Title: They're Here
Author: L. M. Shard
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Rating: PG-13 or maybe R
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Spoilers: Season 8
Keywords: Scully/Mulder, Scully/Doggett romance, during/post-colonization
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Summary: Scully and Doggett fight for survival as the alien invasion begins.

Author's Note: For this story, I am assuming that the aliens did not return Mulder. He is still MIA.

It was the end of another long day at work. Dana Scully slowly eased her pregnant form down onto her sofa. She cradled a cup of hot herbal tea in her hands, contemplating the day's lackluster events. It had been many months now since Mulder's abduction and Scully and her new partner Agent John Doggett were no closer to finding him. She was beginning to wonder if they ever would. Her heart ached at the thought of never seeing him again, of never touching him, of never hearing his dumb jokes, of never looking into his beautiful hazel eyes. It seemed so long ago that they had embraced in the J. Edgar Hoover building. She had given him her cross to wear as a protection from evil and a sign of her love. That was the last time she had seen him. And so much had happened since. She was well into her pregnancy.

It was a miracle really. A miracle that Mulder was a part of, even if it was in a clinical and scientific way. He didn't even know that he was going to be a father in the very near future.

And then she was introduced to Agent Doggett, a man she despised at first, but came to respect and trust. With each passing day he proved himself more worthy. His quest for Mulder was almost as earnest and passionate as hers, and he didn't even know the man. That said a lot.

A distant rumbling broke her reverie. She instantly thought of an earthquake, but this part or the country was not prone to them. The thought left her head and she continued to think of Mulder until a bright light shone through her windows and the rumbling became stronger and louder. She could hear some commotion on the streets and decided she should investigate. With effort she raised herself off the cozy spot on her couch and headed toward the window. The phone rang just as she was about to peer out.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Agent Scully," Doggett said quickly, his voice laced with trepidation. "They're here. Stay right where you are. I'm on my way over," he said, hanging up before Scully could even ask what he was talking about.

Confused she walked back to the window and looked out.

Her breath caught as she stared at the surreal sight before her.

Two vastly enormous spacecrafts hovered above the city, illuminating the night with beams of white light. Below some people scrambled in chaos while others just stared up as if in a trance, eyes glued to the incredulous and incredible sight above. Any doubt she had as to the existence of aliens was instantly wiped away. Terror gripped her heart and her hand automatically moved to her unborn child as if she could protect it from the impending doom. Doggett's phone call suddenly made perfect sense. She ran to the bedroom, tore some clothes off their hangers and stuffed them into a duffle bag. She wasn't sure what she was going to do, where she was going to go. Panic was setting in and she couldn't think straight.

All of a sudden there was a loud and impatient knock on the door. She ran over to it and looked through the peephole. It was Doggett; he had made it over to her in record time. She flung open the door and threw herself into his arms.

He held her tightly for a few seconds then said hurriedly, "We've got to go now."

"Where?" she asked. Where in the world could they go to be safe?

"You'll see. Let's go!" She grabbed her duffle bag and he grabbed her hand and they both ran out of the apartment building into his awaiting car.

Driving out of the city was incredibly challenging. There was utter chaos everywhere. People and cars littered the streets moving in all directions, but by some miracle they were able to make it to the edge of the forest.

Doggett brought the car to an abrupt halt. "We've got to go by foot from here on."

"You still haven't told me where we're going," she stated anxiously.

By this time he was already opening her door. He looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Trust me." With that he took her hand firmly in his and they ran into the cover of the forest. With only a flashlight to guide them in the ebony of night, they made their way deep into the interior, only stopping occasionally so Scully could catch her breath and Doggett could get his bearings. Fear and adrenaline pushed them on until they finally reached a small clearing. Doggett fell to his knees and began raking away leaves and debris with his hands.

"Help me look," he asked Scully.

She fell to her knees and mimicked Doggett. "What are we looking for?"

"An opening. A door."

Scully was perplexed. A door? What the hell was he talking about? But fear-driven she searched frantically beside him.

"Here it is!" He exclaimed with relief and pulled open a door that lead into the earth. "Get in."

She obeyed and he followed right after her. He helped her down the ladder and locked the door above. Their hearts raced wildly. Scully stood in amazement as the flashlight illuminated their surroundings. They were in some sort of bomb shelter. A twin mattress lay on the floor in one corner.

Boxes and cans lined the shelves on all four walls. There was even a small toilet and sink off to the side in another corner.

"We're safe here," Doggett said. "At least I hope so," he thought to himself.

"What is this? How did you know this was here? What's going on?" The questions rushed out of her in a frenzied panic.

Doggett took her firmly by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. "We are safe here. We are safe." He stressed the words.

She stared at him for a moment, the realization of his words taking hold and easing her mind. Her heart rate slowed a bit and she let out a deep sigh. Then suddenly she was in a panic again. "My mother! We have to get my mother and bring her here!" She almost screamed as she tried to free herself from his grasp and go to the door.

Doggett tightened his grip on her shoulders. "No, Agent Scully, no!" She continued to fight against him. "Dana!" he yelled. "You'll die if you go out there." At her given name, she crumpled against him and let the tears of terror and doom flow out. He was right. Leaving this place was almost certainly a death sentence, or worse.

"My mom, Skinner, the Gunmen; why didn't you tell them about this place? Why didn't we pick them up on the way? Why?" She sobbed.

But even as he told her why, she knew the answer. "There just wasn't any time, Dana. I'm so sorry." He held her tightly to his chest and stroked her soft hair. "I am just so thankful I could get to you." This place was meant to hold her safe all along. He just wasn't supposed to be the other occupant.

Her breathing slowed to normal. "Mulder built this," he said.

"Mulder?" she asked only somewhat surprised. If anyone was going to build something like this, it was Mulder. His paranoia was justified After all and might just spare their lives.

"How did you know about this place? I mean you never even met Mulder."

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you. I'm not sure I even believe it myself," Doggett said shaking his head.

"Try me. At this point I can probably believe anything," Scully said.

"Well, when I was first assigned to find Mulder, I went to his apartment and looked around for anything that might help me out in the search. I found nothing and when I was about to leave, something made me turn around. When I did, I saw Mulder, or an image of him, or his ghost -- I don't know, but he pointed to a spot on the floor. When I looked down to see what he was pointing at, I saw nothing. By the time I looked back up he was gone. I started thinking I was imagining things and was about to leave again, when I decided to look at that spot more closely. There was nothing there, but I was determined to find something. So I pulled up a few floor boards and there, taped to one of the panels, was this," he said and reached into his pocket.

He shinned the flashlight on a piece of crumpled paper. "A map!" Scully said amazed. "Why didn't you tell anyone you found this? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well at first I wasn't sure what it was. So I followed the map and checked it out. Mulder had built himself a bomb shelter, or should I say alien shelter. Fully stocked too. I was going to tell you, Skinner, and Kersh, but then I got this strong feeling that I shouldn't tell anyone. Mulder went to great lengths to keep this a secret and I thought it best to honor it. Besides, there was nothing here that could help us in finding him."

Scully took all this information in, trying to make sense of it all. She was angry with Doggett. How could he keep something of Mulder's from her? "You should have told me," she stated bluntly.

He nodded, truly sorry he hadn't told her. "You're right. I should have. But at the time, I had just met you and by the time we had built up some trust between us, I had forgotten all about it. In fact, I didn't remember about it until I looked out the window earlier this evening and was forced to believe in what hovered right above us."

Her anger subsided and was replaced by mental and physical exhaustion and the sudden need get off her feet. She made her way to the bed and sat down. Doggett started rummaging through the shelves.

"I know I saw an oil lamp last time I was here," he said looking around. "Here it is." He lit the wick with matches that were conveniently lying right next to the lamp and the small room was instantly bathed in light. He took a look around, mentally tallying their supplies. Cans of food, a couple pots, a portable Coleman camping stove with propane, three blankets, a few changes of sweats, T-shirts, socks and even his and her underwear. The man had thought of everything! And it was clear to Doggett that Mulder had every intention of having Scully here with him if the need had ever arisen. He even had feminine hygiene on supply!

"Looks like we can live off of the supplies down here for quite some time," he said. When he heard no response from Scully, he turned around to look at her. She was sitting motionless on the bed, staring straight ahead. Her hands covered her enlarged stomach.

Doggett guessed she was in shock and kneeled down before her, taking her hands in his. "We're going to be alright.

We're going to survive this. And no matter what, I'll be right by your side. I'll protect you and your baby in every way I can," he said with great feeling, hoping to convey his sincerity.

At his words, she eased into his arms, finding comfort in his embrace. She knew he meant what he said. "Thank you," she said quietly, trying to sound strong. "And I will be there for you as you are for me. We're partners. We're in this together and we'll survive this together." The mini pep talk was more for her sake than for Doggett's. She had to keep telling herself that everything was going to be okay so the looming feeling of doom would dissipate.

"That's right," he said. "Let's try and get some sleep. We'll be able to think clearer in the morning." Doggett grabbed a pillow and blanket and starting making a bed for himself on the hard floor.

"No," Scully said. "We're adults. We can share a bed." She stated it as a fact, wanting no argument. He deserved a comfortable bed as much as she did. After all, she wouldn't even be here, safe, if he hadn't risked his safety by taking the time and picking her up. Why had he chosen her to save of all the people in his life?

He heard her tone and gave no argument, climbing in bed next to her. Being only a twin-sized bed, there was considerably little elbowroom for a grown man and a very pregnant woman; therefore, touching was unavoidable.

Neither of them said a thing, yet each was secretly comforted by the contact of the other. It was good just to be next to a living, breathing human being, given the current situation above. They both fell into a fitful sleep, their dreams laced with the horror of the unknown.

It was after one of these nightmares that Doggett woke up abruptly bathed in sweat. It took him a few seconds to remember he was safe in their underground hole. But he couldn't fall back asleep. Not with all the terrifying images of the unknown that played in his mind. What really was going on up there? Were they now the last members of the human race? Would they ever be able to leave this cave and bask in the light of day? And if and when they did, what would they find? Eventually, they would have to leave. There was only so much food and water. How would he be able to protect Scully, her baby and himself in an alien world? These questions went 'round and 'round in his head. None of them having an answer. He felt responsible for the woman lying next to him. And God knew he would do anything to keep her safe.

Suddenly Doggett heard a stifled sniffle and then another one.

Scully was crying quietly. His heart went out to her and it took all the strength he could muster not to take her in his arms and hold her close. Instead he gently touched her arm with his hand. Instantly she stopped her weeping.

"What is it, Dana," he asked, his voice filled with concern and compassion.

There was silence for what to Doggett seemed like an eternity and then she whispered, "I'm scared." It took a lot for Scully to admit that to herself, let alone say it out loud to Doggett.

She always felt she had to be strong, but ever since she had become pregnant, that became a much more difficult thing to do. She also found it harder to fight back the tears. It must have been the hormones and the concern for her baby. And somehow this situation changed all the rules she usually lived by. It must have been the same for Doggett, for he had called her by her first name three times already. It was soothing, real. Somehow the formal "Agent Scully" just didn't seem appropriate when they could be the last two humans on the planet.

"I'm scared too," Doggett said, deciding to be truthful instead of trying to hide his fear.

The honesty of that statement strangely made Scully feel more at ease. She placed her hand over the hand he had on her arm. He took that gesture as permission, and hugged her to him in the spooning position. She didn't object, but rather pressed her back against his chest a little closer. They felt secure in each other's embrace and fell asleep again.

It was morning, but in the pitch-black darkness that surrounded them, they would never know. Scully stirred in Doggett's arms and carefully rose from the bed, trying not to wake him.

Just as she got herself to a stand, Doggett said, "Let me get the light on for you."

"I'm sorry, John. I didn't mean to wake you," she said apologetically. The lantern spread a warm glow throughout the chamber. "Thanks." "And thank you, Mulder for putting a toilet in here!" Scully thought to herself. As a pregnant woman, she was a frequent visitor.

"You didn't wake me," he said. He had been awake for about an hour now, thinking how good it felt to be holding Scully and resisting the intense urge to kiss her. Ever since he had first laid eyes on her, he was drawn to her. She was beautiful, vibrant, fresh. A strong and determined woman. And the more time he spent with her, the more he realized how unattainable she was. She was clearly in love with Mulder and most likely carrying his child. But now everything had changed. The world as they knew it was gone and most likely Mulder was gone with it. What the future held now, was the greatest unknown.

By the time she returned, Doggett was sitting up on the bed, his face in his hands. She sat next to him. Silence passed between them. Nothing was ordinary about this new day: that they were now living on an earth taken over by aliens, that they were refugees on their own planet, hiding out in an underground shelter, that they slept in the same bed with their arms around each other, that fear and uncertainty were now the norm. No, nothing was ordinary. Nothing at all.

"Now what," Scully said. She felt helpless.

"We eat breakfast," Doggett replied simply and picked up a couple cans.

The days passed slowly. Doggett and Scully tried to keep their minds busy. They played cards and read the few paperback books Mulder had left in their new home. They talked endlessly about their pasts, their dreams and hopes, even their losses. They discussed politics and religion and how meaningless the former was in this new world, but how vital the latter was. They had gotten to know each other more in the past three weeks than in the many months they had been partners before the invasion. They enjoyed each other's company and even in their bleak existence and bleaker future joked and laughed on a daily basis. That laughter was fundamental in their sanity. Each night they slept in the warmth of each other's arms, comforted by the sound of a beating human heart. The bond between them became stronger by the day. It was a bond of survival, desperation, friendship, and respect.

Scully knew the food supply was running low. She figured that it would last maybe another two weeks if they rationed it well. And then they would be forced to venture into the unknown above. She was terrified of that impending day.

She was now quite close to giving birth and, given the choice, she would rather have the baby in their shelter than outside in the alien world. She was apprehensive about the birth itself, but tried to soothe herself by reminding herself that she was a doctor and as long as there weren't any complications.

Thank God, Doggett was with her. He would be there for her when the baby came. She felt so close to him now. Very connected and safe. And something more. She was hesitant to admit it to herself, especially since Mulder was still missing in action, but her feelings for Doggett were becoming quite strong. She was incredibly attracted to him and secretly relished the nights they spent in each other's arms. The smell of him, the feel of his hot breath on the back of her neck, the tingle she got from hearing his deep and sexy voice. It was enough to drive a girl crazy with desire. She smiled to herself at the romantic thoughts she was having.

Doggett caught her smile. "What are you smiling about?"

He asked, looking at her with his intense blue eyes. God, he was gorgeous!

Her faced reddened instantly and she lowered her eyes to her belly. "Ah, I was just thinking about the baby," she lied, embarrassed that she had been caught thinking such impure thoughts. "It's been kicking a lot lately."

Doggett noticed her reddened cheeks, but ignored them.

"Could I?" he asked, wanting to feel the baby for himself.

"Of course," she replied, her heart racing, anticipating the rush the touch of his hand would bring.

He put his hand on her firm belly and waited. He had felt the baby move a few times before, but somehow having his hand on her belly now was different. It was intensely intimate. A few moments later the baby gave three sharp kicks.

A huge smile crossed Doggett's face. "That was strong! I think the baby's ready to come out and meet his mommy. I, for one, can't wait to meet him --or her -- and look at his precious little face." He was beaming at the thought. Then, on impulse, he bent down and kissed her belly. Scully was touched. She thought of Mulder doing what Doggett had just done, yet he never had the opportunity. Nor would he ever.

She doubted that he was even alive anymore. Her heart ached that her baby would never know its father and that Mulder would never gaze upon the face of their child.

She held back the tears that threatened to fall and said, "The baby could come any day now. I just hope we don't run out of food before then. I really want to have it here," her voice was tinged with fear.

Doggett sensed her fear and all her reasons for it. He also saw the sadness in her eyes. "Everything will be fine. You are a doctor and I've had a little experience with birth before."

He was referring to his murdered son, Luke. "I promise you, we'll have enough food to stay here until the baby is born."

He had calculated how much longer they could stay there with their given food supply as well, and had been eating less and less the past several days to stretch out the ration. Scully was the one who needed the nourishment more than he did.

And she was going to need all her strength for the labor and birth.

"Thanks for easing my worries, John," she said, looking into his eyes. His hand was still resting on her belly and she covered it with hers.

He met her gaze. "You are thinking of Mulder, aren't you?" he asked gently, knowing she was thinking that he would never see his child. He had never heard it from her lips, but by the love he saw in her eyes whenever Mulder's name was mentioned, he could only guess that the baby was his.

"I was," she said quietly and then added, "But now I'm thinking of you." She couldn't believe she had just said that!

She lowered her eyes in shame and stood in silence.

Doggett was surprised by her statement and hoped it meant what he thought it meant. He was going to find out. Gently he placed his finger under her chin and guided her face up.

Their eyes met and he saw his answer. With his blood rushing in his ears, he slowly lowered his lips to hers. She responded to him instantly, opening herself up to him and melting in his embrace. The kiss was slow and sensuous, exploring and vulnerable. It conveyed what had been hidden in their hearts for a long time. He pressed her closer, as close as was possible with a tiny human between them. The intensity grew and the kiss became more urgent. Scully could barely stand; her body was so riddled with desire.

Doggett's desire grew quickly as well and he forced himself to slow down and pull back.

"Dana," he whispered between ragged breaths. He couldn't believe that she was responding to him with such abandon.

Perhaps he had been wrong about the kind of relationship she and Mulder had.

"John, don't stop," she said, almost pleading. She couldn't stand the loss of his lips on hers. Never had she felt this way from a single kiss. Never had she been kissed with such intensity and passion. It was how she had dreamed Mulder would kiss her one day, if they would ever let themselves show their true feelings. Thankfully, Doggett was a confident man, a man of action. He knew what he wanted and went for it. And she knew what she wanted as well. She captured his mouth with hers and poured her soul into the kiss, deepening it with such fire that their mouths burned with the passion.

Doggett was almost past the point of no return and once again forced himself to take a step back. His eyes were dark with heightened desire. "Dana, you are making it extremely difficult for me to remain a gentleman," he croaked out.

She smiled, thrilled that she had such an affect on him, even in her very pregnant state. "I don't want you to be a gentleman anymore. I want you to make love to me. Now," she said with complete certainty.

In an instant, he swept her back into his arms, kissing her mouth, her face, her neck, the curve of her full breasts, and running his hands all over her very feminine form. "You know I love you, don't you?" he breathed, looking straight into her darkened blue eyes.

She smiled brightly and said, "I do now. " Before she could continue, he kissed her again and carried her the few steps to the edge of the bed. This pause gave Scully the chance to say what her heart was demanding be told. "I love you, John," she whispered and the look in her eyes confirmed that love.

He was overjoyed at her declaration and his smile was electric. He had not expected to ever hear those sweet words from her lips. Yes, perhaps she would let him love her body, but he never thought she would give him her heart, the most precious gift of all.

They quickly undressed each other and reveled in the beauty of the naked bodies before them. Doggett couldn't keep his awe inside and breathed, "You are so gorgeous!" A bit embarrassed, she put her hands over her protruding belly as if trying to hide it. He took her hands away and said, "I love your pregnant figure. Do you know how beautiful it is to me that you are carrying life in there? Do you even realize how incredibly desirable you are?"

She glowed at his words. His love for her was pure and oh, so apparent. "Show me," she said and pulled him to her.

They made love carefully and tenderly, considering the advanced pregnancy didn't make it the easiest of activities and continued that lovemaking throughout the night and into the morning. Bound by flesh, heart and soul, they finally slept, in utter peace. A feat, considering the world they now lived in.

Scully returned from one of her many bathroom trips with an announcement. "My water broke. I guess last night's activities jump started labor." She gave him a knowing grin.

Doggett was lying on the bed and quickly sprang to his feet, walking over to her. He had a big smile on his face. "This is it," he said excitedly then gave her a lingering kiss. "Do you have any contractions yet?"

"Actually, I'm having my first one now. It's mild though, so I think we've got quite a bit of time ahead of us."

"Good, then I can prepare," he said and started collecting blankets, scissors, water, the first aid kit, and various other items and putting them next to the bed. Scully laid herself down on the mattress, watching him. Just like a father-to-be she thought. She could tell he was nervous, yet very excited.

An hour passed and Doggett finally thought he had all the preparation done, having checked and rechecked everything on his mental list. He laid himself down beside Scully and put his hand on her tummy. "I can't wait to meet you, little one," he said to her stomach with a smile. Then he became serious and looked deep into Scully's eyes. "I want you to know that I will be there for you in any way that you want me to when it comes to this baby. I'm not trying to take Mulder's place, but I just want you to know that you can count on me."

His earnest words touched her deeply and she felt it was time to tell him some truths. "Thank you, John. You'll never know how much that means to me. To know I can count on you no matter what is a relief to my soul," she said, then continued. "There is something I want you to know. Mulder is the biological father of this baby, as you may have guessed.

But he and I have never had an intimate relationship, although I had wanted one for years. It just never happened.

The baby was conceived by invitro fertilization and Mulder was kind enough to contribute his sperm. I do love him with all my heart and I always will, but I want it to be clear that I am in love with you and want my future to be with you.

Should by some miracle Mulder still be alive and well, I would want him to be a part of the baby's and my life, but not in the traditional sense. That is what I'd like you to be a part of, if you are interested," she said it; she said it all and now it was all out in the open. No secrets, no hidden feelings.

Never had she made herself so vulnerable in a relationship as she had just now.

"Oh, Dana, I am very interested. I love you so much!" He kissed her, baring his soul to her and she knew that this man would be with her forever.

As the hours passed Scully's contractions became stronger and closer together. Each contraction brought more intense pain and Doggett did everything he could to try and ease that pain. But there was little he could do. Nature just had to take its course on its own. In her twelfth hour of labor, Scully felt the urgent need to push. She hoped she was dilated enough and bared down. Doggett counted to ten with each push, then Scully took a deep breath and pushed again for another ten seconds. It was exhausting and her body shook with fatigue.

Doggett held her hand throughout it all and after forty-five minutes of intense pushing, he could see the baby's head start to crown.

"I see the head!" He exclaimed excitedly. Scully, bathed in sweat and in utter exhaustion, was relieved. She was almost there. "Push, Dana push!" He said and after three big pushes and several gut-wrenching screams from Scully, the baby's head was all the way out.

"The head is out!" He informed her. Then he began to scoop out the contents of the baby's mouth with his finger. Not having a suction bulb handy, he sucked the mucus out of the baby's nose with his own mouth.

"One more big push, Dana." Scully groaned in pain. "You can do it!"

And she did. She pushed one last time as hard as she possibly could and felt the baby move out of her in a warm wash. Suddenly a piercing cry filled the room as the baby sucked in its first breath of air. It was music to their ears.

"It's a girl!" Doggett exclaimed in utter awe at this brandnew life before him. He gently placed the squirming baby on Scully's deflated stomach.

"A girl!" Scully was in tears. She couldn't believe she was holding her precious baby in her arms. She had no words to describe her emotions; they were so overwhelming and raw.

"She's beautiful!" she said in great admiration. "So tiny, so perfect."

Doggett's eyes glistened with tears. He was in awe. "She is beautiful!" He agreed wholeheartedly, then leaned in to kiss Scully. "Just like her mommy."

They couldn't take their eyes off the baby. It was a miracle.

They counted fingers and toes and checked out every aspect of the baby's tiny body. Then Doggett cut the cord and wrapped the baby in a blanket. Soon after the baby was nursing contently on Scully's breast. The afterbirth soon followed and Doggett disposed of it in the makeshift bathroom. Afterwards, Doggett lay down next to Scully, listening to the baby's suckling and feeling the happiest he had ever felt in a long time. Suddenly his thoughts turned to his son and the day he first held him. That was the happiest day of his life. He was so blessed and then eight years later it was all taken away from him in a senseless, violent act. A tear trickled down his cheek.

Scully noticed and sensed his mood change. "You're thinking of Luke?" she asked gently. He nodded. She took her free arm and put it around him. He wrapped his arms around her and the newborn baby. They held each other like that in silence for several minutes. "I love you, John," she whispered, then kissed him tenderly trying to convey her profound sorrow for his loss.

"I cherish your love and I return it a thousand-fold," he said with deep emotion, then changed the subject. It was a happy day and he wanted to keep it that way. "So, the big question is, what are you going to name her?"

"I was thinking of Katherine Margaret. We could call her Katie," she said.

"That's a beautiful name," he said and then spoke to the baby, "Hello, Katie. I love you, Sweetie." He gave her a little kiss on the head.

By the time his head was settled back next to Scully's, Scully was fast asleep as was little Katie. He covered them both and closed his eyes as well. It was an exciting and exhausting day and now there was a new little life in their world.

Doggett worried about what kind of life this child would have on a planet overtaken by aliens. All he knew was that he would give his life to protect Scully and her baby. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Another week passed and life in the tiny shelter was filled with excitement and joy. The new baby took up all their time and they loved every minute of it. But now their food supply was almost gone and Doggett was preparing for their exit from their safe haven. He packed Scully's duffle bag with the rest of the food and the feminine hygiene pads that were serving a duel purpose as diapers as well as their intended use. Tomorrow they would venture out into the unknown and see what had become of their former world. They feared the worst but prayed for survival.

The morning had arrived. Neither Scully nor Doggett had slept much that night, worry keeping them both awake.

Silently, they dressed and packed the few belonging that they had. They baby was strapped to Scully with a blanket and Doggett carried the duffel bag. Each carried a loaded gun.

They stood at the base of the ladder and looked at each other.

Tears clouded Scully's eyes.

Doggett mentioned again what he had offered many times before, hoping he might convince her After all. "Please let me go alone and bring back food and supplies. That way I'll know you two will be safe here."

"No, John. We're coming with you. We watch each other's backs, partner," she said. She could not live with herself if he went out alone and didn't return. If the world were now how she expected, she would rather die with him than be a slave to the aliens. It was together or not at all.

He kissed her deeply, tenderly, and with great emotion. He prayed it would not be their last kiss. "I love you, Dana, with all my heart. You have made me so happy by giving me your love and by sharing your precious child with me. Always know, that no matter what happens to us out there, I love you." He felt like he was saying goodbye.

"I love you too. So much. Always," she said, tears running down her face. He kissed them dry then proceeded up the ladder and unlocked the door.

Stepping out into the sunlight, they had to shield their eyes from the brightness that they hadn't experience in about two months. After a few moments, their eyes adjusted and they looked around. The air smelled clean and fresh, like grass and pine trees. The sky was blue and held scattered white clouds. Surprisingly, everything seemed normal. Cautiously, they made their way out of the forest. Their car was still where they had left it and they climbed in and headed for the FBI building.

To both of their amazements, everything looked the same.

The people looked fine and were milling about like they would any day. People were walking, talking, driving, sitting, and smiling. Everything was in its place. Hope entered Scully and Doggett's hearts again and they were anxious to get to their destination and find some answers to their many questions. Finally their place of employment loomed before them. They parked out front instead of the parking garage, just in case. Doggett was still a bit wary and wanted to play it safe.

Doggett, Scully, and Katie headed toward the front doors of the building, hope growing more and more. Just as they were about to step inside, Scully saw what looked like Mulder walking towards them.

"Mulder," Scully whispered, her heart stopping. Doggett looked in the direction she was looking and saw a tall, darkhaired man approaching them. "It IS Mulder!" Scully exclaimed with joy as he got closer.

"Mulder!" she yelled in delight and ran the few steps toward him. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly with little Katie between them. She did not feel his arms go around her. By now, Doggett was at her side, rather surprised that Mulder wasn't hugging her back.

"Mulder, how are you? Do you even know how long we've been looking for you? Are you alright? I've missed you so much!" She gushed in her excitement. She looked into his hazel eyes and they seemed friendly, but distant.

Mulder stood before her with a slightly puzzled look on his face. "I'm fine. You've been looking for me?" he asked blankly.

"Of course! I can't believe you're here in front of me, alive and well!" she said happily.

"Yes, I am alive and well," he said, looking at the three of them vacantly. "I'd best be going now. Got to get back to work. It was nice seeing you," he said politely and with a measured smile.

Scully and Doggett were shocked at his apparent indifferent demeanor. He hadn't seemed happy to see Scully, nor did he ask about or even glance at the baby she was carrying. His baby. It was like he didn't know her at all and Scully was starting to get a really weird feeling. Something wasn't right.

Mulder turned away from them without another word. That was when Scully and Doggett saw what explained everything. They looked with horror at the back of Mulder's neck. Two bony protrusions were clearly visible.

Scully gasped, her heart filling with terror. She felt Doggett taking her hand firmly, then heard him say quietly, "Let's get out of here, but slowly."

She wanted to bolt, screaming from the sight, but knew they had to make their exit without drawing attention. Walking those few steps to the car, acting as if everything was normal, was one of the hardest things they had to do. It was the first of many. The three of them drove into the horizon towards a bleak and frightening future. As the last members of the human race, doom was imminent.


Should I write a sequel? I adore feedback. Please send all comments to: lsshard@home.com. Thanks for reading!

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