Title: Dear Mom and Dad...
Author: Steph
Category: MSR, William POV.
Rating: G
Spoilers: William
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Summary: 12-year-old William writes a letter to his mom and dad.

Mom & Dad,

I've wanted to write to you for a long time. I wish I could, however I have no address to send it to. I have tried many times to trace the packages and cards you have sent to me over the years. I understand why you did the things you did, and why it is not safe for me to contact you. I so very much wish I could. I'd give anything to meet you, to be with you. I know I may never be able to send this letter, but they told me it would help to write it down. Get it out of my system.

As I'm sure you know that I am 12 now. I look so much like the both of you. Aunt Monica says I have your eyes, Mom. She says I have dad's nose, and his temper. I wish I could send you a picture. Do you know what I look like? Do you know how I do in school, and what sports I play? Do you know what my first word was, when I took my first step, and how I lost my first tooth? It's not fair that I don't get to be with you. My adoptive parents are good to me, but they arent you. Aunt Monica and Uncle John have told me so many stories about you. I have written every one down, so I can go back and read it anytime I want. So I can never forget.

Will it ever be safe? Every day I ask that question. One day will you show up here, and take me home with you? Uncle Skinner keeps telling me that one day that day will come. He tells me that you are both safe, but I don't think he really knows for sure either. I know only from the mysterious packages that show up every now and then. I talk to him a lot; he really understands the way I feel. I usually go to him when I am really upset, and he always tells me a story to make me smile. You really got in trouble a lot, Dad. He says Mom was always saving you...getting you out of trouble.

Is that still the way it is now? Are you both safe? What kind of place do you live in? Do you stay in one place now, or are you constantly moving? Can't you even call me? I'd love to hear your voices. Sometimes in my dreams...I can hear you. I don't know if its memories from when I was little, I didn't think you could remember back that far. Sometimes it's you, Mom, singing to me. Other times I hear Dad, telling me that he has to go for a little, but that he loves me very much, and will be back as soon as he can. Other dreams I just hear two voices, crying...upset.

Are these memories? If so...did Dad leave before?

If he left, and was able to come back for you Mom, maybe one day you can both come back for me. Come take me with you, I don't care where we go.

I wanted to tell you a little about myself, incase you don't know. Uncle Skinner tells me you do know, and that you watch over me all the time. I do okay in school I guess. I could probably do better; I just don't feel like it. My favorite subject is Science, that's what I'm good at. Mom, they all tell me you'd be proud. Uncle Skinner tells me I come from the best.

He says I can't join the FBI, he won't let me. I'm not sure just what I want to do, but I was thinking about maybe becoming a doctor. He told me that whatever I do, I will be the best at. Says I have good genes. I've been playing on the school's basketball team since 4th grade. I'm taller than most of the kids in my class, so that makes me pretty good. They tell me I get that from you, Dad...love for basketball, and my height. I wish you could be here to teach me how to play. Uncle John tried, but I learn a lot watching The Knicks. I'm also on the track team, and I love to read. We have a dog, a Lab named Fox. We go jogging everyday through the park. I was racking leaves over the Fall for some money. As soon as the pool opens up, I think I'm going to try and become a lifeguard there. I'll be 13 soon!

For my last birthday, Grandma gave me this cross necklace. She told me you both wear one like it. She said she bought one for you, Mom...and that you got Dad his. I never take it off; it helps me feel connected to you. It's hard to talk to Grandma. Unless she talks to me first, I don't talk to her about you. She always gets so sad. I hate to make her cry. But sometimes she's okay, and she tells me stories too...stories about when Mom was little, and about Aunt Melissa and Uncle Bill. I see him sometimes too; he has a son a little older than me. Uncle Bill always seems a little distant, but he's always nice to me. Every time he gets a little better. They all miss you both so much. So do I. I have a framed picture from your wedding sitting beside my bed. You both look so happy. I hope you still are.

I hope you don't feel bad about this, I know you did what was best for me. You gave me the chance for a normal life, as much as it had to hurt the both of you. I've had my normal life now. Please come back for me. I know you will, when the time is right. When everything is safe. Then we can be a family again, the three of us. I can't wait. I love you both so much. Take care, stay safe, and I will see you. Someday. I love you.

Your Son Always,

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