Title: Jessica
Author: Allison Potty
Rating: PG13
Keywords: MSR/angst
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Maggie Scully don't belong to me. They belong to FOX, 1013, and CC. I know they are very greedy little guys but I still can't stop writing. Monica belongs to me. Talk to me if want to use her. I'll give you the rundown of her character if you ask nicely.

Summary: Scully finds yet another part of her that she never knew existed.

Notes: Thanks to Mr.Tozer, my English teacher. By being bored in his class I was able to write this.

She stood outside his apartment door. Afraid. Afraid of what she might find on the other side, afraid her lips would betray the reason why she stood there every night since the day. Every night she turned away frustrated with herself but this time she was there with something other then love holding down her heart.

Her knuckles hit the door in three weak knocks. And then she fell quiet, straining her ears to hear his movements within the apartment. The very familiar footsteps approached the door and he answered. His normally green eyes where clouded over so they looked brown. His usually slightly messy hair was all over the place as if he'd just gotten up. A small lopsided smile crossed his face when she saw who had knocked at his door.

"Dana?" he asked gently and stepped back so that she could enter the apartment. She crossed to the couch where she could feel his warmth through her cloths, when she sat. He pulled the lounge chair over to the couch. His hand came to rest on her knee and after a few minutes he stuck a finger under her chin and gently tugged her head up, so she would look him in the eye. But before she raised her eyes she whispered something so quietly he almost didn't hear it. Almost.

"She's gone." The hard as steel eyes broke under his stare, and her mask dropped right in front of his eyes. The fiery red hair now had a softer coppery color. Her make-up free face made her look so much younger.

The finger became a hand and he cupped her cheek. The tears started then, cascading down her face as she desperately tried to control her emotions.

It might be better to start form the beginning. About how Agent Mulder and Agent Scully had begun to grow closer then ever before. It all started with a late night phone call, and it wasn't any ordinary phone call.

"Scully," out of habit she answered with her last name. She expected Mulder to respond with some kind of "hey sexy" or "Sorry, was trying to reach 1-900-redhead". One day she wanted to get a caller ID and when it was Mulder she would answer the phone moaning, just to freak him out.

"Agent Scully, I have some important information for you." The voice was deep and rich, Scully was on full alert. The voice wasn't recognizable, and Mulder wouldn't play a joke like this. "Get on a plane and Fly to Orlando international in Florida. Meet flight number 168 at three o'clock."

"Who is this?"

"That's not important. You will understand when you meet that plane."

Scully hung up the phone. She sat staring at it for a moment. The radio she had tuned to the local station was playing a remix of a song the red-hot chili peppers did.

I don't ever wanna feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way I don't ever wanna feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way

That sure described how she still felt about Emily. Maybe this was information about what happened to her. Or to Samantha. Without knowing it she'd picked up the phone and dialed it. She knew that number so well she could do it in her sleep.

"Mulder." He must have been asleep. His voice was so groggy.

"It's me. I have to go to Miami. I'm letting you know so you wouldn't worry."

"Scully, Why are you going to Miami?" She sighed. She knew if she told Mulder why, she would find a way to talk herself out of it.

"I just have too. I'm ditching you Mulder, deal with it." She hung up the phone, grabbed her keys and left. She should call her mother but she had to rush.

"I just have too. I'm ditching you Mulder, deal with it." He stared at the phone.

"Shit." He grabbed his shoes and jacket. He took his keys of the table and left his apartment. He climbed into his car and drove to the airport. He didn't know quite why Scully was going to Miami on the spur of the moment and that upset him. Scully wasn't that unpredictable and he didn't want to think that Scully was becoming unpredictable.

She'd been acting different ever since Emily had died. She'd stopped sharing stuff with him. He had thought that they had become closer ever since he'd almost lost her, he'd been more open with feelings but that only made her crawl into herself more, and when Emily died she stopped joking with him after work.

He shook his head. Asking he to marry him had been a mistake, a spur of the moment mistake. He had wanted to ask her if she want him to come up but the words "Marry Me" had escaped instead. If she'd said yes that would have really freaked him out.

"Ticket?" the blonde flight attendant said, flicking her head in a flirt with the handsome pilot. Scully felt as if she would throw up at the site. But she just handed her ticket over.

She found her seat, without the help of the blonde bimbo at the front of the plane. She settled back, ignoring the cries of the two babies on board. She felt her chair move as the person sat in the chair next to her. She ignored as the stupid bimbo's explained where the exit's where and how to buckle your seat belt.

She knew full well who sat beside her. But she wasn't ready to open her eyes and face the questions. Hell, right now she felt like killing the blonde at the front of the plane. She sighted, she didn't really understand why her mood had gotten so bad. Probably the fact that she was chasing a hunch, something Mulder would do. Speaking of Mulder, he hadn't said a word, and now his hand rested on hers so he definitely wanted to talk.


"Scully, when you want to ditch someone, you don't tell them where you're going. Defeats the purpose. So?why are we catching the red-eye to Miami?" She turned to face him as the plane lifted off, and told him about the phone call.

"Dana Scully? Is Dana Scully here?" A tall black haired woman held a little redhead's hand. The little girl was strangling a tiny teddy bear.

"Here!" Dana jogged up to the woman. Mulder stopped behind Scully.

"Dana Scully?" The woman asked. Scully pulled out her badge and showed it to the woman. The black haired woman patted the girl's head and walked away without a goodbye. Scully starred amazed at the little eight-year-old in front of her. Mulder rested a hand on the small of her back and Scully silently thanked him.

"Are you my Mommy?" the little girl's brown eyes poked out at her from behind the tear bear. Dana crouched down and took the little girls hand. Something told Scully what to say and she didn't disobey.

"Yes, sweetheart." The little girl smiled and hugged Scully. Dana hugged the girl so hard she felt as thought she would pop her. Dana let go and Smiled up at Mulder. He crouched down and patted Scully's hand.

"Hey little girl-"

"I'm not little!" she made a face at him and he smiled.

"I'm so sorry miss. I would like to humbly request the honor of you name." The child stood up strait and smiled at him.


"Wow. You have such a lovely name Jessica. Would you like to go for a ride?" Scully stared at Mulder, dumbfounded. He was so good with kids it was scary. He picked up Jessica and helped her climb on his shoulders.

They walked down the halls of the airport. Mulder eventually put Jessica down. When he did he took Dana's hand. She looked at him a second but let it slide because she could really use his support at that moment.

"I'm hungry, and I have to use the bathroom." Jessica said so the stopped at a Burger King in the food section and had lunch. Jessica excused herself and denied help form Scully.

Scully turned to Mulder, she said nothing but he opened his arms and dragged her into a hug. She took a shaky breath and said, "Do you think this is real? Would they do it again, just to break me?"

"Why don't we take her home? You can run a DNA there." She nodded but didn't move from his arms. When she did it was reluctantly, and she kept a tight hand on his. For at that moment, Mulder was her rock, her familiar point in this crazy world.

"Jessica," the little girl had returned, "We are going to get on another plane. This one is going to take you home to Washington with us."

The girl nodded, they finished their meals and bought tickets of the earliest returning flight to Washington DC.

On the returning flight, Jessica slept while Mulder and Scully worried about her. They both knew that she could be taken away at any given moment. Scully didn't let go of Mulder's hand the whole flight. When they landed both Mulder and Scully decided to go straight back to Scully's apartment. She had already offered him the spare bedroom of her apartment.

"My car's over there-" The shot's rang out. Mulder pulled Scully under him and they hit the deck. Scully had grabbed Jessica's hand and dragged her under her body, to protect her from the bullets. Both agent's whipped out their guns, searching for where the shot's where coming from. One grazed Scully's ear, but she didn't feel it. Another shot rang out and a woman in front of Scully fell with a scream. Two more shots hit the ground in front of Mulder.

"They're aiming for us!" Mulder yelled as a man beside Scull fell, bullet wound all to obvious in his head. Scully searched the rooftop.

"There!" she yelled and pulled off three shots from her gun. The air took on a deathly eerie quiet. Scully still held her gun up, afraid that the guy was just reloading. But after a minute of two she heard Mulder's voice. She let out a breath not realizing she was holding it.

"Scully?" His voice was strong but after 6 years she could hear the littlest of a waver in his voice. She lowered her gun and slipped it back in its holster.

"Fine. You?" She turned to look at him and his eye's went wide.

"Jesus Scully. He took a piece of cloth out of his pocket and dabbed the top of her ear. He pulled it back and inspected the top of her ear.

"When did you become a doctor?" She asked playfully.

"Must have rubbed of from you." He smiled. "Not even bleeding anymore."

A sound at Scully's side mad her turn. Jessica wasn't moving, she was gasping for air. The bullet wound obvious in the girl's chest. "Jessica?" The girl didn't respond.

"Mulder, give me your tie and call 911." Mulder took off his jacket and tie and handed them to Scully. She quickly made a quick bandage. It wasn't long before the EMT's arrived. They quickly ran over the girl's body and then got her onto a stretcher. Scully kissed Mulder a quick goodbye on the lips and climbed into the ambulance.

Mulder stood for a second, amazed. An officer tapped his shoulder, making him jump slightly. Mulder, who had just been jolted back into reality, started for his car, Only to be stopped by a hand on his arm. "Let go of me!" He yanked away his arm.

"I have a number of people that say you and that woman where the only one's with gun's out." Mulder whipped out his badge. The cop was already trying his patience by detaining him from going to the hospital.

"I was resolving the situation," Mulder growled.

"I'm sure you were, Agent Mulder." The little fat man hooked his thumbs through his belt loops. Mulder grabbed the man's arm and dragged him away form the growing crowd.

"Look, you don't want to know what I know. You don't want them after you too." The short fat man gave Mulder a confused look and said, "What are you talking about?"

"Just walk away. Don't ask any questions. I was just some guy that snapped and started picking people off at an airport. You don't want the problems I've got to deal with every fuck minute. Make them believe a lie." Mulder turned and left the dumbfounded cop staring after him. Mulder climbed in his car, started it, and drove away.

Scully held Jessica's hand. Her cell phone whirred in her pocket, she pulled it out and hit the send button.

"Mulder?" she asked breathlessly hoping it was Mulder.

"Wow. You sound desperate Dana. What's up?" Monica's musical voice floated over the line, the sound of loud Big Band music in the background.

"Monica! Where the hell have you been?" Scully almost screamed into the phone but settled for a stern voice.

"I was looking for something." He voice trailed of as something distracted her. "I hear siren's, what's going on?"

"I'm on my way to St. Peter's Medical Center-"

"WHAT?! Are you?" she took a deep breath, realizing that it Scully was hurt she wouldn't be talking. "Dana, is Mulder?"

"No, we're fine. It's a long story. Look we're almost there-" Scully felt a pang of jealousy that Monica was so worried about Mulder. Monica and Mulder had gotten closer then ever before of the past weeks. Scully really couldn't blame them. Monica had gone through a rough time when she'd lost Brian and it was only natural for her to cling to the man she was closest to in her life. She was jealous of the special bond that Monica and Mulder shared.

"I'm not more then a block away, see you in a few." Scully could already hear the horn blowing through the phone. The line went dead and Scully closed up her phone. The ambulance came to a stop and Scully hopped out with the stretcher. She followed beside it all the way into the ER room.

"We've got an 8-year-old gunshot wound victim. The entry wound is in the chest." The EMT rattled off the words as if this was just another child, Scully wanted to strangle her. "Some guy with a gun went to the local airport and decided to pick people off."

"Jessica? Come on Jessica talk to me." Scully looked around, wondering who had known Jessica's name. Until she realized that she was the one pleading to Jessica to talk to her. One of the nurse's turned to block her entry as they pulled Jessica into the ER room.

"I'm sorry miss but you'll have to wait out side," the woman said.

"I'm her mother," Scully said trying to get around the woman.

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait out here."

"I'm a doctor!" Scully yelled at the woman. Suddenly a pair of hands where on her shoulders, pulling he backwards. Scully looked over he should and saw Monica was the one pulling her towards the waiting area. Scully stopped trying to fight and let herself be pulled backwards. Scully leaned against her friend weak form worry.

"This must be hell for him," Scully said quietly. Monica looked at her a little quizzically. "Waiting to see if I would survive all those times. And then again so many times for you."

"What are you talking about 'for me'?" Monica asked.

"I put him through hell all those times and then he want through it again with you."

"Dana, I know he cares about me but not more then he does for you. I'm sure he would be hurt if I died but not as much as long a he had you." Scully her shook her head.

"He loves you, he'd die if her lost you Monica." Monica smiled slightly.

"I think your confused Dana. I do have a close bond with him, but mine could be easily severed. You're the one he loves. And you love him back, and I know you're jealous of what has developed between him and me. But I promise you that there is no way Mulder and I could get closer then you and him." Scully shook her head.

"He doesn't love me." Monica took her friends hand in hers and closer her eyes.

"I read this one day that I was talking to him, you guys should learn to hide your thoughts better." Monica replayed the conversation she heard in Mulder's head that day.

'I'm going to have to tell her one day. I can't just tell her that I love her. What if they close the X-Files again? What will I do if they separate us again?' Monica opened her eyes, and looked at Scully. "And you're think along the same lines now. Man are you guys oblivious." Scully sighed. It wasn't long until a nurse came out into the waiting room to let them know that Jessica had been taken up to surgery.

Monica and Scully then started the long agonizing wait over again in a different waiting room. Scully leaned against her friend, enjoying the company. She heard the wonderfully familiar sound of Mulder's feet and he jogged down the corridor and ran right into the waiting room. Scully stood and he jogged over to her. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her fiercely.

"I'm going to go get some food and then go home. She'll probably be in surgery for a while. You going to call you're mom Dana?" Dana nodded.

"Eventually. Go home, get some sleep. I'll be fine if Mulder's here." Monica nodded.

"You just remember what I told you ok? Bye guys, call me if her situation changes." They both agreed and Monica went home, knowing that somehow a lot of good was going to come out of this. She looked to the sky and smiled. "It's starting."

After what seemed like hours a doctor came out to talk to them.

"The surgery was really touch and go and she's still in that stage. We've moved her into the ICU so you can visit her. I know you're both FBI agents and you'll use the badges to get past the ordinary rules of the hospital, so I told the staff you where allowed to stay after hours. I understand what you're going through and if it was my kid I wouldn't want to leave either."

They both sat beside the bed. They stayed there for two days. Not leaving except to go home, show and eat. There was no change in her condition. Monica stopped by every once and a while with some food or just to see how Jessica was doing. Mulder hardly slept and Scully got less then him.

"Mulder, go home." He looked at Scully confused. "You need some sleep and so do I. She hasn't woken up or anything for two days, I'm sure she won't while we're home asleep."

He nodded and kissed the top of her head as he left. She didn't follow him, and he knew she wouldn't. She just wanted time with the daughter she didn't know before she had to give her up. So he went home. He took a quick shower and collapsed.

He had no idea that at that very moment Jessica's heart was stopping and Scully was panicking. He had no idea that across town his daughter was pronounced dead, and he had no idea that Scully was driving over to his apartment at that very moment, blinded by her own tears.


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