Title: Being Young I: Two Families
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: G  
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Being Young: Two Families

May 1962: Chilmark, Massachusetts...

The baby looked above his surroundings and saw only the darkness around him.

The feeling of an empty stomach and the wetness below his waist caused a pout to develop on his young face. The fresh tears burst out as his voice echoed throughout the room he was in.

Only involved in his discomfort and frustration, the baby did not hear the door opening to his room or the footsteps that brought a large figure that stood over the crib where baby lay crying.

The hushing sounds of a soft voice did not stop the baby from wailing. Even as the huge arms encased the baby in a warm and comfortable embrace did not stop him from the demands he was making.

"Shhh... little one." A gentle hand brushed across the baby's face wiping the tears away. Still the baby remained crying, and searched the air with his mouth sucking.

A second figure entered the room, and stretched her arms wanting to hold her baby.

"He doesn't seem to want to stop crying..." The man gave the baby to the woman.

"That's because he's hungry..." The woman said." Why don't you go and warm a bottle for Fox? They're on the top shelf in the refrigerator."

Nodding his head, the man left the room as Teena Mulder moved to the changing table and placed her son upon it. Popping a pacifier into Fox's mouth, it calmed the baby for the moment and allowed his mother to clean him.

Fox Mulder watched and listened to his mother. Her presence had been smoothing for the baby, but still his stomach ached with hunger and found nothing in the nipple that rested in his mouth.

Shaking his arms, Fox began to wail around the pacifier the moment his mother finished dressing him.

Back in his mother's arms, Teena tried to coo Fox when she looked up and saw the father of her baby walk back into the room holding a baby bottle.

"I hope it's not too hot..." He handed Teena the bottle.

Testing the milk with a few droplets on her wrist, Teena smiled at her love." It's perfect. Thank you."

Fox's crying ceased the moment the nipple went into his mouth, and the warm flavor of the milk caused him to suck hard on it.

Both his parents watched him as Fox watched them back. All three of them seemed to form a tight circle among them. A chain that would forever link them together and would remain unbreakable even from the man that suddenly walked into the room.

"So there you are..." Bill Mulder called out to his friend." I was wondering where you were?"

"Oh... I heard the baby crying and thought I could be of help to Teena..." The man smiled nervously at Bill.

"Well... She seems to have everything under control... Come on, we have to talk..." Bill Mulder placed his hand on his friend's shoulder and led him out of the room...

May 1962: A Hospital...

Maggie Scully rested on the hospital bed and watched the two nurses enter the room she was staying in.

A smile came across her face when one of the nurses placed her newborn daughter into her arms as the other nurse carried another newborn up to the bed.

"Do you think you can handle them both?" The nurse asked.

"Of course I can..." Maggie reached out for her newborn son.

Once the babies were secure in their mother's embrace, Maggie studied them both.

Her first children, both a boy and a girl made Maggie feel so blessed. Her only regret was that her husband Bill could not have witnessed the birth of their twins, an act that was unheard of in modern society. Yet he had been attended to her and stayed as long as he could until they took her to the delivery room.

The look of joy when he finally saw his daughter and son caused his stern face to crack and tears rolled down.

It was easy to choose a name for their son, Maggie had wanted to call her daughter Dana after her grandmother but her husband Bill convinced her that the best name for their little girl was Melissa.

Giving each of them a kiss on top of their heads, Maggie chose not to worry about the condition that the world was in.

Knowing she would do her best to give both William, Jr. and Melissa Scully the best home that she could...

Chilmark, Massachusetts...

He sat and watched Teena Mulder play with their baby.

The giggles coming from his son brought a smile to him that would disappear every time he faced Bill Mulder.

He hated Bill Mulder.

He hated him more than any other person in the world.

Bill had his love and now he had his son. His child would not have his last name. His child would not recognize him as his father.

Still, he wanted to be there for his son. Knowing that the name given to him was more special then the last name Bill Mulder gave to the boy.


The boy most likely would hate the name and be teased by the other children. Still, it was a great name. It was a name of originality and a special meaning to his father.

He wondered if there would ever be a day that he could tell Fox this?

It wasn't that the name meant anything dramatic to the world or to the Project that he and Bill Mulder were in.

It was a part of his life and a part of his character. He was given the name by the nun whom he loved when he was a boy in the orphanage. His charming personality saved him from many spankings that he deserved.

"You're as sly as a fox..." The nun told him and the name stayed with him until the day he left the orphanage.

It was a name that he cherished and only told to one other person who eventually gave the name to their son.

Watching the sunlight disappear from the sky, the darkness would soon cause him to leave for the night. He was unsure when he would again see his family that was a secret to the world and most of all to Bill Mulder.

"...I've been thinking about buying some property in Rhode Island... a place called Quonochontaug." Bill Mulder told his friend as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"That's quite a mouthful." He smiled.

"It's beautiful. There are homes near the lake. A chance for you and I to go water skiing. And when Fox is older... you and I can both teach him."

"Yes... That would be fun." He turned again away from Bill and watched Teena carry Fox back into the house.

Letting out a sigh, he told a deep puff of his cigarette and let the smoke free from his mouth slow as it drifted high and dissipated into the sky.

"It would be fun indeed..." The man smiled...

The End

Author's Notes: Once again, I choose to change history only because there is no history to base this on. After reading the comments from the website 'Deep Background' on the Scully family, I do agree that the chance of Bill, Jr. and Melissa Scully being twins sounds more reasonable then having poor Maggie pregnant right after each child is born. Also there is the date of the marriage between Maggie and Bill Scully, Sr. that does not match the birth year that is stated on the headstone of Melissa Scully's grave that she was born in 1962. But let's not worry about that.

Since I have never made any mention of Bill and Melissa being or not being twins, this will not affect any of the stories I have written.

Title: Being Young II: Home
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of ChrisCarter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

February 20th 1964...

Two-year-old Fox Mulder came screaming through the front door of his grandmother's house.

Dashing up to the first arms that welcomed him, Eleanor Kuipers gave a big hug to her grandson who giggled with delight.

"NANA!! NANA!!" Fox squealed.

"Oh, Fox! Nana's so happy to see you!!" Eleanor patted his rump but frowned when she felt the extra padding underneath his clothing." Teena, I can't believe you still have him in diapers!"

Walking in after her son, Teena merely shook her head. "Well, hello to you too, Mother..."

"Oh, Teena..." Her mother gave her a hug. "I'm so happy to see you, my dear..."

"So am I, Mom..."

"Me too!" Fox looked up between two towering women and tried to get his mother's attention by pulling hard on her coat. "ME!!" He jumped up and down.

"Fox..." Teena lifted her fussing toddler. "He's been nothing but a ball of energy since we left home..."

Teena stopped and let out a huge sigh. There was more to that meaning then she had expected, and felt her mother's hand rest on her shoulder to give comfort.

Patting his mother's cheek with his tiny hand, Fox seemed not to notice the sadness that was painted on her face. The normally shy child was excited to be here. A short memory of a few months ago when they visited for Christmas, Fox stood in front of the Christmas tree with the other children pointing to each of the presents. Fascinated by the color lights that were on the tree, though Fox could not see the red and green colors, the blue light near his eye-level became a great interest to put in his mouth. His father had been there in time to stop him from doing it.

"Mama..." Fox nestled his head into her neck.

Hearing the front door opening again, Frank Kuipers came walking in carrying one of his daughter's suitcases.

"Got one more bag to bring in, sweetie..."

"Daddy, why don't you leave them... Isn't Carl here to help?" Teena turned to her father.

"He's still at work, Teena..." Her mother answered. "Your father can handle it... Come on, dear... I'm sure you and Fox must be tired."

"A little... I need to change Fox first..."

"Teena... he should be using the potty by now." Her mother scolded her.

"No potty!!" Fox turned to his grandmother and gave her a frowning look...

A Few Hours Later...

Fox Mulder opened his eyes to a familiar sound of his mother crying.

Lifting his body to a sitting position, Fox stared with his sleepy eyes toward his mother who had her back to him.

Teena Mulder faced the window but did not see the world in front of her.

Lost in the thought of what she felt in her heart, Teena hope coming to her parents' home would ease the sadness she had inside of her. Yet the suffering from the abuse her husband Bill brought upon her and her son haunted her consciousness.

Though he had never raised his hand against her, Bill's words were shaper than any pain that would be inflicted upon the body.

His drunken behavior was enough for Teena to pack her bags and take her child out of the house that Bill rage through last night.

Disturbed by the work he did for the government, he held tight to the glass of Scotch he poured himself and sat on his favorite armchair. His eyes shut tight, he didn't bother noticing his son Fox walking slowly up to him.

The two-year-old seemed fascinated by the position his father placed himself in. Normally frightened of the man, Fox walked up and touched Bill on the knee.


Bill's eyes slowly opened and stared at the little boy who seemed waiting for something to happen.

Reaching out with his one hand, Bill approached Fox's face and gently with two of his fingers pressed his son's nose.

"I got your nose!" Bill smiled as he pulled his hand away.

At first Fox pressed his brow together. Uncertain of what his father had just done, but the smile that was on Bill's face was enough to cause the little boy to grin and giggle.

For a short while Bill seemed at ease with his two-year-old, playing with him had lifted Bill's spirit.

It wasn't until the late evening that Teena awakened to the sounds of glass breaking and the booming voice of her husband cursing the life he was trapped in.

Digging deeper into the covers, Teena tried to disappear but the cries of her baby brought out the courage in her to go to him.

Teena moved across the hallway, trying to avoid her husband's glare as he continued his tirade against the world.

When she opened the door to her son's room, she found him standing at the far end of his crib screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Fox... Fox..." Teena reached out.

Hearing his mother, Fox, blinded by his tears and the darkness of the room, followed her voice to her arms. Teena lifted her baby out of the crib and tried to calm him. Yet Bill's shouting terrified Fox as he tried to hide more against his mother.

Afraid that her husband would come after them, Teena hid in the closet with Fox and prayed that Bill would not find them.

Once the house grew quiet, Teena left her sleeping son in his room and found her husband passed out around the destruction he had caused.

Teena saw him now for what he was... a drunk, a fool and a man she did not love.

Teena placed her hands on her face and fought the tears that wanted to escape. She could not take this anymore. Not with the danger Bill posed for her and her child if was to turn his rage against them instead the furniture. It was enough of the verbal abuse he inflicted upon her but she was ashamed for allowing the abuse of words to move on to her son.

There was too much for her to risk, not only her life but her baby's life as well.

Moving quickly before she lost her nerves, Teena packed two suitcases with enough clothes for her and her baby. Once they were dressed, Teena drove to the airport on the island and brought a ticket to take them away.

Calling her parents once she arrived in Boston, her mother did not question her motives but assured her that her father would come to the airport to pick both her and Fox up.

"Momma!!" Teena turned and saw her two-year-old sitting on the bed with his hair in a mess and a tired look on his face. "Momma..." Fox stretched out his arms to her.

Wiping her tears away, Teena took her son into her arms and hugged him tight. Fox in turn buried his face into the side of her neck, feeling safe within her embrace.

Rocking him gently side to side, Teena knew eventually she would have to make a choice on her life but for now the life she held in her arms was all that matter to her...

The End

Title: Being Young III: A New Heart
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: G Archive: Please don't archive on any site without permission from the author.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Being Young: A New Heart

March 1st 1964...

Twenty-one-month-old Bill Scully, Jr. cried for his mother.

Not having been able to find her, the toddler's sense of time had not been developed but the missing presence of his mother, the child would notice a few times during the days she was gone.

With a few relatives caring for Bill and his twin sister Melissa, both children were a handful and a delight. Though Bill, Jr. spoiled habits were at times trying, Melissa's sweet nature seemed to balance out the two personalities that the adults adored.

In between all of this, the father of the twins, Bill Scully, Sr. spent more time rushing in and out of the house that the babies saw him more as a blur than the actual figure.

It had been an event that their age would not allow them to remember, or to even take notice of the size and shape their mother blossomed over the last few months to where a frustrated Bill, Jr. was deny his mother's arms to carry him.

Both babies were asleep when their parents left the house a few days ago and when the twins awakened it was Bill who cried endless for his mother.

Now marching around the house calling for his 'Mama', Bill, Jr. stopped in front of the room that belonged to his parents.

Seeing the bed that Bill, Jr. slept on many times with his mother, he rushed in to the room expecting to find her there.

The bed was empty but the bassinet next to it now had Bill's interested.

Unable to see inside of it, the bassinet held a fascination to the chubby toddler as he reached out to touch one of the bows that decorated it.

Yanking hard on the bow until he pulled it off, Bill studied it for a moment as he absorbed the pink color that was now in his hands. With the few teeth he had Bill smiled and then shoved the bow into his mouth.

Sucking and chewing, Bill found the flavor of the bow not to his liking. He took the wet and ruined ribbon out of his mouth and threw it on the floor to stomp on it.

He verbally complained out loud in a language only a baby would know until his auntie found him and became very cross with him.

"Naughty Bill." Auntie took him into her arms." Look what you did to the baby's bassinet!"

The toddler wailed loud and tried to squeeze free of the large woman's grip but Bill won his freedom only to be put in a prison of bars and toys all around him.

Being force back into the playpen, Bill took the first thing he could find and threw the stuffed toy bear against the bars as his auntie walked away.

Without his mother or his sister, Bill cried loud and pitiful but no adult seemed interest in coming to his aid.

Being alone made him to feel misery...

Being misery made him angry...

And being angry made him want to lash out as any child his age would.

Taking another toy in his hand, Bill threw it over the bars of the playpen as he engaged into a full-fledged tantrum.

Using all his energy to scream, crying and threw anything he could find out of the playpen, Bill's face turned beet red and monstrous.

When he could find nothing else to throw, Bill threw himself on the ground as he kicked and screamed again to the injustice that was done to him.

He kept on bawling until he felt a soft thing landed on his stomach.

Taking the teddy bear he had just thrown out of the playpen, Bill held it to his face and looked at it with through his tear-ridden eyes.

It was when he heard the giggles that he looked up to see his sister Melissa staring at him on the other side of the playpen.

"Mill!!" Melissa called to her brother Bill.

Still feeling angry and hurt, Bill's pouting lips faced his sister and tossed the teddy bear out of the playpen again.

Squealing with delight, Melissa dashed on her toddler legs to the discarded bear and hurled it over the bars again.

Bill lifted the bear and tossed it out again only to have Melissa threw it back in again.

Back and forward it went with the brother and sister playing with the toy bear that made Bill happy again.

The sudden stomping of large feet came rushing into the living room that scared both babies as their aunties and other adults came into the room.

"They're coming!! They're coming!! Quickly, pick up all the toys on the floor! Naughty Bill, you did this, didn't you?" His auntie lifted him out of the playpen as one of the other women tossed the toys back into the pen.

"Your Mommie's coming! Do you see her? Your Mommie's coming!" Auntie took Bill to the large window in the front to see a familiar car in the driveway and an even more familiar form of his mother walking up the pathway.

Both Bill and Melissa squealed with delight at their mother. Bill again tried to squeeze out of his auntie's arms but the foul woman would not let him go even as they heard the front door open and saw his mother walk through.

"Maggie!! Maggie!!" She was greeted by the family that circled around her and the bundle that she carried in her arms. Behind her, Bill Scully, Sr. carried the small suitcase that his wife used while she was at the hospital.

The grin on his face, told how proud he was feeling about the new addition to his family.

Bill, Jr. was immediately put down on the floor as his auntie pushed her way through the crowd that adored the baby.

"Let us see her, Maggie!! Oh, my... she looks just like you!! She is a darling... Look how tiny she is... just like a living doll!! She's precious!!" The women around them expressed themselves over and over again.

Trying to move close to their mother, Bill, Jr. and Melissa were forced back as the crowd of women moved out of the way for Maggie and her husband to sit on the couch.

"Where is Billy and Melissa?" Maggie asked over the family.

"They're over here, Maggie... Come on you two... Your Mommie wants to see you both... Hurry!! Hurry!!" Auntie pushed them forward.

Both babies screamed with joy at the sight of their mother and ran to her side.

Bill, Sr. lifted his daughter Melissa and placed her on his lap. Bill, Jr. moved to the other side where his mother sat and managed to climb onto the couch without any help.

"MAMA!!!" Both babies squealed at the same time.

Bill, Jr. was so excited to have his mother back but when he tried to sit on her lap he found an annoying pink blanket that was in his way.

Giving a frown toward it, Bill, Jr. tried to push it off his mother's lap.

"No, Billy, no..." Maggie took his hand." This is your new sister, Dana...."

Maggie pulled back the blanket more to reveal a tiny newborn under the covers. The chubby face produced a wide yawn that caused her big brother's eyes to grow large.

"Babe..." Melissa pointed to her new sister.

"That's right, honey... That's Dana... your new baby sister..." Bill, Sr. said proudly.

Bill, Jr. stared at the baby. Not sure what to make of it, he watched the other adults around them fuss over the strange thing in the blanket and even his sister seemed more interested in it than he was.

That night, Bill, Jr. woke to the sound of a baby crying.

He rose to a sitting position and heard his mother's voice talking on the other side of the door.

"MAMA!! MAMA!!" Bill, Jr. cried out, feeling wet and uncomfortable." MAMA!!"

When the door opened, he had expected to see his mother but the person who stood over his crib was his auntie who hushed him to be quiet.

Lifting him out of his crib to care for him, he put up a struggle. Calling still for his mama, Bill, Jr. looked over his auntie's shoulder and saw his mother walking past his room as she held the pink blanket in her arms again.

Bill, Jr. frowned even more.

He didn't like that pink blanket at all...

The End

Title: Being Young IV: Choices
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: R Archive: Please don't archive on any site without permission from the author.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Two-year-old Fox Mulder tried his best to stay up with his older cousins.

Still running with his baby legs and moving through the inches of snow, Fox screamed with frustration at being left behind by the other children.

Finally giving up, Fox pulled on the edge of one of his mittens as he watched his cousins in the distance claim the snow fort that was built earlier in the day.

His bottom lip pouting and a few tears rolling down his cheeks, Fox, with a renewed determination, ran toward his cousins where he was greeted by a snowball in the face.

"GOTTA YA!!" A four-year-old Marty Johnson shouted.

"MARTY!!" A seven-year-old Mary scolded her younger brother." Don't throw a snowball at Fox!!" With both her hands filled with snow, she bombed Marty right in his face.

Eleanor Kuipers placed her hand over her mouth to cover the smile that grew on her face.

Watching the children from the window in the kitchen that allowed her to view the backyard, she was entertained by Mary's protective nature toward Fox and how her granddaughter fussed over the little boy.

It had been that way since her daughter Teena arrived with her son a few days ago when she left her no-good husband Bill Mulder after another of his drunken rampage.

Eleanor never cared for Bill Mulder.

He was a polite man but under that persona was a different individual that he could not hide from Eleanor. A tense man that radiated his uneasy personality into the room, Bill rarely produced a smile and always seemed to be careful of the words he would choose that caused him not to have the free-flowing speech that every member of Eleanor's family possessed. Eleanor didn't believe he was an evil man but she could not shake the feeling that Bill Mulder was simply no-good.

She was certain that her grandson Fox did not inherit such bad qualities.

The little boy was too much like his mother. Not only did he have Teena's face but the shy nature of her grandson brought back many memories when Teena was that shy little girl who clung to her daddy's leg and hid her sweet face.

Seeing Mary give Fox a hug after she punished Marty for his cruel behavior, made Eleanor glad that there were many hands that were willing to care for her youngest grandchild.

Having not come out of the bedroom, Teena's depression overcame her and left her incapable of caring for her son.

It was heartbreaking to see Fox bang on the door to the bedroom as he stood crying for his mother. Opening the door for him, Eleanor would watch Fox lay next to Teena on the bed and hug her tight like he would to a teddy bear.

It seemed no good to talk with Teena.

Eleanor's scolding words only leave her to be verbally attacked by her husband, who ordered her to leave their daughter alone. With him babying Teena had left no solution to the problem but only added to the burden of caring not only for her grandson but her adult daughter as well.

Crossing her arms over her chest, it bothered Eleanor that Bill had not called once to see if his wife and child were here. It was as if he had fallen off the face of the earth and never existed in their lives.

It wasn't the way for a man to act with his wife and not the way for a marriage to be handled. Certainly Eleanor and her husband Frank have had their share of marriage woes as it was for any couple that remained married as long as they have. Problems were known to happen. Yet they managed to overcome the worse of it and remain loving and loyal to each other. Eleanor had hoped her two daughters would be blessed with marriages that would be happy and long lasting.

Yet unlike her sister Lucille, Teena had not been so fortunate.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Eleanor listened as her daughter Lucille answered it and was greeted by the voice of a man that Eleanor did not recognize.

Taking one more look at the children, Eleanor headed to the front of the house to find her daughter speaking to a tall slender man dressed in an overcoat as he stood outside the doorway.

"... I'm sorry, but my sister is unable to come to the door, Mister..?"

"Spender... I... I was hoping to see her. I'm a friend of both her and her husband Bill..."

"Bill!!" Eleanor moved to her daughter's side." Where is that no good cad?! Does he not care about his wife and child?!!"

"I can speak for Bill that he cares very much... but I bring bad news... which I felt was best that I deliver it to Teena in person, that her husband was in the hospital..."

"What? What happened to him?" Eleanor gasped.

"Injuries that he had inflicted upon himself... When he realized that Teena was gone." Spender let out a sigh." He called me the day he knew that Teena left him... and by the time I arrived to his home... he needed medical attention."

"That's terrible... but what's more terrible is why we're not informed earlier!! How could you keep something like this from Teena?!!" Eleanor shouted.

"That was not my doing... I was led to believe that Bill's mother would contact Teena but when I learned that she did not... I felt it was best for me to come in person..."

"That witch..." Eleanor whispered." Mister..?"

"Spender, ma'am..."

"Mr. Spender... I want to thank you for coming out of your way for Teena... but as my daughter had said... Teena is unavailable for company right now..."

"No, Mother..." A voice called from behind Eleanor and Lucille. All three turned to find Teena Mulder standing at the edge of the stairway with her robe wrapped tightly around her waist." I'm quite well to see him..."

Bringing the cup of hot tea close to her lips, Teena drank quietly as she was watched by loving eyes.

Trying to keep her smile in place, Teena glanced over to the doorway to make sure that her mother and sister were not nearby.

"Did you hurt Bill..?" She whispered as she lowered her head.

"I didn't have too... He was quite good at doing damage to himself..." Spender played with the unlit cigarette in his hand. He turned toward Teena and smiled. Remembering that she despised cigarette smoke, yet his nervousness caused him to hold to it.

"I was worried about you... and the baby. I thought he had done something to you both." He slid his hand toward her but Teena pulled away.

"When will Bill come out of the hospital?"

"He already did..." He sighed." He is now in the care of his mother..."

"Figures... She never liked me... She doesn't like Fox..."

"Mothers never like the women that take their sons away... and I'm sure the statement can be true for the mothers of daughters as well..."

"I want to see him..."


"No... I-I made up my mind... I need to be with my husband and Fox needs a father... and..."

"I am his father... as much as I want to be your husband... These things... I told you I can..." Spender growled between his teeth.

"Hush your mouth!!" Teena's eyes opened wide." My mother might hear."

"To hear the love that I have for you? Teena... I..."

"Please!! Please don't say anymore!!" Teena closed her eyes tight.

Resting on the couch, the silence around them allowed each to be lost in their thoughts as the memories overcame Spender of the beauty that sat next to him.

It was unfair the way faith brought them together that first night they met at acquaintance's house, where Bill presented his new bride to those who did not attend his wedding, including Spender himself. Despite the growing friendship he had with Bill Mulder, his duties kept him from not being there.

He had only known Teena by her name and what little information Bill offered that brought a lack of interest in his friend's then-fiancee. Yet the moment his eyes fell upon her there was nothing more that he wanted was to know everything about her.

Though she stood shyly beside her husband, Teena embodied a uniqueness that shined from her and drew him toward her. More then simply lust as he felt for other women, Teena went beyond that and caused many emotions to grow in him that he was embarrassed by. These were things that only fools would fall for and dare to believe in. Yet he feared that his pounding heart would give him away to everyone that night.

Hearing the voices that screamed with delight as three children of different ages came rushing into the living room where he and Teena sat.

Led by a girl that was no older than seven, the young child she pulled behind her caused the corners of his mouth to produce a smile when his two-year-old son came into room giggling.

"MOMMA!! MOMMA!!" Fox's eyes light up the moment he saw his mother on the couch and let go of his cousin's hand. The little boy dashed up to his mother and leapt into her arms.

Despite how wet her little boy was from the snow, Teena hugged him back and listened to his babyish chatter.

Yet the moment he saw the man sitting next to his mother, Fox immediately hid his face against her chest for protection.

Smiling at his son's shyness, he was about to greet the baby when the little girl and a little boy who appeared to be no more than four approached him.

"Who are you?" Mary Johnson asked.

"He's a friend of mine, Mary... This is Mr. Spender..." Teena introduced him.

"Hi!" Mary turned to him.

"Hello to you as well." Spender returned with a smile.

"This is my brother Marty. He threw a snowball at Fox but I took care of it." Mary boosted as she pulled on her brother's arm.

Marty merely stared at the man and turned his head to see if his mother was nearby. He was nervous about the stranger in front of him and wanted only to get out of the room.

Unlike the little boys around her, Mary seemed quite interested in talking with the grownups as she told in depth again how she saved Fox from Marty and what she had done in school only a few days ago.

Nodding his head to Mary, Spender turned his eyes toward Teena and saw how better she looked as she cuddled their son in her arms. Noticing the watchfulness Fox had on him, the little boy would hide his face the moment he was caught staring at him.

He wondered what Fox thought of him?

Or perhaps his son did not care at all for him. Only feeling security in his mother's arms was all that matter to the young child as well as the thumb that rested in his mouth. Spender understood what his son was feeling as he himself had felt many times when he was with Teena.


The emotions he felt toward her had awakened feelings he had only known once as a child.

It was a love that was unexpected and went against what he felt his life was meant to be. Yet he could not stop loving Teena then he could no longer breathe the air around him.

All he wanted was to give her the world. His undying devotion to her not only came with his love but a desire to protect her and now their son.

No matter what she believed her place in her marriage was, Teena and their son's safety were a great concern for him. He dreamed of taking them away where no harsh words or violent fits would disturb their tranquillity that they would share together. They would be the family that they really were and not the secret that they feared society would judge them by or the sin they would be accused of committing.

What they had was a rare gem. The Holy Grail that the world sought was his before him and within his reach.

Only did Bill Mulder inferred. His involvement had left him blind to the truth that was around him. That the love he believed Teena had for him belonged to another man.

The vows of marriage were the chains that bind her to Bill as well as the fear of God kept Teena from not taking the final step to her heart.

Yet the action Teena took within the last few days had given Spender new hope despite what she had told him about returning to her husband.

So long as there was a chance, Spender would prove to Teena that he was her true man...

Martha's Vineyard...

Teena Mulder repositioned her son in her arms as she sat in the passenger's seat of the car that drove both her and her baby home.

The flight from Boston to Martha's Vineyard had been cleared of bad weather but the storm clouds soon swallowed the sky, leaving it dark and menacing when they landed.

The rain itself pounded down hard the moment they entered the car and drove onto the road that led to Chilmark.

Feeling her son's hands gripping her arm tight, Teena looked down at Fox to see him staring at the window as the rain struck against it.

He let out a yelp of fear and shook when the thunder erupted after the lightening flashed across the sky.

"It's getting bad out here..." Spender spoke as he held tight to the steering wheel.

Facing toward him, Teena only nodded as she herself felt a sudden panic. The rain poured down hard and made it almost impossible to see what was ahead of them even with the windshield wipers going at top speed.

Feeling the wind pushing against the car and the lightening once more blasted before them, Fox began to cry. Only the thunder was louder than he was as it roared over the land to frighten the toddler even more.

"Teena... We're not far from my home... We can go there until the storm pass..." Spender spoke over Fox's wailing. " The baby is scared and..."

"He's not the only one who's scared..." Teena turned to Spender with the answer in her eyes.

Nodding his head in agreement, Spender turned on the next road and drove a short distance before arriving to his home.

With the protective cover over the driveway, they made it inside the house dried but cold.

Flicking the lights on and off, Spender frowned and said. " The power's out..."

He carefully took Teena by the shoulder and with Fox in her arms led them to the couch in the living room.

"I have candles, I'll be right back..." He disappeared into the darkness of his home.

"Be careful..." Teena called out as she placed the diaper bag she brought from the car onto the floor and then seated her son on the couch beside her. But Fox did not like the idea of being away from his mother and began to fuss until Teena took him back in her arms to quiet him.

Suddenly Teena tightened her grip around Fox when the storm reminded them of its strength with more lightening and thunder clashing that caused the house to shake.

"MAMA!!" Fox threw his hands over his ears and pushed his face into her chest.

Taking her own hand and covering it over his, Teena gently rocked her son as she tried to comfort him even as the storm continued to pound outside leaving the world in a blanket of darkness with the heavens crashing above them.

It was then a sudden light appeared before them that gave reassurance that the world did not disappear into the abyss.

Spender placed the lit candle on the coffee table with several other candles he carried in his hand.

Fox turned to watch the strange man carefully place each of the candles into its stand before lighting them.

"Hoch!! Momma!! Hoch!!" Fox pointed to the candles.

"Yes, they're hot... Don't touch, Fox..." Teena warned him.

"No touch, Momma... Ouch!!" Fox shook his head and showed his left fingers to her.

"Yes... I remember your 'Ouch'..." Teena kissed his fingers and turned to Spender as he watched the exchange." He did something naughty a few weeks ago and took a lit candle off a birthday cake. He tried to put it in his mouth and burnt his fingers instead..."

"He remembers that?" Spender raised an eyebrow.

"I think some things you don't forget..." Teena smiled.

"Well... There are things that are best remembered... I'll start a fire..." Spender moved to the fireplace as he rubbed his hands together." Are you and Fox hungry, Teena? I have some things in the covers and if the power hasn't been out long... there's food in the refrigerator..."

"I'm sure Fox is hungry... but I want to clean him up first..." Teena slid Fox off her lap without him protesting and reached for the diaper bag.

"Well, use any of the rooms you want, Teena..." Spender turned away from her.

Taking one of the candles with her, Teena was about to call Fox when she saw him slip off the couch and slowly follow Spender to the fireplace. He did not see the small child behind him as he set the logs in place.


The word popped right out of Fox's mouth that left Spender to turn to his child with his eyes wide and mouth opened.

Seeing his son staring at him with curiosity it made Spender wonder if Fox mentally knew he was his father. He had seen tests done with subjects capable of performing such acts that perhaps his son was blessed with such skills.

"Da..?" Fox touched the logs that were piled near the fireplace." Da..?" Fox then pointed the fireplace screen that was near Spender." Da..?!" Fox finally pointed toward the fireplace itself and turned back to Spender with a huge smile across his young face.

"Da!!" Fox giggled.

Spender smiled back and gently patted Fox on his face. " You're going to be quite a talker, boy..."

"DA!!" Fox squealed...

The rain continued to pour down hard with the lightening and thundering having ceased.

Relaxing in his mother's arms, Fox drank comfortably from his baby bottle with his eyes set on Spender who sat across from where they were seated.

Occasionally brushing his hand on his mother's face, Fox felt the heaviness of sleep overtaking but he fought it as he listened to the voices of the adults around him.

"... I hope Bill isn't worried..." Teena spoke.

"I'm sure he is... but with the phone lines dead there isn't much we can do but wait for the storm to pass..." Spender lifted the drinking glass to his mouth.

Only from the light of the candles was he able to observe his family. Fox's eyes were focused on him, yet he could see that his son was tired and losing the battle to stay awake.

Teena kept her attention on Fox, holding the baby bottle for him. She rocked her body side to side in order to help her son fall asleep. It was a ploy that was working when Fox finally shut his eyes but continued to nurse on the bottle.

It was a beautiful sight that Spender cherished and knowing that he helped in the creation of Fox. He was a child that could never come from a person like Bill Mulder whose weakness could never touch his son. No matter how much Bill would force his influence upon Fox, Spender could tell that his son would be a strong man.

Easing the bottle out of Fox's mouth, the sleeping toddler fussed at the loss of the nipple but soon replaced it with his thumb as he sucked on it.

"Bill hates him to do that... He never lets Fox be a baby. He would be furious if he knew that I gave him a bottle." Teena shook her head.

"I promise not tell... Our secret..." Spender winked at her.

Teena smiled then looked down again at Fox." You and I have too many secrets..."

"Yes... we do." Spender lifted his glass again, but craved for a cigarette." My life, my job... Everything that I am is nothing more than secrets... I live my life in lies... Only you, Teena... are my Truth..."

"How poetic..."

"It's the only honest thing I want to say... I know at least, I don't live this secret life alone... only different. Bill and the others portray themselves as family men to those who see them on the outside... What is inside, can be cold and dark..."

"I don't believe that of you or of Bill... I know that Bill lets the work weigh heavy on him... I know deep in his heart, he is a good man who has compassion for others..."

"He has compassion but doesn't know how to use it. I'm afraid that life has drilled it out of him. Bill is not a strong man. A good man? Not with the things I see him do to you and to Fox..."

"I don't want talk about it..."

"Teena... Come with me..." Spender suddenly stood up and moved to Teena's side." You and our baby... live with me. Leave Bill... We'll leave everything behind. This doesn't have to be your life... my life... or the life that waits for Fox. We can start again... Teena, I love you..."

"Don't say that..." Teena pulled away." Don't say it again!! I'm married..."

"You married a lie... You just can't stand seeing the truth... that I love you, Teena..."

"No..." Teena stood as she pulled Fox closer to her." No... I... no... I can't... I just... can't..." Turning side to side, Teena was uncertain where to go. There were many choices that now faced her and the decisions she could make. Only what she held in her arms she knew for certain and used it to escape." I need to lay Fox down... I'm tired myself... I just want to go to bed."

"All right... Take my room, Teena... I'll stay here on the couch..." Spender offered.

Taking one of the candles from the fireplace, Teena with Fox in her arm walked away from Spender, leaving him in a dark place in his heart...

The rain still continued into the night as Spender took another puff from his cigarette while he watched the downpour on his covered porch.

He had lost count on how many cigarettes he had smoke but he held the same beer in his hand for over an hour.

He was miserable.

Miserable and alone that seemed to be his faith in life. Never knowing what a family life was or could be. It had been denied to him from the start of his life.

Whether it was true of the crimes committed by his father or the death of his mother by cancer, he did not know anything else about his past, save for what was told to him.

He was without a name, without a history. No religion he clung to or belief he could care for, he had only the belief in himself that had guided him through his life that led him to the world that he was now in.

Still, one thing always remained the same: Alone.

He felt so alone.

No more alone as Teena was that night a few years ago when he found her standing in the garden of the home where he and many associates attended a party.

He had for months made the effort to accept Bill Mulder's invites that he once turned down. Wanting to be close to Teena, he was forced to put with Bill who managed to come between them and take control of the conversations. Leaving only a few words exchanged between him and Teena as she looked away shyly each time they made eye contact.

Seeing her alone and beautiful, Spender did not want to disturb what was before him until Teena turned his way and what he saw surprised him.

The tears that ran down her cheeks sparkled from the light of the moon and the pain that came across her face could not hide itself in the shadow of the night.

She opened up to him and told how unhappy she was with Bill since they wed.

Without touching, he embraced her and gave all the attention that she needed as they sat in the garden talking for hours.

He himself shared with her the pain that he suffered in his life and where it had led him to be lonely as she felt.

He was surprised by Teena's sharp mind and how she was no fool for the things that were around her.

Discovering the many things they shared together of likes and dislikes, to the simplest thing as to what holiday was their favorite, brought relaxed and peaceful feelings toward them that neither had felt before with another person.

Taken by her smile, it did not bear a false expression as she would show when she stood beside Bill. It was natural and beautiful that he could not stop himself when he kissed Teena on the lips. She was not appalled by his action and met with the same desire that pumped through him.

For that moment in time they forgot who and what they were to other people. She was not a wife to Bill Mulder nor was he, his best friend. They were only for each other and when their lips finally parted, they knew they were in love.

As he took another puff from his cigarette, he remembered the first time they made love. It was much like a dream that he did not want to wake up from as he held tight to the one person he adored.

No other woman he had shared such passion with or ever hoped too again. It was he who removed her wedding ring and tossed it to the side when Teena allowed him to enter her and love her like no man had ever done.

A dream that repeated itself many times over the years, and created their son whom Bill had accepted as his own without knowing the truth.

Now he felt the dream was slipping away and the loss of his Teena was once again to be a reality when he suddenly felt her hand upon his shoulder as he turned to face his beauty.

Pressing her finger against his lip to stop him from saying a word, Teena lifted her body and sat on his lap. Facing him as the robe she wore became undone and her flesh was revealed. His breathing increased as he took in the scent of her loveliness and the pain he felt as his loin increased in passion.

Each part of his face she would kiss, and gently climb down to his lips that shook every part of his being. He pulled her closer to him with her breasts resting against his upper chest as the moaning escaped from his breath.

Sliding away from his grip, Teena freed his manhood from the restriction of his clothing and bare his chest for her to play with. She returned to him as she guided his penis into her and caused her voice to reach the heavens.

The rain pounding against the house developed the rhythm of his thrust. Up higher and higher he went with Teena riding upon him. Her own body danced with him and lead to the pleasant not only for herself but for him as well.

His name he would hear over and over again did not belong to his son at that moment but it was his again to reclaim as she spoke " Fox... Fox..." to him.

Only she knew his name and the truth behind it.

"Teena..." He held tight and released all of himself to her.

The rain continued to pour as they sat quietly in each other's arms to wait for the storm to end their dream...

The Mulders' Residence...

He stood watching as Bill Mulder hugged his family.

With Fox sandwiched between Bill and Teena, the little boy was excited to see his father again and wanted to go to his arms. Though Bill had a cast on his left arm, he was able to hold his son in his other arm and hugged him to his chest.

The smile that was on Teena's face showed how happy she was to be back home and with her husband. She warned her son to be careful around Daddy's boo-boo as boy touched the strange thing that was on his father's arm.

Looking past the happy reunion, Spender caught sight of Bill's mother and felt a chill go through him. The woman bared an evil glare and did not share in the enjoyment that took place in front of them.

He felt naked in front of the older woman. It was as if she could see through him and what secrets lied beneath his skin.

It was enough to make him want to leave but before he could, Bill called out to him.

Wanting to thank his good friend for care he gave to his family during the storm and for his help in reuniting him with Teena, Bill could never give enough thanks to Spender as he talked to him while he held Fox in his arm.

The torment in his soul as Spender watched his son interact with Bill, as it should have been with him. The perfect picture of fatherhood lay before him but Spender knew the darkness behind it and hoped that the storm would not come near his son for long time.

Still his fear was not of Bill but of the woman who gave life to his friend. Her glare still disturbed him even as he drove away from the Mulders' home while lighting a cigarette...

Title: Being Young V: Bill
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: PG Archive: Please don't archive on any site without permission from the author.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.


Being Young: Bill

Two-year-old Fox Mulder yelped when he felt a sudden smack against his hand.

Having reached for a cookie that was cooling on the kitchen table after he had made the struggle to climb the chair to reach the top, the toddler wailed for his mother but was suddenly stopped by the same hand that had hit him.

With a tight grip on Fox's arm, Elizabeth Mulder shook her grandson as she forcefully tried to make him stop crying. Only her actions frightened Fox more and caused him to cry even louder.

A quick swat to his bottom that no longer had the padding of a diaper, Fox stared back at the older woman in a shocking look that a child of his age could give.

It was not the first time Fox had ever been spanked but nevertheless the pain caused him to scream ever louder.

It was enough to bring his mother to the kitchen and save her little boy from his cruel grandmother.

"I have never seen such a child cry like this one. Bill never acted this way... He had enough sense." Mother Mulder rumbled at Teena Mulder who took her son into her arms and walked him out of the kitchen.

"It's all right, Baby..." Teena kissed Fox on his face as he wrapped his arms tightly around her neck, afraid that the mean lady would come and take him away from his mother.

Closing the door to her son's room, Teena sat on the rocking chair and cuddled Fox close to her. Gently wiping the tears away, Teena spoke softly to him as she tried to find the word to assure him.

The movement of the rocking chair had a comforting effect on Fox as his tears slowed down and soon turned into a snuffle. Easing his thumb into his mouth, he let out a sigh around his digit that his mother heard and smiled at her son's contentment.

It had been a nightmare since they returned home, not only for Fox but for Teena as well with Bill's mother staying with them for the last two days.

It made Teena regret that she ever left her mother's home and ever more that she did not stay with the man that she truly loved.

Bill's coward behavior toward his mother had enforced her will not only on him but on Teena as well.

Putting Fox into things that he was not ready for, Bill had asked Teena to do these things to ease the complaints his mother was making.

"... It's only until she goes home, Teena..." Bill had whispered to her.

It was a request that left Teena tensed and hovering over her son's bathroom habits.

Fox did not take well to any of the new changes that were forced upon him and the temper tantrums he threw were nerve-racking

Teena felt her mental state reaching its end and thought again of running away not only from her husband and his mother but even from her child. Yet when Fox would stare up to her with his pleading eyes, Teena knew she could never leave her son.

Hearing the voices of her husband and mother-in-law through the closed door, Teena shut her eyes and pulled Fox more toward her.

She just wanted everything to disappear...

No matter how hard he tried, Bill Mulder could not convince his mother to calm down.

Her endless complaining about Teena and his son drove his patience to the end.

He did love his mother and appreciated the help and care she had given to him these past few days but he felt the shame of wanting to throw his mother out of his house.

These were not the thoughts or feelings that Bill was to have for his mother.

The woman who gave birthed to him, and made the sacrifices not only to him but to his siblings as well.

Despite his thoughts, Bill worshipped his mother.

She had been the woman to guide and shape him into the man that he was.

Her beliefs were strong and forced upon the family. She would preach daily to them that one had to be well educated to keep oneself out of the gut and claw their way to success could only come from hard work and the love that one would have for their mother. Being weak was not an excuse but a diversion from what one could do in their life.

Elizabeth Mulder was demanded to inflict her belief upon her children whether by her words or by the hard spankings with the wooden paddle she kept on display in the kitchen, a reminder that failure was not acceptable in her household.

Bill took upon himself to be the things that his mother wanted. He spent hours reading and studying to improve his mind and go beyond what he was expected to accomplish. It left him the favorite with his mother and a set example for his brothers to follow but instead they made life for Bill miserable for making things more difficult for them.

His brothers did not take their mother's wisdom and chose to live their lives much like their father who took a carefree attitude and nearly lost the family their fortune during the twenties.

It left bitterness between them that led too many fights Bill would have with his siblings to this day. Their dislike to the beloved son was more toward their mother who bent Bill into the image of what she thought a man should be instead of simply letting a person to be who they were.

Bill could not see beyond the fact as he continued to do his mother's bidding.

Everything he did, he did for his mother.

Whenever he failed to succeed in any goals that were set by his mother, Bill would fall ill at breaking her heart and his punishment was more than just with the wooden paddle but the abuse of words were devastating to him.

The truth was that Bill was not the person he portrayed himself to be. He was in reality the very thing his mother hated.


He was not a powerful individual. With no leadership in him, he could not take a strong arm without his anger taking control and driving fear into others by the fits he threw which bared a striking image of his mother when she would terrorize the family.

Yet he was determined to be that person his mother envisioned. Put aside any childish behavior like his brothers and be the man that his mother believed he could be.

To be a man, meant never to fail or disappoint one's mother.

He wanted his son to be that man. Yet Fox in his young age showed a rebellious nature to go against what Bill planned to teach him. It would be a struggle but Bill was demanded to make Fox a man by starting on him early.

If only Teena would be more agreeable to his decision.


She had been the one thing that Bill had gone against his mother's wishes. For Teena was the one person beside his mother that he felt love for and knew he could not spend his life without her.

Teena was the opposite of his mother.

Kind and quiet, she did not make any demands on him and accepted his faults as part of him being human. Though Bill was still hard on himself, he found Teena to be the gentle part of him and that part he did not know how much he craved.

Though his mother did attend his wedding, there was no joy in her face only the anger at his disobeying and betraying her of his choice in marriage.

Not even the born of his son gave any happiness to his mother.

She merely looked at Fox and remarked that he didn't look like a Mulder.

Wiping the sweat from his upper lip, Bill felt the agony in his heart that fueled the anger that was now growing in him. Only with a drink could he cool the fires and to make himself brave enough to stand up to his mother. To say the words that needed to be said.

When his mother walked away from him in the kitchen, Bill poured himself a cool drink of water...

Elizabeth Mulder stormed out of the kitchen.

Her son Bill had been nothing but a disappointment.

No matter how hard the boy tried, he could never match the image Elizabeth believed her children could be.

Every one of her sons had been a failure, just like their father.

Elizabeth had spent her whole life surrounded by losers.

Starting from her father to her two brothers, her husband and now her sons, Elizabeth could not find one of them to meet the idea of what she believed a man was meant to be.

Her only hope left was her grandsons, but the contact she had with them had been far and few. Only Bill made the effort to visit with his child but Elizabeth detested Fox.

An annoying child, Elizabeth doubted that boy was Bill's. She just had a feeling, like she did when she told Bill from the beginning that Teena was a loose woman. She could see it in her eyes. There was a devil staring back at her that made Teena untrustworthily.

Only going by her intuition that had yet to fail her, Elizabeth knew she could not prove it to her son until she saw the man that brought Teena and Fox home a few days ago.

She knew then by looking into that scoundrel's eyes that there was more then simply a friendship between him and her son. Elizabeth was willing to bet the lives of her family that there was more then one bed Teena Mulder slept on.

Still, she had no intention of telling Bill of her suspicion. He would have to learn it for himself.

Her days of holding his hands were long past and it was time for Bill to prove to her that he was a man that did not go blindly into society for it was a weakness not to know the truth about the ones who shared your life with.

Going into the room where she slept, Elizabeth pulled out her suitcase and started to pack. There was no need for her to be here anymore...

Fox Mulder waved bye-bye to the airplane that flew into the sky.

Another plane took to the air that Fox waved goodbye too as well.

Watching the sky above him, Fox had been thrilled when they arrived to the airport. He remembered being here before where he and his mother rode on the airplane that was exciting for the small child. So when he saw Grandmother Mulder walking to board the plane, Fox simply followed her as he remembered doing with his mother but was stopped when Teena grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

The sudden denial of not doing what they had done before, Fox started crying and kicking that gave the impression he wanted to go with his grandmother. That was far from the truth, Fox had already forgotten the mean lady and simply wanted to go on the airplane like he had done with his mother. The people around them smiled and thought how cute he looked when he tried again to board the plane that was no longer on the ground and flew Grandmother Mulder back to her home.

Bill lifted Fox into his arm and moved his other arm that had the cast on away from his screaming son. Teena was afraid that Bill would yell at Fox but instead he moved to the large window that faced the area where the airplanes were stationed to show them to Fox. It was a distracting that worked and soon Fox was quiet and enjoyed watching with his father as the planes flew to the sky.

Walking back to the car, Fox looked up to see another plane flying above them.

"Bye-bye!!" Fox waved to it.

Bill smiled at his son and was happy to be with his family again.

Removing the car keys from her purse, Teena felt a heavy weight lift off her shoulders. With Mother Mulder now gone, she felt the chance to put her life back together with Bill. Seeing Fox in his arm and both of them enjoying each other's company, Teena always imagined Bill being like this. A good father and a friend to Fox, it was what her son needed the most. Not the cruel words or frightening presence Bill had done in the past but now maybe things were going to change.

A change that would be the best thing for them all...

The End

Title: Being Young VI: Dana
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: G Archive: Please don't archive on any site without permission from the author.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Being Young: Dana

A Family Picnic...

Six-month-old Dana Scully giggled and tried to touch the bubbles that flowed away from her.

When one bubble popped on her nose, Dana immediately rubbed it with the back of her tiny hands and the look of surprise on her face caused a sea of laughter around her.

Seeing all the happy faces caused Dana to giggle as she too joined in the laughter that she did not understand was for.

It didn't matter to the young baby as her blue eyes lit up to the fascinating world that was in her limits. With everything new to her senses not even the things that were considered ugly in the eyes of adults had a beauty that the infant could not take her eyes away from.

She wanted to touch and taste all the things around her. With her hand reaching out for the object of desire whether it was a toy offered to her or the bottle given to calm the hungry she felt, Dana simply wanted it.

Even the faces that she saw had her interest and the gentle embrace she would feel from the people that held her. Each one talked to her, played with her or just helped in the care of her that Dana gave her attention to the understanding her infant mind would absorb.

Despite her curiosity, her needs were like any other baby of her age. Hunger and sleep were her primary goals but the emotions that Dana felt when each of her demands was met also came with a sensation that she would one day understand as love.

Dana also found the fascination about herself. Each muscle she would learn to control from the movement of her legs to flexing of her fingers made her strong with each passing day. She seemed to have an understanding when things did not make her happy from being soiled to the need of being fed that Dana voiced with loud cries that always brought an end to the things that upset her.

The development of her communication was not only to show her discomfort but the many moods she would express from being happy, to being scared and wanting to have the attention she liked. Not only did it come from her infant voice but also from the language she showed through the movement of her body.

Dana was an alert and charming baby. Everyone was convinced she was smart. It was evidence from the smile she would give that made it believable that her mind developed much quicker than her body.

The gleam of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth and the sounds she would make, as she relieved herself reminded her family that she was still a baby.

Some faces that surrounded Dana were familiar and she came to expect them when she searched with her hungry eyes. The faces of a small boy and a small girl were daily visits to the infant that caused her to smile and pull the boy's hair until he would cry. The girl always brought things for Dana to hold and taste but were taken away from the one person that was the true center of Dana's world.

The one person that she saw above her crib and also held the bottle that Dana would be fed from. The one person that took away the things that made Dana unhappy and the one person that Dana wanted to be held by.

Maggie Scully brushed what soap was left on Dana's tiny nose and gave her the kiss that always brought a smile to her youngest daughter. The giggles that Dana would produce were contagious as Maggie would join in with those around them to the happiness that one baby would produce.

Maggie realized how much of joy Dana had become to her. Perhaps to the fact that she was one baby and not having a twin like Bill, Jr. and Melissa was to each other. One baby meant all the attention was for her and though the work of caring for a baby was still demanding, Maggie found she was able to joy being a mommy this time instead of looking for some form of escape from two crying babies.

Maggie of course loved her first two children. Melissa was a sweet and even child who dotted on Dana as much as Maggie did. She was eager to help but her age made such a desirable task, difficult that Melissa was best at letting Maggie know when Dana needed to be changed when she would announce that her sister smelled stinky.

Bill, Jr. on the other hand, needed to be watched around Dana. The jealousy he had did not go unnoticed by Maggie and the fussing that Bill, Jr. made was for the attention that was given to Dana. Maggie found many of Dana's belongs hidden behind the couch or even in the diaper pail that her impatient son demonstrated against his place being disturbed by the new addition to the family.

Maggie made the effort to spend her time with her other children but for Bill, Jr. the demands were more than Maggie could give to him that left him to throw tantrums that were nerve-wreaking.

Still, she managed to keep order in her household. Being the sole parent to her children despite the fact that she was married to their father, his lack of presence was accepted by Maggie. She knew and was even warned by her mother that marrying a navy man who devoted his life to servicing his country would put his family second to the sea.

Yet Bill was an attending father. The moment he would arrive home he would give his time to renew his bond with his children. He had great fascination for Dana. After her birth, he was scheduled to be shipped out in less than three weeks and spent as much time as he could in helping Maggie to care for Dana than he had done for their other children.

Even now as he took Dana into his arms from Maggie, the evidence of his love to his second daughter could be seen as he held and lifted her up to the heavens. For Dana was more then simply his daughter. She was his angel sent from God that he was thankful for and the pride he had for her was more than any other father would have for his child.

For Bill Scully, Sr. saw a great future for his Dana and he would be there to see that dream come true...

The End

Title: Being Young VII: Foreshadows
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: PG Archive: Please don't archive on any site without permission from the author.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Being Young: Foreshadows

The Mulders' Residence
November 1965...

Four-year-old Fox Mulder stood in the doorway watching all the grownups surrounding his mommy.

With his bottom lips pouting he stared jealously at the table that held many presents that were not for him.

They were for the baby.

Having remembered that his own birthday was a short time ago and none of the decorations were put up then, Fox had assumed the party was for him.

"Mommy!! Mommy!! It my birthday again?!" Fox jumped up and down as he watched his mommy's friend Linda tape down another steamer to the wall earlier in the day.

Teena Mulder turned her now expanded body toward the direction of her son. Seeing the glee in his eyes, it disappointed Teena on what she had to say to him.

"No, Fox... This is a party for the baby..."


Fox had heard too many times the word 'Baby' mentioned in front of him, not only by his parents but also by the other grownups that were around them.

It seemed to be a puzzling thing for Fox.

Being told that the baby was living inside his mommy's tummy and would not come out until it was its birthday that Fox looked around the room once he understood what the party was for.

Searching under the table then behind the couch, Fox smiled ear to ear as he moved around the room.

"Fox, what are you doing?" Teena looked at him crossed.

"Looking for my baby brother!!" Fox shouted from behind the drapes. He let them go with a hard tug that caused some of the steamers and balloons to fall from the placements that were set by his mommy's friend.

Seeing his mommy not looking too happy at him, Fox immediately covered his bottom with both of his hands. Though it had been a while since his mommy spanked him because she did not have the energy to go after him, he still felt it was best to cover all grounds.

"FOX WILLIAM MULDER!! You stop this nonsense, this instant!!" Teena shouted at him." Look at what you did?! What a bad little boy you are!! Look at what you did to the pretty decorations!!"

Looking toward the direction his mommy pointed at, Fox lowered his head with his bottom lip pouting. Not liking the harsh stare from his mommy, the little boy simply wanted to run away before anyone else became angry with him.

"Sorry..." Fox apologized immediately.

Teena let out a sigh. She was much too tired to deal with her overzealous son and didn't know how she would handle him once the baby arrived. Teena knew at least that Fox would not be in the way because her mother agreed to take care of him until the baby was born. It would relieve some of the pressure and give both Teena and Bill the chance to bond during this exciting moment again in their lives.

At least this time, Teena knew the baby was Bill's.

Seeing that her son bared a regretful look on his face, Teena called to him." Come here, Fox..."

Noticing the tone of his mommy's voice, Fox's eyes lit up and he dashed to her side as she wobbled toward the couch.

With some help from her friend, Teena sat on the couch carefully as her son jumped on causing the seat to bounce.

"Sit still, Fox..." Teena pulled on his arm to bring him near her.

Loving the attention that his mommy was giving him, Fox threw his arm around her big tummy and gave her a loving squeeze the best he could.

"Be careful, Fox..." Teena warned him." You might hurt the baby."

Fox frowned and poked at her tummy." Baby still in there?"

"Yes..." Teena couldn't help but gave a smile at Fox's innocent expression. It seemed to be a wonder to watch everything through his eyes. She could only hope that Fox would not be jealousy of the baby.

Fox couldn't understand why the baby was still in there if the party was for him. It didn't make sense to the four-year-old when he rested his head on his mommy's tummy and felt a sudden kick on his face.

"Mommy!! Baby hit me!!" Fox stared at her with a look of surprise on his face.

Teena covered her mouth and stared toward her friend Linda who let out a laugh at Fox's remark. Linda had always thought that Fox was an adorable little boy and found many of the things he said to be cute.

Fox frowned again. He did not like the grownups laughing at him when he did not understand what he had done. Looking again at his mommy's tummy, Fox was not sure if he was going to like this baby or not...

The Kuipers' Residence
A Few Days Later...

"MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!!" Fox Mulder screamed in the dark room he was in.

Having awakened from a terrible dream, the four-year-old kicked and struggled to free himself from the covers that weigh heavy on him as his grandmother Eleanor Kuipers came rushing into his room.

"Oh, Fox... It's all right, sweetheart... It's all right..." Eleanor assured him as she turned on the lights and pulled him toward her.

The wetness she felt on both Fox and the blanket that covered him made Eleanor flinch but she would not let go of her frightened grandchild no matter how unpleasant it was.

Having the foresight to be prepared, Eleanor had placed a plastic sheet under the regular bed sheet in case of such an accident occurring, even though Teena did not mention anything about Fox being a bed wetter nor had he wet the bed until now. Little boys were little boys as far as Eleanor was concerned and was glad she took the precautions.

Both the fear and the discomfort he was in, caused Fox to scream even louder." Mommy!! Mommy!! I wanna my mommy!!"

"Oh, sweetie... Mommy's not here... But you're all right now... Nana's here to take care of you... Remember?"

"I wanna my mommy..." Fox buried his face into his grandmother's side as he continued to cry.

"What's going on?" A large figure asked as he entered the room. Only in boxer shorts and a T-shirt, Carl Kuipers rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and stared toward his mother and nephew." Hey, Foxie... what's matter? You woke up your Uncle Carl..."

Fox looked up to the towering figure of his uncle.

Carl Kuipers was a well-built handsome man. His face was gentle and his eyes were much like his sister Teena that had a sadness to them that hid the pain that he was in. Life had not been easy for Carl.

"I wanna my mommy!!" Fox pouted at him.

"He had a bad dream, Carl... Now go back to bed, I'll take care of everything..." Eleanor told her son.

"Bad dreams... Poor Foxie... What was it about, pal? Monsters? Booby man?"

"CARL!!" Eleanor shouted at him." He's frightened enough as it is!! Go back to bed!"

"Just trying to help, Ma... Don't worry, Foxie... Nothing going to get you while your Uncle Carl is here..." He patted Fox on the head.

The four-old-year nodded but kept close to his grandmother. Yet the smile his uncle was giving him caused Fox to smile back.

"Don't worry, Kiddo... Good night..." Carl moved away to leave the room.

"Night, Uncle Car!!" Fox said as he watched his uncle walk out of the room.

Resting his head back on his grandmother's chest, Fox heaved a comfortable sigh once he placed his thumb in his mouth and felt his body being rocked. He thought of what his uncle had asked about the dream that scared him.

"Monsters..." Fox whispered past his thumb...

A Shopping Center
The Next Day...

The cold air breeze passed Fox Mulder as he struggled to keep up with the long walking stride of his Uncle Carl. Unlike his cousin Marty and Mary who ran ahead of the four-year-old, Fox found it almost impossible to move well with the bulky jacket and sweater his grandmother dressed him in.

Taking another puff from his cigarette, Carl Kuipers turned back and saw how far Fox was from him and the other kids.

Carl tossed his cigarette onto the ground and with a few short steps he reached his youngest nephew to lift him into his arms." There we go... You're too slow, Foxie..."

"No... You too fast." Fox answered him.

Carl looked at him then let loose a hearty laugh. It amazed Carl of some of the things that Fox would say. The boy's vocabulary had improved much since the last time Carl seen his sister's son.

"Well, that I am..." Carl laughed again when he opened the door to let him and the children into the huge department store.

The large crowd of people in the store caused Carl to take Mary's hand and to instruct Marty to take his sister's hand so they could make a chain that would keep them together.

Fox remained in his uncle's arm as he looked around the pre-Christmas decorations that announced the holiday that was soon to come in few short weeks. Though Thanksgiving was less than a week away, the chance to convince buyers to start their holiday shopping early was apparent.

After speaking with a store clerk, Carl and the children headed to the elevators to the children's department on the second floor.

When the elevator's door opened and they walked out, Carl smacked his lips together." OK, guys, I don't know anything about babies except they make a lot of 'poo', so the three of you are going to have to help me."

Mary giggled and looked up at him." Uncle Carl!! Don't say 'poo' in front of other people. Momma said that's not right."

"Is your momma here?" Carl asked.

"No... She's at grandma's house, remember? You live there..." Mary rolled her eyes at him.

"Well... in that case. Poo!! Poo!! Poo!!" Carl said over and over again to his niece. Both Fox and Marty joined in with their uncle that made Mary so mad, she crossed her arms over her chest.

"You guys are a bunch of 'Poo-heads'!!" Mary scolded them.

Carl smiled and patted Mary on the head. Placing Fox down, Carl removed the list his mother had given to him from his coat pocket.

Not wanting his mother to buy the gift he planned to give to his sister Teena, Eleanor had written a few suggestions on what gift would be best for a newborn.

Still he felt lost in the sight before him as he tried to decide on what his sister would like when he noticed the kids were no longer at his side and were heading toward the toy department.

"Man..." Carl shook his head. His mother told him not to take children with him, but he really did enjoy the kids' company and perhaps in his own mind, Carl still believed he was childlike.

It wasn't easy being a grownup and having to face the daily stress of being an adult. Carl had spent the early part of his adulthood being that person who took charge of things. From his education to his time spent in the Air Forces he now knew that being a grownup was nothing more than an illusion, which people tried to talk themselves into. A false hope of correcting the mistake of childhood that would take a lifetime to erase as far as Carl was concern he was glad to let his child-self take over his life.

He would still go to work, pay his bills and make sure to obey the laws of the land. It was better that he remained as he was, for knowing what was really out there and wanted to take hold of him, would drive Carl Kuipers mad.

Catching up with the kids, Carl watched each of them study the toys before them. Thanks to the coming of Christmas, the shelves were lined with new toys that Carl recognized from the television commercials that came on between the kiddy shows that he and Fox watched together for the past few days.

Mary had her eyes on all the dolls that were arranged together on the shelves. The poor girl looked like she was about to burst from the thrill of so many choices before her. Marty's head darted from side to side as he looked at all the toy guns and racing cars that were in colorful boxes on display.

Not seeing Fox among the other kids, Carl finally found him standing with his hands behind his back looking at all the stuffed toy animals at the far end of the aisle.

Studying the expression on his nephew's face, Carl could see the interest the stuffed toys had on Fox but the boy seemed afraid to touch them.

"Hey, Foxie... See anything you like?" Carl walked up to him.

Fox turned his head quickly toward his uncle then lowered it as if he was ashamed of being caught for doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing.

"Daddy says only girls play with teddy bears..." Fox's bottom lip pouted out as he brought his hands up to the front to play with his fingers.

Carl shook his head. Bill Mulder was once again an asshole.

"Well, I don't agree with that... but I guess you have to listen to your daddy on that. But you know I bet he won't mind the baby getting a teddy bear, what do you think?"

"Baby not a girl..." Fox shook his head. His mommy told him that he was going to have a little brother and he didn't want to see his baby brother get in trouble with their daddy.

"Well... I don't think your daddy will mind... How about you helping me pick one out, Foxie..? Which one do you think the baby will like?"

Seeing the offer made, Fox turned back to the teddy bears and looked at each one carefully.

It had to be the right one. One that he would like if he were a baby getting a teddy bear for his birthday.

Finally his eyes landed on a bear that looked much like the one he had until his daddy took it away from him.

"That one!! That one, Uncle Car!!" Fox pointed as he gave a huge smile to his uncle.

Carl reached up and took the good size teddy bear down and held it out to Fox.

Fox hesitated. Remembering what his daddy had told him about playing with teddy bears, Fox did not want to get into trouble and did not take the bear until his Uncle Carl said." I'm going to get this bear for the baby... but I want you to take care of it for me, Foxie. You know... watch over and make sure that nothing happens to it until you can give it to your baby brother or sister for me. Will you do that for your Uncle Carl?"

The smile Fox gave lit up the room and he rushed to take the bear from his uncle. Pulling the teddy bear tight to him, Fox loved the soft feeling and comfort he felt from it being close to him.

"Okay, Uncle Car, I take care of teddy bear for my baby brother!!"

"That's good, Foxie... Thank you." Carl smiled and wished that his fuckin' asshole of a brother-in-law was here so he could see the look on his face...

The Johnsons' Residence
That Night...

"MOMMY!! MOMMY!!" The young voice of Fox Mulder broke the silence of the night waking his Aunt Lucille's family from their sleep.

Rushing to her son's room, Lucille Johnson found her nephew Fox kicking and screaming against the blankets that covered him. Marty who slept next to Fox was unable to avoid the blows that Fox did when he swung his arms wildly that left the older child in tears.

Lucille pulled her son out of the bed and then reached for Fox as he continued to cry for his mother.

"MOMMY!! MOMMY!!" Fox's eyes still remained closed as his nightmare continued to take charge of the frightened child.

"FOX!! FOX!!" Lucille held tight to him even as his little hands that were now in a fist struck her, but she did not let go as she tried in vain to awake him." FOX!!"

Suddenly the little boy's eyes opened and he stared at his aunt. His bottom lip quivered as the tears continued to run down his face.

"I don't wanna go!! I wanna my mommy!! I wanna my mommy!!" Fox wrapped his arms around his aunt's neck and nearly choked her with his grip.

Lucille held the shaking child with his body covered in both sweat and urine. She had become so frightened herself, having never seen a child so scared as Fox was.

"No one's taking you anywhere, Fox... Who wants to take you?" Lucille asked.

Yet Fox did not seem to hear his aunt's question as he kept repeating over and over." I don't wanna go... I don't wanna go... I don't wanna go!!"

It took sometime to convince her husband Ronald to let Fox sleep with them.

"He'll wet the bed, Lucy. I'm not sleeping in any puddles!!" Ronald protested.

"Me neither!!" Marty joined in with his father as he made himself comfortable in his parents' bed. His own bed was ruined when Fox had wet it during his nightmare fit.

Lucille continued to hold Fox after she cleaned and redressed him in an extra set of Marty's pajamas. Fox seemed unwilling to talk anymore as he sucked hard on his thumb and rested his head on his aunt's shoulder.

"I can't let him sleep alone, Ronald! He's scared..."

"Of big-eyed monsters?! I think we heard that enough already, Lucy."

"Yeah!" Marty agreed with his daddy.

"Momma, why don't you put a diaper on Fox?" Mary jumped on the bed to face her mother. Mary always thought of Fox as her baby, it seemed to be the best solution to her.

"That's a good idea. He acts like a baby... might as well dress him as one..." Ronald nodded his head.

"I can't do that to him... Teena would be furious!!" Lucille argued.

"And where the hell is your sister..? In a dry bed? You want him in this bed, Lucy? You better put one on him so he could wet himself and not on us!!"

Looking at her family, Lucille gave in with a sigh and walked out of the room with Fox still in her arms. She couldn't imagine doing this to him but it seemed to be the only way Fox could stay in the bed with her and her family. She could not bring herself to let her nephew sleep alone with the bad dream he had of big-eyed monsters taking him away from his mommy as Fox described to her after he had stopped crying.

Going to the hall closet, Lucille with one hand pulled out a medium-size box that contained some of Marty's baby clothes and diapers. She didn't have the heart to get rid of them in the hopes that she would have another baby. She just never expected to put them to use on her four-year-old nephew.

"I'm sorry..." Lucille whispered to Fox as she pulled out both a cloth diaper and plastic pants that she knew would fit him...

The Grocery Store
Next Day...

Fox Mulder squealed as he kicked his legs that hung from the shopping cart seat he was in.

Feeling his cousin Mary pull on his legs caused the four-year-old to laugh harder as he peeked over to catch his cousin in the act.

"I see you!!" Fox giggled at Mary when she ducked behind her mother and grandmother as they stood before the can goods.

"... I think we should let Teena know about it..." Lucille spoke low to her mother.

"Teena doesn't need to be disturbed, not with the baby coming. You know how sensitive she is..." Her mother answered.

"She would want to know... and I know if it was my child, I would..."

"Well, you're not her!! You have always been much stronger then your sister, Lucille... And in her condition we mustn't worry her..."

"Mother... We are talking about her son! Ronald doesn't want me to bring him back and..."

"Fine! It was only for the night... I didn't ask you to take over. It was your idea to have a sleep over."

"Mother... I didn't mean... I'm worried about him... It's not right for child to have nightmares two nights in the row and suddenly become a bed wetter." Lucille turned back to check on the children and to be sure they were not listening. Yet their game of tag went on undisturbed by the conversation the adults were having.

"Well, was he wet this morning?" Eleanor asked.

"No... He was fine..." Lucille turned again to look at Fox and saw the difference in him then he was last night.

He had not put up a fuss when Lucille diapered him and he managed to sleep through the night with no disturbance.

In the morning Fox had awoken dry and eager to use the potty. He was in better spirit and laughed when Mary playfully spanked his padded bottom when Lucille took him to the bathroom.

Fox didn't seem to remember having any bad dreams as he ate his breakfast with Lucille and her family. He watched cartoons with his cousins before they came to the market with their grandmother.

Eleanor Kuipers reached for another can of food as she prepared to buy every item she needed for the Thanksgiving feast that was only a few days away. Not needing to pick up the turkey from the butcher until the day before the holiday, the cooking of a traditional meal was a skill she developed over the years as a homemaker.

Eleanor loved the holidays. Even as a child she could remember the special times spent in her grandmother's kitchen, where the customs of the Old World were shared among the family that she loved.

It was a tradition that Eleanor carried onto her own family and hoped it would be passed on to each generation that came after her.

Placing the food items in the shopping cart, Eleanor kissed her fingertips and transferred the kiss onto Fox's tiny nose.

The little boy turned his head to the side with a bashful grin on his face.

What he said made his grandmother smile.

"Love you, Nana..."

The Kuipers' Residence...

Bringing the covers over him, Eleanor Kuipers tucked in her grandson Fox for the night as she softly sung a lullaby to him.

Fox both watched and listened to his grandmother. Her soothing voice enveloped the child in an embrace of warmth and comfort.

All of this had made Fox miss his mommy. Hearing and feeling the tenderness his grandmother showed to him only bared a shadow version of what he expected and loved from his mommy.

"I wanna my mommy..." Fox said softly as he slipped his thumb into his mouth.

Eleanor gently pulled his digit out of his mouth." You're a big boy, my sweet... Don't do that..."

Fox's bottom lip edged out and created the pout that not only melted Eleanor's heart but any adult except for his father and other grandmother could not resist.

"You stop that..." Eleanor kissed the tip of his button nose that cause Fox to smile." I know you miss your mommy, my sweet, but soon you will see her again and with a new brother or sister for you to play with."

"Mommy said I have new brother..."

"Well, that's just your mommy guessing... We won't know until the stork brings the baby into your mommy's arms..."

"What a stork?" Fox asked.

"A stork is a big white bird that brings all the babies to their mommies and daddies. They fly up in the air with the babies safely tuck in their blankets..."

"But Mommy said, baby is inside her tummy?" Fox questioned her with his brow pressed together.

"Well that's true... but it's the baby's soul that the stork brings to the mommies and daddies from Heaven..."

"Nana, what a 'so'?" Fox had never heard of the word before.

"Well... that is a part of God that is inside of you... It's what make you live and when it's time for you to go to Heaven you become a part of God again..."

"Oh..." Fox tried to understand but before he could ask another question his grandfather entered the room.

"Save all that for tomorrow, Eleanor...It will be Sunday then..." Frank Kuipers said to his wife.

"Grandpa!!" Fox smiled at the old man.

"Hey there, sport!" Frank came over and patted Fox on his head.

Having fun with his grandfather earlier in the day, Fox marveled at the fart noises that his grandpa would make each time he had Fox pull his finger.

Fox tried a few times to do it himself but no fart sounds would come from his rear each time he pulled his own finger.

"You have a good night sleep, Fox..." Frank told him as Eleanor gave Fox a kiss on his forehead.

"Night, Grandpa... Night, Nana..." Fox turned to watch them shut off the light and walk out of the room.

Turning his body to the side as his thumb slip into his mouth, Fox felt the sleep weigh on him as his tired body welcomed the chance to sleep and perhaps dream about home with his mommy...

"Hey, Foxie..."

Fox turned around to see the outline of his Uncle Carl bending down toward his bed and a strange smell that caused Fox to wrinkle his nose. It was the same smell his daddy would have whenever he would get really mad.

"Just want to say good night, buddy..." Carl stroked his nephew's hair.

"Night, Uncle Car..." Fox smiled at him.

"I know you have been having bad dreams... Sometimes I have bad dreams... Everyone does... It can be scary..." Carl tried to smile.

I scared of monsters with big eyes..." Fox pulled his blanket closer to him.

"So am I..." Carl confessed." But you shouldn't worry... It's not you they want..." Standing up, Carl moved toward the window and stared at the stars that glowed bright through the evening sky." I can never get away, Foxie... Just can't... Not even during the war..."

Turning back, Carl stared again at his nephew. Despite the darkness of the room, the sadness in his uncle's eyes could be seen and reminded Fox of his mommy when she cried too much when she was sad.

The darkness itself could not hide Fox's expression, as Carl looked the other way and saw the teddy bear he had bought for his sister's unborn baby sitting on the dresser.

Reaching over to it, Carl felt the softness of the fake fur that covered its body and the material inside of it that made it comfort to squeeze and hold on to.

Carl walked back to the bed and placed the bear next to Fox." Here, kiddo... Remember you promise to take care of the bear for me..."

"OK..." Fox hugged the bear close to his chest.

Liking the feeling of the bear in his arms, Fox wished the teddy bear was for him and not for the baby. He thought of asking his uncle for one but he felt too shy to ask.

"You have good dreams tonight, Foxie..." Carl kissed Fox on the forehead.

"OK..." Fox answered him.

"Good night, kiddo..." Carl slowly walked away with his eyes on Fox until he left the room.

"Night, Uncle Car..." Fox closed his eyes and hugged the teddy bear tight...

The dream Fox was having, was the dream he hoped for.

His mommy moved around in the kitchen and was baking the cookies that he liked.

His mommy dressed so pretty in a blue dress that matched her eyes. She was humming as she gave him a fresh baked cookie to eat.

Happily Fox started eating the cookie but each bite he took the cookie stayed the same. Fox didn't mind he loved the cookie, just as he loved his mommy and was happy to see her.

When his mommy turned back to him, her tummy had grown. Each step she took toward him, her tummy would expand. Until her final step there was a baby in her arms and Fox wondered if the stork had came to give the baby its 'So' when the baby was now a little girl that laughed and called him 'Fox'.

Before he could understand what was happening the walls of the kitchen began to shake. A bright light that shined like the sun came through the windows as Fox heard his mommy scream.

All of a sudden they were around him. The large dark eyes of the monsters Fox could see. More than a child his age could handle as he cried for his mommy when long thin arms reached for him. Feeling their grip on him, Fox tried to pull free but soon he felt himself being shoved away as the monsters moved onto his mommy and the little girl.

"NOT SAMANTHA!! NOT SAMANTHA!!" He heard his mommy beg.

Yet the girl was taken and the arms that held her were the arms that belong to his Uncle Carl.

Only with a smile from his uncle, Fox watched them fly out of the house and with the bright light, they were pulled forward into the sky.

"UNCLE CAR!! UNCLE CAR!!" Fox called out to him as the bright light swallow all that was around them whole.

When the light disappeared, Fox opened his eyes. The sweat pouring from his brow, Fox awakened on his bed ready to scream for his mommy when he saw the large dark eyes of the monster staring at him at the end of his bed.

The monster's odd head moved side to side. Its long arms stretched forward as Fox tried to move but before he could run, the big-eyed monster stood over him and reached out with one finger to his forehead.

Without it moving its mouth, Fox heard it tell him, 'Don't remember...' and Fox closed his eyes to a dreamless sleep...

Feeling his body shaking and the morning sun shining in his room, Fox woke to hear the telephone ringing and his grandmother answering it.

The commotion outside his room as he heard his grandmother shouting that Teena had the baby and it was a girl. A girl!!

Fox heard his grandfather shouting with glee and asked a question that Fox could not hear.

Then he heard the knocking on another door and his grandmother calling out." Carl?!"

Fox could hear his grandmother opening the door to his Uncle Carl's room as she continued to say. "Carl, Teena had the baby and it's a girl!! And... Carl..? CARL!!!"

The End

Title: Being Young VIII: Samantha
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: PG Don't post this story on your site without my permission. Thank you.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Being Young: Samantha

Chilmark: 1966...

Four-year-old Fox Mulder walked as fast as he could next to his mommy and the baby stroller that she was pushing.

Holding tight to his mommy's coat, Fox had lost his grip once and made a mad dash to regain his lifeline only to be scolded for pulling too hard on his mommy's coat.

His lips producing a familiar frown, Fox seemed to be unable to avoid any harshness that his mommy would give to him. It seemed only to have gotten worse since he met his baby sister Samantha a few months ago.

It was then that everything, not only in his life, had changed.

What he could remember or had any importance to him, Fox knew that something had happened to his Uncle Carl. He remembered seeing the men in white coats take his uncle in a big noisy car and his Nana crying when they drove away. His grandpa was upset and Aunt Lucy cried as hard as Nana did.

The whole situation frightened Fox. Trying to find comfort from the grieving adults, Fox cried only because he did not understand what was making the grownups sad. He wanted to know but his age and lack of knowledge was not in his reach as his youth denied him the ability to comprehend the pain the adults were feeling.

Yet the moment he saw his cousin Marty all the fussing the adults were doing was forgotten and Fox spent the rest of the day playing or watching television with the older boy.

Only his cousin Mary seemed unwilling to join them and cried just like the adults did that left Fox to puzzle again about the sadness around him until Marty came up with a new game for them to play.

When Fox was unable to find his Nana later in the day, he asked his aunt where she was.

Aunt Lucy choked back her tears and told him that she was where they had taken Uncle Carl.

"I wanna go too!!" Fox demanded but his aunt simply nodded her head 'no' and walked away crying again.

After that his grandparents' house was full of people.

There were new children around that Fox was excited to see and play with. Only the grownups he didn't know well were upsetting to the four-year-old when they hugged and kissed him. Fox did not like it and cried for his Nana to save him.

Yet she did not come to his rescue. The only answer he received from the grownups was a pat on the head and a cookie given to him by an older lady that the other children were afraid of.

It wasn't until nightfall that Fox finally saw his Nana.

Hearing sounds in the room that belonged to his Uncle Carl, Fox quietly entered in and found his Nana sitting on the edge of the bed crying.

She seemed not to notice him and only looked toward him when he placed his hand on her knee.

Though she said no words, Fox allowed his Nana to place him on her lap where she hugged him tight as she began to cry again.

"Nana... where Uncle Car?" Fox asked, wondering why he was not in his room.

Through the sound of her tears, Fox heard his Nana tell him, " He's in Heaven... He's now a part of God..."

The next few days were much of the same. People coming and going with different kinds of food to serve much like the Thanksgiving dinner that Aunt Lucy made but not many were in the mood to celebrate as Fox shared a turkey leg with his cousin Marty that none of the grownups wanted.

Despite the darkness that came over the family, Fox enjoyed himself with the other children. The days that were spent playing and watching television came to an end when Fox saw his father one morning standing in the living room talking with his grandpa.

Fox squealed with delight at the sight of his father and ran up to him where he was greeted with a huge hug. Surprisingly it was a warm and caring hug that his father was not known to give but having been around his mommy's family where the tenderness and love were shared everyday Fox did not notice. He was too happy to see his father.

Once the greeting was over, Fox immediately asked for his mommy but was told she was at home with the new baby.

"I wanna go home now!" Fox frowned. Not being able to see his mommy had made him mad.

"We'll be going home soon, Fox... and then you'll get to meet your new baby sister, Samantha." His father smiled proudly at him.

"I don't wanna no baby sister! I wanna my mommy!!" Fox's frown grew even larger and the evidence of tears was forming. Suddenly the frustration of the last few days had gotten to the child. His Nana being sad, his Uncle Carl gone to Heaven and his mommy not being here was enough for the four-year-old to start crying.

It didn't matter to Fox whose arms he was in, the need to be comfort brought his own arms around his father's neck and the flow of tears poured out as his father rubbed his back to calm him.

Feeling a sudden pull, Fox Mulder looked up to his mommy as she pushed the baby stroller into the post office with her dragging him along by the arm.

The line was short but the wait itself was much for the four- year-old. Finding it impossible to stand still, Fox pulled carefully (so she would not notice) on his mommy's coat, then twirled around in his place. Made smacking noises and pointing to the pictures on the wall, he counted each one out loud.

Fox's behavior was discerned and his mommy told him to behave when she grabbed his arm shaking it.

His pouting lip came out again and the frown he gave for being scolded, made Fox want to put up a fight until the lady behind them shook her head at him with a disapproving glare.

Suddenly feeling embarrassed, Fox ducked his head against his mommy's side and tried to hide from the lady. When he felt brave enough to take a peek, the lady behind them was no longer shaking her head but now smiling at him.

"Hello there, young man." The lady said to him.

The moment the lady spoke, Fox's mommy turned toward her and smiled as well.

"What a cute little boy, you have." The lady said to his mommy.

"Thank you... but he is a handful." His mommy patted his head.

Fox turned shyly away again but turned back to enjoy more of the lady's attention but instead he saw her now looking at his baby sister who was awake in the stroller.

"Oh, you have baby too!" The lady leaned over.

"That Samantha." Fox pointed to her." I her big brother!" He said proudly.

After all it was something that had been drilled into him even before Samantha was born.

He was a big brother.

Not a baby anymore like his parents had told him, though it hurt Fox not to be. He was now a big boy and a big brother.

A big brother to Samantha.

Still, she wasn't at all what he had expected.

When he and his father arrived home from his grandparents' house, Fox carried the teddy bear in his arms that his Uncle Carl bought for the baby.

When they were ready to leave, Fox returned to the room he slept in and took the bear off the bed. He did not forget what Uncle Carl had told him about taking care of the bear for him until it was given to the baby. Looking at the bear, Fox thought how lucky the baby was to get such a neat teddy bear. He now wished he had asked his Uncle Carl for one before he went to Heaven.

Hearing his father calling him, Fox dashed to the living room only to cringe from the disapproving look his father was giving him when he saw the teddy bear.

Clutching the bear closer to him, Fox was afraid that his father would take the bear away until he heard his Nana say, " Oh, Fox... you remembered." His Nana turned her sad face toward his father." Carl... he... he bought that for the baby."

Seeing his Nana placed her hand over her mouth, she shook her head side to side, not able to stop the tears from coming. Feeling his father take his hand and walked him out of the room, Fox looked back to watch his grandpa hug his Nana tight as she screamed out for Uncle Carl again.

After saying their thanks and good-byes, Fox with the teddy bear in his arms turned to stare out the back window of his grandpa's car to watch the house disappear as he was going home to his mommy.

Yet the mommy he found was not the mommy he remembered and loved.

Silent and withdrawn, she seemed uninterested in both him and the baby that Fox was introduced to as Samantha.

She wasn't the little brother his mommy promised him. Still, Fox was curious about the tiny face underneath the blanket.

Small, wrinkly and with a lot of black hair, Samantha did not at all looked like a girl nor did she looked like his mommy like Grandmother Mulder kept on saying.

Samantha looked weird.

She smelled funny too.

Sometimes she smelled pretty like the baby powder that his mommy put on him after his baths, other times Samantha smelled just like the potty after someone had used it. It was an awful smell that made Fox run out of the room every time.

Samantha was no fun.

She did nothing but laid there and did not do much, except when she cried it made Fox's ears hurt.

He tried once to play with Samantha and showed her the teddy bear Uncle Carl gave to her. But Grandmother Mulder took it from him and threw it across the room. She then took Fox by the arm yelling at him that he could have hurt the baby.

Fox did not try to play with Samantha anymore and went to his mommy to be comfort from the abuse he suffered from the hands of Grandmother Mulder. Yet his mommy had become much like Samantha was, quiet and staying in bed either awake or asleep.

She seemed not to notice anything, not even when Fox climbed into bed and cuddle close to her. She would not touch or even acknowledge that he was there, but for Fox it was enough that she was near and held her tight wanting her to come back.

All of this was Uncle Carl's fault. He had made Fox's mommy cry.

The moment she saw the teddy bear and knew who it was from. She held it to her chest and screamed for Uncle Carl.

Seeing his mommy like this had scared Fox. He ran to her side crying and begging her not to be sad. He then felt a hard pull on his arm that forced him away from his mommy as his father took her to their room leaving Fox more frightened than he had ever felt in his life.

He would get no comfort that night as a rough hand grabbed and spanked him hard for crying. Grandmother Mulder was there and she would not tolerate any infantile behavior from her grandson as she shook him hard to be a man. Fox managed to run and hide in the closet in his room where he was safe from his mean grandmother but not from the worries his young heart was feeling.

Something bad was happening to his mommy and Fox tried to think with his young heart how to make the pain go away.

It was a difficult time for the four-year-old. Having to adjust to his new sister, Fox's needs were pushed to the side and he had to wait until the grownups were done taking of care of Samantha. It was something that Fox was not use to and having been the only child where his mommy handled everything for him, Fox expected it to be the same. Yet it was not. He now had to be more responsible and the burden of growing up was thrust upon him that Fox was not ready for.

He was no longer a baby, but a big boy. And big boys were not to whine, cry or dare suck on their thumbs. He was expected to clean his room and be sure no toys were left in any room that they were not to be in. His plate of food was to be eaten and no excuses were accepted that would allow him to the leave the dinner table without finishing his meal. He was to brush his teeth and go to the potty on his own as well as dress himself. And if he did not do it right, he was to do it over again.

Fox could not escape the new situation in his life as long as Grandmother Mulder was there to enforce her rules.

His parents did not do anything to prevent such acts upon their child. His father went about his business as his mommy remained in her room under the covers of self-pity.

The only harmony Fox had, was when he was in his own room, with his picture books and toys to play with. Other than that, he was at the mercy of Grandmother Mulder's strong arm.

Until one day, his mommy woke up and became his savior again.

It had been a gradual move on her part that did not go unnoticed by Fox as he watched his mommy leave her room more and more. Though most of her time was still spent in her room, she was more willing to pay attention to her children and Fox took the opportunity to bond again with his mommy as she freely read to him every time he took a book to her.

He also took advance of his mommy's protection against Grandmother Mulder whenever she tried to punish him as he raced to the safety of his mommy's arms.

It took no more than a glare from his mommy to stop Grandmother Mulder from inflicting pain on to the small child. Fox was victorious over Grandmother Mulder with his mommy by his side.

By the time Santa Claus brought both him and Samantha their Christmas presents, his mommy was well again.

But still there were changes.

As he was expected from his father and Grandmother Mulder, Fox was forced to do more things for himself that left him whining to his mommy until her hand stuck his bottom that sent him running out of the room. Though the spankings were not painful there were however heartbreaking for the little boy that had lost much since his sister was born.

He was no longer the center of his mommy's universe. Having to share her now with an individual that was noisy, smelly and not at all pretty to look at, Samantha had taken much that Fox loved, wanted and needed.

It wasn't easy to share.

It wasn't easy to let go.

Fox was beginning to understand that Samantha was never going away unlike Grandmother Mulder did after the Christmas tree was thrown out. She was gone and Fox did not miss her. Yet he was surprised that Samantha was still here after Grandmother Mulder had left and even expressed to his parents that caused his father to laugh and his mommy scolding him for his remarks.

Samantha was staying.

And Fox was going to have to get use to it.

The change in his life had left Fox frustrated and annoyed by the little being that held full control over his parents.

Everything she wanted, she got.

It seemed to Fox that things were unfair and jealousy hovered around him that caused him to sometimes dislike Samantha. A pouting lip was always a clue to the resentment that Fox had for her.

Still, Samantha was not at all that bad.

The one thing Fox liked about Samantha was that she listened to him. Whether she was asleep or awake she gave the impression that she took a great interest in her older brother as he sat next to her or peeked into her crib that once had been his. Though Samantha could do no more than stare back at him with salvia dripping from her mouth, she seemed to hold her older brother in a higher state and wonder in her tiny world.

She would smile at Fox and never have an angry look toward him. When she heard his voice, she would turn her head and giggle to her delight at the sight of her older brother by her side.

One time, his mommy left Samantha alone with the bottle in her mouth as she drank greedily from it. The nipple had popped out and the bottle rolled away from her. Her sudden face cracked from the misery of her lost meal and the tears that were ready to burst free were stopped when Fox placed the nipple back in her mouth and held the bottle for her.

Her eyes never left his face, as they seemed to thank him for his help. Fox felt a feeling of gladness that he was able to prevent his sister from crying and without knowing or understanding a bond was growing between them that would show more in the coming years.

As the weeks went by there was not a thing that Fox did not find interesting in his growing sister.

From the first time she smiled to when she held her first toy and put it into her greedy mouth, the experience that Samantha was living and learning was a pure joy not only to her parents but her brother Fox as well.

He began to enjoy his new role as a big brother when the pressure was not on him to act a certain way. When he could be himself around Samantha without their parents near and to show her the things that Fox found special that brought a smile to Samantha each time.

When Fox heard Samantha cried, it was no longer something that caused his ears to hurt but an immediate reaction that made him run to his sister's side even before the adults were there.

Fox no longer hid under the covers of his bed or try to hide when he heard his parents fighting. Going to where his sister was, Fox gently patted Samantha's hand and told her everything would be 'OK'. For now he wasn't alone in a world that both frightened and excited him. There was someone now he could share it with and be brave for that person as well.

He was Samantha's big brother.

Standing before the baby stroller in the post office, Fox once again looked at his baby sister and saw the one person he loved but did not fear.

Samantha had become more to him than any sibling would feel for another. For together they would face the same world, the same problems and the same parents that Fox was no longer alone to deal with.

"Love you, Samantha..." Fox kissed his sister's forehead...

Teena Mulder did not see her children, as the expression of love was exchange between them, when she gave to the clerk behind the desk several letters that hid the one that was important to her. Only one part of the address was noticed by the clerk as the writing of 'Washington, D.C.' was well printed on it.

Once the postage was paid, Teena Mulder led her tiny family out of the building and onto the sidewalk that lead to home...

The End.

Title: Being Young IX: The Other Life
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rated: PG Please don't post this story on your site without my permission. Thank you.
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Being Young: The Other Life

1966: Washington, D.C.
A Suburb...

He looked into the crib where the baby slept after another difficult night.

It had worn his wife out and left only him awake to watch the baby sleep.

With a sigh that escaped him, the disappointment he felt toward his new child was evidence all over his face.

His new son was not at all like his firstborn.

Where the strength and boldness that could be seen his first son's eyes his other son did not possess the same characteristics, he hoped would be there.

It had been disheartening to him. The baby was much like his mother, a discontentment that he felt through his soul.

Cassandra was not at all like his true love.

When he met her, she was a quiet secretary that worked in the offices he prowled and found her to be quite attractive.

Younger than he was, her innocence reminded him of the first time he had seen Teena Mulder. Shy at first, he learned of the fire that was there in Teena's eyes and felt his heart being consumed by them. He wanted much to see it again as he looked into Cassandra's eyes and saw the possibility that was there.

Whether it was loneliness that urge him to her or the pressure to portray himself as a family man like those around him did, his decision to marry Cassandra was final when he learned that she was pregnant with his child.

It had been a simple wedding with their friends and her family there to attend. Cassandra glowed not only from her pregnancy but the happiness that she felt when she wrapped her arms around him and expressed her love for him.

He had told her the same, but unlike her he could not feel the emotions that came with the words.

He could not find what he wanted so much to believe as he searched her eyes, to be able to see the fire with spirit that he loved in another woman.

All he saw back were the eyes that were not Teena Mulder's but a woman he did not love.

Caressing his infant son's cheek, he wished it were his first son that lay before him and slept with the peace of knowing his father was there to protect him throughout his life.

Not a man in the shadows like a character in a fable, but a man that would stand before him and represent all that a man was meant to be.

A protector...

A provider...

And a friend.

All this he desired with his first child, he now had to settle with another. A substitute for what he really wanted.

With another sigh, he walked out of the nursery and into his private room. Sitting at his desk, he reached for the envelope he received a few days ago.

Removing the contents from it for the hundredth time, he held two photographs sent to him from Teena Mulder.

It was her way of punishing him. She had not forgiven him for marrying Cassandra and having a child with her.

Teena was a cruel woman.

She knew exactly how to get back at him with photographs that show the life he wanted with her.

The first one was a family shot of Teena, her husband and the children, the perfect image of the family unit that was the American dream.

But it was a dream that many did not reach and those who came close to it found the image not to be what they envisioned.

Still it was a dream that many, including himself, held tight to and longed to find.

With his thumb on the photograph, he slid it across the face of Bill Mulder. Despite Bill's obvious lack of courage, he considered Bill his best friend and worst enemy. All rolled into one, the obsession he had with Bill Mulder was not only the jealousy he felt toward Bill because of Teena and his son but also the power he possessed over Bill in the secrets that were kept from him. Not only the things he shared with Teena but within the Project that he and Bill worked for that would leave Bill the future scapegoat in the group.

So many secrets... Some things that would never be explain. The power they played with and the true enemy they feared did not go by any guidelines that was set. Only fear was in control and what actions the true enemy took, it was the group's job to cover up.

Such an example was Teena's brother Carl Kuipers. An unfortunate victim who was not chosen by the group and like so many before him they could not protect him from the enemy force that descended from the sky.

Only death rescued Carl Kuipers from the madness that would have tormented him had he lived from his last abduction.

The phone call he received back in November haunted him and made him realize the vulnerability to those that meant the most to him to the danger that the world was facing.

It was Bill Mulder's voice he heard on the other end of the line when he picked up the phone that day.

"Are you aware of what has happened?" Bill's voice shook.

"Aware of what? I'm not in the mood for riddles, Bill..." He spoke as he prepared to light a cigarette.

"I had planned to call with good news... but I received a report of another abduction that resulted in a death taking place in Boston that is not of our doing..."

"It's not surprise, Bill... These abductions take place without our control... All we can do is clean it up and keep any truths from being revealed..."

"Then I take it that you haven't got the report yet? Or the name of the victim... Carl Kuipers... my wife's brother!!"

"Dear God..." He pulled the cigarette away from his mouth. Though he had never met Carl Kuipers, Teena had always spoken fondly of her younger brother to him." How is Teena? Does she know?"

"I haven't told her yet that her brother is dead... Doubt that she knew he was an abductee, we didn't... Teena had the baby last night."

"Oh... well, congratulations are in order... Is it a boy or a girl?"

"A girl... She's beautiful... She looks just like Teena... I don't know how I'm going to tell her."

"What did the preliminary report state? Are we able to handle this?"

"Yes... Death is being reported as a heart attack. They were unable to revive him and he died before they reached the hospital."

"Has an autopsy been performed yet?"

"No... but we did contact one of our doctors who's stationed in the hospital that Carl was taken to..."

"We need to do our own test... Find out what they have done to this man... but we must allow the family to grieve... for Teena and her family's sake."

"Jesus Christ... what have they done..? I don't know how I'm going to tell Teena..."

"You tell her the truth... He died of heart attack."

"Another cover up? Another lie?! You don't know how close it is... not only because he's my wife's brother but my son was in that house when it happened!!"

"What..?!" A sudden fear shot through his body." Is he all right..?"

"He's fine... When I talked to Teena's sister, he was playing with the other children... I shouldn't have let him go there... They could have taken him... What if they had taken him?!"

"They didn't but it might be best to have the boy check out... make sure there are no implants imbedded in him."

"Dear God... this is too much. I don't know if I can face Teena and her family... How am I to lie to them?!! I don't know if I can!!"

Hearing the cowering in Bill's voice, the desire to admonish him had nearly escaped his lips. Yet he took control and found the words that kept Bill Mulder on the correct course of action to protect what was important to him.

"There is no time for any doubts, Bill... You're the man for the job and what needs to be done... Secure the Project... Save the world... If not for yourself... do it for your wife and children..."




With his thumbnail, he scraped across his friend's face in the photograph and dug deep into the paper forcefully. Removing the one person he loathed the most and stood in the way of his dreams.

One scratch. He made Teena's pain go away.

Another scratch. He made the fear disappear from his son.

Another scratch. He took everything that was his by right and by heart.

Stretching forward his imagination, he easily placed himself where Bill Mulder stood with Teena beside him holding the baby and his son on his lap. The image he believed was the perfect family that he wanted as he placed the damaged photograph onto his desk.

His attention was now on the other photograph of his son holding his baby sister in his arms. It was a delightful picture of the two siblings that brought a smile to his face.

The little girl was not his.

And it was a shamed that she wasn't.

Still she was a beauty like her mother, an angel from the heavens like all babies were at the beginning including his own baby boy.

Innocents until the world's corruption polluted their minds and hampered their ambitions that weeded out the weak from the strong.

The little girl's eyes were much like his firstborn, wide with curiosity and the desire to thrive.

All this could be credited to their mother. Her strength had been past on to her children.

If this, was only true for his new son. With him lacking the same boldness as the two children Teena produced could only come from the poor choice he made in the woman he mated with.

Poor Cassandra.

So young, so innocent... so weak.

Why could he have not seen this before? How was he to believe that she could be more than what Teena was to him?

Even Teena had warned him of his future with Cassandra would be bleak.

"She'll never make you happy..." Teena announced to him over the phone before his marriage to Cassandra.

"Really? You don't know much, my dear... Cassandra is a wonderful person."

"That I won't deny. She's lovely to talk to... but she's not me."

"Of course she's not you... I'm not marrying her because I think she is you. Don't give yourself so much credit, Teena."

"You're only marrying her because you got her pregnant. Everyone knows that. Don't think for once that we believe you love her... everyone can see that you don't..."

"You don't know much, my dear..."

"I know a lot more than you think. You don't love her and you'll never be happy with her..."

"... Because she is not you..?" He both finished and mocked her statement.

"No... because you want her to be me. That's the difference."

Placing the photographs back into the envelope and into the desk drawer, he carefully locked it before shutting the light off in the room as he walked out.

He moved through the dark hallway and looked again into the nursery. For a moment he thought he had seen his first son sleeping but knew it was nothing more than a fabrication and continued walking.

Entering the bedroom he shared with his wife, the moonlight's light shined an outline across the body that slept peacefully under the covers and brought back memories of the many nights he spent with Teena over the years...

Shaking his head, he would not allow himself to be trick again by his mind and accept what was before him.

Cassandra wasn't Teena.

Yet Cassandra was there and it more than he ever had in his life with another person.

He wasn't alone anymore.

And he was at least grateful for that.

Taking his place by her side, he took his arm around Cassandra and felt her own hand covering his caressing softly against her skin. Despite the affection Cassandra showered upon him, it could not push away what his heart repeatedly told him.

She wasn't Teena...

The End.

Title: Being Young X: A Day in a Life
Author: Jo Ann Medrano
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement is intended.

Archive: Please don't archive on any site without permission from the author.

Being Young: A Day in a Life

Three-year-old Dana Scully peeked into the crib that her baby brother slept in.

Reaching her small hand between the bars, Dana grabbed hold of an old memory. The blue blanket curled around her fingers as Dana pulled it free from the baby crib and into her arms.

Feeling the warm comfort that the blanket had given to Dana during her first two years of life, it felt good to have her old friend back with her.

Sitting now on the floor in only her underwear with toys and necessities for a one-year-old baby scattered around, Dana hugged the blanket close to her and took in the smells that covered it. Some of the odors were not pleasant but what Dana could find were the things she could remember.

The scent of assurance and protection she felt as the faint memories of her mommy wrapping her warmly in the loving blanket. The shelter it gave to her during the terrible storms that frightened her, the blanket shielded Dana against the thunder and lightening flashing across the sky.

Though Dana did not have the habit of dragging the blanket with her wherever she roamed, it still had the security that she wanted.

Right now, it was what Dana needed the most.

Her small world seemed different.

Not having a better understanding of other things besides her needs, Dana felt the weight of sadness overcome her surroundings. Her mommy had always been her strong arm against such fears. Yet nothing was right these past few days that caused Dana to search for other means of comfort.

The moment she heard her mommy call her name, Dana tossed the blanket over her head and covered herself to hide.

She didn't want her mommy to find her.

Not with what her mommy wanted her to do.

Sitting still in the room as possible, Dana closed her eyes and pretended she did not hear her mommy's voice in the same room she was now in. But the sudden bright light blinded her as the blanket was removed from her sanctum.

"Dana!" Her mommy looked scolding at her." You know better than this..."

Feeling herself being lifted off the floor then planted on her feet, Dana struggled to break free of her mommy's grip but the efforts were fruitless. Whether Dana liked it or not, it was time to get dressed.

Taken back to her room, Dana stubbornly fought her mommy and refused to give in even as she was placed onto her bed.

"NO!! NO!!" Dana rolled onto her stomach and kicked her frustration into the mattress." NO!!"

Yet her mommy paid no attention to her protest and placed on the bed next to Dana, the one thing the little girl hated the most.

A dress.

An ugly dark blue dress that had too many ribbons sewn onto it and too much ruffles along the skirt.

Dana did not like dresses.

She didn't like the way they felt on her and didn't like that she couldn't be dirty in them either.

There were too many rules that came with a dress leaving Dana to take the only action she knew.

"Don't want this!! Don't want this!!" Dana pushed the dress off the bed.

"Dana!!" Her mommy lifted the discarded dress off the floor and then smacked Dana hard on her rump." Don't do that again!"

Dana screamed at the violation caused to her buttocks but did not put up much of a struggle when her mommy pulled her into a sitting position.

"Dana, I want you to behave while I dress you..." Her mommy gave her a stern look.

Dana did not answer but allowed her mommy to place the white slip on her before the hated dress came next.

"Don't like this..." Dana pouted even as the dress fell over her head.

Having able to finish with the rest of the dressing without Dana putting much of a fuss, the next process of brushing her hair was the next stage to deal with the little rebel.

Maggie Scully carefully turned her daughter around to face the back of her. Dana's hair was not easy to deal with. It had too much stubbornness like its young owner did. Maggie's oldest daughter Melissa's hair was much easier to manage than the rough mop-top that belonged to Dana.

Still once every curl was put in place and the ribbons or barrettes were pinned down, Dana was more than just an adorable three-year-old but a child that many would praise to Maggie and her husband Bill, Sr. about.

"Mommy!! Mommy!!" Melissa Scully came stomping into the room." Mommy, Billy taking his shoes off!! He not suppose to!! He doing it now!!"

"Missy... Honey, go tell Daddy to stop Billy... I have to finish with your sister's hair..."

"Daddy not here, Mommy... He went outside with Charlie..."

"What?! That son of a bitch..." Maggie growled, but realized what she said in front of her daughters." Don't say those words, girls..."

Maggie gave one final stroke to Dana's hair before setting the barrettes in place.

Finally with the ordeal over, Dana smiled at her older sister and giggled into her arms. Neither girl noticed their mommy leaving the room as they danced around one another.

"Dana! Dana!" Melissa sang." Look how pretty you are!"

"I don't like!!" Dana frowned.

"You don't like anything, Dana... You like spinach?"

"NO!!" Dana pouted.

"You like carrots?" Melissa hugged her sister again.

"NO!!" Dana answered in Missy's chest.

"You like ice cream?"

"YES!!" Dana grinned ear to ear.

"You like me?"

"YES!!" Dana hugged Melissa back and giggled more.

The two sisters enjoyed each other's company. There wasn't a place that Melissa went that Dana was not too far behind. Though Melissa was not above teasing her little sister like their brother Billy, Jr. did, Dana seemed more forgiving to her older sister and reserved her toddler rage against her older brother.

Taking one another's hands, Melissa skipped out of the room with Dana at her side as she tried to match the speed her older sister was traveling. The few steps they took led them to the living room to witness their brother Billy, Jr. receive a harsh scolding from their mommy.

The boy was trying to hold his tears back as he bit down on his bottom lip. Yet the struggle to keep control was a losing battle as the weapon of words his mommy used was overwhelming to his emotions.

"... I have told you and told you... Not to remove your shoes or socks... You are to leave them on your feet, Billy... I will not have this discussion again..." His mommy tied his shoelaces.

"But I don't like wearing them!" Billy tried one last effort to state his case.

"Sometimes you have to do things that you don't like... And in this world you have to wear shoes on your feet..." Maggie said.

"Yea... You wear shoes on your feet!" Melissa repeated her mommy.

"Wear shoes!!" Dana pointed at him.

Billy frowned his face tight. He didn't like his sisters telling him anything.

"Poopheads!!" Billy defended himself.

"Billy!" Maggie scolded, then turned to her daughters." And you two don't start anything!"

Hearing the front door opening, mother and children turned toward the sound to see the head of the household returning from the outside with the youngest member of the brood.

Bill Scully, Sr. entered with a huge smile that greeted his older children as his youngest boy rested in his arm. Not even the displeased look his wife was giving him discouraged the mood he was feeling.

"DADDY!!" A chorus welcomed him home.

"Hey there, troops..." Bill saluted them. Coming to attention as their daddy had shown them, all three of the older children saluted back. Charlie even at his young age knew to bring his hand to his forehead to salute his siblings as well.

"Everyone ready for Church? Time to ship off..." Bill addressed his family.

"No we're not..." Maggie said to her husband as she took Charlie out of his arms. Walking away with her youngest son, Maggie cursed under her breath at the behavior of her husband. Charlie's freezing hands and the redness in his cheeks was the result of her husband not having enough sense to come in from the cold.

Grasping her daddy's pants' leg, Dana tugged on the material until she was lifted into her daddy's arms.

"Hi there, Sunshine?" Bill, Sr. smiled at his youngest daughter.

Feeling his warmth surround her, Dana rested her head onto his chest. It was what she needed now more than her old blanket itself. The beating sound of his heart throbbed into her ear were smoothing to the little girl that loved her daddy the most...

The Church...

Dana couldn't see a thing.

The large wooden wall before her kept her view limited to the things close by.

She could hear the voices that were all around her, including her own parents speaking. Yet their voices blended into a large group of people that Dana could barely see but it didn't take much for her mommy to break free from the rhythm of the masses.

"Dana... don't!" Dana felt her hand being pushed away from the books that rested in the slots attached to the wooden wall before her.

Dana didn't think it was fair.

Her mommy held one of the books as she bounced Charlie on her lap and so did Daddy. What few people Dana could see were also holding copies of the same book. Even Missy and Billy were sharing one together.

Looking past her daddy, Dana crumbled her face. It wasn't fair that they could have a book and not her!

Letting out a huff with a grump on her face, Dana crossed her arms in a defiant mood she was in.

She didn't like coming here. She couldn't do anything here.

Everyone had to be quiet and everyone had to sit still.

No playing with her favorite dolly that Dana couldn't bring with her or any other kind of toys she liked.

Dana was not allowed to raise her voice or even laugh at something that was funny to her.

Once time Billy made a funny face at her in the church that caused Dana to laugh so loud that not only did she get in trouble with her mommy but even the other people around them gave her a scolding face. It made Dana feel so ashamed that only the refuge she found was near her daddy's side to cover her embarrassed face.

Hearing a man's voice boom louder than any other person in the large room, Dana tried to find where he was and stretched her neck as far as she could go. The only thing Dana could see were the backs of the heads that belonged to the grown-ups sitting in front of her.

"Daddy... can't see..." Dana pouted to her daddy.

Responding to her plea, Dana felt her daddy's huge hands take her by the waist and lift her onto his lap.

At least she was comfortable there and not making a sound at all, unlike her brother Charlie who started to cry in their mommy's arms.

Watching her mommy try to calm her baby brother with a bottle of juice that her mommy kept in her special bag for babies, Dana missed not being able to sit on her mommy's lap like she use to.

Though Dana would still find the chance to claim her mommy's lap as her own, it was her baby brother that took much of their mommy's time.

It was the reason now that Dana could not sit on her mommy's lap because of Charlie.

He was a baby and needed to be more with Mommy than with Daddy.

That was fine with Dana.

She liked being with her daddy and whenever the chance was there to have him for herself, Dana would not pass the opportunity.

Feeling safe with her daddy, Dana felt nothing could touch her while she was there. Only her mommy could forge pass the strong arms of her daddy but now her attention was on Charlie who still fussed in her arms.

When the man's voice asked all who were seated to stand, Dana was lifted high into the air as her daddy stood with everyone in the room.

Not stop herself from giggling as the sudden rush let out her glee, Dana was now able to see room much better, but the man that spoke loud was still unseen by the little girl. Searching the room to find the voice that commanded the attention of the group, it was a face that soon had Dana's attention as it stood in the middle of a great big wall

The beard man had his eyes cast down with his long hair matted with the sharp detail that showed each strand on his head. With his arms stretched out, Dana's eyes widened when she noticed the man had no shirt on. Giggling again at the strangeness the man possessed, Dana felt a tap on her hip as a warning from her mommy to be quiet.

Dana pouted her bottom lip forward and turned her attention again to the man on the wall. His voice continued with a prayer with those around the room repeating each line. Dana herself tried to keep up with the man's words, but each sound she spoke took on its own character and a hush from her mommy kept Dana from finishing the prayer.

Left only to look at the man on the wall, his voice again spoke over the room and Dana tried to watch his mouth move, but nothing came out of it. Only the sadness that was painted across the man's expression that Dana in her young mind wondered why...

Sticking her arm through the bars in the playpen, Dana lifted the stuffed toy bear and offered it to her baby brother.

Yet Charlie showed no interest in the bear and squealed out of delight at the push toy he held tight in his hands.

"Charlie..?" Dana waved the bear again at him. Still her brother did not yield to her words, and Dana brought the bear down with a sigh.

Sometimes Charlie wasn't any fun.

Though Dana did not give up on the chance of getting her brother close to her, it was an act that was not going to happen just yet.

"Charlie..?" Dana called again.

Looking up at last, Charlie grinned at his sister showing the few baby teeth he had. The dripping of salvia from his mouth was not as gross as the mucus that ran down his nose.

Charlie sometimes was a yucky baby.

He didn't always smell good and Dana would hold her nose whenever Charlie smelled like poop. It was her mommy who always took care of the situation and could make Charlie smell fresh with the baby powder Dana liked.

At each changing, Dana would stand near and wait for the moment her mommy held the container of baby powder in her hand. Seeing the light puff from the powder being extracted into the air, Dana held her breath to wait for the tiny touches from her mommy's fingertips placed upon her rosy cheeks before she would take in the lovely scent. With a smile she would give to her mommy for the special treatment she received, Dana would see the same smile from her mommy before she returned to finish taking care of Charlie.

Mommy hadn't been smiling for the last few days. Though Dana did not bother or even think of keeping track of time, she only knew that her mommy had not smiled at her the way she use to.

It wasn't that her mommy was being mean but there was something different in the way she behaved that was noticed by some of her children.

Yet it didn't stop any misgiving that the siblings were inflict upon one another.

"OUCH!!" Dana yowled as she felt her hair being pulled on. Turning to her tormenter, Dana took a swing but missed her older brother, Billy as he took a step back to avoid his little sister's rage.

"Dumb Dana! Dumb Dana!" Billy stuck his tongue at her.

"Quit it!!" Dana swung her fist again through the air while her brother stood a good distance laughing." You mean, Billy!!"

"And you're ugly!!" Billy reached out and placed his hand on top of Dana's head." Ugly Dana! Ugly Dana!" He taunted her, until Billy felt a swatch against his rear.

"Billy, Jr., you leave your sister alone! I've talked to you many times about this behavior and I'm in no mood to explain it again! Now go to your room and stay there until I call you!" A firmed Maggie Scully stood over her shocked son.

"But Momma..." Billy protested.

"No dessert tonight... Now go!" Maggie pointed toward the direction of Billy's room.

Finding no way to win, Billy stomped his way to his room and slammed the door closed, hard. It was in a matter of seconds that Maggie was in her son's room.

"You come over here right now and close the door properly!! You never slam the door again! Now stand here and do it right!"

This time, Billy closed the door correctly and the only sound that could be heard was his own crying.

Having a triumph smile on her face, Dana quickly wiped it away when her mommy approached her. Though no words were exchanged, the only connection Dana had with her mommy at the moment was the loving pat she received on her chubby cheek.

Dana smiled to see that her mommy was not mad at her like she was with Billy. Yet her attention now was on Charlie who let out a giggle as their mommy sang sweetly to him.

Dana loved hearing her mommy sing. Especially when she sang to her. Her mommy's voice was the calm to any storm Dana faced in her young life. Feeling her mommy near and the comfort she gave, could never take what Dana craved the most from the grownups she loved.

Feeling drawn to the lullaby that came beautifully from her mommy, Dana watched as her baby brother was taken into their mommy's arms and gently being rock side to side.

Dana wanted much to be in her mommy's arms. Yet she couldn't. Not since Charlie had come to live with them had Dana been able to have her mommy all to herself.

In her fading memories, Dana could still remember when the whole world revolved around her. Where her every demands and desires were fulfilled and the tenderness of care she received from the strong presence of her mommy.

Everything that her mommy had done for her was now showered upon Charlie.

The evidence of jealousy cast over the young girl's emotions and one that she did not experience often to have a better understanding of what she was feeling.

Still Charlie fascinated her. He was not the first baby Dana had ever seen, but he was the first to be a part of her everyday life from the moment her parents brought him home.

The whole pregnancy thing had been an unusually time in Dana?s life. Seeing her mommy?s size increase over the months was due to the baby she was carrying inside of her. Dana did not show much interest in her mommy's condition and only fussed when she saw her sister Melissa doing it.

Missy was intrigued by the idea of a baby being inside of her mommy`s tummy. Pressing her ear against her, Melissa carefully listened out for the baby and tried hard to communicate with her unborn sibling.

Seeing what Missy was doing, Dana too would rest on her mommy's stomach and nodding in agreement with Missy only because it was what her big sister wanted to hear.

"Baby is talking, Dana.. You hear baby?" Missy would ask every time.

"Hear baby?" Dana would nod vigorously.

Missy was full of questions and asked each one to her patient mommy as Dana enjoyed the security her mommy gave to her.

Dana, had she known or even understood the precious moments shared then with her mommy, would have held tighter to her young memories to cherish when she was older.

Once her mommy's song ended, Charlie was placed back into the playpen. The young baby seemed quite content to be back in his small-enclosed world and started to play with his push toy again.

Seeing her chance, Dana moved and rested her head against her mommy's side. But Dana was not able to enjoy it when her mommy took her hand.

"Come on, Dana?" Her mommy said and led the way to the kitchen.

There sitting carefully still was Melissa at the kitchen table. Her knees rested on the cushion of the chair with her looking into the large mixing bowl containing peelings from the potatoes.

Seeing her mommy returning, Missy shouted." Mommy, are you going to cook these? They don't look good. I bet they yucky?"

"Potato peels are good to eat? but we're not going to use them." Maggie said to her oldest daughter.

With help from her mommy, Dana sat in the other chair next to her sister. Missy reached over and hugged Dana.

"We going to help Mommy!!" Missy cheered.

"Help Mommy!!" Dana repeated. Looking past her daughters, Maggie checked on Charlie. His playpen was visible to her from where she stood in the kitchen. Seeing that he was fine, Maggie began to give her daughters one of many lessons in cooking a meal?

Dana pressed her hands flat together.

Hearing her mommy saying the nighttime prayer, Dana closed her eyes and saw the face of the man on the wall of the church.

His voice prayed along with her mommy.

Dana could hear her sister Missy and brother Billy pray along with the man.

His sad face still looking down but his voice spoke with softness and strength.

Dana pressed her eyes tighter and tried to see the man much better. She noticed the strange hat he wore with shape points on it that made Dana cringe. The strange red lines that drew down on his face looked much like the color of the roses that were planted outside of their home. Dana once tried to touch one of the roses and screamed out in pain when a thorn pierced her finger.

Remembering how much it hurt, Dana felt one tear slide down her face until it was wipe away by her mommy.

"Dana? what's wrong?" Maggie looked at her with concern.

"Mommy? hold me." Dana reached out to her.

Burying her face in the shelter of warmth and security that was known to her from born, Dana could not content the emotion she felt inside of her.

"Love you, Mommy?" Dana said.

"I love you too, baby?" Maggie said and gave her daughter the smile little girl had missed so much.

Once she was tucked in and her sister Missy said her good night, Dana was suddenly faced with the large figure that was her daddy.

"Good night, Sunshine?"

"Night, Daddy?" Dana kissed him on the nose.

Her daddy smiled and gave Dana's nose a playful pinch before he said good night to Missy.

Dana watched as her daddy walked out of the room before shutting the lights off.

Her daddy was so much fun when he came home before dinner was done. After the meal, he took Dana and her siblings outside to count the stars. Having not master her ability to count, Dana repeated the numbers that she knew and not in the correct order.

It made Dana mad when Billy told her that she wasn't doing it right. Yet her daddy did not share in the same opinion and took Dana into his arms. Thinking that she could grab a star all to herself, Dana stretched her arms forward and with her daddy help, lifted her up high to the endless sky.

Feeling the weight of exhaustion closing her eyes, Dana could hear the faint voices of her parents talking but what they were saying had no meaning to her at all. No matter how high the volume of their voices rose, Dana flowed away into the slumber of sleep and would not wake up for hours to the new day awaiting?

The End.

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