

The partners smiled and nodded as they followed her through the door. The outside of the home was very nice, with its red brick and white shutters and a porch going around the house. The front lawn was neatly trimmed and there were places for Scully to have a few flower beds, if she so desired. The driveway also was big enough for Mulder and his basketball hoop, for when he taught their child how to play. Boy or girl.

"Okay, so when you walk in here is the living room to your right with a gas lit fire place and brick mantel. The last couple that lived here only stayed for a few weeks and then moved due to the husband's career, so all the carpet and painting is practically new. And then to your left we have a study that's big enough for a desk, couch or whatever you feel like."

As Mrs. Moore rattled on about the various rooms and such Mulder chanced a look over at his partner. She felt his gaze on her and turned to him with a small smile.

"So what do you think about this house partner?" he asked smiling as they now stood just outside the master bedroom, while Mrs. Moore excused her self when her cell phone rang.

"I think it's wonderful, but Mulder are you sure you can afford it."

"Scully," He chastised as he reached to smooth back a piece of her hair, "I said don't worry about it, I have more than enough. Don't worry."

Scully took a deep breath and nodded as she let her eyes slip closed. Suddenly she didn't feel too good, she felt flushed and lightheaded. Grabbing her head she reached out a hand and braced it on Mulder's forearm as she swayed lightly. Mulder's hands instinctively went around her waist as he caught her.

"Whoa Scully, you okay?"

She shook her head slightly, "I think I'm gonna be sick."

She moved away from him and ran into the master bedroom and into the connecting bath, kneeling down in front of the toilet she proceeded to throw up her lunch. Her hair fell down over her face. She was grateful when she felt Mulder's hand on her back as he pulled her hair back from her face. She braced her head on her hand, taking a few deep breaths before standing up and flushing the toilet.

"How long is this nausea supposed to last, Scully?" Mulder asked as he helped her stand.

"A few more weeks." She murmured as she splashed a little bit of cool water on her face, "I'm okay now."

"You sure?"

"Yes, now let's go buy our house," she said and walked out of the bathroom.

FBI Headquarters
A Month Later

With the contract to their new house signed and the down payment being processed, the partners figured it was about time they informed their superiors of their new relationship since their address was about to change. They still had not admitted to have feelings towards the other beyond friendship, but their relationship in general had never been better.

Now, Mulder and Scully sat side by side outside of Assistant Director Skinner's office. This morning she had stumbled out of bed and gasped at herself as she looked in the mirror. Her stomach had literally spouted over night. She now had a slight bulge in her lower abdomen. Luckily she had a few suits stashed away in her closet that she was about to squeeze into and it wasn't noticeable. They had a doctor's appointment with Scully's OBGYN at four o'clock, so they hoped they could get in and get out in telling Skinner.

"Agents he is ready for you now." Kimberley said to them after hanging up the phone.

"Thank you," Mulder said as he led his partner into the office, placing his hand on his usual spot, the small of her back.

"Afternoon agents, please have a seat."

Mulder and Scully took their respective seats across from their superior's desk and exchanged a nervous glance, both fidgeting with their hands.

At their silence, Skinner peered at them over his glasses, "You had something that you wanted to tell me agents."

Scully took a deep breath and began, "Sir, Agent Mulder and I have something that we need to tell you and we would hope that you could keep it to yourself for a while."

"What is it agents? You didn't run off and get married did you? That's going to be real hard to keep under my hat."

Mulder stifled back a snort as he mumbled, "Agent Scully is pregnant sir."

Skinner's eyebrows rose.

"And Agent Mulder is the father." Scully added which caused a look from Mulder saying, `Well who the hell was he going to think the father was Scully?!'

"Are either of you not know the rule we have about partners becoming romantically involved?"

"We're not romantically involved, sir," Scully said as she felt herself redden. "It just happened once."

Skinner's eyebrow rose even higher on his smooth, bald head. "So how do you both plan to raise this child, by not being involved and living in separate apartments?"

The partners looked at each other as Mulder spoke up, "We signed a down payment on a home about a month ago in Suburban Maryland. We're finishing our lease on our apartments until the first of the month before we move."

Skinner started at the pair in front of them, thinking of all they caused him through the years. All the hell they had caused him and the Bureau, but he couldn't help but smile. Secretly, he had always had a soft spot for the both of them and decided not to go down too hard as to charge fraternization. Taking a deep breath, he slipped off his spectacles and rubbed his brow in thought.

Mulder and Scully sat rigid in their chairs, anticipating the onslaught of which was to be their superior's wrath. Mulder with his hands in his lap as his left leg lightly bounced up and down in impatience. Scully, her legs delicately crossed her hands folded femininely as her fingers fidgeted with each other.

Finally, what seemed like forever, Skinner finally spoke, "Well I don't know what else to say agents, but congratulations. You two are my best team and I've always though the both of your talents were completely wasted down in the basement. However, it will raise some questions as to why I have two agents under my command with the same address. I'll allow you to continue working together for the time being, but after Scully returns from her maternity leave I want her at Quantico."

The partners exchanged a glance, "But Sir...."

Skinner held up a hand, "Not a word Agent Scully, I don't want to take the risk of having you both in the field and something happening to leave that child alone. It'll be better at Quantico, Mulder can train a new partner so he'll not have to stay at the all hours of the night leaving you home alone."

Scully sighed, "Yes sir, I understand."

Skinner nodded, "And you Mulder, I want you to take care of your partner. The minute she hits her mark for maternity leave, you make sure she takes it. I don't want her causing any harm to her unborn child."

"Yes sir I will," Mulder replied as Scully glared at the two men. `She was still here you know!'

"Very well then, congratulations you two and I hope everything works out for you. Dismissed."

The partners said their thanks before getting up and leaving the office.

Dr. Sarah Bailey's Office

"Dana it's good to see you again." Sarah Bailey greeted as she entered the exam room with her clipboard. Her eyes then fell to Mulder, who sat beside her, "And this must be the father to be, hi Sarah Bailey."

Mulder shook her outstretched hand, "Fox Mulder, it's good to meet you."

Dr. Bailey smiled and nodded her head before turning to her clipboard, "Okay so Dana, how have you been since I saw you last month?"

Scully took a breath and glanced over at her partner, "I've been good, um the nausea's been a real pain in the ass though."

Dr. Bailey laughed, "It is for us all dear, so tell me have you been having any complications with eating certain types of foods or beverages?"

"Um, no not really. The only thing really was, I had Mexican food a few nights ago and it gave me a little indigestion...."

She was cut off by Mulder's snort, "A little Scully?"

Dr. Bailey laughed as Scully glared at her partner, "Now Mr. Mulder you have to be there for Dana through everything. Making fun of her will only make her anger exceed further. Just ask my husband, we have four kids."

Scully smirked over at her partner as he hung his head with a pout. Dr. Bailey just smiled and shook her head, "Okay, well are we ready for the ultrasound?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Very well then, Dana move over behind that tarp and change into this gown and we'll get things underway."

Scully smiled and winked at Mulder before sliding off the table and moving to change. She came out a few seconds later dressed in a light blue hospital gown that unbuttoned from the front. Mulder helped her back onto the table and she laid back. Mulder watched as Dr. Bailey pulled out a tube of gel after setting up all the equipment. He grew concerned.

"That's not going to hurt her, is it?"

Scully smiled at his concern and took his hand in hers, "No Mulder, it's just going to be cold. It might tickle a bit, but it won't hurt me."

Mulder nodded and sat back down next to his partner, his hand still in hers as Dr. Bailey started to smear the cool gel on Scully's slightly swollen abdomen. "I must say Dana, that's going to be one big baby if you're already showing at two months. Believe me, my middle child started showing before I even reached my two month mark. He weighed ten pounds nine ounces."

Mulder whistled in fascination as Scully smiled, watching as Dr. Bailey smeared the gel thoroughly on her tummy. "Okay parents, you ready to see your baby?"

The parents grinned as Scully gripped her partner's hand tighter, "We're ready."

Dr. Bailey smiled and nodded as she placed the smooth object along Scully's abdomen and began to slide it around. She studied the screen, waiting for a picture to develop and a smile soon came across her face.

"Here we are you two, I see two hands, two arms, two legs and feet. It's kind of hard to tell, but would you like to know the sex?"

Mulder looked down at Scully and raised his eyebrows in question and Scully shook her head, "We want it to be a surprise. We just want to make sure that it's all right."

"Well, it would appear that the two of you have a perfectly healthy baby for twelve weeks. I'll print a copy of the ultrasound and you can pick it up when you pay."

"Thank you Doctor," Scully said as she began to clean all the gel from her stomach.

"Also Dana, I'm going to prescribe you for some Pre-Natal Vitamins to help not only your strength but your baby's. My receptionist will have the prescription."

Scully stood and went to change and was back in her regular clothes, "Thank you Dr. Bailey, we'll be in touch."

Dana Scully's Apartment
A Week Later

"Mulder are you sure you gave your mother the correct directions? She's almost twenty minutes late." Scully wondered as she walked from the kitchen towards the bedroom.

"She'll be here Scully, she is not the best person in the world with directions, but she'll figure it out," Mulder said from where he sat on the sofa, engrossed in the television.

"Did you find the ultrasound?" Scully called as she reached the bedroom.

"Yes, it was in your purse." He called back, idly flipping through the channels.

Mulder and Scully had decided to fix a nice meal and invite Mulder's mom, Teena down for dinner with them. It was Friday night, so they had left work early to go the store and buy all the necessary materials. They were having Chicken Parmesan with based buttery bread and green bean casserole. Scully was fairly three and a half months along, but not showing too bad. She had chosen to wear a loose fitted baby blue sweater and slacks, so that when they greet Teena she will not go into complete shock.

"Maybe you should call her," Scully suggested as she passed through the living room again and back into the kitchen.

"A few more minutes," he said not looking up from the television. Just then the doorbell went off and Mulder announced that he'd get it.

Mulder walked from the kitchen through the living room and answered the door.

"Hi mom, I hope you didn't have much trouble finding the place," he said as he bent to kiss her cheek.

"Not at all Fox," She said as she slipped off her wrap, looking around appreciatively, "Traffic was just hell, this is a nice place."

"Come on in mom, Scully should be right out."

At that moment Scully came from the kitchen carrying two hot dishes, "Hello Mrs. Mulder, it's good to see you again." She placed the bowls on the table which had already been set with their plates, glasses, napkins and silverware.

"Dana, dear it's good to see you."

A slight tension filled the room, so Mulder clapped his hands together and said, "Mmm looks good Scully, what'd you say we sit down and enjoy this delicious meal?"

All three sat down at the table, Mulder and Scully at the ends with Teena between them. Dinner past uneventful, Teena informing Mulder on the latest events of Martha's Vineyard and all other activities back home. Mulder and Scully then informed her on all their latest cases and work.

"So tell me you two? What is the occasion of all this? You have never once asked me to dinner Fox since you left for Oxford, out with it." Teena said with amusement through her wine glass.

The partner's blushed as they looked at each other across the table, "Are we that transparent mom?"

"Yes dear I am afraid you are."

"Well actually Mrs. Mulder, your son and I do have something that we need to tell you," Scully said calmly.

"What is it?" Teena was very interested now.

"Mom," Mulder took a deep breath, "You're going to be a grandmother."

Teena's eyes went wide and then the partner's shared a look of affection when tears welled in them, "Oh Fox, Dana that is wonderful. I wasn't even aware that you were seeing each other."

"Actually mom, we aren't together. It just happened once, but we fully intend to raise this child together and are hoping that our relationship will flourish as the years go by. We signed a contract on a house a few weeks ago in Suburban Maryland."

Teena's eyes furrowed together, "So you aren't together?"

Mulder cleared his throat and met his partner's eyes before speaking, "Will not yet mom, but Scully is my very closest friend and I love her. I think we are capable of raising this child together."

Teena remained quiet and nodded, this time Scully spoke, "We have an ultrasound, it you'd like to see it?"

Teena smiled slightly, "Sure, that'd be lovely."

Mulder winked over at his partner before grabbing the ultra sound and going to show their child to its grandmother for the first time.

Moving Day
Suburban Maryland A Month Later

"Watch out, you hippie! Mulder said Scully wants the couch over by the window, not through it!"

"I got it dwarf, you just mind your side of the couch and let me to mine!"

"Don't you start with me Langly, I'll beat your ass!"

"Not if I beat yours first!"

A delicate clearing of the throat made them look towards the entrance of the living room. There stood Scully, in a pair of stretch black knit pants and light blue knit top. Her hands were placed on her swollen abdomen and she had an amused expression on her face.

"Everything okay fellows?"

Both men straightened, forgetting they were holding a couch and let out muffled curses as it landed on their feet.

"Yes, everything is wonderful Scully." Frohike said as he moved to her side, "How do you feel? Shouldn't you be sitting down?"

Scully snorted and let him lead her to sit on the couch, "You're starting to remind me of Mulder. Don't worry me, I'm fine."

"You can never be sure Scully," He said sincerely as he sat down next to her.

Scully just smiled as she looked around the room wistfully, "Thank you guys so much for helping us move it. Mulder and I would have never been able to do it alone."

"It's not a problem Scully." Langly said coming to sit down on the other side of her, "Anything for you guys and little g-man."

Scully laughed and shook her head at the nickname the Gunmen had come up with for her and Mulder's child. Suddenly they heard the front door open and the sound of Byer's voice.

"Mulder! Watch out for that...."

"Oh shit, that hurts!"

The three on the couch turned to see Mulder and Byers in the entry hall, a guilty looking Byers over looking Mulder who had tripped over a group of boxes left in the doorway. Everyone burst out laughing as Mulder sulked.

Once Upon a Time Baby Shoppe
Two Months Later (Scully is now almost five months pregnant)

"Oh Mulder, look at this little crib! Isn't adorable?"

Mulder sighed as he shifted the dozen or so bags he had in his hands and followed his partner. They had been shopping all day long, going up and down the Shops at Georgetown with at least one purchase in each store. He trailing behind, amongst all the bags as Scully waddled in front of him in her maternity sun dress.

"Mulder, did you hear me? Look at this crib, wouldn't this look perfect in the nursery?"

"Yeah, perfect Scully."

Scully watched as her partner plopped down in the nearest chair, all the bags falling at his side. She raised her eyebrow and looked at him amused, "Tired partner?"

"God this is wearing me out Scully! I don't know if can take all this!"

Scully smiled sympathetically as she patted his knee, "This is the last shop for the day. Just go buy me the crib and then we'll be on our merry way." She winked and turned to waddle away to do some last minute browsing.

Mulder groaned as he pulled himself from the chair to find the nearest salesclerk. He started to make his way up to the customer service table when he suddenly heard a gasp from behind him.

"Mulder, help me...." He turned just in time to see her fall to the floor, clutching her abdomen.

"Scully! Someone call 911!" He ran to her and quickly took her into his arms, her eyes fluttering, "Please someone call the paramedics!"

"There on their way, sir." A young woman said approaching them as she pushed away customers to give Mulder and Scully some more room, "Please everyone give them some space. Step back." Mulder held Scully in his arms, looking into her face just as she lost consciousness.

Washington Memorial
Washington DC
Two Hours Later

Maggie Scully rushed through the sliding doors of Washington Memorial, in a panic. Mulder had called her from the ambulance on their way to the hospital. It was almost an hour drive to Maggie's home to the hospital and then she got stuck in Friday afternoon traffic. She raced up to the nurse's station in frenzy.

"Yes, my daughter was brought in! Can you tell me how she is? Please tell me!"

The elderly nurse behind the desk raised her hand, in attempt to get her to calm down. "Settle down ma'am, now tell me your daughter's name and I can help you."

"Yes....Dana Scully....her name is Dana Scully." Maggie could feel her eyes starting to tear, "Please tell me how she is."


Maggie turned to see Mulder standing in the hallway by the elevators, his shirt rumpled and his eyes looked exhausted. She excused herself from the nurse and rushed to his side, "Fox! What happened to Dana? Is she all right?"

He took her arm and led her to the elevators and pushed floor number three. He waited until the doors closed before he began talking, "She has suffered a partial abruption, which is when her placenta had started to tear away from her uterine wall."

"Oh my!" Maggie gasped as they stepped from the elevator and Mulder ushered her by the elbow, "How is she now?"

"She's okay now, just got out of surgery. She's resting in her room. My God Maggie, it scared the hell out of me. One minute she was teasing me in the baby store and the next I turn and she was out cold on the floor."

Maggie looked up at the man, she had grown to love as her own very son and took him in her arms, "She's going to be okay Fox, you just said that yourself. Shh, it's going to be okay Fox. Come on, let's go see the little mama."

Mulder/Scully's Home
3 Months Later

Scully was now a little over eight months pregnant and was already uncomfortable as hell. She had left work on maternity leave last week and was already restless. Scully had never been the type of person to just sit still, much to Mulder's dismay. He would come home from work in the afternoon and find her outside working in the yard of reaching to put something away in the top cabinet. He would immediately chastised her and order her to bed. She would hang her head and grumble the whole way to the bedroom. She had taken the master bedroom and Mulder, ever the gentleman took a guest bedroom.

Now the partner's were in Scully's room going through their Baby Names for Dummies book trying to find the perfect name, however, they had been doing this for the past hour and Scully was restless.

"Mulder, I'm so tired. Do we really have to do this now?"

Mulder bent his head back to look at her, lying on the bed as he sat sprawled on the floor.

"Scully you are less than a month from your due date, I want us to be prepared," he said determinately as he stood to sit next to her on the bed, "Now the sooner we get this done, the sooner you can rest."

"Fine." Scully sighed leaning back against the headboard, "Next?"

"Okay!" Mulder said opening the book back up and making himself more comfortable.

"How about Katie?"


"Um, Whitney?"



"Ugh! No!"




"Megan? You like that name?"

"Megan Samantha! I absolutely love it!"

"Megan Samantha---Scully or Mulder?"

"Umm. Mulder---Megan Samantha Mulder. Perfect!"

"I like it too, now see that wasn't so hard. Megan Samantha for a girl and William Thomas for a boy. Now you get some sleep little mama and I'll see you in the morning."

Scully smiled, her eyes already fluttering closed as Mulder leaned over and kissed her forehead before easing off the bed and making his way to his room, across the hall.

Washington Memorial
Washington DC
Four Hours Later

"God! I can't do this!"

Scully had woken up in the middle of the night yelling Mulder's name, when she felt her sheets go damp beneath her. Her water had broken, she was in labor. Mulder had been surprisingly calm as he threw on a pair of jeans and t shirt, called Maggie and Teena after getting Scully ready. Where as the drive would have taken about forty five minutes, they were there in twenty.

Now, Scully was gripping Mulder's hand so hard that all the color was draining from it.

"Scully!" Mulder squeaked, "you're hurting my hand!"

"I'm going to hurt something else if you don't tough the hell up! I'm in a lot of pain here!"

Another contraction hit and Scully screamed as tears streamed down her face, "I can't do this Mulder, I just can't." She slumped against his chest, burying her face into his shirt.

Her partner bent to kiss her sweaty brow, "You're doing great Scully! Just keep breathing, remember what we learned?"

"Okay Dana I need you to take some deep breaths for me, I see your baby's head crowning. On the next contraction I need for you to give me a big push," Her doctor coaxed and Scully nodded never letting her hold on Mulder's hand decrease. As the next pain swept through her, she cried out pushing as hard as she could as her sweaty body fell limp against Mulder's.

"Congratulations mommy and daddy! You have a healthy baby girl!" The doctor exclaimed.

"Can I hold her?" Scully panted her head still resting against Mulder's chest.

"Sure, daddy want to cut the cord?"

After Mulder cut the cord, Mulder took Megan and handed her to Scully.

"Oh my God Mulder. She is so beautiful...." Scully sighed as she looked up at her baby's father with tears in her eyes.

Mulder nodded and pushed back a piece of sweaty hair from Scully's forehead and kissed her there as he whispered, "Is there any particular reason she looks like Assistant Director Skinner?"

"Mulder don't you dare compare our daughter to our superior ever again." Scully chided through her tears as she laughed. She looked up at him and their eyes locked. Suddenly everything else in the world disappeared and nothing else mattered. The electricity between them sparked off the charts.

"Mulder. . ."Scully murmured as he bent down his lips and pressed them to hers. She closed her eyes and opened her lips for a short but deep kiss. God it felt so good.

"I love you Scully." He murmured before bending to kiss her again and she let him.

Scully went home a week later. Megan had been pre-mature, but not too an extreme point. She never was put in an incubator, but she was kept longer for observation. Mulder and Scully had been showered with flowers and cards and it took their car and Maggie's to transport them back home.

"Welcome home mommy and baby," Mulder said smiling at Scully and Megan, when they were finally alone after Maggie left.

"It's good to be home." Scully sighed as she placed Megan's carrier on the table and took her out.

"She's a quiet little thing, isn't she?" Mulder mused with a smile as he watched Scully approach with their daughter.

"You just remember that when it is the middle of the night and she is screaming at the top of her lungs," Scully said with a smile as she stood in front of him.

Mulder just laughed as they both looked down at the tiny bundle in Scully's arms. She had a head of dark hair, bright blue eyes and tiny little nose. She was a pretty little baby and Mulder and Scully couldn't be happier.

"She is such a beautiful little thing Mulder," Scully murmured with affection as Mulder reached to stroke Megan's soft head.

"Just like her mother," he said softly as their eyes locked.

"Mulder, I ---" She broke off as tears filled her eyes.

"What is it Scully?" He spoke softly.

"I, God I love you so much." She murmured as she leaned up for a kiss, as he met her halfway putting his arms around her small waist.

One Month Later

"Wahh!" Megan cried as her father tried his best to quiet her down.

"Hey Meggy! Look!" Mulder said holding up a stuffed animal in front of his newborn daughter.

Megan stopped crying for a second and looked at her father her blue eyes glistening with tears.


Mulder turned and saw Scully in the doorway of the living room, she was in her robe, and her hair was slightly mused from sleeping.

"I'm sorry we woke you up Scully. I think that she is hungry. Nothing else seems to make her stop crying," Mulder said helplessly.

"So much for her being a quiet baby, huh Mulder?" Scully teased as she took the baby from Mulder's arms. Megan continued to cry in her mother's arms until she was latched onto her breast. Mulder watched with a contented smile on his face.

Mulder/Scully Home
Later that night

Mulder had offered to wash the dishes for Scully. He was just about finished when Scully came into the kitchen and put her arms around her waist.

"Megan asleep?"

Scully said "yes" then stood up to place butterfly kissed on his neck.

"Is someone in a playful mood?" Mulder asked smiling.

"You have no idea."

Megan had been home for more than a month and as of two weeks ago Scully received confirmation that she was able to resume her sexual activities. However, she and Mulder had been so busy lately they haven't had time to be alone.

They had finally admitted their feelings for the other as soon as their daughter was born, but tonight they would be able to act on those feelings.

Mulder turned in Scully's arms and picked her up, her legs sliding comfortably around his waist.

"Do you know how much I love you?" Mulder asked as he began his journey down her neck.

"Yes, but now I want you to show me."

"Do you want to talk about this Scully? I mean we haven't really had time to sit and talk about where our relationship stands."

"I know where we are Mulder, I love you. You are the father of my child, my soul mate. I want to spend my life with you."

"Scully," He teased as he began to carry her up the stairs, "Are you proposing?"

Scully laughed and kissed his neck, "That's not my department g-man, but I'll be patiently waiting whenever you are ready."

He said nothing as he bent to cover her lips with his, reaching the master bedroom. He suddenly pulled back to look at her questionably and she seemed to see his question and answered, "I moved her bassinet in her nursery, I wanted us to make love in our bedroom."

"Our bedroom?" He questioned softly as he laid them down on the bed.

She smiled as she reached and to gently stroked his cheek, "Yes *our* bedroom, now love me g-man."

"Yes ma'am," He replied as he bent to kiss her again. Her scent was so intoxicating, she had showered her hair still damp and the distinct smell of apples clogged his scenes. He slowly ran his hands up her bare leg and up under the modest nightgown she wore. She moaned as his strong hands gently massaged her thighs. Sliding the gown further up her body, Scully leaned up as she helped him pull it over her head.

His hands immediately came to her breasts and she moaned softly. They were still a little sore from Megan's birth, but his touch felt wonderful. She closed her eyes and let her herself get lost in the sensation of his fingers running over her hardened nipples as he kissed and nipped at her throat.

"God I've missed this so much," He murmured into her ear as his hands left her chest and interlocked their fingers, "That night meant so much to me Scully, I loved the way you felt under me and in my arms."

Scully sighed contently as she wrapped her arms tightly around him, "I loved the way you felt too Mulder, God I love you so much and now we have our own little miracle."

"Speaking of our little miracle," He whispered as she began to gently raise his shirt over his head, "Let's try to keep this down so we will not have any interruptions." His shirt was tossed to the floor and she was now working frantically at his jeans.

"Whatever you say Mulder, but if I recall you have quite a mouth on you when it comes to sexual pleasure," She teased as she pulled down his zipper and then slid down the material.

"Oh you are one to talk, you little screamer." He teased right back as he struggled out of his jeans and boxers following and soon found himself at her opening. She was already so hot and ready for him.

Her eyes closed as her hips arched under him, "Oh Mulder, I need you in me now."

He didn't need to be told twice, bending down he captured her lips as he entered with one powerful thrust. Her cry was muffled by his mouth.

Maggie Scully's Home
Baltimore, Maryland
A week later

"So where did you say Fox was again Dana?" Maggie questioned as she sat over lunch with her daughter and grand daughter. Scully still had two months to go until she returned to work from her maternity leave, and eating lunch with her mom had become a regular occurrence that is unless Mulder was lucky enough to sneak home from the office.

"He has to spend the day in the court, being a reviewer for one of the cases he just solved. There is no telling how long that will take. The last time we were there together it took all day long." She had a slight smile on her face as she thought of her handsome significant other. She held Megan in her arms and was contently feeding her a bottle. She looked up and saw her mother's gaze on her, "What mom?"

Maggie shook her head wistfully, "It's nothing dear, it's just you look so happy."

Scully smiled at her mother as she gently stroked her daughter's soft head, "I am happy mom. So very happy." They were interrupted by two things at once, Megan suddenly hiccupped around the nipple of her bottle spitting up formula all over her mother's new blouse and her bowl of salad and the shrill of Scully's cell phone.

"I'll take care of her mom, can you answer my phone? It's in the diaper bag." Scully asked as she scurried out of the room as Megan began to cry at her mother's hastiness.

Maggie found her daughter's phone, still shrilling, in the side of the diaper bag by the wipes. Pulling it out, she answered it promptly. "Hello?"


"Hello Fox, it's Maggie. Dana just ran out of the room with your daughter, who spit up all over her."

Mulder chuckled into the phone, "Oh no, well, court has been put into recess, but I still need to go to the office for a few hours and file some late reports. I'll be home about the regular time."

"Will do Fox and if you don't mind me asking, when are you going to make an honest woman out of my daughter?"

Mulder could see her smile a mile away as he calmly replied, "Soon Maggie, very soon."

Mulder/Scully House
Suburban Maryland

When Mulder got home later that day he found his two favorite women in the living room. Scully was sitting in the middle of their sofa amongst piles of neatly folded laundry. Megan was in her playpen lying on her back and kicking and giggling at the ceiling fan above her. Scully looked up from the towel she was folding and smiled over at him as he put his jacket in the closet.

"Hey you, how was court?"

"How do you think?" He groaned with a laugh as he went up to his daughter grinned down at her over the pen, "How's daddy's little angel?"

Megan giggled as she stretched her little arms and hands in his direction and Mulder chuckled as he bent to pick her up. She giggled at her father and reached to pat his cheeks.

"I hear you ruined mommy's blouse today princess," Mulder said with a smile as he moved over and kissed Scully hello.

"I was able to get the stain out, thankfully," she said as she put all the now folded clothes back in the baskets so her family could sit with her.

Mulder sat down next to his partner and she leaned her head against his shoulder letting out a loud yawn. Mulder chuckled as he reached to gently run a hand through her silky hair, which she had let grow out throughout her pregnancy and decided to keep it that way. It now hung past her shoulders.

"Why don't you go upstairs and take a nice, relaxing bath and then rest for a while. Megan and I can handle it down here and I'll make something for dinner."

Scully sighed and let her eyes slip closed, "That sounds wonderful. You two stay out of trouble." She gently kissed her daughter's head and then kissed Mulder, letting it linger for a few seconds, before padding up the stairs as Mulder and Megan had a little father-daughter time.

Two hours later Scully was drawn from her peaceful slumber in her and Mulder's bedroom by the smell of food. Giving the air around her an approving sniff, she slipped from under the throw she had covered herself with and slipped on her robe.

Entering the kitchen she was greeted by the wonderful aroma Mulder's famous spaghetti recipe and the amusing image of her partner in front of the stove in one of her aprons gently swaying back and forth to the Italian music he had playing in the background. Megan was in her playpen in the corner, where he could keep an eye on her as he cooked. She was busily wrestling around with her big teddy bear her mom had bought for her the other day.

She cleared her throat as she came up behind him, "Smells good g-man."

He jumped slightly and then smiled as he reached to switch off the burner, "Well thank you much my lady. Dinner is served." He turned in her arms and they shared a soft kiss before they sat down to dinner. Scully smiled as Mulder switched the lights to dim and lit two candles on the table.

"What's the occasion Mulder?" Scully asked as dinner ended and they were quietly sipping on champagne. Megan had fallen asleep in her playpen, cuddling her bear and Mulder and Scully let her sleep.

"Occasion?" He questioned innocently as he stood from his chair and came to her.

"The dimmed lights, candles and champagne?"

She looked at him with a smile and raised eyebrow. He smiled back as he reached into his pocket, "Scully I can't begin to describe how much you mean to me. You are my friend, best friend, lover and the mother of my child. You are my constant flame and my reason for waking up each day. I love you so much and would really love for you to become mine legally." Tears sprang into her eyes as he suddenly knelt in front of her and took her delicate hand in his, "Dana Scully, I would love for you to become my wife. Will you marry me?"

As the tears rolled down her cheeks, her mouth remained mute as he slipped the ring on her finger. He took her hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it softly and looked up at her. She suddenly grinned and launched herself in his arms knocking them onto the floor.

"Yes! Yes, I would love to marry you!" She covered his face with hot, wet kisses as the tears still continued to fall, "Oh God I love you Mulder!"

Megan continued to sleep.

Mulder/Scully Home
Suburban Maryland
A week later

"Mulder! I will not put that on my daughter!"

The, now engaged, partners stood in the middle of their daughter's nursery trying to decide on what to dress her in for dinner at her mother's. Scully's entire family was visiting and it was the first time they would all be meeting Megan. Now, Mulder was showing her an alien baby suit that the Gunmen had given to them, for her to wear and Scully would not have it. She wanted her daughter to look as nice as possible.

"Oh! Oh! Your daughter! Well let's just see about that shall we, partner?" Mulder took Megan from where she was in her crib and went back to Scully. Megan just looked up at her parents, her expression blank, "This here princess has my nose and my mouth, I'm afraid there is no *my* about it!"

Scully smiled and walked up to them, her hands on her hips.

"You're right, she does have your nose. The poor angel....." She teased as she bent to kiss her daughter's head.

Mulder laughed a `ha ha' as he gently put Megan in her bassinet and sat the outfit on their bed before turning to Scully, "You better run woman."

Scully shrieked took off towards the living room. Mulder chased after her and caught her tackling her to couch underneath him and began tickling her.

"God Mulder that tickles! Stop it!"

"Say you're sorry!"

"Never!" She cried out determinedly as she started to laugh harder. So he only continued to tickle harder, "Okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Mulder stopped tickling her and immediately kissed her. Scully put her hands behind his neck and pulled him closer. The kiss heated up fast and Scully felt Mulder pressing against her thigh. She moaned and just as she reached for his shirt, Megan stared fussing in the next room.

"I swear, she must have some sort of radar that let's her know when we're about to make love. That's the fifth time this week she's interrupted us." Mulder mumbled burying his face into Scully's neck. Scully just laughed as she stroked his hair.

They got up and straightened their clothes before heading back to their daughter's nursery.

"Hey my precious, did you get lonely?" Scully cooed picking up Megan.

Mulder glanced at the clock on the wall, "I guess it's a good thing she interrupted us Scully. We would have been late for your mothers, it's already five-thirty."

"We better start getting ready," Scully said as she gently rocked Megan in her arms, who had stopped crying, "she's not wearing that alien outfit either."

"I'll get you!" Mulder mumbled as Scully started towards the bathroom.

"What was that?" Scully questioned smiling.

"I said I love you dear!" He called out sweetly.

Mulder and Scully arrived at Maggie Scully's around seven o clock. Scully had dressed Megan in a pick and white outfit with flowers and matching booties. Scully held Megan in her arms while Mulder stood beside her with the diaper bag and carrier. The door opened before they could knock.

"Hey Fox and Dana, how are you love?" She kissed their cheeks and then looked playfully down at Megan, "now where is my little granddaughter?" Maggie exclaimed with a big smile on her face.

"It's nice to see you too mom. Would you let us at least come inside before everyone starts to fawn over Megan?" Scully asked amused as they stepped through the foyer.

They walked into the sitting room and Mulder placed the diaper bag and carrier on the table as Scully shifted her sleeping daughter. Her eyes fluttered open as voices suddenly appeared in the room.

"Oh Dana! Let me hold her!"

Scully turned and saw her two sister-in-laws, Tara and Amy. They spent about two hours fawning over Megan, and eventually Scully got tired of waiting for them to get her back. She excused herself to find Mulder.

Scully found Mulder in the backyard with Bill and Charlie. They were barbequing the sausage and hamburger patties. Each man had a beer in his hand and they were all three wearing aprons that said kiss the cook.

"Hey," she said to them walking to Mulder who lightly kissed her.

The next thing Scully knew, she was enfolded into a bear hug by her two brothers. She giggled and desperately tried to loosen their grasp. Where as she was trained by some of the best trainers for the FBI, they two had been trained by the equally trained for the Navy. They finally pulled back and Scully grinned up at her brothers.

"How things been lil' sis?" Bill asked, "God you sure do look good for just having given birth."

"Of course she does Bill!" Charlie said slapping his brother's head, "Dana is absolutely stunning. Don't you agree Mulder?"

Scully had joined Mulder and they had their arms around each other's waist. Mulder looked down at his finance with love in his eyes, "She most certainly is." The partners gazed longingly at each other then shared a loving kiss.

"Oh! We don't want to see that!" Bill and Charlie exclaimed together.

They disconnected just as Amy appeared with Megan in her arms, her tiny legs kicking at the air.

"She started missing her parents."

Amy handed Megan to Mulder and he dropped a kiss on Megan's nose.

"Hey my precious," Scully said kissing her as well.

"She is so beautiful you two! How old is she now?" Amy wondered.

"Almost three months," Mulder said proudly.

"Well, she is absolutely amazing. Now if only I could talk Charlie here into having more."

"Sweetheart we already have five! We don't need a Navy!"

Everyone laughed as they moved towards the house for dinner.

As dinner was coming to a close, the telephone rang in Maggie's dining room. Seeing her mom preoccupied with Tara and Matty Dana handed Megan to Mulder and hollered, "I'll get it mom."

Scully entered to dining room and picked up the shrilling cordless phone on the third ring, "Hello?"

"Dana Scully?"

Scully's brows furrowed together, not recognizing the voice. "Yes this is she, can I help you?"

"She needs your help Dana."

"What? Who is this?"

"She needs you Dana, you must go to her. Georgetown Children's Center, go now."

Scully opened her mouth to respond, but the dial tone was quickly blaring into her ear. She furrowed her brows together and looked at the phone, questionably.


Scully turned to see Mulder had entered the kitchen, with Megan in his arms. She was moving her little hands in the air above her, "Who was on the phone?"

She shook her head as she went to him, "It was the weirdest thing, some female voice warning me that I needed to go to her that she needed me."

"Who needs you?" He adjusted Megan on his shoulder and she started to gently pat at his hair.

"I don't know, they said for me to go to Georgetown's Children's Center, now."

Mulder furrowed his brows together, as if pondering what he has told her before he said, "Here take Megan and let me see the phone."

They traded and Mulder dialed a number, "Yes this is Fox Mulder with the FBI, I need the location of the last call dialed into this number."

He waited a few moments and then listened as the voice on the other side talked to him, "Yes? Okay thank you very much." He hung up the phone and cast a knowing look at his partner, "Georgetown Children's Center."

"I'll get mom to watch Megan and pass on our apologies for leaving."

Georgetown Children's Center
An hour later

The children's center looked deserted as Mulder pulled his Taurus to a halt in front of the building. The partners exited the call and walked up the long sidewalk and up to the front door; Mulder opened the door for Scully and led her in.

"Welcome to Georgetown's Children Center, how can I help you?" The receptionist greeted as they entered the lobby.

"I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder and this is my partner Special Agent Dana Scully, we need to see a call log of all the calls placed from this building."

The receptionist's brows burrowed together, "What do you need them for?"

"A call was placed from this building to my mother's home about an hour ago and when my partner and I traced it, we were told it came from here." Scully explained.

"What did the person calling want that would make you need records?"

"All the person told me was that someone needed my help and that I should go to her. They said she was at Georgetown Children's Center."

"Did they give you a name?" She looked at Scully disbelieving, her tone slightly facetious.

Scully pursed her lips together in an attempt to hold back a bitchy remark, when Mulder gently touched her arm, "Just please give us the records ma'am or we'll get a court order."

The receptionist sighed irritably before rolling her eyes and turning to her computer and typing a few keys. Before too long her printer fired to life and began to print. The call log was quite long and with a smack of her gum she handed them to Mulder, a flirty smile crossing her face

Scully scowled as she possessively slid her hand into Mulder's, praising slightly that they weren't really partners and she could show him affection, "Let's get out of here sweetheart, we got what we needed."

Mulder looked down at her with a slight smile, at her display of affection murmuring, "You got it baby." He then bent to kiss her silky lips before turning to the gaping receptionist, "Thank you again."

They turned to walk out the door when Scully's cell began to ring; she pulled her hand from Mulder's and reached for her phone. "Scully?"

"You're so close to helping her, don't leave now. She needs you Dana, she needs you."

"Please! Who is this?"

"Go to her. Fifth floor, room 502. She needs you Dana."

Again, the dial tone blared in her ear and she pulled back to look at Mulder. "Fifth floor, now."

Mulder nodded as he stuffed the phone logs in his jacket as he and Scully started towards the elevators, ignoring the receptionist's calls to come stop.

Mulder and Scully stormed through the double doors on the fifth floor and immediately raced up to the nurse's station. The nurse looked up and took in their tousled appearances, as they breathed hard.

"Yes, can I help you?"

"My name is Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder. We're both with the FBI. Can you tell me the name of the child in room 502?"

The nurse looked at them with confusion, "You're Dana Scully and Fox Mulder?"

The partner's eyes furrowed together, as they looked at each other and back at the receptionist. "Yes we are, is there a problem?"

"We've been trying to reach you for hours. You're daughter is the one in room 502."

"Our daughter? Megan? But that's impossible. . ."

The nurse shook her head, looking confused. "Who is Megan? This little girl's name is Emily."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Mulder demanded.

"She was brought in early this morning, found in a deserted alley. We couldn't get anything out of her. We ran a few tests after we weren't able to find any information on her at all. So after we ran the parental tests, it showed as you two the parents. Here are the results if you want to double check."

Scully took the files from the older woman and browsed over them. As she read, her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Oh my God." She mumbled before collapsing into Mulder's arms.

Georgetown Children's Center
Two Hours Later

Mulder sat wearily in the chair of the waiting room, as he ran a tired hand over his face. He just couldn't believe it. He and Scully had another daughter....another daughter that was made from their very own essences. It was just unbelievable. Mulder had no doubt in his mind about who was behind all this. A certain black lunged son of a bitch. He is the only reason that he and Scully could have a child without their own knowledge. He just couldn't believe it. He knew that all the easiness of life that had happened with Scully and Megan was too good to be true, and he should've known it wouldn't last.

Mulder sighed as he tipped his head back and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to control the tears that threatened to fall as his head pounded. Scully had gone in with the other doctors and asked to run the tests on Emily herself. They'd been in there for over two hours and Mulder was quickly becoming restless.


Mulder opened his eyes and looked over at the door of the waiting room to see his future mother in law standing there with Megan. He quickly stood and embraced her as he took Megan from her arms.

"Hey precious girl." He murmured as he ran a hand over her soft head.

Megan managed a tired smile as she laid her tiny head on her father's shoulder, gently patting her hand on his arm. Mulder smiled slightly.

"Fox, what on Earth happened?"

He shook his head as he pressed his cheek up against Megan's, the tears beginning to fall. "I just don't understand why they can't leave us alone Maggie. They're always out to get us. I want the best for your daughter, Maggie. She deserves so much and I intended to give it all to her. A nice home, family and our precious girl. Just when I thought it was all so perfect, something like this happens....I love her so much, it hurts at times."

Maggie moved to embrace the man she had grown to love as a son of her own, as she cradled his head to her shoulder, "Shh Fox, it's going to be okay. Tell me what's the matter."

He shook his head as he pulled back to look at her, resting his lips against Megan's head, who had now fallen asleep, "In that examining room is my fiance, who is performing a procedure on our *other* daughter who turned up at this hospital this evening."

Maggie's eyes went wide, "Other daughter? What does that mean?"

Mulder sighed as they sat down in the flimsy chairs of the waiting room, "The men who have always conspired against Scully and I, the same ones who abducted her, and the ones who were responsible for her cancer and the ones responsible for both my father, sister, and Melissa's death have, without our knowledge, created another child using my sperm and Dana's ovum."

"But why would anyone do something like that Fox?"

Mulder just shook his head in defeat. Before he could respond the door's to the exam room opened and a solemn faced Scully appeared. She was wearing scrubs and she approached her family, tears forming her in her eyes. Mulder placed Megan into her grandmother's arms and went to Scully. He took her in his arms as she buried her face into his chest.

"She's gone....we lost her."

"How did this happen Scully? Was she really our daughter?"

Mulder just held her as she cried, nodding her head against his chest.

Mulder/Scully Home
Suburban Maryland
Two Months Later

The neighborhood was quiet this evening. Almost too quiet. Everyone had been asleep for hours, peacefully unaware. In a cozy looking home on the corner of the neighborhood, Scully and Mulder are sleeping contently in their bedroom, when all of a sudden Scully is awoken by a noise. She could have sworn that she heard it coming from Megan's nursery. Looking down at her sleeping fiance, she decided to let him sleep and quietly slipped out of bed and pulled on her robe. She made her way to Megan's nursery and couldn't help but think how eerily quiet it was.

As she entered the room and walked over to the crib, she looked down. Her hand covered her mouth as a scream ripped through her throat.

"Mulder!" Megan was not in the crib and the window was open with the curtain blowing in the breeze.

Mulder was out of bed in a flash as he met Scully in the hallway, "Scully?! What is it?!"

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she stammered, "M- megan's n-not in he-er bed!"

"What do you mean Megan's not in her bed?!"

"Exactly what I said! She's not there!" She cried out desperately as he took her in his arms as they called the police.

Two hours later Mulder and Scully's home was swarming with FBI Agents and local police officials. Skinner had even shown up, he was in Megan's nursery talking with two police officers.

"I said that it appears as if the kidnappers came through the window. We took three sets of prints. I imagine that two of the sets belong to the parents."

"Well you better run them anyway, um what else did you find?"

"We found some fiber on the window, that is all for now."

Skinner finished in the nursery then made his way to the living room. In there, he saw more police officers, but one particular scene caught his eye. Mulder was lying back on the couch with Scully in his arms. Scully was sobbing and Mulder had been crying, but was now talking to another FBI agent. They both were dressed in bath robes and house shoes.

When they finished talking, Mulder pulled Scully a little closer and kissed her on her hairline. Skinner walked over and sat down in front of them.

"Agents?" he asked solemnly.

Mulder and Scully looked up at him. Scully continued to cry and Mulder had tears in his eyes.

"I think it would be best if the both of you take a temporary leave of absence. Scully we will call Quantico and let them know."

Scully slightly nodded, as did Mulder. "Thank you sir."

"Also-I want the two of you to know that we are doing everything in our power to return Megan back safely to you. In addition, I would suggest that you find somewhere else to stay for about two nights. There is going to be an investigation and some officials are going to want to talk to you. Just be ready."

With that he walked past them, placing a comforting hand on their shoulders before leaving.

"My God! It was the middle of the night! Who could this be?" Maggie Scully thought as she went to answer her door. Maggie finished tying her robe as she reached the door. She opened the door and gasped. Standing before her was her daughter and future son in law. They looked miserable.

"Goodness Fox and Dana! What happened? Where's Megan?"

Mulder and Scully walked in and Scully began to cry uncontrollably. Mulder pulled her into his arms and turned to Maggie with teary eyes.

"Megan has been kidnapped!" He choked out.

All the color drained from Maggie's face as she hugged them both, as they all three let their emotions take control of them.

Abandoned Field
Unknown Location
Two Hours Later

When he arrived at the site, he lit another cigarette as he stepped out of his car. He walked up to the tent and pushed open the cloth flaps to step inside. The moment that he stepped inside, he saw his number one associate coming his way. He appeared to be carrying a baby in his arms.

"She has not stopped crying since we took her. We were all though able to muffle her mouth while we were in the house though."

"Let me see her."

CSM took Megan in his arms and gently rocked her back and forth.

"I have a mission for you-I need you to contact her parents. Tell them that they can have their daughter back, but only on one condition. Wait about a week to call and come by my office and I will fill you in on the details of the thing I want from them."

"Yes sir." The associate said then walked off.

CSM looked down at the infant and smiled. Megan was really a beautiful baby; well she does have nice looking parents. Her crying had subsided now and she was just staring up at CSM in confusion, wondering where her parents were. She then started to cry again, wanting her mommy and daddy.

Mulder walked out of Maggie's living room and onto the front porch. Scully was sitting on the wicker swing, just staring at the sky. He walked over and sat down next to her. She said nothing. He put his arm around her shoulders and she leaned back against him. Neither of them spoke for a while before Mulder heard her soft voice.

"Do you ever think about her Mulder?"

"Who baby?" He asked as he gently stroked her hair.


"Scully...." He knew she was hurting with Megan's kidnapping and she didn't need to deepen those wounds with the ordeal concerning Emily.

"Do you Mulder?" She asked pointedly, "I mean what if she was really our daughter? We never got the chance to love her Mulder, was she ever loved by anybody? Did anybody actually love her?"

"Scully," His voice was soft, "If Emily was our daughter, I don't think she wasn't brought into this world to be loved."

"But she is just a little girl; she needs to have somebody love her." Scully sobbed as she started crying again, "God I hope that my baby is all right. It's cold tonight Mulder, I hope our little precious is warm and safe."

She shifted in his embrace and buried her face into his sweater as he held her. She sobbed helplessly for their daughter and for the little girl they never had the chance to love. Mulder continued to hold her, silent tears sliding down his face as the swing moved back and forth slowly.

After a few moments, Mulder pulled back to look at his partner. "I talked to Skinner a few minutes ago. Are you up for going to the Bureau as they assemble the team that will search for Megan? Skinner said it might be in our best interest to attend and at least see where they are heading. We can leave whenever we want, if it gets too painful."

Scully nodded through her tears as she looked up at him, "Anything for our daughter."

FBI Headquarters
Washington D.C.

"Two nights ago, Megan Samantha Mulder, the daughter of our colleagues, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, was abducted from her home. The local police have no leads to go by, except partial hair and fiber that was collected at the scene. We have no suspects, and the fingerprints came out are matches only to the two parents. Now we have passed each of you a photo of Megan, which looks like this, to each of you. Memorize her face and let's get to work and return her to her parents as soon as possible." Assistant Director Skinner briefed as a slide of Megan appeared on the screen.

Scully sucked in a shaky breath as she stood in the back of the room, Mulder's arms protectively around her waist. She remembered the exact day that photograph was taken. It had been only two weeks ago at her mother's home. They had all met for lunch one Sunday morning and enjoyed playing around in Maggie's backyard. The particular photograph was of Megan in a white and blue sun dress, Scully had bought her the day before the picture was captured. Megan was sitting in Mulder's lap, but he wasn't in the picture, really. All you could see was his legs and hands holding her up. She had big toothy grin on her face.

Scully choked back a sob and covered her face with her hand. Mulder tightened his grip on Scully's waist and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Come on Scully, let's get out of here."

She nodded and held his hand tightly as they quietly slid out of the room, leaving their colleagues to their investigation, for the first time trusting them completely.

Mulder and Scully went back to their house the next evening. They had barely said a word to each other the entire time. They sat and picked through their quick dinner, before tossing most of it out. They cleaned the kitchen, without a word, moving almost like they were numb.

Afterwards, they moved into the living room and without a word Mulder sat down onto the couch and pulled Scully into his arms. She said nothing as she buried her face into his chest, her tears already starting. He pulled her into his lap and placed a gentle kiss on her neck as he felt his own eyes begin to tear up.

Their moment was interrupted by the ringing of the door bell. They pulled back and looked at each other questionably. Mulder helped her stand and placed her on the couch, "I'll get it sweetheart, you wait here."

Mulder wiped away the tear stains from his eyes, trying to compose himself as he answered the door. Switching the deadbolt, he pulled open the door to find to Skinner and two of suits he didn't recognize from the Bureau.

"Agent Mulder, can we come in? We have a few questions to ask you and Scully."

"Sir, Scully is in no condition. . ."

"No Mulder, I can handle it. Let them in."

He turned to see Scully standing in the doorway, her robe pulled protectively around her. Mulder sighed as he opened the door wider to let the visitors enter. Closing the door behind him, he hit the deadbolt.

They all walked into the living room and sat down. Scully sniffed, bringing her Kleenex up to her nose as she set next to Mulder. He immediately slipped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. They turned to the investigators in front of them.

"What can we do for you?"

"Agent Mulder, I'm Agent Wilson and this is my partner Agent Thomas. We just need to get all the information of what happened the night your daughter was taken. What did the three of you do that night and when did you put Megan to bed?"

"Well that evening I arrived home at the regular time. . ."

"What time is that, sir?" Wilson questioned.

"Five o'clock, Dana teaches at Quantico and gets off everyday at two. She then goes to pick up Megan from Maggie Scully."

"Who would be the child's grandmother?" Thomas questioned.

"Yes, she keeps her everyday while Dana and I are at work. Anyway, I got home and Dana had started preparing dinner and Megan was playing in her playpen in the kitchen. We ate dinner around six o' clock I believe and then I had some paperwork to do and Dana had some papers to grade. So after we cleaned up the kitchen we moved to the living room where we spent most of the evening."

"And Megan was with you the entire time?" Skinner piped in.

Scully decided to step in, as she gently rubbed her red nose. Her voice was tired and throaty, "Yes the whole time. She stayed with Mulder and me in the kitchen while we cleaned and when we were working in the living room she played contently in her playpen."

"What did she play with?" Wilson prodded.

"Her stuffed teddy, it's her favorite, why?" Scully wondered the question's relevance.

"No reason, so what about bedtime?"

Scully answered, "Well Megan usually gets to bed by eight thirty or nine each night. Two nights ago. . ." She broke off as some more tears began to slide down her face, freely.

Mulder gently stroked her arm, "She went to bed around nine and Scully and I stayed up for a few more hours before we finally went to bed."

"And now it says here that Agent Scully is the one that found Megan's bed empty. Can you tell us what happened Miss Scully?"

She sniffed and wiped her swollen eyes before speaking quietly, "Mulder and I were already in bed for about two hours when I was all of a sudden awoken. I could have sworn I heard a noise from my daughter's room so I got up to look."

"Why didn't you wake Agent Mulder?" Wilson questioned.

"With all due respect sir, I am able to take care of myself."

"Yes ma'am, please continue." Thomas said, blushing. Despite the circumstances, Mulder forced back a laugh.

"So I slip from bed and go to my daughter's nursery and notice that it is way too quiet. When I enter I was frightened to find Megan not in her crib. That was when I yelled for Mulder."

That last statement took a lot out of Scully as she fell back against her partner and buried her face in his chest. He leaned into her and brushed his lips along her temple as his hand coaxed her hair. The investigators watched them and Wilson was about to answer another question when Skinner piped in.

"I think you can see they have nothing to hide Officers, I think that will be all."

"Ahh, yes very well. Agent Mulder, Agent Scully I just want you to know that we are all doing our damndest to fine your little girl."

"Thank you," Scully said through her tears as Mulder reached to shake their hands.

Mulder/Scully Home
Suburban Maryland
A Week Later

A jarring of the telephone awoke Mulder from his sleep. He glanced down at Scully asleep in his arms and reached to gently stroke her cheek. It had been so hard for her to sleep lately, given the circumstances.

Quickly, he reached for the phone on his side of the bed and clicked it on. "Yeah hello?"

"Agent Mulder?" A slightly distorted voice answered.

Mulder sat up in bed, the sheets going around his waist, his bare chest reflecting in the moonlight through the window, "Yes, who is this?"

"Do you want to see your daughter alive? Listen to me very carefully...."

"Who the hell is this?!" Mulder demanded and Scully stirred beside him.

Her hand came down on his bare chest as she sat up next to him. "Mulder, what is it?"

He silently shushed her as he put the phone so they both could hear, the voice droned on over the phone, "Meet me tomorrow evening....there is an old deserted cafe twenty miles out of DC on Highway 5. Six o clock, you and that pretty partner of yours come alone. If I even sense there might be a cop or anyone else, I leave with no deal."

With that the line went dead. Mulder clicked off the phone and looked at his partner, they shared a knowing look. Mulder immediately clicked the phone on and dialed a familiar number.

"Frohike it's Mulder, turn off the tape...."

At exactly six, o clock that following night, Mulder and Scully sat nervously inside the cafe they were to meet the person who had called them. They both silently prayed, everything worked out like they had planned. While they were talking to the person, the Gunmen were to watch for his car and place a tracking device so they were able to follow when he left.

Now, the partner's held hands tightly as the door to the restaurant opened and they took deep breaths looking at each other slightly. A tall man entered, dressed all in black with a long trench coat. He approached the partner's and took a seat.

"Sorry that I am late. I had to make sure that you were alone."

"Who are you and what is it that you want?" Mulder asked.

"Okay since I'm pressed for time I will cut right to the chase. If the two of you want to see your precious daughter again, you will bring me something in exchange."

"What is it that you need?" Scully gritted through her teeth, her anger seething.

"I believe that the two of you came into contact with a little girl? Her name was Emily, I believe?"

"What do you know about Emily?" Scully exploded then sunk back down when a few people stared at her.

"Emily is our creation, she was stolen from us and we want her back. She was never meant to be put into that hospital; we had to stop her life before her secret was discovered."

The partner's looked at each other before Scully spoke, "What do you mean? Are you saying that you killed her while she was in the hospital so we wouldn't find out what? That she is really our daughter? That wouldn't have been so hard to keep from the doctors."

"She is your daughter ma'am, and yours Agent Mulder. However, she was never meant to fall into your hands. We're still working on finding the source that led you to her. That is all I am able to say at the time." He responded calmly.

"So if she is dead, how do you expect us to bring her to you?" Scully asked skeptically, her voice tight.

The man laughed, "Nobody we work with ever really "dies" ma'am. Go check out the orphanage in downtown DC, I think you might like what you find there." With that, the man got up and left the restaurant.

They waited for the man to get into his car and drive away before they exited the restaurant. The Gunmen's van door opened as they approached.

"What did you find out?" Frohike asked.

"We need to split up. Did you put the tracker on his car?" Mulder asked.

All three men nodded and Mulder turned to Scully.

"Baby, listen to me. I am going to go with the Gunmen to follow that man. I hope that he will lead us to Megan. I need you go to the orphanage and see what you can find out."

"By myself?" Her eyes widened slightly as he gripped her hands.

"Is that okay? Do you want one of the gunmen to go with you?"

"No that's fine. Then what do you want me to do?"

"I don't know yet, I will call you."


"Be careful."

"You too, love you Mulder."

Mulder leaned down and kissed Scully. All three supervisors rolled their eyes.

"Love you too Scully."

Mulder quickly kissed Scully again then hopped into the van with the Gunmen.

"Bye sweetheart," Scully said, "Go and find our daughter."

Mulder winked and smiled at her as he closed the door. Scully sighed then went and got into her car, hoping they were getting somewhere.

"Okay, have you tracked him yet?" Mulder asked anxiously as he looked at the monitors.

"He is about five miles ahead of us, but we should be able to track his location when he stops." Byers replied.

Mulder nodded then sat back and put his hand in his head. Frohike came and sat down next to him.

"You going to be okay man?" He asked as he placed a hand on his friend's back. Mulder looked up at him and was on the verge of tears.

"I don't know man, I've been trying to be so strong for Scully, but....you have no idea how excited I was when Scully told me she was pregnant and that I was the father? God I was the happiest man alive! To know that I had given Scully something that she had wanted for so long. Now, if all that is about to be taken away....I just don't think I'm going to be able to take it."

Frohike frowned as he rubbed a comforting hand on his friend's back, "Well whatever you or Scully need, we'll always be here for the both of you."

"Thank you Frohike, we really appreciate you guys."

Langly talking to them interrupted their conversation. "We've got him! He just stopped at a field in Maryland. I think we can get to him!"

Mulder nodded as he put his head into his hands and wondered what Scully was doing.

Downtown Orphanage
Washington DC

The door to the orphanage was locked to outside visitors, so Scully pounded hard on the door to be let in. No sooner did the door open and a middle aged woman appear, in a bathrobe and curlers. Scully pulled out her badge.

"Sorry to disturb you ma'am, my name is Special Agent Dana Scully. May I come in for a moment to speak with you?"

The woman nodded, self consciously pulling her robe more tightly around her, "Yes please come in."

Scully followed the woman into the building and down a cold, drafty hallway to the woman's office. "Pardon for my appearance, but I was just preparing for bed. Please have a seat."

The woman went and sat behind her desk, waiting for Scully to explain her reason for visiting. "Ma'am, as I said before I am an Agent with the Federal Government and I have a feeling that one of your children here might be in danger."

"Danger? What kind of danger?"

"Danger that is beyond my control, unless I take her with me this evening, she needs to be protected."

The woman nodded her face troubled, as she spoke, "Do you know the name of the girl Agent Scully?"

"Her name is Emily and she looks like this," Scully pulled a photo from her pocket and handed it to the woman.

The woman gasped, "Oh dear, such a sweet girl. Why would anybody want to harm her?"

"She's here?" Scully asked frantic. At the woman's nod Scully insisted to see her at once.

CSM's associate that Mulder and the Gunmen were following pulled up in front of the meeting place and walked into the tent.

"How'd it go?" CSM asked walking up with Megan in his arms.

"I think they believe me. They will have Emily for us."

"Were you followed?"

He shook his head, "Don't think so."


They both were interrupted by a loud explosion and turned to see the tent behind them start to shake. Quickly they approached the site and saw the ground beneath them shaking and quaking.

"What's happening?!" CSM shouted in anger, "How is this happening?"

"We need to get out of here sir, it's coming to life!"

"Get rid of it all! Burn the evidence, evacuate now!" CSM ordered as chaos broke out on the site.

Ten Minutes later

Mulder and the Gunmen pulled up in front of the truck that they had been following for the past two hours. It appeared to be deserted, but the entire site was quaking as if there was an earthquake. Deserted tanker trucks, laid on their sides the tanks rolling down the adjacent hills.

"Would you look at that." Mulder breathed.

"Let's go check it out!" Byers exclaimed.

"Wait! Something is happening!" Mulder exclaimed.

Soon after, there was an explosion and fire began to spark from the tent. "Oh my God!" Mulder yelled and was out of the van in a heartbeat and running towards the tent.

Mulder stormed into the tent and found it was completely empty, of people that is. He searched around calling Megan's name frantically. He did not give a shit if the tent was falling down around him-he was going to find his and Scully's daughter.

Just as he was about to think that it was no hope, he heard a subtle cry. When the cry became clearer he ran towards the sound and then saw a small bundle lying on a pole that had fallen down. He ran over to the bundle and gasped-it was Megan. He took her into his arms and held her close.


He turned and saw the Gunmen standing there.

"Let's go, before the rest of this tent collapses!"

All four men ran out of the tent, Megan in Mulder's arms, safe and sound.

Downtown Orphanage
Washington DC

"Right in here Agent, her bed is the last one on the right."

Scully nodded as she walked through the dimly lit room, amongst a group of sleeping girls. She walked to the end of the room and to a cot where she recognized as Emily. She moved to sit down next to her and gently stroked her face.


The little girl's eyes fluttered opened, her head moving back and forth on the pillow.

"Emily, sweetheart, I need you to wake up and come with me."

Emily's eyes opened completely and she looked around confused. She looked at Scully and said nothing.

"Can you come with me sweetheart? I need to get you out of here, okay?"

The little girl nodded slightly, her bottom lip quivering and for a moment Scully thought she might start crying. Before Scully could get up, Emily suddenly grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. "Mommy....?"

Scully choked back a sob in her throat as she pulled the little girl tightly to her, tears streaming, "Yes baby, I'm mommy....oh my sweet, sweet little baby. Let's get you out of here, okay?"

Emily nodded her tears streaming too. Scully took her into her arms, hoping everything was okay with Mulder and the Gunmen.

FBI Headquarters Washington DC
One Hour Later

Scully's heels clicked on the tile floor of the FBI Headquarters as she walked, with Emily in her arms to Skinner's Office. The moment she got into the car, Mulder called her cell phone telling her to get to the Bureau as soon as possible. He told her that Megan was safe and in his arms and she let out a cry of joy.

Now, she reached Skinner's office and pushed her way through the door and just about passed out when she saw Mulder sitting on Skinner's couch with Megan in his arms.

"Oh my baby!" Scully cried as she gently laid Emily down, who had fallen asleep, on the couch as Mulder came to her. She took her precious daughter in her arms and placed kisses all over her, the tears streaming. Mulder put his arms around her and pulled her close as the Gunmen and Skinner watched nearby.

"Oh God, oh God...my precious you're safe...my precious angel...mommy and daddy love you so much.." Scully continued to sob softly as Mulder stroking a hand through her hair and along her back.

They were all safe now.


St. Mary's Cathedral
One and a half years later

Today was the big day. Mulder and Scully would be wed today in the presence of all their friends and family. Mulder had asked Frohike to be his best man and Langly and Byers to be the two ushers, Scully had asked Skinner to give her away with her best friend Ellen as her maid of honor. Emily was almost five years old and would be the flower girl, while two-year-old Megan would carry the rings.

Scully's dress was absolutely gorgeous, with a long train and lacy white veil. Her shoulders bare, with a simple pearl necklace and matching earrings. Her hair curled into a bob that framed her face delicately.

Now, Mulder stood at the front of the church, hands clasped in front of him as he winked at both his mother and future mother-in-law who now wept with tears of joy, sitting on opposite sides of the church. The church was surprisingly full, all the way to the back with members of both Mulder and Scully's extended families. He also noticed that several fellow agents, superiors and colleagues of both partners were in attendance.

Suddenly the priest finished with the prayer and then the organist began to procession music, the back doors opened and Megan was the first to come out. She toddled down the aisle, a toothy grin on her face, dressed in an adorable pink, lacy dress with matching shiny shoes. Her curly red hair hung around her face and her hazel eyes shown as she toddled on, carrying the rings on the white pillow.

The audience smiled in admiration as they watched the cute little girl, make her way to the front and going to stand by her father. Mulder leaned down and kissed the top of her head as she exclaimed, "Hey dada!"

The entire congregation chuckled, as the music kept playing and Emily came next. She was wearing a dress, similar to Scully's with pretty white gloves and wicker basket as she threw lilac flowers all down the aisle as she walked to the front. She met Mulder's eyes and he smiled and winked at her. She smiled back shyly as she reached the front of the church. After Ellen made her way to the alter, the back doors closed again as the organist began to play "The Bridal March" Mulder took a deep breath.

The double doors opened again and the entire congregation rose and looked towards the back of the church. Scully appeared on the arm of Skinner, a grin on her face. Skinner gave her hand a delicate pat and they began their walk up the aisle. Mulder was unable to drag his eyes away from Scully as she made her way to him. The partners locked gazes and suddenly everyone else in the room faded away as they stared into the others eyes.

It seemed like an eternity, to Mulder, for Scully to get to him, but when she did the priest spoke clearly, "Who gives this woman in marriage?"

"I do," Skinner said handing Scully into the arms of Mulder. Scully locked her arm through Mulder's and he put his hand on hers as they stood before the priest.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to unite this man and this woman in the holy bond of matrimony. Fox William Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully have chosen to make their bond here amongst friends and family. Now, I believe Fox and Dana have written their own vows. Dana would you recite your vows.."

Mulder and Scully turned to face each other and Scully gripped his hands tightly as she gazed into his beautiful eyes, "Fox Mulder, never would I have thought I would be so lucky as to find someone as perfect as you. You've always been there for me, as more than a lover, but as my best friend. I look forward to our lives together with Emily and Megan, our precious daughters. I also am so blessed to becoming your wife. I love you so very much my favorite g- man."

Scully felt a tear slide down her cheek and Mulder reached to brush it away as before reciting his vows, "Dana Katherine, words could not describe how much you mean to me. You are my constant touchstone and best friend. You are the mother of my children and love of my life. I solemnly vow, before all our friends and family, to take the best of care of you for the rest of our lives and to love you for as long as we both shall live. I love you so much g-woman."

A few sniffles could be heard throughout the church, as Mulder and Scully still gazed into each others eyes. Their gazes broke when the priest say, "And now the rings.."

A few seconds went by and Mulder eventually turned to look at Megan, "Honey, the rings."

Megan grinned and then toddled over between her parents and presented the pillow to them. They bent down and kissed her cheek as the picked up their respective rings before she toddled back in place.

"Now Dana, take Fox's left and hand and repeat after me as you put on the ring-with this ring I thee wed."

Scully smiled as she took Mulder's left hand and placed the ring on his fourth finger, "With this ring I thee wed." The ring easily slid on his finger.

"Now Fox repeat after me-with this ring I thee wed."

Mulder took Scully's hand and smiled down at his partner and he said, "With this ring I thee wed."

Now as Mulder and Scully continue to hold hands and stare intently into one another's eyes the priest said. "Now by the power invested in me and the witness of God I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Mulder grinned and wagged his eyebrows at Scully as he lifted her veil. She just smiled rolled her eyes as he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. The audience applauded as Mulder and Scully walked out hand in hand.

Not far behind were two very happy girls. They were so happy for their parents. Hand in hand, Megan and Emily walked out of the church in search of their mommy and daddy. Everything was going to be okay now.


Hope that you enjoyed it! It is only my second fic...


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