Title: Babycakes
Author: Piper Maru and Maddy Too
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Emily, Arcadia
Category: X-File
Disclaimer: I do not own'em. However, Babycakes is mine and may not be used without my permission!!!! Please e-mail me if you want to post this anywhere.
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Summary: A young girl goes undercover with Mulder and Scully to catch a kidnapper. A bit of humor with a twist of fate. What if Emily was still alive?


Mulder looked at the teenager and snorted. So this was the person helping him and Scully on their new case. Yeah right! Mulder thought. A girl with brown hair and eyes, 4'6", and 13-year-old sat staring at Mulder in the eyes. Her name was "Babycakes". Babycakes was right Mulder thought. The girl looked about 10 years old.

She was perfect for the job that lay ahead. Scully arched her eyebrows and glanced at Mulder. Both were very skeptic. Babycakes was a prodigy. She was smarter than most adults were and was hand picked to help Mulder and Scully. Babycakes knew everything; about computers that was the main reason why Skinner picked her that and she was so tiny she looked like a kid.

Which is what they needed for their case. They were to go undercover as a family to discover a kidnaper. Babycakes was mainly to be used as a child. By the type of children that had been abducted so far, Babycakes fit the bill. She was the right height, weight, and eye/hair color. Babycakes appeared to be a child on the outside but inside was a soul of a 50-year-old. Or was there?

"Hi my name is Babycakes." Mulder and Scully both shook her hand.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school or something?" Mulder replied.

"I graduated from high school two years ago." Babycakes replied coolly.

"Are you packed and ready to go? Scully cut-in.

"Yes I've been packed and ready for three hours." Babycakes answered.

Mulder observed Babycakes on the plane. From what he could tell, she acted like a normal 13-year-old. She mostly listened to her discman and slepted. The flight was a long one. Mulder's legs were stiff and sore and so was his neck. He had never been so happy to get off the plane. After all three of them got their luggage and rented, a car Mulder got out the map for Tucson.


There was a specific neighborhood called White Dove. That was were all of the kidnappings had taken place. "White Dove what a peaceful little neighborhood." Mulder joked.

"I don't think this is something to be joking about Agent Mulder." Babycakes replied crossly.

Scully stifled a giggle.

"Just because you have to be a kid for a few weeks doesn't mean you gotta ruin my field trip." Mulder fired back.

"Wellif this is a field trip for you it goes to show how much of a life that you don't have!" Babycakes threw back.

Man this kid is a smartass. Mulder thought.

"Ok guys that is enough. We have lives to save." Scully replied.

"Well this is it." Mulder got out of the car and waited for Scully and Babycakes. The house was two stories, white paint job, and a huge porch with a swing. "Home sweet home."

"Hey Scully can I carry you over the thresh hold? While our beloved daughter gets the luggage?" Mulder gave Scully that "look".

"Mulder this is no time to joke around. We have loads of boxes to unpack and get stuff set-up."

Mulder's face fell.

"Yeah dad."

"In case you've forgotten this is not a vacation this is a job." Babycakes retorted.

"Kids these days." Mulder shook his head. "Babycakes you have to act like you're around eight years old."

"So don't use big words and act like well a child!" Scully reminded her.

"Including letting daddy give you a piggyback ride!" Mulder joked.

"Agent Mulder I find your sense of humor if you can call it that repulsive!" Babycakes slammed her car door.

"Babycakes you have to call us mommy or daddy. No more agent stuff," Scully said.

"Yes mommy." Babycakes replied with a little girl voice and big innocent eyes.

Unloading the car and small U-haul took about three hours. It was amazing that they did not wake up the whole neighborhood.

Babycakes sat in her room unpacking her computer. When Scully came in Babycakes was typing like crazy. "Well I'm attempting to hack into the files that we need." Babycakes explained without looking up.

"People will wonder why our 8-year-old has a computer in her room," Scully said.

"Don't worry, I loaded little kids games and programs.They act as the cover-up." Babycakes replied.

"Good thinking." Scully smiled at Babycakes.

"Well there are my two dumplings!" Mulder came barging into the room with a huge smile on his face. Babycakes glared at him. "Babycakes that is no way to look at your darling daddy. Just cause I didn't give you that piggy back ride yet doesn't mean I forgot about you!" Mulder joked.

"I know you're getting too old and fat to carry me around daddy, Iunderstand." Babycakes replied in her little girl voice. Scully gave Mulder an amused look.

"Well I think it's dinner time," Scully said looking at her watch.

"Why doesn't our little happy family go out to eat?" Mulder suggested.

"After this case I'm going to need therapy." Babycakes answered rolling her eyes.

"I thought you all ready needed therapy," Mulder replied innocently.

"Ok enough of this you two!" Scully replied. "Remember Babycakes you're a little girl now."

They decided Red Lobster was a good place for dinner. When the waitress brought Babycakes the kid's meal menu, she glared at her.

"Our little one has a temperlike her mommy." Mulder responded. Babycakes kicked Mulder under the table. "Not now sweetie, laters daddy will give you a piggy back ride," Mulder said.

Scully rolled her eyes. A few insults and two hours later Babycakes lay in her bed. Wondering why in the hell did she have to be the one picked to bail this asshole and his partner out of this case? She also wondered if she would ever see her family and friends again. She knew the whole point of her being here was to hack into files and play a child hoping to be kidnapped so dipshit and his partner could save five kids.

Babycakes sighed. It was going to be a very long two weeks. She hoped that it would end quickly and calmly. Little did Babycakes know that her whole life was about to change.


The next morning was bright and sunny. "Wow!" "Just look at this place!" Mulder exclaimed. "It looks so different in the daylight." Mulder continued.

"Duh!" Babycakes retorted.

"Now are you still upset with your daddy?"

"Bite me," Babycakes replied. "No, no, darling, that's mean." Babycakes poured a bowl of cereal and headed back to her room. She had mange to download some of the missing files.



"I just wanted to let you know that you have to get to know the other kids and try to become friends with them."

"Yes mommy."

"I'm serious Babycakes."

"I know." Babycakes replied.

"Well I manage to get all of the missing files." Babycakes tossed the papers on the dinning room table.

Mulder's jaw dropped. "All ready?"


"It was easy."

"Man Forhkie couldn't get'em this fast!" Mulder seemed impressed.

"Well knowing you I'm not surprised that I'm smarter than your friends." Babycakes left the room before Mulder had a chance to reply.

Within three days, Babycakes had managed to become the most popular kid in the neighborhood. She got along great with everyone and she was able to find out clues easily. Two more children had been kidnapped the night before. Each child was closer to where Babycakes was. Which was good in a way.

"Well the kidnapper has to be someone living here." Babycakes said. Mulder and Scully sat facing her taking all of this in. "One mother in particular stood out."

"Keep going," Scully encouraged.

"Well maybe she's just protective of her daughter."

Mulder took down notes on Babycakes reports as she talked.

"Well I think soon we should start visiting everyone." Mulder said. "We've managed to have one family invite us over for dinner tomorrow. Which will give us a chance to ask some questions." Mulder continued.

Later that night Babycakes stood in front of her full-length mirror. She hated the way she looked. She had been wearing little kid's clothes for three days and it got sickening after awhile. Babycakes looked at her flat chest. She did not need to wear a bra to smash everything down. She was embarrassed by her child-like features. Babycakes sighed. She wished she looked like Scully. Scully was so beautiful. Scully was flawless. Babycakes sighed again.

Babycakes winced in pain her stomach had been cramping badly for a few months off and on. It was getting annoying. She stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. Babycakes let out a loud gasp. Great, just great. She thought to herself. Babycakes knocked on Scully's door. "Hi." Babycakes said.

"Hi, are you ok? You look sick," Scully replied worried.

Babycakes gasped in pain. "Well um...I kind of have a problem." Babycakes stumbled over the words.

"What is it?" Babycakes groaned in pain again. "Babycakes are you having your period?" Scully asked with concern.

"Yeah that's it." Babycakes face flushed red. "It's um my first period..and..um..well...I don't have any you know pads or whatever." Babycakes continued. Scully went to her small bag and got out some pads and Midol. "Here sweetie if you run out I have more here help yourself."

Babycakes took the stuff and smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." After Babycakes got changed, she knocked on Scully's door. "Is everything ok now?" Scully asked.

"Yep." Babycakes nodded.

Scully smiled. "I'm really sorry but I didn't think daddy could help me out." Babycakes joked.

Scully laughed. "It's ok." "I'm glad you came to me." Babycakes smiled again.

Babycakes crawled up close to Scully. Babycakes threw her arms around Scully and hugged her tight. Babycakes was surprised by her actions. She was not one that showed her emotions often. Scully hugged her back. "Do you want to sleep with me tonight? In case you get to feeling bad you're right here?" Babycakes smiled and said "Yes! Thank you!"

"Ok." Scully replied with a smile.


They had formed a plan on how to get Babycakes kidnapped. They had enough information to put their plan into action. However, plans change. It was pitch dark out. The dark form crepted quickly and silently. Darkness was its only friend. The figure grabbed the tiny child. The child squirmed and tried to scream. Babycakes woke up with a start. Her hands and legs were tied together and a gag was in her mouth. She could barely breathe let alone move. When her eyes adjusted, she saw she was in the basement and from what she could see, she was alone.

Sunlight filtered through a small crack in the wall. Babycakes cried and prayed for what seemed like hours. Soft footsteps padded down the stairs. Babycakes pretended to be asleep. The figure shook her roughly.

"Wake up!" The figure shouted.

Babycakes' eyes snapped open. The gag was removed. Babycakes looked up and gasped in shock and dismay. "Why?" Babycakes choked.

"You are the beginning of the end." Replied a familiar voice. It was the last thing Babycakes heard before darkness surrounded her.


"How the hell do you "lose" one of our helpers?" Skinner shouted at Mulder and Scully.

"We think Babycakes is part of something more than we can imagine, so extreme that she causes a threat to so some people." Mulder answered. "This was part of their plan all along they used Scully and I to deliver Babycakes into their hands."

"She must be more then a computer whiz. You better find her and soon!" Skinner barked.

"Scully Babycakes is more than a teenager. She may hold the answers to everything. We're just pawns to be used and moved to help CSM. Babycakes is a piece in this game too but she is worth more than you or me. That's why they've taken her."

"Mulder she was posing as a child, there is a kidnapper. Babycakes isn't a plan."

"Scully yes she is! Think about it we don't know anything about her, she is placed in out hands one day and gone a week later. How do you explain that? And what the hell type name is Babycakes anyway?" Mulder continued.


Babycakes groaned loud machines surrounded her. Wires and tubes were in her arms and her head was held still by something.

"She's awake." That same voice from the basement.

"Good." Came a man's voice.

Babycakes looked into the eyes of her capture. Babycakes felt a sting in her left arm. When tried to turn her head she could not move. "You can't move Babycakes."

Came her voice. "Duh." Babycakes replied.

"I see you still have sarcasm. Smirked the woman. "Well all of that will change."

"You know it was hard trying to find you."

"Thanks to your computer I was able to track you down." The woman smiled at her cold and cruel.

Another girl lay in the bed next to her. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, she looked very clam. Babycakes had seen this girl before but she could not remember where she had seen her.


"I don't know Mulder."

"But I do a girl is depending on us to find her."

"And that's what I intend on doing!"

"I want to find her too Scully."

An hour later Mulder was typing away on Babycakes computer.

"Bingo!" Mulder shouted.

"What?" Scully asked.

"I know where she is." Mulder answered.

Babycakes has never been in so much pain. They finally unhooked some of the machines from her and placed her in her own little room. She tried to walk but didn't get too far. The pains all over her body was getting worse. And to make matters worse there was a huge bump on the back of her neck. It throbbed and hurt like hell. Babycakes gently laid down tears streaming down her pale face.

"So where is she?" Scully asked. "CSM has her." Mulder replied.

"But where Mulder?"

"She's hidden somewhere."

"I think she's with Emily too." Mulder continued.

"Mulder Emily died three years ago!" Scully exclaimed.

"We never saw her body did we Scully?"

"Her body was destroyed Mulder."

"I don't think so Scully." Mulder smiled. "I think we can save them both and the other children." Mulder continued with a plan on how to get the children.


Babycakes could hear sobbing coming from down the hall. She carefully got up and slowly walked down the hall inside a tiny room like hers sat the little girl she had seen in the lab. The girl raised her head her blue eyes piercing Babycakes like lighting blots.

"Who are you? The girl asked.

"I'm Babycakes. Who are you?"

"My name is Emily."

"How long have you been here Emily?" Babycakes asked with caution.

Emily wiped her runny nose on her arm. "I've been here for around three years." Emily began sobbing again. Babycakes put her arms around the sobbing child.

"It'll be ok Emily I have friends that are going to bust us out of here." Babycakes explained trying to comfort Emily.

"Their plan won't work." Emily said in between sobs.

"Why won't it work?" Babycakes asked worried.

"They know about Mulder and Scully."

"They're planing on moving all of us tonight." Emily continued.

"How do you know about Mulder and Scully?" Babycakes asked amazed.

"Three years ago Scully tried to save my life but I was taken away from her. It was made to look like I had died." Emily explained her story while Babycakes stared at her as if the world was going to end. "

Now I know where I've seen you before!" Babycakes exclaimed. "You're that little girl from that photograph!"

Emily nodded. "That was my third birthday party."


Emily alive? Could it be possible that her baby was indeed in some lab? These questions haunted Scully's mind. There was only one way to find out. Mulder had manage to find where CSM was keeping the children the only problem was when they arrived the place was empty.

"This can't be happening Scully!" Mulder shouted.

Mulder and Scully searched through the entire building. Empty not a trace of anything. "They've been moved. I should have figured this would happen." Mulder continued in rage. Scully caught up to Mulder and grabbed his hand. Mulder looked Scully in the eyes. "We will find them Scully," Mulder said with emotion.

Tears were cascading down Scully's cheeks. "I hope so Mulder, for the sake of the children, I hope," Scully replied in a choked whisper.


There standing in the pitch dark stood two figures clinging to each other for comfort. The woman looked on with sadness watching the two figures was tearing her apart. Knowing that could have been her. Her tears slowed then stopped. Oh well she has the children and more power than those two could ever hope for. The woman slipped into the night leaving the figures alone with only their "quest" and hope to guide them.

The End


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