Title: Little White Lies
Author: Girlie_girl7
Written: September 2002
Rating: PG
Category: M&S, Baby fic.
Spoilers: Existence, then AU
Archive: Anywhere
Disclaimer They belong to Fox

Summary: Mulder doesn't quite tell the truth.

Fox Mulder is sitting in a curved restaurant booth. He's wearing a charcoal gray suit with the jacket off and the sleeves to his light charcoal dress shirt rolled up at the cuffs. He is slowly drumming his fingers on the cool tabletop. A waitress has just placed a high chair at his table. He is waiting for Scully and William to join him for lunch.

A short, brown-haired man is a light blue suit brushes past his table then turns back. "Mulder? Spooky Mulder?"

Mulder winces. "Yes?"

"It's me, Dennis Dorrance. I worked a case with you and that sexy, little red headed partner of yours."

"That's right, the Tooms' case." Mulder says, pointing his finger.

The man sits down on the edge of the booth seat. "Yap. Up in Baltimore. That was one freaky case." Dorrance says, with a nod of his head.

"Still a detective?" Mulder asks, leaning back into the soft leather booth.

"Yeah. I'm up for retirement in another five years. Then its off to Florida and those bikini bustin' babes for me." Dorrance laughs.

Mulder nods', not so much in agreement as to be polite.

Dorrance fingers the cloth napkin before him. "So how's that sweet, little-assed partner of yours these days?"

Mulder grimaces at the remark but remains stoic. "She's fine."

Dorrance nods his head. "So what's up with the high chair?"

Mulder lets a small smile cross his face. "I'm waiting for my wife and son."

Dorrance' jaw drops. "Your wife! I'll bet Scully is torqued off."

"Why do you say that?" Mulder asks Dorrance.

"Come on Mulder, everyone knows you two were doin' it." Dorrance smirks.

"Doin' it?" Mulder repeats.

"Yeah. So is she?" Dorrance leans in.

"Is she what?" Mulder strings him along.

"Torqued off!" Dorrance chuckles.

"No, actually she's very happy." Mulder says as he sits back in the booth, draping his arms across it.

"Really?" Dorrance says, surprised.

"Oh yeah, she's okay with me being married." Mulder smiles at him.

Dorrance scoots a little farther back into the booth. "So Mulder, you and her used to sweat up the sheets pretty regular, huh?"

Mulder looks him straight in the eyes. "What makes you think we ever stopped."

Dorrance gets a dumb look on his face then it breaks out in a wide grin. "I'll be damned, you and Scully still doin' it." Dorrance pushes himself back into the booth.

"Of course." Mulder says firmly. "Why stop."

Dorrance' is amazed. "And your wife doesn't know?"

"She knows; she doesn't care." Mulder smugly smiles.

"You're kidding. What a set up!" Dorrance shakes his head.

"So you got a kid, huh?"

Mulder drums his fingers on the booth. "Yes, Scully and I do."

"You and Scully?" Dorrance says, moving in closer to Mulder.

"Does your wife know?"

"Sure." Mulder grins. "We have no secrets from one another."

"And she doesn't have your balls in a vise?"

Mulder shakes his head. "No. In fact she loves William just as much as I do."

Dorrance is blown away by Mulder's revelations. "I'm amazed Mulder.

I always thought you were 'out there' but I never figured you for a swinger. And Scully too. I would have never thought that up tight little schoolmarm would be so wild."

"There's a lot about us you obviously didn't know." Mulder smiles at Dorrance.

"So how'd you meet your wife?" Dorrance questions.

Mulder takes a sip of water. "On the job."

"Did Scully know her too?" Dorrance loves the dirt he thinks he is hearing.

"Oh yeah." Mulder nods.

Dorrance rests his elbows on the table. "What did your boss say when he found out?"

"Congratulations." Mulder grins at Dorrance.

"Really!" Dorrance is amazed.

"Yes, and he wished us well too."

"You and your wife?" Dorrance meekly says.

"And Scully," Mulder adds.

"Scully too!" Dorrance swallows hard.

"He's very open minded." Mulder deadpans.

"I guess so." Dorrance sits back deflated, then leaning over he quietly asks, "So who's the best?"

"The best?" Mulder says, pretending to not understand.

"You know; the hottest, the wildest, the screamer." Dorrance winks at Mulder.

"Oh." Mulder feigns surprise. "That would be Scully."

"Really." Dorrance is taken back by this.

"Yes, in fact she is expecting again." Mulder smiles at him.

"Mulder! You sure do flaunt it, don't cha." Dorrance seems to be irritated by Mulder's good fortune.

"Why shouldn't I." Mulder stares back.

"You have it made buddy!" Dorrance slaps Mulder on the arm. "You have a wife, who works; a mistress, who works; and two kids."

Just then Mulder looks up. His eyes transfixed on someone across the room. "I guess it's your lucky day Dorrance. You're about to meet my wife."

Dorrance whips his head around to see a petite, red head winding her way through the crowd. "Damn Mulder, you sure have a thing for short red heads."

"This particular one I do." Mulder says, craning his neck to watch her. As the crowd parts Mulder steps out from the booth. Before him stands Dana Scully in jeans and a lavender sweater set. She is holding a brownish-red headed baby boy clad in jeans, a blue shirt and cowboy boots.

Will spots Mulder and screams, "Dada," as he jumps in his mother's arms. Mulder scoops up the baby while keeping an eye on Dorrance.

Dorrance' mouth hangs open as he slowly rises to his feet. Mulder leans down and kisses Scully as she squeezes his arm. "Everything okay?" Mulder asks. "Just fine." Scully grins. "The home test was right." Mulder smiles down at her.

Scully notices the other man. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting anything?"

Dorrance is still confused.

Mulder places a hand on the small of Scully's back. "This is detective Dennis Dorrance, Baltimore PD."

"Of course." Scully smiles. "The Tooms case."

"That's right." Dorrance says weakly, offering his hand to Scully.

"This is 'the Mrs. Mulder' you were telling me about?" Dorrance says a little befuddled. Scully looks at Mulder with a confused look on her face.

Dorrance finally gets it and smiles at Mulder. "Spooky, you are so full of shit." He shakes his head and slowly walks away.

Scully frowns. "Mulder what just happened?"

"I just told Dorrance that you approved of my choice in a wife, you were a sexy mistress and a loving mother to Will."

Scully sighs. "Mulder, you have got to stop lying to people like that!"

"But Scully it is the truth." Mulder moves in to breathe on her neck. "You do like my wife, you are sexy and Will thinks you're great."

Scully looks up at Mulder and smiles. "Dorrance was right about one thing. You are full of shit!"

~ The End ~

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