Title: Why Was I Adopted Out, Mom?

Author: Pattie

Spoilers: The Truth, Author's post series  stories.

Category: PG

Summary: William wants a real-life history  lesson. See Author's Note at end.

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William had been doing some digging into his parents' (what they thought were well hidden) papers and computer filing system. At age thirteen, they had to hand it to him, he was one smart cookie. He had been thinking about things for months on end.

As Scully was in the basement folding laundry at the  end of a school day, one of her rare days off, he tiptoed down the stairs.


She was startled. "Don't do that again. What is it?"

"When you're not busy, I have a question."

"Almost done. Is anything wrong at school?" She knew he had been teased by some classmates about being  older than most of them. Already in tenth grade.

"No. I don't remember much about anything until I turned two. I know the Van deKamps adopted me, and I called him until he died. Why did you adopt me out? Didn't you want me?"

"Of course we wanted you." This was a scary question, and she and Mulder wondered when would be the proper time to tell the boy everything. "I made the choice. Your Dad was working on something and went away for a while. You needed to be protected. When it was safe  enough, we brought you back. Look, can your Dad and I do this later? Meg and Samantha Ann are out of school soon. I'll make everyone a little snack."

"All right. Maybe after supper?"

"I'll talk to your Dad first. Do you have  homework?"

"Okay. After snack, do your homework. Your Dad  should be on time for supper. Deal?"

"Deal." This was going to be interesting. He had found quite a lot of information.

As usual, the neighbor brought James home and he told Scully the day was too boring.

"Okay. Want a snack?"

"Yes, please." He waited patiently at the kitchen for milk and a banana. "It really was boring, Mom. At morning recess it rained, then afternoon recess and it's still raining."

"I know. I know it will stop tonight." I need to go downstairs and do more laundry. The TV is set for your favorite show. You may turn if on, but please eat in the kitchen."

"Yes, Mom. Everyone else home yet?"

As usual, Mandy and Alison had taken the same bus home from work, and were ready for their music.

"Hey! No 'Hi' Mom?"

"Hi, sorry," Alison apologetically said. "Just  bought a new CD and I want Mandy to hear it."  The two look-alikes ran down to their room.

Next in were Samantha Ann and Meg with their books. "Where's Mom?"

"Basement," James replied. Wanna watch TV with me?"

"We wish," Meg said. "Both of us have lots of homework." They raced to their room.

5:15 P.M.

Mulder was going to home soon, and as Scully put some seasoned pork chops into the oven, a lot  of memories rolled through her mind. William's question ignited the memories of the adoption, the reasons for it and how they had to run and hide before taking him back. She felt her muscles tense as she peeled potatoes. *Deep breath. We're all safely together.* Still, how much to tell the teen was the big question.

Corn was on a slow boil as Mulder walked in. He kissed Scully. "How was your day?"

"Tell you later. Yours?"

"You should have been there. I couldn't find the Molnar file which I need to update the Vicker's murder case. You look like you saw a ghost."

"Shh. Can't say much around James. Hey! Please  turn it down, James!"

Mulder actually turned the TV. off. "Almost dinner, sport. Go wash up."

After James ran to the bathroom, his mother whispered, "William has a few questions. We'll have to arrange for a private conversation."

"The birds and the bees"? Mandy with her sarcasm. She and Alison were ready for dinner.

"That'll do," Scully told her sternly. "Please do me a favor and call your sisters. Dinner.  We need to talk over something, so both of you now."

"What was THAT all about?" Mandy asked.

"How would I know?"

"Scully, maybe we can treat everyone except James  to a movie. It's Friday night. Then we'll deal  with Will. There's good one at the Bickley."

"Good plan." She mashed the potatoes. "I knew this would come up someday, since he did the snooping."

"Daddy's boy. Natural profiler."

"I doubt that. Think about how we can tell him just the small details. He's too young to know all about the Conspiracy and hybrids."

After Dinner

Every youngster was offered the movie except  William. "Hey, what about me?"

As the elder girls helped the younger ones get ready to go out, Mulder told him, "We need to talk. You can see the same movie tomorrow, or if they find out it sucks, choose another one."

Scully took James into the livingroom as it was nowhere near his bedtime, and pulled out his blocks to build 'something strong and big", then returned to the kitchen.

"Will," Mulder began, "I know you asked your Mom why your were adopted out. Your Mom loved you and wanted to protect you. I had to go do some searching for a while. In our line of work, we found out we were in danger."

"I know," Will admitted that, as well as his own investigating (read snooping). "Anything else?"

It was Scully's turn. "I was told I could never carry a baby. As it turned out, they were wrong. I had you, Meg, Samantha Ann and James."

"What about Mandy and Alison? Were they made from you and Dad?"

"Part of me, yes. Somebody messed around with  nature. That's all you need to know for now."

"And our papers and computer files are well locked away for your own good. We can tell you everything else later. Now, if you'll kindly finish your homework, as I need to do, you can see a movie tomorrow."

"Okay. One more thing: do Mandy and Alison know things I shouldn't know?"

Scully kissed William. "They do. They also know they are loved, even if they were with other families for a while. But part of me is inside  them, so much so that they could look like me when they're older. Remember: we wanted everyone. You were the miracle I had prayed for. We never gave up on you and never will."

"I love both of you, too. Now, I feel a lot better. Thanks for telling me." After he kissed them, he was about to go to his room, but turned and said,
"Grandma Scully told me I was a miracle. Now, I really believe her."


Author's Note: Inspired by Nursery Files Plot Generator. Plot: "A Teenager Asks Scully an Awkward Question." At age thirteen, William wouldn't possibly be prepared to know the entire story. He may be brilliant, but it would be like taking a four-year-old to a Boris Karloff movie.

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