Title: Apocalypse, then?
Author: EchoPlex
Category: Mytharc
Timeline: Post-series
Rating: PG
Keywords: Mulder/Scully William/Other Disclaimer: 1013 owns them; I'm just taking them for a spin. No infringement is intended.

Summary: Plot 17 years later William meets his parents. 18 years earlier an alien charts the universe of agents Mulder and Scully.

Author's Notes: This is my first XF fic so feedback is most welcome. Please enjoy.



I remember with vivid clarity being inside of him. I remember warning him that I was going to hurt him once it was time for me to enter our world. My hand inside of his, surrounded in the warm jelly of his body. I had to stretch and I was eager to breathe. I should also mention how I remembered his revulsion and terror.

Being born again being born anew...well lets just say that this little piggy needed something new. And that's just what I mean. The ability to live, truly live, to enjoy truly enjoy the new and wonderful things that our old/new world could only dream...well that's my problem its why I was forced to wait out the duration of human evolution.

I am a dreamer. I AM A DREAMER! I want to shout it from mountaintops. I want to feel it all so much.

The men in black were quick to point out the pointlessness of my ambition. They were quick to take my newly purged body and run it through the prototypical gamut of varying tests once they caught up with me and (I should have stayed put in the coolant but I was curious about the litter bugger) mutant boy.

And what did they learn?


Nothing they didn't already know.

Days go by weeks go by months of this circular logic. Men come and leave. Some of them smoke, others wear leather. I can't hear the voices on account of this isolation chamber that was pressurized and blah, blah techno babble and other counter cultured words gained from my contact with the men in black, that was all new. I was at that latter stage of my captivity learning new items of interest from them and from my buddy Alex.

I dare you...go on; ask me what fist fuck means?

Finally I escape.

I escape the plain cool steel box, down the vacant hall, past the unblinking view screens, down the stairs, past the blank walls, into the cold hard light of the day. Blinking away momentary blindness long enough to bend and run my grayish longish hands along the smooth paved parking lot void of any vehicles. With nowhere to go and my short awkward appearance leaving me no chance of bulletless travel. I changed into the face of the man who taught me everything I needed to know about being a human being. The face that would give me access, that would lead me to the two people who could give me hope of living a normal human life.

I changed into the face of Alex Krycek.


On December 22, 2012 I climbed to the top of my house to wait for something. It was calling me sort of long distance like. I was 12 years old and I couldn't sleep. These voices just wouldn't stop. Thousands of radio signal like voices, getting louder and louder. When I got to the roof that night, they stopped. Looking up into that crisp cold sky I felt a loss. I felt like something was missing and wrong. There were voices, frames of action that I could see. And though whatever was supposed to happen didn't...I knew it would. I felt it deep in my 12-year-old body. There was no God in the sky that night and there was no sign of heaven either. Its when it started. Its when I started to think that I was different. It was that night I started to understand what my life was and what my life was becoming. It was that night that I started to hate it all. And The Other. He was out there somewhere listening to the same signals.

Tonight I wasn't trying to think about all that. At least not at first. Tonight I was thinking about cracking Brock's face open with my stick. Tonight I was going to get him before he got me or any of my teammates again. Tonight I have the edge. I know everything he is going to think, thought and ever will think again. Sensing my rage Coach Richards yells for me to sit the period out, his mind a tangle of X's and O's and I don't hear a reason from him. He is focused on winning and I was pissed that Brock caught me before I could hear him. Coach didn't give a shit and that left me time to think and my brain wandered as I sort of transported back in time trying to figure out why I was such a freak.

I see it all so clear, crisp. It was me and my life was just starting to piss me off.

Snow covered the front yard. Blankets of a blizzard. The night was young yet getting old, the day having bled away hours ago under the cover of a dark sky. From my window I can see it all. I can hear the frozen branches scratch the windows, no bugs, no birds no sound other than snow that night. I walked back over to my comfy bed but I didn't want to sleep. The room empty my stuff packed and gone waiting, for me to make it mine all over again.

My season was all set to start in a few days. I was nervous. I couldn't sleep. So I wandered my room and the old doubts set in. The old fears came a calling. My father told me once...he said I shouldn't be afraid to fear. I wasn't afraid really. I just...something was missing like that night on the roof. Some part of me that no one gets.

I see things before they happen. I can hear what girls are thinking when they walk by. I know that they like me, they didn't like how I was a loner more times than not. They liked how I built my own car and gunned it on the way to school, how I had a letter in every sport. They liked my eyes, they think they can drown in them, "so blue" they say...other things...my dark hair, my height....they think I am perfect. They love the slim shape of my nose, they like the full feel of my lips...after a while I start to think the girls are way hornier than the guys.

The guys. They liked me well enough. Billy the kid...that's what they'd call me. The guy's thoughts are always straight to the point, they want my edge, they loved my arm, the curve I threw, they wished I didn't play hockey so much, simple stuff, like Gina's tits "aren't they perky?" and "Why does he want to quit football for a fagot Canadian game?"

My coaches loved me. They are easier to read. All they wanted from me were the wins I gave them. They don't care if I can read or write let alone that I can read their thoughts, hear their fears, their wants, their dreams. The gross things they think about the students, male and female alike.

My parents, I tuned them out. I had to. There was too much for me to hear. So I would think about math equations, square roots, what X and Y equal. All so I don't have to hear their fears. All so I won't hear it again. All so I won't question.

And so with all of this and more. I can think about my fear. And what I fear is that somewhere out there in the world there are two people out there who can tell me what it is that I am. My fear is that I will never find them.

"Van De Kamp....Hey, Earth to Spooky? Number 9...get in there." Coach Richards yells for me to take the face off. I shake off my fear; I stop thinking about my past. I hop over the boards, the crowd cheers, the guys slap their sticks together, looking up at the score board I notice its last play wins time. I tune everyone out and zero on Brock, motherfucker is all I think. I skate up to him around him enjoying his fear, all I said was motherfucker, over and over in my head. Did he hear me? I sure as shit hoped so. The ref is tired and wants me to line up. I twirl my stick and step into the face off circle, tap, tap. tap on the ice, tap, tap he dives in, crack, crack goes my stick, blood rains down on the ice. I take a deep breath and I'm relived I hadn't done it. It was a tear in time. The ref dropped the puck. I won the draw, shot the puck down the ice and we won the game. Something was breaking inside of me.

Brock knew it and skated away.

I was about 8 years old when I started to notice it. Mom would start to ask a question and I would finish it for her. "William....bacon or..." and I would finish with sausage and she would wrinkle her nose and kiss my forehead and off to the kitchen. My father loved baseball. We would watch games, he would become frustrated with the hitter fouling off pitch after pitch and seconds before it happened I'd say "don't worry dad he's gonna strike him out" and he would. And then dad would make a joke about taking me to Vegas. He loved The New York Mets they needed all the help I could imagine.

They thought I was smart enough, that I had enough talent in sports to go to any school I chose. I could hear it well enough. Yet under all of that I could hear that they were afraid, fear was all over them, waves of guilt and lies and confusion as to what I was and who I belonged to, years before I began to really understand what it all meant. Years before I realize that the radio wasn't always on in every room I walked in. It freaked me out so I stopped listening to them and life just kept going.

Until that night.

That one night I hear my mother crying. And my father was trying to comfort her. They were having this long running argument. They never fought at each other but they yelled and on this rare night when I was 17 they fought about me. I couldn't help it. I had to listen...the Old-fashioned way.

"He should know...he's old enough!" my mother said in a hushed tone that wasn't quite hushed.

"We've discussed this honey...not till he's 18. He'll be old enough then to understand...if he wants to find them...then we will help him. It won't change anything you know that...I know that. He loves us you saw what he did that night....he will never let anything happen to us...."

I leaned up in bed that night. I listened to mom and I heard it. The fear. He can do things other boys can't--he's not normal--he is my son--I love him--does his real mother know--is that why she gave him away--he's a good boy---I know it.

Is that why she gave him away?

It built like a mountain. Momentum of what I was and what I wasn't. Life was getting to be a downer. I could hear everyone in our neighborhood. It made me weak and sick when I wasn't drinking or brawling or smashing the new hot thing.

I needed to wrap myself in playing whatever sport was happening to just keep my mind from snapping like brittle wood....just to keep my mind to myself. It was driving me crazy. No one to tell. No one who could understand. No one.......except maybe my real parents.

My real parents.

Some unknown voices crying out for me in the night, in the day. I would climb and climb running to the highest peak of Make Out Mountain (I didn't come up with the name) and survey my small town, hills and valleys, sprinkle of homes, the high school, the mall. I would get to the top covered in sweat, air burning for escape, veins pumping and I would close my eyes and listen to the world.

The world of the screaming and dying and bitter and horny. The world of confusion and hate and bitterness, then the joy, the pride, the eager, the sick, the mothers. My band set to hunter as I would try to hear her, that rampant soul aching to know me, William, William, William, William, I could hear her crying to him, somewhere out west in the dark, she was crying, she missed me. And then I heard The Other. It had been so long.

"Hello my brother of the sword."

When I woke up on the mountain there was blood dripping from my nose. He never spoke to me before. That was something new....

That was enough for me to get my stuff and drive to Gina's house. It was summer. Football was two weeks away. I was the starter. We where going to go State. I rushed for over 2500 hundred yards the previous season. I scored 35 touch downs. Shattered the school record. Hell the state record. I was the most popular sophomore the world had ever known and being a junior only meant more. I lost my virginity to the most popular girl in school. I was a god amongst mere mortals. But inside I knew the truth. I was a freak who could read peoples thoughts, who could see into the future, my mother said so.

He can do things other boys can't....

The night in question was a trip to New York to see the Mets play the Phillies, walking back to the hotel that muggy August night, I hear the guy, he thinks we are rubes, he's gonna gut me and my dad and rape my mother. I was so filled with rage that I turned and faced the guy who was following us, he came at me with a knife and I blinked and he convulsed and pink and gray chunks fell from his nose. My parents freaked and we got the next flight out of New York....they never talked about it so of course it made it all the more worse and I became obsessed with putting it out of my head....that 4 months ago. When we got back home I knew what I had done. They knew what I had done yet no words were spoken. Their thoughts silent humming with fear.

He can do things other boys can't---he's not normal...he is my son...I love him...does his real mother know...is that why she gave him away-

Is that why she gave me away?

I needed something. I needed something to make me real and true, something to make me feel like a normal kid. I drove over to see the girl that...well... I was, I guess the word is obsessed. The girl that my circle wouldn't let me be caught dead with.

Gina McCabe.

Gina McCabe was an honor student. She ...uh...tutored me when I ditched class and got placed on academic probation. She hated me. Hated everything I stood for. She hated how I used girls to get what I wanted. She never said it but I heard her. Gina had green eyes like a Heineken bottle that she hid behind these solid black-framed glasses. They stay trapped in the frames but....the green....I get blinded. She has full lips that I think about a lot, slim body, not as stacked as the girls I normally hung with, kinda perky...blonde hair...blonde like popcorn, curly hair, the curls are light, bouncy. She reads a lot of Russian novels and sits alone. She has the largest collection of black t-shirts I have ever seen. And she hated me. I could hear her all too well.

...Jock...great got stuck teaching a jock...--I bet he can't even read...-nice face though...it's a shame...those eyes...is there more to him? "Ok so you're William?" she asked full of annoyance.

"Billy...I don't like it when people call me William."

"Why not?"

"Look you know who I am right?"


"Billy the kid...." I offer with my Heisman pose.

"Is that some kind of jock thing?" she asked not finding me funny at all.

"Well yeah."

"Look William...I am here to tutor...you want my help so you can play in the big game or not?" Her tone was mocking but she couldn't stop looking at my eyes. She liked the blue. She quizzed me and I got every answer right. I didn't even steal it from her mind like I usually did. I wanted her to like me. Which she did, even though she didn't want to admit it.

Ever since then I've been trying to find the guts to get her to like me, its funny. Who am I, really? I chucked it all away, kept it trapped in that fucked up place that I go where no one can find. I made up mind and I drove to her house. I needed to be near someone who didn't know me. The me that I was. I drove, I needed to tell someone. I needed to talk to someone real.

When I pulled into her parent's driveway I heard her thoughts, I heard their thoughts. They wanted to know whose flashy red car was making all that noise in their driveway. I had that classic rock station on it was blaring Nine Inch Nails. I was a little pissed off. It wasn't everyday you found out you where a killer who could read minds, see into the future and was adopted.


Gina came running down her stairs. Her thoughts were just simple and panicked she just kept saying ...ohmygodohmygodohmygod. I smiled. This was going to be good for me. I was going to feel something real. I was going to be the real me. I was going to find my real parents. I was going to marry Gina.

That's when I started to see into the future. Not just what would happen minutes later but years. I saw them the two people...my real parents but I couldn't hold onto it. I saw Gina....and she was saying yes....and I was on my knees....and the world was on fire. That was a doozy. I was sweaty and I was weirding out Gina who looked happy and confused and angry at the same time.

"What the hell are you doing here? How the hell do you know where I live?" Gina was trying so hard to show that she hated me. She was out of breath and she couldn't stop staring at me. Her father glared at me from the window. He thought I was a good for nothing punk who wasted my time with the roughnecks in town, he thought I pissed away my chance to play in the NHL when I turned down the chance to play for the Kitchener Rangers, he thought football was stupid and he wished my parents knew what I wasted in the name of football. Gina still stared at my eyes.

"Can you tell your dad that I really want to play hockey. I just need him to know that."

"Why haven't you answered my question?" she asked ignoring me. She wore a pink tank top with blue jeans. Her hair was caught in the warm breeze that afternoon and strands kept getting stuck on her lipstick. I was distracted. She had very kissable lips.

"What would you do if your whole life was a lie?" I asked running my hand in my hair. She was staring again and maybe I played up to her...OK...I did but girls love it when I did it. Something I didn't need to hear to know.

"This is a line right?"

"No Gina its not." Maybe it was. But I flashed back to my future and I started to stare way off into nowhere. Maybe it was the tears that I forced not to come. Maybe it was hitting me really hard in the face, hammering me into reality. Maybe I was being over dramatic but she stopped hating me long enough to see me. I was alive for that one second. I felt something from her that I didn't hear. She took my sweaty hand and walked us over to this white stone bench near her mom's flower garden. We sat down and I told her the truth.


"No...William...I like that you call me William."

"William....I can see you are upset. I just don't know why you would come here. I mean I haven't seen you for the longest time....I mean...not that I was looking but...I haven't seen you all summer and school is right around the corner, right, I mean?" confusion in her mind it said it all. I didn't go to the parties. I didn't hang with my normal crew, I didn't do the things that everyone in town knew me to do, it use to be that I could be found with three six-packs and a blonde on Make Out Mountain, all I did since we returned from New York was climb the mountain and howl at the moon like a psycho.

"I know. Think about something...anything...something random..." I was being just a little psycho I could see it on her face.


"Come on...just let your mind go....whatever pops into your head...."

".....Ok....this is so stupid."

--the most popular boy in school comes oveer to talk out of the fucking blue and all he wants to do is talk--that's a girl's dream--god he is cute though--Marjorie is gonna die when I tell her--

"Marjorie is goon die when I tell her." Those green eyes light up with surprise. I know her thoughts. She covers her mouth with her hands. "I don't know how but I can read minds. I can see into the future. I know what plays the defense is going to call against me, I know when the goalie is going to commit, I know what the hitter wants me to throw, I know when girls are thinking about me, I know that teachers think I am a stupid jock, I know that my parents think I am weird, and I know that I was adopted. My parents aren't my real parents, my friend's only want what I can give them, my whole life is a lie....WOW.....that made my head hurt." But fucking A if it didn't feel good to say it, even if it came out like a rush of bitchy anger.

"Why are you telling me this?" she asked in confusion not at all fazed by my confession, she was heavy into the metaphysical.

And why did I know a word like that? "Because I know I can trust you. I don't know how I know but I know." Trust seemed like an important word.

"William....you're only 17.....I've gone to school with you since we where 5....I know your parents...this is a small town....no one ever said anything..."

"I don't know how to explain it....but I heard them say it."

"Well that explains a lot."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I know I look like my mom....and I have my dad's chin...but you don't look anything like your parents," she said starting to believe. Believe also seemed like an important word.

"I guess not....Look you wanna go see a movie or something....they are giving a double feature at the old Rialto down on Riverside..."

"You wanna go out...on a date with me?" she asked leaning in closer. She touched my arm I felt like a weirdo.

"Yeah, I can tell you your future."

"What's' playing?"

"Those old Sigourney Weaver movies....Alien...and Aliens...."

"I don't know William....won't that hurt your social standing..."

"I don't care anymore....that's not who I am." not that I knew who I was or anything.

"No I guess not."

It was a tribute to 1999 on the rock of Wyoming W102.1. On the way back home they continued to play a block of Nine Inch Nails. The lead singer was saying, singing, screaming about how "nothing else means anything." I was starting to really like that band and I was really starting to get where he was coming from.


I tried to find them the old fashioned way. I searched for their voices. That didn't work. Their minds were like steel traps. Then I remembered that Alex said they were wasting away at the F.B.I. So I paid them a visit but they were out of town and there was a fair amount of confusion regarding them and their current whereabouts. I walked the halls of the J. Edgar Hoover building and got varying opinions of them.

He was a loon, a psycho, a menace, a crusader, a liar, a killer, a pain in the ass, a wacko, an honest guy, a great investigator and on it went. I wondered how a human could be so many different things to so many different people? People throughout this warped structure of lies thought he wasted his life, his talent, her life...on B-movie themed plots. They all suspected that he and she were involved in a procreating relationship and unless he was wasting taxpayers money to save her from her current fetish he was utterly useless.

And she what did the bored jealous humans think of her?

She was a woman, a beautiful woman, who was respected, who didn't leave much of an impression on the culture of those around her, she was a doctor and a slut who slept with every man she ever worked with, she was cold and unreachable and prone to getting in trouble to play the damsel for his distress. She was also procreating with him. She was mean and feral in her loyalty, she was a tremendous shot at the range, she was brilliant, and she too wasted her life and her talent on his quest to be a crusader.

Negative thoughts mostly. From negative humans. I walked down to their office and tried to get a sense of them. Alex said they are so in love with each other that it "made his teeth hurt."

I thought it was an odd thing to say.

The office was small and littered with the occult and an odd photo of a human conceptualized space gilder with the oddest phrase lettered below it. It made the face I was projecting smile. There was a photo of them tacked to the wall, he tall and she not so tall, flaming red hair trapping her pretty face. They were so close to each other, he a look of intense concentration and lust, she with a file in her hand arguing a point. The love radiating off of them could power my return home.

Just a frame of their life and I could see the human animosity aimed right at them. Alex was right. They were the ones. They will make him. They will love each other, burn so hot and create my brother. I can see it. They will make him and lose him, and lose each other. But they will find a way and I will help them and they will help me.


That last summer I played football I tried to be normal. I take Gina with me everywhere and girls tried their best to get in the way. I try to practice not hearing people. I try not to cheat on plays but I can't stop it. I would get these migraines and they wouldn't let me play. So I would sit on the bench while the cheerleaders flirted and wanted to know why I didn't show up to the parties all summer long. The coach yells as the sun melts into the sky, and Gina waits by my car watching the whole thing like a play.

I blink and the sky is on fire again, the buildings crumble as lights flash in the blackened sky, triangles in the sky, people melt in pools of grease on the streets, the team all lined in the Full House formation at the line of scrimmage, the defense in the 3-3-5....they are dust, a woman yells Mulder, a man yells Scully, the woman has red hair.....the man has dark hair just like me. He is saying "take my hand....son.....take my hand" The people who aren't dust or grease....their eyes are black....When I come to; the team is walking off the field. The cheerleaders are laughing at me. Gina asks me where did I go. She asked me who is Scully?

When I get home I ask my parents is it true was I adopted.

They sit at the table dinner set and ready. They where happy to see me but the fear still hummed like a beacon in the back of their brains. I sit at the table as my mother was about to say grace. I could have picked a better time to blurt it out.

"Was I adopted?"

"William what kind of a-" she said hands still together. Her silver hair was up and her age was getting the better of her. She was shaking.

"Don't lie me.....I heard you and dad talking......I need to know!"

They look at each other and they where afraid. I could hear it all. They didn't want me to know. They didn't want me to hate them. They said it all without saying a word. All their fears, about me, the quiet, they knew I could hear, they knew I was different. A flash from my mother, something about the carved mobile dad made for me, how it spun on its own, other things...I went to my room and stared in the mirror. Gina was right I didn't look anything like them.

And so it went.

I quit football and baseball and every sport I lettered in and made plans to play for the Black Bears junior team in Maine. I gave myself over to the only sport I loved. The only sport I didn't have to hear people with. I heard them, in guarded moments, most of the time everything happened so fast I didn't have time to hear anyone.

Things got normal, people pretended to get over the choice I made not to play football anymore. I officially stopped going to parties and spent my free time away from home and with Gina. I didn't think about Mulder. I didn't think about Scully. I didn't think about the visions or The Other. I didn't talk to my parents about anything other than day-to-day things. I was going to try out for the pros. I was going to ask Gina to marry me. Yeah I was only 17 but I lived with this dread that I wasn't ever going to see her, that I wasn't ever going to play hockey. I lived with this fear that something bad was coming....and worst of all that I was a part of it.


I snap out of my life my flashbacks to see the dressing room is empty. The guys are all gone. Coach Richards tells me to get lost. I head home. I eat, watch some videos on the net and I sleep. I dream. I see them talking. But I don't see from his eyes or hers. I see from the other...the mutant boy.

"...I'm sorry Scully but this time your science is wrong."

Its late when I wake up. I could see her from afar after the tall guy moved out of the way. We have the same eyes.


The woman she returns from arguing with him. She wants so much to believe in him and she trusts him to the point of absurdity, yet she is angry. She drops onto her sofa and begins her meditation. Its a modern form of our old ways. She is asking her God for the strength. She is asking God to give her a sign, any sign that she isn't wasting her life on Mulder. She blinks or so I imagine. She is hungry and tired and stiff, her mind wanders as the lust sets in, she contemplates dinner, a shower, but she still wants a sign. She wishes she was not so jealous of the other woman, a dark haired woman from what I can see from her mind, its then that she senses me. Its then that I feel love for her.

She walks over to her window and begins to scan the outside of her window. Her gun nearby, she looks. Those endless eyes, that stern way she gazes, she thinks she is paranoid, and then our eyes meet. She doesn't see my true form she just stares into the green eyes of my friend Alex. She is angry. She is about to run down and fire bullets into the face she thinks is mine when he calls.

A sign. A symbol. All for her and not my doing.


"Scully its me....can I come over?"

When she looks back she does not see me. She begins to believe that she imagined it. She does that often enough. If she only trusted her ability a little she would find that she does possess a high level of clairvoyance. She is gifted and its what draws them together. She is happy as he made a lecherous joke. On this night he did offer an apology in regards to the dark haired woman. He offers pizza with mushrooms and anchovies. She is hesitant. He is insistent and she caves in.

I like them. And I need their help. What I had not counted on was how much they needed mine.


I got dressed and walked in the bitter cold to where Gina and her folks where staying. It was a nice bed and breakfast by the beach. It was brutally cold and it helped me think. The howling wind, the violent crashing of the ocean. Trudging in 9 inches of snow left me with a lot of time to think. I had time to go over the plays from the last game, the 3 points I put up against Buffalo, I thought about everything leading up to that dream. They where somewhere warm, sunny, a house, they argued, "its gotta be them," I said to the chilled air, to the bare trees to the dead silence and violent wind, "its gotta be my parents." I have her eyes.....the same nose, the same endless blue.

I stop in front of "Lucia's by the Sea" and notice that the flowers where covered with crisp fresh snow. Winter got here fast considering how warm it was up until a few days ago. The blue shudders flapped against the windows, the bench where I kissed Gina last night was covered as well. Should I wake her? Probably not. I shouldn't even be here, I should be with the team....I hear him before I turn around.

...Fucking kid looks just like her...thiss is the big worry, some punk kid...whatever the boss wants...

He tries to grab me but I turn and catch him in a head lock. The guy is shocked. We scuffle in the snow and he pulls a gun on me. He can't shoot me as I knock the gun out of his hand. He glared hard at me then charged harder. I feel this cold blinding pain as the lights blink on. The guy runs and runs. But I still hear him. He's coming back with company. I stagger into the lobby. Mr. McCabe notices the blood before I do. I suddenly feel weak. Then I black out.


...They say this cat Shaft is one bad muttha....shut your mouth...talkin bout Shaft.

The man is goofy looking. Dazed, sweaty. We look alike....sort of, I have a mole...on my left side...and I have her eyes...her mouth.....they are my parents.

A man was trying to kill me or kidnap me or both. The fucking asshole stabbed me. I blink in the pale light of the lobby and I hear it and its already begun. I can feel the confusion. Millions of panicked voices, no one here in Maine....no one knows yet. I can taste blood in my mouth and realize that I am bleeding from my nose. We have to get out of here. They are coming for us.

Mr. McCabe calls my folks. He has no idea of what's going on. Life is ticking like normal. Its the date....what date is it? I can't panic. But I can't breathe. This is happening way too fast.

"Gina...we have to go.....get your stuff and lets go....please...." I was clutching my side. What did I look like to everyone?

"You're not going anywhere at this time of night. William your parents are on their way stay put young man, I'm gonna call the sheriff and get him to take your statement about the mugging. Gina keep him calm." Mr. McCabe says with one hand on the phone.

"Gina, you have to trust me....we have to get out of here now." I whisper in clenched teeth.

"I can't leave them," she whispers back.

"Ok....OK.....I am going to go home and get my stuff.....I'll meet my parents and all of you back here in a half an hour......we have to go....explain it to them look...don't ask me how.....I don't know yet.....just pack and talk...."

"////State of emergency...citizens are urged...I repeat...Highly infectious......outbreak.....//////"


Where was the radio? I look over to the check in counter and the bellhop or whoever was staring wide eyed. At first he thinks its like the War of the Worlds broadcast with that old coot Wells, but he changed the dial as the same message repeated over and over. He was frozen with fear, in his mind E.T was running around killing people and it freaked him out more. Everyone in the lobby was too concerned about my blood loss but I knew. It was all going to hell.

It was right there for all the world to see. To know all the nightmares I have ever had. The sleepless nights, the burning feeling like I had to be somewhere do something. the mugger in New York, the way my parents acted like nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was all coming round. That night on the roof, Brock, Mulder...Scully....this was not happening.

Hitchhikers Guide says not to panic.

So I don't.

"Ok...see.....now it wont be so hard...yeah....." We both nod. I kiss her and stand the warm room spinning. My parents are in town for Christmas.....and it hits me the date.....Blood running down my nose. Blood running down my back. I run like there is no tomorrow. Not many people are awake. I want to yell like Paul Reverie that the British were coming. But I know no one will listen.

Three miles later past the junior high, the park, the tree where I dislocated my elbow on rookie hazing night, past Old Tom's Bakery, past the grocery store were the team got their beer was my boarding house, it was surrounded by men in black army fatigues and swirling helicopters. They had my parents. They where hauling them away. They are all in on it together.

I was not shocked by any of this. That is weird.

I walked as quiet as I could to where I parked my car on the off street. The roar of the helicopter keeps the woman's gasp near to silent. She has red hair, and the bluest eyes...they match my own. Her heart beats fast, and the tears hold then break as she rushes towards me. The man.....I am a few inches shorter and he doesn't know what to say. They move as one and we move as two as they drag me towards their ancient gas guzzling Toyota Tacoma.

We had to be sure they think. Their thoughts are so close I have to wonder if I was really in the truck with them. The woman she says that they where not following us. She is right. The man drives like me....wild, all over the place. I tell them to stop.

"Stop...I have to get Gina....her parents....my parents....." I say looking from one to the other. I was suddenly very angry. My rage was boiling this was so not happening. I can't even form the words to say.

"William...oh my god..." she turns to face me. Her eyes are endless and I could feel her relief. Her mind is pure and she loves me without question. I see a fragment of her singing to me....it makes me wanna cry like the baby I was. This is making me so angry. Too many fucking feelings. "You've grown...so strong..." she whispers to herself.

"Stop the fucking truck!" I yell at her and she places her hand on his.

We screech to a halt.

"Listen son.....the world is ending....so stopping isn't the best idea at the moment."

"I am not stupid....Fox....."

"Mulder.....he knows our names."

"Yes Dana...and...I can't leave her. I love Gina.....I can't leave her......" I'm passing out in my mother's arms. My mother, my real mother checking my head for a fever. She noticed the blood and in the distance I hear my other mother and she blames me, calls me the harbinger, she calls me a freak.



No Gina.

I am yelling at a white stone faced wall and a red haired woman. In a bed. Somewhere warm. The dark shades are drawn my clothes clean and sitting at the end of the bed. The woman sits in a plush chair in the corner. She is worried and relived no lines on her pretty face, my face. My mother, my real flesh and blood mother she smiles and tears hang in her eyes not breaking. She is so very sad and pretty, not old like mom, not wrinkled, not wrinkled at all really. When did she have me? He looks old and, rugged, I guess is the word. Salt and pepper hair, lean and tall, still fit, maybe a runner. One thing I knew just by looking at them, she likes older guys and he must have been a cradle robber, probably some kind of mid-life crisis. I sit up and feel itchy pain and nauseas nausea.

I can't fucking believe this is happening.

"Where is Gina?" I ask her pulling my jeans on.

"Is she your girlfriend, William?"

"Yeah," was. I wanted to say.

"Do you know who I am, really?"

"Dana Scully, Dana Mulder really, but its not an official marriage, you had some odd ceremony on a beach in...Kauai...and some other stuff I wish I couldn't see." She laughs and cries at the same time. She still didn't answer my question. "She's dead isn't she?"

"They are dead but not in the way that you think." The man...Mulder, my father walks over and sits on the armrest where Scully's hand was. He has a machine gun hanging by a strap along his back, hand guns in holsters on his hips. As I look at Scully closer I notice the rifle on her lap. He can't look at me. His mind is as tight as a drum. Her mind is nervous for my approval.

Its dead silent except for the passing sirens and traffic.

"This. Is. Not. Happening...this isn't-" I sit on the edge of the bed and I hang my head in my hands. I feel cold and hungry and I can't think about not seeing Gina again. "I am not here talking to you...both. I am with Gina and I am gonna win the Cup and be named MVP...and live in a mansion- --this is just a dream like all the others!"

"Mulder he is shock...I stitched him up but he has a fever." She stands and takes Mulder into the corner of the room. He hugs her and she murmurs into his chest.

"Mulder....my baby...our baby."

"I know Scully." he says into her red hair. "I know."

How long have we been in here?


The ability to be whomever I want gives me the chance to do anything. I had taken up residence in Agent Scully's apartment complex with the help of my friend Alex. Without the need for sleep or sustenance I had all the time in the world to watch her. To know her really. The problem with that is a simple one; I couldn't really be near her for fear of discovery. So I lurked mostly with my ear to the ground, so to speak.

My dynamic duo have been preoccupied as of late. Mulder in the institution, trapped there receiving too many signals, unable to decipher the millions of thoughts and fears, Scully praying with the dying spirit. I could help, intervene, but it was not the time. The feeling that arises is one of longing. I wanted to save them, but another beat me to it. The dark haired woman Agent Scully was so concerned with stepped in with the all the answers Scully would ever need. Scully prayed and I waited. Upon her awakening the moment was waiting for her. She retrieved the access and went on her mission.

I just had to follow.

In her mind the thought was simple: I have to find him. And find him she did, damaged, used, alone. She wept and he felt her sadness and her love. He knew it, amongst the jigsaw of his mind, images bleeding like a sucking wound, he knew it once and for all and he vowed in his clouded mind to tell her, to show her, should he live past this day he will share his life with her in a way he hadn't before. This had happened all too often Agent Mulder mused; too many times he'd been battered by "his truth," one day he was not going to come back.

They stumbled as they walked down the vacant hall. Oddly vacant, yet the lurker was not only me. No government employees, no lackey's only an assassin at the end near the stairwell. I heard him as they approached, with seconds to spare I changed into the villain Alex had introduced me to. A human hand on his human shoulder and I shook my head no. The assassin obeyed and let them pass, down the stairs one by one, her shoulder aching, his body practically immobile, a car waited one I left for them and they were on their way.

She questioned but did not question. A guardian angel maybe? Was there ever such a thing for her? She chalked it up to someone leaving their car for a moment. In the back seat he lounged as she flashed her badge and was allowed to pass. The guard questioned but concluded she made it into the complex so someone must have let her in. It was not uncommon, F.B.I. agents came and went and he was young and new to the game. She got her partner to a hospital then "ditched the car." Taking great care to remove evidence of the two of them, going against her better judgment. She had been one of the "good guys" for so long she mused. What had it gotten her; alienation, doubt, a lingering truth she couldn't believe, a sister murdered, a barren womb, she's said it all and thought it all before. All she had left was her will and him. I smiled and watched, she was a machine. Her will...it was made of iron.

I loved this space of time. I considered it, the spaces. Its the little things. Small and unnoticeable. Had they arrived 30 seconds later suspicion would have begun it would have risen like a crescendo and the vehicle would have been removed.

These small pieces. Those seemingly empty spaces.

Weeks later I found them in a coffee shop near his home. Huddled together and not speaking steam rising from their cups and will alike. The world around unaware of the struggle they fought for, everyone, no one. Who would ever know their loss, their longing for the things that said world took for granted? They knew, and it was a comfort and a hindrance. Would they break down and lean toward each other? Would that be the moment? He didn't know how to tell her, and she didn't know how to ask.

Fascinating creatures the two.


"Scully we have to move. Back roads, you know the drill. They won't wait for us forever."

"Mulder, he's been stabbed. He is in shock, we-"

"You are the best thing for him. You're a doctor and his mother, you know we can't stay, they're rounding everyone up who isn't infected. We can't stay.... those guys have been eying our truck all night they are waiting for-"

"They are waiting to kill us." I say looking from one to the other. I looked just like them. His hair, the mole. Her eyes, the mouth.

"You can hear them, can't you?" Mulder asks.

"Yeah, they are waiting for the sun to go down. They know you're both armed. They're desperate. The news is freaking them out. Something about a virus, some kind of immune system killing virus, the reports about triangles are being blamed on mass hallucinations. Everyone is driving, walking into Washington other major cites. They all want the vaccine, they are killing each other for it, those who get the vaccine they see the triangles....its...funny."

I started to laugh. I didn't know what else to do.

"Well they can't have the truck, that's for damn sure." Mulder says peeking thru the shades. He looks at me like I have a third head. I guess my laughing was making him nervous.

"Mulder, we can't move him." Scully urged.

"I'll handle it." I say standing and ignoring the lightheadedness I feel.

"William no," Scully says rushing over towards me. She is my real mother. Its really weird.

"Its ok, I feel ok. Look all healed up. See." I lift my shirt and show her the itchy scabs.

She is surprised but not shocked. Nothing can shock her anymore. How I know this, how I am not all in any way dealing with this, its proof, she is right I am in shock. I studied this when I was just a normal kid going to junior college in Maine. Yup this is what shock feels like, trauma without pain, without feeling like I am going to die. Standing outside myself outside my fear. All I want to do is laugh, hey, I finally meet my parents, it just so happens to be in the end times.

I walk towards the door and Scully stops me. I hear it all. Her fear, she just found me and now I was trying to get myself killed. Mulder didn't know what to think anymore. He was just going to follow my lead. We walk out into the vacant parking lot. Screams heard in the distance, the sound of our boots on the slushy snow, daytime though nothing but confusion could be heard. The guys in the bushes they were young, that I did not know. A truck was passing by rumbling and grumbling, engine grinding in protest and it kept going not stopping for the 15 people who chased it.

"Come on out of there." I say. Three young guys come out. They were afraid. But not of us. Mulder pulls the chamber back on his machine gun, a bullet was ready to go.

"You guys got any news?" I ask looking all three in the eyes.

"No." they all say at once.

"You where gonna try to steal our ride, kill us?"

"Yes." they all say.

"No you weren't, you are going to keep walking and not stop till you hit the water. You guys are all going to make it and steal a boat and find somewhere else to be aren't you?" I say this to them. It sinks into their bones. They turn and they go. Mulder is slightly nervous. There was that taste of blood then I hit the ground.

"Take my hand....son....take my hand."

It goes white and black and then nothing.

What happened in that time I don't know. How long I was out? I don't know. All I know is that when I wake up they are fast in conversation. I lie very still and stare out into the blurring world passing us at 87 mph. Trees frozen and missing leaves, sky a mix of gray with red. My breathing was making a fog on the windows and everything was happening way too fucking fast. Gina was gone, my parents gone. I drift back into sleep and I dream of nothing.


We drive and it feels like forever. Crossing into Canada. I watch the land, the snow, rivers frozen over as we drove past bridges. Two lanes of roads, yellow and white lines painting the scene. We ride in silence. The only sounds are the roar of the engine and our breathing in the stillness of the world.

Everything I have ever known is finished. I will never play hockey again, I will never look into Gina's eyes, hold her hand, just have those moments when we thought we would break. My parents hauled off by them, God only knows what happened to Gina and her folks, Coach Richards, Charlie, Alex, that fuckhead Brock, are they all dead, did they make it out?

My head was hurting from over thought.

The pain never really goes away.

I used my brain to get those guys away from us and it made my head hurt again, I get stabbed and cured within hours, and my real parents riding in front talking to each other without saying words. I need words, answers. I need to know things.

-There is time for talking. Once we got too where we were going. Mulder thinks this as he looks at me in his rear view mirror. I nod back.

I take stock of what's around me. Huddled in the back of this pickup truck that had more bang for its buck than any Mustang. Its like they built this truck for this very situation, the shocks are absorbing the pain of the jagged road we are on, its insulated against the cold, there was plenty of warm blankets in the back, they had it all worked out. Back here with maps and guns and medical supplies, there was hardly any room for me. Was I a part of this plan? The green Tacoma just kept on moving. I turn around and hear the clank, clank, clank of metal canisters. Under the tarp I see lots of cans of gas and a trunk I imagine they keep all their other clothes in.

When we hit the border its oddly vacant. Mulder does not stop. A few hundred miles more and we will be heading into a unknown. New Brunswick in English and French from what the road signs read. No sign of cops, of people running. Its like the whole world ran into a direction that didn't exist anymore.

Mulder and Scully, Fox and Dana, Mom and Dad....they were happy and content and clearly knew something I did not. Whatever it was it was kept shut in their minds. Scully would look back and smile at me and I would look away. Its something to finally have what you have been looking for. I just wish it didn't come at the expense of the known world, of everyone I ever knew.

I sleep and I dream of a little greenish grayish alien wearing a suit and giving me a big green/gray thumbs up. He was playing ping pong with Gina and was using Brock's head for the ball.

I wake with a start and find myself alone in the cab. Its dark outside and I felt trouble coming. I jump out of the truck and notice Scully holding a flashlight while Mulder was checking under the hood.

He looked confused. "I don't know Scully....it all looks the same," he said shaking his head.

"Mulder in all the years we have been on the road like this you're telling me that we never had car trouble?" she smiled at me went back to Mulder.

He shakes his head no.


"What's going on why did we stop?"

"Well there is something wrong with the truck," Mulder said, I could tell he was nervous about stopping. He should be. They were looking for us, maybe a few hundred miles away.

"I can fix it. I was really good at shop, I built my own 98 Cobra R...well I rebuilt the engine block. Here let me, just keep an eye out, and Scully hold the light up higher so I can see, these all the tools you have?"

"Um, yeah maybe..." Mulder says relived that I could do it. I could already see the problem, they ran out of antifreeze.

"Just get me some more antifreeze and we can move out, how long till we get to where we are going?"

"A days drive maybe less, we're heading to New Brunswick." Mulder yells from under the tarp. I refill, check the hoses, brake fluid and a score of other things just to make sure. I could feel them becoming calm and collected. I could hear them silently thanking each other that they found me, I could feel how tired they where and how hard its been on them.

I pull the hood down and hear the click confirm its closed. I walk over to where Mulder was leaning against the truck and stare out into the unknown. Its so dark that you can't see three feet in front of you if you walk, its so dark that the sky is glitter. Its cold too and the cold made me miss everything and fear was seeping in again. They stood to the left and right of me sandwiching me in. The cold always made me yawn and I must have got it from Scully too.

She looked tired.

There was nothing.

Just this howl of wind and dead quiet, just this feel that there was no exit. This is so fucking bizarre. I could feel all the things they wanted to say, to ask. But none of us said a word.

"Why don't you two get some sleep in the back, I'll move some of this gear and you two can try to sleep. Just tell me where we are going and, what?" I say opening the door and hauling a box.

"You're a good boy William.....they did right by you." Mulder says helping me load crates of weapons out from the cabin to add to the other stuff under the tarp. Scully was mapping out the route with tears threatening again. It made a lump form in my throat, Mulder's too.



I had plans of my own. And one of them involved the tricky man with the cigarettes. I was tailing him for a while. He was sick and dying and easy to find. Lurking, watching her, watching him. He didn't get what he wanted from Agent Mulder, his plan to fuse himself with someone else didn't work all that hot. So Agent Scully was next.

Alex hadn't kept in touch. The word he was sending was that he got into something dicey over in the desert land, I offered to help him but he insisted that I stayed put. So I lurked.

The old man had a fondness for Agent Scully or so he claimed and it was enough to get her to go with him. I couldn't follow, too many eyes, too many people who could know.

So I followed him instead posing as a nobody. One second I was a student, the next a waitress. The trick of tailing Agent Mulder was not to read him, his brain was getting active again and I didn't want him to be inside, I just couldn't risk the exposure.

So I watched him. Watched him as he lost his control. Watched as he bounced on the walls of his apartment. Pulsing with rage at being "ditched." It went back and forth with them the ditching, but to be ditched for dad was too much for Agent Mulder to deal with.

His words, his thoughts.

He went through the channels, the boss, the boys, the super from her building, nothing. He thought about calling her mother but something about a before kept him from calling. So he paced with dangerous thoughts about tying her to a chair so she would never leave, he beat his fist into the wall in his bathroom, he was distracted...more like distraught.

Alex had given me this cool parting gift. It was a surveillance package, state of his art, plastic microphones, wire shaped receivers, cutting edge to his way of life. Its not what I wanted though. I needed to get inside his head. To feel the icy fear running through him, the glowing bolt of heat boiling in his mind when he thought of her. Her lips he thought of, the way they would feel when he kissed them again, no New Year's peck, no halted hallway, just that feel of those lips. He was obsessed with how warm they could be, and the want turned to anger, as it always did with him. No the silly toys Alex left didn't feel the same, it was close but I wanted closer.

"If anything happens to her....deep breaths...." he said to anyone one, no one. They where always watching, me too. He stared into his bathroom mirror and contemplated. He would dedicate his life to destroying the man, he would deny him any peace, pour acid over burning wounds, vivisection was a possibility, if Agent Scully was not returned alive and well...well....

So when the light knock rapt on his door he and I were both surprised to know that she was indeed well. The violence of his mind briefly turned to her, his fantasy mind wake and aching. He would club her over the head, drag her limp and bleeding and tie to her a chair so she would beg and plead for the chance to never leave him. It was absurd the way she made him feel. How could such a thing happen to him? He wasn't sure. He couldn't measure when the change came.

I liked the way he thought of her. A shiny possession filled with something more. I liked the way he needed her, more than breath and blood, I liked the way he wanted her solid and sure. And when she breathed out in relief to see him again, he knew for sure, he loved her and nothing was going to change it. But the fear was there, everyone he ever loved had a way of winding up dead.

That in the end is the difference. Our blood runs lukewarm. Human blood could cook to a boil.


6 Hours later and the roads are getting tougher. The snow was coming down hard and no one was around to plow so we inched and crawled. They slept in each other arms and both wake up alert and ready reaching for their guns when I stop. I determined we could not travel anymore till the snow let up. So I pulled us over behind this ice covered rock thing and reached for another sandwich from the cooler. They looked hungry so I tossed a few back their way along with some water. They are weirder than I thought, this whole thing seemed to roll off their back they seemed to be alive and not weighed down by it.

"Like old times huh Mulder?" Scully asked before taking a big bite of her sandwich.

"You mean, Oh god that was so long ago.....before William-"

"Before what?"

It was getting to know you time. We had been on go, high octane alert since....since...well fuck I didn't know. But I had questions and the slight cold I felt from being outside and checking our surroundings was seeping in and making me sleepy, so either they start talking or I start jogging in circles around the truck to keep awake.

They looked at each and smiled. Wild thoughts racing in their heads. They were doing it again. That back and forth thing with the no talking. It made perfect sense them being my parents, it made perfect sense that aliens where real here and now taking over the world, it made sense in a way that I wanted to run and hide. It was all too fucking real, seriously fucking real.

I have so many questions and they were doing it again.

"...Do you?"

"Well...no, as I was unconscious for most of...what?"

"Jeez Scully how long are you gonna keep beating that old drum?"

"Well, till you learn to dance to it, I mean I don't know how many times I-"

"Your mother and I, we worked together in the F.B.I." Mulder kissed the top of Scully's head when he said this, they really love each other, maybe one day they can tell me why they call each other by their last names, they got me doing it too. He continued. "Any how, I had been, we had been working this case that spun out of control kinda quick, I was trying to prove that aliens existed and that our government knew about it and was trying to cover it up, and your mom well she was trying to get me to get some proof, so this one day she gets abducted....again, and I had to go and find her, and I found her all the way in Antarctica of all the places, it was um scary, but fun you know, not fun like baseball but more fun like...alive."

There was a fear in his mind. Something about Scully, a life, something that he loved and feared about her. Something about his age, he was dead tired. He had the weight of knowing this truth for so long, she didn't believe him at first, but he always knew and now it was here. In his brain was this completion, this joy, this dread about being happy in a moment like this. He had Scully, he found me, and the world ran dead but here we Are, together.


He was still talking. Thinking back to that moment on the cargo plane. He didn't sleep the whole time. He was on fire. The feeling pumping through his mind, thru the memory it was like a playoff game, it was like that rush. She was screwed and she was the only person who cared about him and that was enough. The world, the conspiracy, something about a missing sister, all that shit had to wait. He had to find her. He had to find my mother.

"I knew I would find her," he said looking right into me, through me really. "I had to. Anyhow once I found her and we got away and uh...we had a lot of time to kill in the snow, like now, and well it was like old times."

In his mind I see a flying disc, not a triangle. It was disappearing into the sky and he was happy to see it. She was knocked out, they knew this was going to happen. Flashes backward in time. She didn't look a day older than his memories of her.

"You didn't win did you?" I ask with a mouth full of turkey and rye.

"William I don't think it was ever about winning or losing. The choice was already made."

"Mulder...you don't still believe that do you?"

"What does it matter, its already beginning. We haven't seen human life, animal life, for miles, since those boys. All that matters is that we get to New Brunswick alive the three of us. We have lost so much, no more."

"Why did you guys give me away?"

They look at each other for a long time. In her mind I see her screaming in pain, giving birth to me, flashes of white hot pain like getting checked from behind. I see all these people around looking at her, Mulder dashes in and locks onto me and her, covered in fear, another flash in his mind as he gets her to the hospital, the wait, the fear that something was wrong, he leaves her and returns to a warm home, they kiss, gone again. Just her now, men try to kill her for me, men try to kill me, one man injects me with something, its all too fast, and what stays with me in my head is that last memory, when her hand touched baby mine and she told me, little baby me to be a good boy, she cried for weeks, alone in her bed, another man knocking on her door, letting himself in, tall guy with pointy ears, its all too much, they lived some kind of life, calling them away from normal things. I wish I couldn't see this after all. My life was so normal.

For a while at least.

"....Its not that simple William." Scully says as she gulps down half the water in the bottle.

"I know, I just...you guys seem to be in the know, is that why? Did you know this was going to happen, is it my fault because of what I can do? Is it because I can hear him, hear it all?"

"Who?" they both say at the same time.

"The Other....the alien? The one that little mutant boy was helping the old guy find?"

Scully blinks. And Mulder nearly choked on his sandwich.

"Its not like I wanted to know these things."



Flash forward a few months when I could feel my brother. I could sense him, I knew he was on the way. Scully was on her own as they had taken Agent Mulder to begin colonization. The Rebels formed a new alliance with hold overs from the ill fated men who first held me captive. The Rebels, they meant well enough and figured their form of slavery was better than ours. But of course it quickly got out of their control and they were cleaning up messes along the way disguised as Agent Mulder.

They were searching for a link. For the mutant boy Gibson Praise. They believed he was their link to humanity. They wanted to poke and prod him and learn. What they didn't know was that humanity spent the better part of known evolution, evolving, mutating into our race not theirs. Humans had remarkable adaptively and the Rebels well... they were new to the game, sloppy and boorish, and might I add not going about it all in a very smart way.

They had turned one of our own a leader a Hunter. His disenchantment was different from mine. He wanted to control the entire process and somewhere along the line the Rebels offered him a better deal.

And so picture if you will a long stretch of barren desert. Picture a line of people all chasing the same impossible pursuit. Scully at the head of the line, pregnant, alone filled with a dull yet pulsing ache for her lost love, the men enchanted with her strong yet increasingly vulnerable facade, the Hunter thinking himself clever, and me knowing all and hanging back.

Why didn't I help? Why didn't I go to her and show her the truth?

It was simple. They had done it. They created my brother in arms. Scully was with child and running about everything in the wrong way. She was looking in the wrong places, feeling the wrong things, trusting the wrong instincts. But I couldn't blame her and I didn't. She didn't know what I knew. She was in danger yet that was not different from any other day. My brother was on the way and the Rebels were looking for the faker, the silly mutant boy who would betray everything out of a sense of self preservation.

If the Rebels knew what I knew at that given moment....Their very existence would have quaked with fear. They fear the truth. I know the truth. There are elements that surpass writings on a ship. It was fast becoming the time for miracles. Alex knew but he didn't believe. He made other plans just in case.

Alex had dispatched the old man. His words. He had set up shop inside the usual places. He was aware of the new alliance and was unsure of how to proceed. While I followed as ordered he was pursing a different, more scientific way to avoid this whole situation. He had found and bankrolled a scientist who had a new form of technology that could repair or destroy human blood from the inside, he figured it was worth a king's ransom once colonization was set and in motion. And what if this technology could harm our blood as well? The possibilities were endless. He had dreams of selling this and maintaining order through his superiority. He did not have time to chance a miracle.

Why did I feel so close to him?

He lacked the honor and noble quality of both Agents. He felt love for no one and no thing. He thought himself clever in setting me free. What did I admire more, his guile or his greed? It was the guile, he taught me in the space of an instant. He taught me how he would out last it all and I admired it. His love was himself, he fancied himself as a survivor who would profit off all that was left. Granted these are not charming thoughts of a man but more of a beast. And what did I know of man any way?

I learned over time in a way of blocks and markers but that doesn't measure anything. I drift thinking of Alex. He was so close to our kind. So much of him and me and them was so close to perfect. If only he had helped them when they needed it.

Its not time for that yet.

Ah yes, the vaccine. The thing that could kill us all. The thing he needlessly threatened me with.

The vaccine was well into production but the effects were indeterminate. Agents Mulder and Scully as well as Marita Covarrubias, they were the only proven test subjects, Agent Scully was in exceptional health as well as Alex's former love, but Mulder had experienced a stronger reaction much like the others. So Alex wanted to cover all the bases.

Nothing was set in stone of course. The future has a funny way of not turning into a vision. Courses change, sand shifts, time slips. Its the nature of the universe its what makes being me so darn interesting.


"Mulder do you know what this means?"

"Yeah, I do," he says distracted looking around. "we can't stop. We ate, got some sleep. Great, we need to move. I'll drive." Mulder didn't want to talk about it. It was making him uncomfortable.

"William, your father, Mulder, we...this isn't the time. Please understand we have to keep moving. John and Monica won't wait forever. Trust me, once we get to where we need to be we will talk about everything. You can tell us everything, we can think things out. Just be patient." She ran her hands thru her red hair, she really didn't look a day over 35. "We can't lose you again, not after everything. Not after almost not finding you. I know you miss them, and we are sorry....so sorry."

Mulder motioned for me to get in back and Scully joined him up front. I could feel them, they were looking but the snow was good cover. The ice block thingy kept good shade. The lights where bright as they passed. I heard their silent talking, heard the orders the men were giving. They worked for them, in on it and Mulder knew it. It wasn't a virus we where running from it was humans changed and working with them. We all sat still and locked up our minds. Mulder checked his ammo. The triangle passed. The solider inside said the instruments were glitchy, they were low on fuel, they had been flying for days looking for me.

They want me dead. I wait till I don't hear them anymore before I breathe. Scully gasps when she notices the blood.

"William...my god...you're bleeding." she hands me a handkerchief. She was thinking about cancer for some odd reason. I really gotta stop reading their freaking minds.

"It happens all the time." I whisper wiping the red drops off. I swallow hard liking her concern. I feel like I wanna tell her my, my other mother's last thought. I wanna tell her how it freaked me out, how it made me feel but I don't. I don't say anything other than I'm fine. "Its ok really, I'm fine."

Mulder just laughs.

"William are they gone?" Scully was looking out the window. She was looking up, searching for lights. She could feel them too. She was looking in the direction they just left from.

"Yeah, outta fuel. They want to kill me. They were looking for me."

"Well let's not waste anymore time." Mulder hits the gas and we go as fast as you can in a blizzard.

"William does this happen a lot?" Scully was checking me for a fever. She was relived when she didn't find one.

"It happens when I use my brain too much, like, I guess the best way to describe it...its like X-Man."

They don't know who X-Man is.

"He's a old comic book character . My father...heh...he use to read to me. I always had problems sleeping so he would read this comic book to me. This guy Nate was created by this scientist named Mr. Sinister. He created Nate to stop this other Mutant named Apocalypse. Apocalypse was the strongest but Nate was stronger, the only thing about Nate was that he used so much brainpower for his super powers that he only had a shelf life of 25 years. So whenever he would use his power, if he used too much I mean, well his nose would bleed."

I don't need to them how I use to love Nate. How I always thought we where brothers.

I never did find out if he made it to his 25th birthday.

They look horrified by the story.

"Is this what happens William, when you hear thoughts?" Scully asks.

"Its not just thoughts, I have dreams, about the past. I saw you two, talking in one of my dreams. You where in this warm sunny place. Mulder told you that your science was wrong. I had another dream where he sang the theme song to that ancient movie Shaft, I could see you guys, it was driving me nuts. I killed a guy with this power. He was going to kill us and I blinked and he was done, my parents, they knew there was something wrong with me." It came out girlie and rushed. I couldn't help it other than Gina, I never talked to anyone about this.

They took it pretty well.

We rock and rumble on the uneven ground. They don't say anything for a long time. We ride in paranoid silence. Everywhere I looked there was snow I could hear the fat flakes slapping against the truck, the wipers scraped across the window, Scully was still on edge. She could feel them looking I could feel them looking.

"William you're a very special young man." Mulder says looking into the mirror at me. His wrinkled face looking very serious. How was he not falling asleep? How was he so full energy? I guess fear does things to make you go, even at that age.

"Yeah, I am a regular fucking X-Man. I don't want to be special I just want to see Gina and my folks and play hockey again. That's all I want. But I'm not stupid I know that won't happen. I know that my life is fucked now just like everyone else. I've known this was going to happen for years. I felt it. I dreamed about it I knew. I've know since I was 12 years old."

"We stopped it that night you know." Scully says trying to make me feel better.

"Stopped the invasion of aliens." I couldn't stop the laugh that fell out of my mouth.

"There are light houses. Places on the planet where signals are sent and received we stopped a few. We stopped a major one, that night in December right?" Mulder asked.

"Yeah. So what happened this time?"

"We found you and that was more important," Mulder said eyes trained on the road. We where crossing over this bridge that stretched for miles, white pillars holding it up from frozen water. It arched, 4 wide empty lanes, white rails.

On a normal night this would have been cool.



She was becoming reckless. She knew it. It made her pause. Blood gathering in her shower stall. Alex was worried. The grainy green footage was making him question her ability to focus. He had tried every avenue in trying to find Agent Mulder but no one wanted to talk. So that left he and I in an unfurnished apartment one floor apart from a dangerous and now un predictable Agent Scully.

Alex paced and smoked. He laughed when he pulled the pack of Morley Menthol Lights from his jacket pocket.

"Well now that the son of bitch is good and gone I guess someone had to take his place." The cool chemical scent of the cigarette made my real face show. Alex made a slight sound of surprise but inhaled quickly. On the monitor Agent Scully stood nude and touched her stomach with fear and shame. Fear that she had been so stupid to solve a case on her own. Stupidity that she had let her self go and feel her feelings on the surface for her lost partner. Fear again that she would never see him, that she would never tell him of the miracle. Fear again that maybe it wasn't a miracle. Stupid and afraid. She didn't know which one worked best. She placed the ointment on the two large pieces of gauze. And with the skill of an acrobat placed the bandages to her painful wounds.

Alex puffed away. He looked back to me. He learned long ago to keep his thoughts below the surface.

"So what about Doggett? Is he for sale now?"

"No, he is a man of honor. Just as before."

"What do you know about it?" Alex said with disgust.

"I know that his son was murdered. I know that it haunts every fiber of his being. I know that he believes he will heal Agent Scully's wound and find her partner. I know that in his closed mind he pictures his life with hers."

"Great another one. Why does that keep happening?" Alex murmurs staring at Agent Scully in the monitor not quite getting it.

"There is something about her. She sneaks up on you. Gets into your soul before you can feel it. She is a remarkable human. Its no wonder..." I quoted one of Agent Mulder's bedroom soliloquies. I had almost let it slip. If I learned anything from Alex it was to keep it all on the inside.

"What? God, fuck! Don't tell me you got it too?" the cigarette hanging from his lip accused me.

"No. Its a wonder how they got paired together."

"Yeah, Look she is great and all. But, we need to find Mulder. We need to test his blood, we need to test how much of the Vaccine is still present."

"I am pretty sure The Rebels have him."

"Great, like they can plan anything. Tell me something. Tell me why you aren't afraid that they will kill you."

"If they wanted to they would have already. In all honesty they can't."

"Well thank God for small favors Alf."

"Who is Alf?"

Alex dropped his Cigarette on the polished wood floor crushed the remainder with his black boot and walked out leaving one final instruction:

"Don't let her get killed. If we don't find Mulder, then she is all that is left, her and that kid, thing, in her belly. One way or another you understand me?"

"Where will you be?"

"Around." He vanished. A ghost. That was not something we were capable of. That is when the fear seeped into me. It was a confirmation. Everything that was unexplainable, even to us. It was a truth I hadn't been searching for. In the billions of years that I ebbed and flowed, in that little space of time I had a awakening. Ghosts were real, not a dying essence reaching out but an actual apparition. Ghosts were real, vampires, demons, I had slept during Christ's time so I never really witnessed it. But Scully being with child and Alex talking to me from the great beyond. It was proof. God existed and they lied to all of us. This is what kept us from destroying their will. They believed in something greater than us, there was something greater.

I started going church.


Mulder was tuning through the dial in the dash of the Tacoma. It was the same message on every channel in French then English.

:There is no reason to panic. Please head to your provincial capital to receive your Eradication Protocol. Please do so in an orderly manner. Please do not stay in your homes. Please do not dial 911 unless it is of the most urgency. If you live alone and are incapacitated in any way please dial your prefix and the numbers 919819719 for further assistance:

"Well that's a bunch of bullshit," Mulder says snapping the radio off. "Where the hell did everyone go? There are no people around, no one was at the border. They can't really expect us to believe this crap!"


"Scully, I...I'm just tired. And Hungry. And tired." Mulder was tired. I noticed him nodding off while we drove into the abandoned city of New Brunswick. Cars where left with doors open, keys in the ignition, radio playing that Eradication message in the multi surround of ignored cars. He needed sleep. His mind was running on fumes. All he kept thinking was "I wish I was wrong." All he kept feeling was regret for leaving her behind, for leaving us behind. It was like a compact disc with scratches on it.

We are now parked on the steps of the city capital. The building is nice looking with white painted on the top of a round church like thing on the roof, the stones where old in the ground, like in old movies. That silence was all too present, it was making my head feel smashed in my skull. Scully stretched a little and yawned. She wasn't as tired as Mulder but she wanted to sleep.

"So, now what?"

"I don't know William. John was supposed to meet us here yesterday. We are late." Scully says searching the scene like a hawk. Her rifle has the safety off, the clip was ready to go. She didn't like the feel of this, neither did Mulder.

"Who is this John?" I ask.

"John Doggett is a friend, he worked with us back in the F.B.I, He's probably inside." Scully says.

Mulder didn't like John. He wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea. Scully shot him a look and he kept it to himself. I walked back to the truck while Mulder and Scully talked about what to do next. He was saying yelling really, "I know its been years, I know that you didn't do anything, I know that too, stop lecturing me already ok."

Scully liked John. He was the guy with the pointy ears. He helped her thru a rough time and Mulder took it the wrong way. Scully kept saying, "Jesus Christ, I can't believe you are still jealous of John, after all we have been through, after everything that we have done, after all the times...I know he can hear us, no I won't calm down. Mulder you really can be a bit of jerk, sometimes. I'm not even going to dignify that with a remark, you know very well that there is no way I would have a one stand with someone, not even you. I woke up alone, yes alone, he was on the couch, yes the couch. I don't give a shit if you believe me or not."

They were fighting. My parents are having an argument about their past. I just stood and watched by the truck. I opened the door and reached inside for a gun that might feel good. I found a .357, not a lot of bullets, but a lot of stopping power. I rummage around for some ammo and find three different cases.

Case 1 is marked Lead. Case 2 is marked Sniffles Case 3 is marked Rambo. Case one bullets have these interesting metal-coated tips. Case 2, has tips with a ice tea colored liquid, Case 3 normal bullets with crosses carved into them.

Mulder and Scully were still fighting about how much they loved each other. I didn't know them at all but I know how they feel. I walk up to them and the words coming out of their mouths have frost to go along with it.

"You guys still fighting?"

"Your father is a jerk." she says.

"Your Mother is a nag." he says.

"You guys, I uh...have a time thinking of you as my parents."

They both turn and look at me.

"William I am sorry, we presume too much." Mulder says looking down at the frozen ground.

"No its not that, I just need to get away from it you know?"

"Yes," they say at the same time. But in truth they really didn't understand.

"So what are these?"

"Those bullets are custom made. Its the only defense against them." Scully says proudly

"You made these?"

"Yes I did."

"Your mo- Scully is good at this kind of thing." Mulder says beaming at her.

"So you guys still fighting?"

"No...William do you know how to fire a weapon?" Scully asks.

"Yeah been hunting with my father, my adopted...."

"William honey its ok to call them your parents. They are-"

"Were. They were my parents."

"William, they are your parents. I'm Scully, this is Mulder. Everything else we will figure out alright?"

"Yeah. Sure." I look at them, they worked really hard to find me, they have a world of hurt written in their eyes. Some things lurking underneath everything. They wanted me to feel normal about everything that was happening. I have the exact same hair cut as Mulder, the same floppy hair hanging in my eyes. The only difference was the gray hair. They were looking around taking everything in. "I went hunting with dad, I know how to handle myself." Griping the black handle, spinning the empty chamber, round and round. I take the Lead bullets and place them in one by one. I was ready to rumble with the unknown.

"Great. Take six of each, put them in different pockets. We need to split up. Scully, you take the ground floors 1-4, William you take the middle 5-7 and I'll take the top, holler or something if you find them."

We all nod. And we split up.

I really couldn't say this wasn't happening anymore.


I hear their footsteps getting farther away. I hear wind slicing through the building. Flags ruffle when I pass by. I feel the minds of Mulder and Scully they where on high alert, they were looking for their friends. I was looking for...something...

Something to tell me what the last few days have been like. Something to tell me that the pain I feel is plenty real. That everything leading up to this pause of a moment, well that it all made sense.

What I find is a screen with the same blinking coded message. The code was blinking orange and that meant that everything was fucked. Which A. I already knew and B. I was getting tired of dealing with.

The floors of the capital were frozen. Windows left open, desks abandoned. Coffee cups filled with artic chunks of latte, lunch half eaten, screens filtering family photos, that same message telling us not to stop but to keep walking into the void. Reality fast approaching, you were adopted William, the world is ending, count your fucking blessings because this is the age of the cataclysm.

It beat by beat. It walked in step with me. All around I saw with my own eyes signs of what we all knew. If Mulder and Scully had not come for me, if they didn't find me, this would be me, my life would be unnoticed and alone.

It fucks with your head, my head.


No...no breathing. An intake of breath but no breathing. Soundless steps, barely registers, her thoughts are red. They like the taste of sweat and salt, fresh oranges to me, life and matter to her, she is alone but watched and this end of the world bullshit was way worse for her than...


When our eyes meet she is leaning against the far wall. The office and its dull eggshell white, with maroon trim make her look stealthy and alone. Her eyes are sawed off shards of the grainiest marble gray, her lips perfect and heart shaped, lean face, and a hot body trapped under the cover of an Elmer Fudd red and black checked workman shirt, black leggings and motorcycle boots. She flew at me before I fired the shots and her teeth were in my neck before I could speak.

Aliens are real so why wouldn't vampires?

She tries to suck my life away but I use my mind to get into hers and she lost her appetite. Light Brown hair slides off my face and I catch the scent of dirt and snow. She licks her teeth and Mulder comes crashing into the room tripping on a chair and landing on his back.

"William you ok?" He asks on his back with the rifle hanging in the air in front of him. Scully heard the shots and was not far behind. I tell her to stay where she is, I send her the visual and the girl tells me that she can hear that.

"Is she your mother, you look a lot like her, smell like her." She is soundless when she breathes. Mulder was slightly confused. Scully ran into the room and quickly scanned the scene. She hovered over Mulder and didn't like the look of the girl, the vampire girl.

"Yes, these are my parents. What's your name?" She is totally hot for a dead thing.

She winks.

Scully helps Mulder to his feet. He had his gun trained on the girl. He noticed the blood on my neck and was just about fire his weapon when I motioned no. Scully was confused and noticed the blood on the girl's mouth. She pulled the chamber back and pointed the gun at her.

With two guns pointed at her the vampire just laughed.

"Step away from my son," Scully said with a hint of violence.

"You can't hurt me with that." The girl mocked.

"Try me."

"Scully, its ok....she's a vampire."

"A vampire?" Her eyebrow raised, she didn't believe me. Mulder looked like it was his birthday.

"Look I am sorry ok, I was hungry. Its been a while. Where are my manners. My name is Sofia Ruggerio. And you?" Her accent was French. She is a local.

"My name is William, this is Mulder and Scully." She shakes my hand then theirs. Mulder looked at her like she was the next best thing to composite sticks, Scully did all she could not to blow her head off, not that it would have worked...

"It wouldn't have." She says walking towards the door.

"Wouldn't have-"

"Wait you tried to drink his blood?" Mulder asked cutting Scully off.

"Yes, I told you with all that has occurred in the last week meat is scarce. We can not feed on the others, their blood is black and toxic, and as for the other, others...well their blood is like sucking on a lead pipe, plus they put up too much of a fight, its quite distressing all around."

She was halfway out of the room.

"So why not feed on us?" Scully asked.

"Because I need you to lead us to more meat." She blows me a kiss goodbye and takes flight kinda like Neo in that movie.

According to the look on Scully's face Mulder and I had the exact same look on our face. It was a mix of wonder and the fact that she was smoking hot. Mulder smiled at me and Scully mumbled something under her breath.

"What?" he asked looking at my neck.

"Mulder we don't have time for this. John and Monica are not here."

"Come on Scully a good old fashioned X-File." He couldn't hide how happy he was. Scully was moving my head from side to side to find other bites. Not finding any she took a band-aid and alcohol pads out of somewhere and cleaned my wound.


"Zip it young man. Mulder I understand that this validates decades of your life. I really do. All I am saying is there is thing about Aliens taking over the world and we just found our 17 year old son, and lets face it you're too old to be hunting vampires."


"Sorry honey. Mulder-"

"Look Scully, John and Monica aren't here. Maybe Miss Ruggerio knows something?" He was optimistic that Scully would agree.

"I think he is right. I think she knows something." The band-aid was making my neck itch.

"Its the end of the world and they want to play Buffy-"

"What's Buffy?"

"Never mind, William, you've been through a lot, with your family and your girlfriend, all your friends back home, this end of the world thing, you've been stabbed and bitten by a goddamned vampire of all things-" Scully was pacing now. She knew she was out numbered. She knew that Mulder and me both wanted to find Sofia. She knew this and was afraid of the consequences. I have to remind myself to stop reading her mind.

"Tell me why he is so much older than you? I mean you both worked in the F.B.I. right? So how old were you 15? Something doesn't add up about you two and I want to know what it is. So spill it."

Mulder moved the chair he tripped on back into it standing position and took a seat. He was tired and this was going to be a long story. Scully took the rifle off her shoulder and pulled up a chair next to him.

"...It's a long story, honey..." Scully sighed, "a really long story."

"We'll stay here. I'll get the stuff from the truck."

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