Title: Allegra
Author: Jocelyn Tomkinson
Rating: PG for some language
Spoilers: None
Category: X,H
Disclaimers: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and the whole X-files concept aren't mine, tho' I wish they were. Property of Chris Carter, 10-13 productions, and Fox television. Indiglo is probably a trademark of Timex co. No infringement intended, so please don't sue me. Other characters came out of my head and any relation to anyone real is unintended.
Author's Note: This is the first fan fic I've ever written. Any and all comments would be appreciated, even bad ones!

Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate a series of mutilations at a private school dorm and discover that being in the 'in crowd' isn't always a good thing.

Hickman Hall,
Northwest School for Young Women
October 13th, 1997

Four girls sat in the common room, filling the air with the smell of acetone, nail polish and gossip. "Kye, have you seen Allegra lately?" asked a tall blonde one applying sparkly blue polish to her big toe. A mocking smile touched her painted mouth.

"Not lately," replied a smaller girl with pixie-cut streaked brown hair. She laughed. "Can't say that I'm sorry. She's *weird*."

"Yeah, well, I have to share a room with her," said the third girl, a plump redhead. "I can't tell you what an adventure that is. She talks to herself at night, and stares at me when she sees me on campus with my friends. Ew!"

"She can't be that bad, Maggie," reasoned the fourth, a slender dark-haired girl named Jenna. "I mean, we all have our quirks. She just happens to have a lot of them right now, that's all. Just because she's quiet doesn't mean she's a freak."

The tall blonde one, Lauryn, laughed loudly. "Yeah, she's a FREAK!" Kylie, Maggie and Lauryn dissolved into laughter. "I bet she has a thousand cats at home and listens to Hanson!"

"No bet there," piped up Maggie. "She does! Over and over and over!"

"Ooohhh, Zac! Taylor! Smooch, smooch!" Kylie turned around and ran her hands up and down her back, pretending to make out with an invisible Hanson brother.

A Dorm Assistant patrolling the halls moments later broke into a run toward the common room, hearing the screams of four terrified girls. She opened the door to find the four girls covered in glass and plastic shards, smoke pouring out of the TV set in the corner.

FBI Headquarters,
Washington, DC
October 15th, 1997

Scully strode into Mulder's office bearing a large brown take-out bag and tray of drinks. "Sorry I wasn't here this weekend, Mulder. Happy Belated Birthday!" She exclaimed happily. I come bearing gifts!"

Mulder looked up from his studious examination of an X-file in front of him and smiled at his partner, amused at her attempts to balance her parcels and close the door to his office at the same time. He rose and took the bag from her, freeing her hand up to catch the tray of drinks threatening to dump all over the floor. "Why, Scully, you shouldn't have!" He smiled.

"Don't give me that bull, last year when I forgot your birthday, you pouted for a month. And men say women are over sensitive. Here," She gestured to the parcels resting now on a bare patch of Mulder's desk. "I brought you your favorite kinds of Greek food and iced tea," Mulder smiled again at the reminder of his fate."...And other such marvelous things." She dug into the bag and laid the little boxes of appetizers out on his desk, frowning with the effort of finding enough empty space to lay it all out. Mulder pulled a small table over and set up two chairs around it. The two finally sat down and tucked into plates of calamari, pita with tzatziki and humus, and foil-wrapped gyros.

When they were both satisfied, Scully daintily wiped her mouth and spoke. "So what's on for today?" They had recently hit a bare patch in the X-files, what with Alex Krycek gone AWOL, no traces of the Cancer Man and their informants suspiciously silent. Mulder rose and grabbed the file he was reading earlier from his desk. "Here. I just got it this morning. Three girls were injured Saturday night by shards of a TV set that exploded." Scully raised her eyebrows. "Wait, I know, it doesn't sound like bureau business yet, let alone an X-file, but listen." He picked up the file and read a part of it out to her. "Subjects Maggie Dynaster, Kylie Rourke, and Lauryn Benton were three of four students in common room when TV set exploded, sending them to hospital with serious shrapnel wounds. No injuries reported for the fourth student, Jenna Hurlihee."

"Sounds suspicious. Why no injuries for the third girl? And who sabotaged the TV set?" Asked Scully, clearing the take-out boxes from the table. "Indeed. And that's not all. Sunday morning when two of the girls had been released from the hospital, they returned to the dorm and were freshening up in the bathroom when all of the mirrors and faucets exploded, knocking one of them unconscious, and gashing the other on the head. Again, Jenna Hurlihee was the only other person present, and again, no injuries reported from her."

Scully sighed, knowing what was coming next. "Where was this and when do we leave?"

"Port Angeles, Washington." he tossed a plane ticket at her. "We leave tonight."

"So much for your birthday present."

"I thought this was my birthday present." Mulder's eyes questioned Scully.

"Not all of it. I got us tickets to tonight's Redskins game. I hate football, but I made the sacrifice for you. All for nothing." She sighed dramatically, a smile on her face.

Mulder looked at her agape. "For ME? Scully, I don't know what to say. And.. D'oh! This stupid case!"

Scully laughed. "Don't stress about it. I bought them off of Frohike, he had season tickets. I'll take you another time."

Dorm Room of Allegra Mienstra and Maggie Dynaster
Hickman Hall, Northwest School for Young Women
October 15th, 6pm

Jenna knocked softly on Allegra's door, biting one lip. She didn't know exactly what to say to her, but someone had to. She knew something was up, and it had to have something to do with Allegra. All these bad things started happening when the other girls were dissing her. She couldn't think of why or how Allegra would do it, she was so quiet and mousy. But someone had to do something.

"Who is it?" A voice from behind the door called. It had to be Allegra, because Maggie was still in the hospital. "Allegra, it's me, Jenna. Let me in, I need to talk to you." Footsteps, then a rattle as she unlocked the door. A pale, withdrawn face peeked out and saw that it was Jenna, then opened the door all the way. Jenna walked in and sat on Maggie's bed. Allegra closed the door and sat on her own bed, waiting for Jenna to say something.

"Allegra, some pretty weird things are happening. You've got to tell me what's going on. I won't tell anyone, I promise." Jenna tried to look her most dependable and took in every inch of Allegra's thin, 5'4 frame. She had limp brown hair and glasses covering clear, haunted blue eyes. She sat on the edge of her bed clutching her legs and rocking back and forth softy.

She looked suspiciously over her arms at Jenna. "What makes you think I had to do anything with it?"

"Come on, Allegra, I really don't care how you do it, but it's gotta be you and you've gotta stop, people are getting hurt!"

Jenna stood up and took a step closer to Allegra. She shrunk further into her bed and raised her head. "I don't know what you mean! Go away, I had nothing to do with anything! Please!" She started to cry, and her glasses fogged up. She got off the bed and opened the door for Jenna. The conversation was over.

As Jenna started to leave, Allegra peeked her head out and caught the other girl's attention. "Jenna, please understand. I don't know...I just can't control it..."

Tuesday, October 16th, 11:00am

The dark blue rental Ford pulled up to the parking lot in front of the private girls' high school in quaint Port Angeles. Mulder and Scully got out, buttoning their coats against the driving Pacific rain. They hurried into the building nearest, Hickman Hall. The pair strode up to the front desk, occupied by a burly black security guard.

"Hi, can you tell us where we can find...Meghan Sandrhakhan?" Asked Mulder, consulting his notes.

"Who's asking?" The security guard asked the two accusingly. They pulled out and presented their badges for his inspection. "Oh, I guess I can let you up. Meghan's the third-floor D.A. That's Dorm Advisor." He explained in answer to their confused looks. "Third floor, room 317." They thanked him and took the elevator.

When they got there, the first room they found in the first of two hallways was the D.A.'s. A colorful poster declared it so, beside a bulletin board plastered with notices of upcoming extra-curricular activities. Scully stepped up to the door and knocked twice. "Coming!" A young voice answered over blaring music, early Madonna, Scully thought. The door opened to reveal a twenty-something Indian woman, dressed in the latest style of denim fitted shirt, muffin skirt and 8-hole Doc Marten boots. Her faced betrayed her confusion at her new visitors, but she was polite. "Wait a minute, let me turn down the music." She dashed over to an unseen corner of the room and silenced the passionate vocals.

When she returned, she assessed her visitors anew. "Can I help you?"

"Meghan, my name is Dana Scully, and this is my partner Fox Mulder." Once again, they held up their ID's for inspection. "Can we talk to you about the recent... events in your dorm?"

Meghan's face looked pensive. "Sure. Let's go over to the common room." She grabbed her keys from a ring on the wall and closed her door behind her, leading the way across the hall.

Yellow tape covered one door, so she led them in by another door. It was a large, oblong room with a sink and counter at one end, a cheap set of lounge furniture at the other, clustered around a burnt-out hulk of a TV set. That end of the room was roped off by more yellow maintenance tape and was strewn with more shards of glass. The smell of burnt static drifted through the air. She pulled out some chairs at the table in front of the sink and gestured for them to sit, herself sinking down into a chair and plopping her large ring of keys on the table. "What can I tell you?"

"Just start with the events of Saturday night."

"Oh, that. I was doing my lock-outs - I go and let people into their rooms when they lock themselves out - and was going back to my room when I heard this huge bang from the common room. When I got there, there was smoke and such a stench everywhere. Maggie, Kylie, Lauryn and Jenna were all in here, screaming like banshees. Everyone but Jenna had cuts everywhere, which was just weird considering she was the closest to the TV when it exploded. I think Maggie got it worst though, she had a whole bunch of glass on her face and in her eyes. We called the ambulance and security and that was pretty much it."

"What about the room, here?" Mulder asked. "Did the police tell you anything?"

She shook her head. "All I know is that when they finally came, which was way after the girls all went away by ambulance, the police roped the area off and called the fire marshal, who looked for an explosive and lectured me about not letting the girls have matches around electrical equipment. Like they were all four-year-old children. In the end they don't know what happened. No explosives. Security told me that much."

"What about Jenna Hurlihee? What can you tell me about her?" Scully spoke up.

"Jenna? Yeah, that was really weird. She's one of our best dormies. Quiet but friendly, has her own room at the end of the hall. Her roommate got homesick and went back to Switzerland. Lucky. She and I are the only ones with single rooms and I'm not a student! She's a good student, helps other girls with their homework, leads extra-curricular activities."

"And the other accident?"

"That was really freaky! What a mess. If it weren't enough that Maggie was in the hospital, Kylie and Lauryn had to go back there. From what I heard, they were just back from a night in the clinic and had just had were putting makeup on and stuff getting ready for chapel and chatting. Jenna went in to use the bathroom, and a few minutes later, the taps came flying off the faucets and the mirrors shattered. More cuts, scratches, screams, etc. I wasn't there, it was my day off."

"You don't sound too broken up about it, pardon the pun." Mulder smiled.

"I suppose I should be, but, well, Maggie, Kye and Laur aren't our best dormies. Very cliquey, the three of them always stick together. They like to pick on the less glamorous, smart, etc. I don't like to see them hurt, but I don't particularly like them either. They're all in the hospital now, our clinic on campus can't handle much more than a simple cold or tummy ache."

"Where are the girls' parents?"

"This is a nationally renowned boarding school. Most of them come from rich eastern families, or even overseas. I don't think we have a single girl on our floor that's from here in Washington State."

"Thanks for your help, Meghan. Where can we find Jenna's room again?"

"End of the hall on the left, 310. But she's probably at school right now, let me see, try the cafeteria. I'll get you her picture so you can recognize her. And no problem, I'm happy to help out. I'm applying to the academy myself, this year, for the next semester. Maybe someday we'll be co-workers?"

Scully smiled at her innocence. "I hope not." Meghan gave them a confused look and dashed to her room, coming back with Jenna's picture and directions to the cafeteria.

As they walked down the hallway passing identical doors, one caught Scully's eye. She turned to look at it, and the face she thought she saw disappeared from the crack and the door shut with a thud. The nameplate said Allegra Mienstra/Magdeline Dynaster. Scully had the distinct feeling that they'd been spied on.

They found the cafeteria in an adjoining building and located Jenna at a table filled with girls her age. Scully approached the table and crouched by Jenna, hoping not to make it awkward for the girl. Jenna nodded and stood up, excusing herself from the table and joining Mulder and Scully at one across the room. She was a slender, black haired girl of about 17, and regarded them suspiciously. "You're here about the accidents, aren't you?" She asked resignedly.

"Yes, we are, can we ask you a few questions?" Mulder held out a hand and introduced himself and Scully. For the first time, Jenna looked up at Mulder and she gave a little sigh.

Scully recognized the signs miles away. "Oh, brother," she said under her breath.

"How are you feeling, Jenna?" Asked Scully, looking for signs of injury.

"I'm fine, actually." Her jittery voice relayed her real state of agitation.

"That's good. What can you tell us about this weekend?" Scully asked gently.

Jenna gave them a rundown on events that could have been a carbon copy of Meghan's testimony. Scully regarded Jenna critically. "What do you make of being the only uninjured one?"

Jenna paused to give it some thought. "I don't. Some coincidence." She inspected her toe, suddenly enthralled in that particular part of her anatomy. Mulder rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Jenna. If you know anything, it sure would help us find out what happened to your friends. "They're not my friends!" She looked up suddenly.

Mulder and Scully were taken aback by her vehemence and urged her to continue. "They're just girls from my floor, all right? I don't really know them, and I like them even less. They're snobs." She looked up and saw their reactions. "No, it's not like that, I just don't get along with them, I wouldn't hurt anybody. It's just that....ugh. You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me." Mulder nailed her with a stare.

She looked up, then sighed. "If you ask them what they were doing during the accident, they'll say nothing. But it's not true. They were gossiping. And not just harmless stuff, either. They were really cutting this girl down, her name's Allegra, she lives on our floor. They're always talking about her like that, picking on her and stuff. It's terrible." Jenna looked positively despondent now.

"Jenna, do you think Allegra had something to do with it?" Scully questioned her again.

"No, no, not the way you're thinking. I-I don't think she know's it's happening. It's just that every time the girls get together and they start cutting her down, something will go wrong. We were in the parking lot last week, me and Kylie and the others - they were giving me a ride to the mall on their way to the movies - and they started making fun of her while we were driving out of the underground. The power went out just as we drove up the ramp and the gate got stuck at halfway. It was weird, you know. It made them late for the movie, but they went to the late movie anyway. They almost got away with it but the sprinklers went off just as they got back, and only on our floor. Meghan came out to see what was wrong and saw them soaking wet in their street clothes." She gestured down at the navy blue jumper she and all the other girls at the school had to wear. "They weren't wearing their uniforms, so Meg knew they'd been out. They got suspended for a month. That's why they were in on that Saturday night."

"Did Allegra know they were going out that night?" Mulder asked, on to something. Scully wondered where his question was taking his train of thought, but kept silent.

"I don't see how, she was really sick and they were keeping her at the clinic for a few nights. The girls only decided to go out a few minutes before we left. She wouldn't do anything wrong, Agent Mulder. She's been here longer than I have, that's about four years, and always in the same room. She even stays over the summer, I think she's the only one who does. This school is the only thing she has. Her dad was a wealthy Italian designer in Milan, but he and her mom were killed when she was about 11. The school agreed to take her on when they died and she lived here and had a private tutor until she was the right age for high school. If she gets into trouble, she'll have no place to go. Do you see what I mean?" Jenna's gaze implored the two agents, but Scully had no idea what she was getting at. Mulder, however, nodded, knowing exactly what she meant.

"Thank you, Jenna. You've been a big help. Here's my card in case anything else happens." He passed the white card over the table to her and treated her to a warm smile the likes of which Scully had only seen a few times-and only at her.

Jenna nodded gravely and took the card, packing up her books and leaving them sitting at the table alone in the now-deserted cafeteria.

"Now what was that about?" Wondered Scully out loud.

Mulder turned to her amazed. "Didn't you see it, Scully? I've heard of it happening before, but not in a while." The look of confusion on Scully's face deepened. "There's no specific name for it, just references to it in medieval literature. The manor homes of British Lords were said to have 'come alive to protect their masters,' sabotaging attack attempts, even killing unfaithful servants, although in those times it was with collapsing fireplaces and falling roofs."

Scully almost laughed. "Mulder, this one really takes the cake. 'Attack of the killer *dorm hall*?' I can't believe it. What about the fact that Allegra wasn't even in the building when the girls' trip to the mall was planned?"

Mulder shrugged. "If a building can attack for it's longest resident, it surely doesn't need her permission."

Scully looked at him again, shaking her head. "Mulder, all of these accidents can be explained. A power shortage or surge could have caused both the problem with the gate and the explosion of the TV. You saw the storm we drove in through. They must have downed lines all the time. I bet if we checked with maintenance about Sunday morning, we'd find that they had a sudden surge in water pressure which caused the taps to burst off of the faucets, breaking the mirrors and injuring the two girls."

"Why don't I go take you up on that bet?" suggested Mulder. "I'm going to make a quick trip to maintenance and you go to the base hospital to check on the girls. See if they can help you explain why Jenna was, in every case, not hurt?

Port Angeles Base Hospital
4:00 pm

Scully walked through the halls of the small hospital until she found room 212. She found the room and walked in, taking in the four beds, one empty, one recently slept in, two occupied. The nurse at the front desk had told her that Maggie's condition had worsened and she had been airlifted the day before to Seattle General for emergency eye surgery. Her condition wasn't promising.

Scully walked across the room to Lauryn Benton's bed. She was engrossed in a phone conversation and scowled at Scully. Bandages covered her neck and disappeared into her gown. Her face was a myriad of cuts that even the most skilled plastic surgeon would have trouble fixing. "Whoever you are, this had better be important, because I was on the phone with my boyfriend in London." She said after she had said goodbye and hung up. "So talk."

Scully took a breath to keep herself from throttling the girl. She noted the thick, cultured British accent. She wondered just how prestigious this school was that it attracted paying customers from some of the best education systems in the world. She shook her head. "Lauryn, my name is Dana Scully, and I'm with the FBI. I want to ask you a few questions about the accidents last weekend."

"Accidents! Hardly. They weren't accidents. All the work of that little bitch Allegra, I assure you."

Scully cleared her throat. "What makes you think that?"

Lauryn frowned again. "Everything. Do I need a reason? She's been jealous of me since I got there. Why do you want to know?" Great, thought Scully. She was dumb as well as a bitch.

"I just want to know if there's anyone you know might have had a motive for hurting you and your friends."

Lauryn nodded as vigorously as the bandages on her neck would let her. "Certainly, it's Allegra you're after then. She has more motive than any to hurt Mag and Kye and Me. She got into trouble for stealing my credit cards two weeks ago, and has been jealous of my modeling career because she's too short to model." Lauryn smiled smugly. Oh, brother, thought Scully. Lauryn sensed Scully's exasperation and shrunk back into the bed, making herself look as ill as possible. "Is that all?" She asked pitifully.

"Sure is," said Scully, glad to get away from the awful teenager.

Scully walked over to the other side of the room toward where Kylie lay. She had been quiet through the entire heated interview with Lauryn. Scully saw why when Kylie turned her head; a bandage covered her forehead and wrapped down over her right ear. Scully crossed and sat on Lauryn's left side so she could hear her.

"She lied to you, you know." whispered Kylie. A more interesting accent colored her voice. Scully guessed it was Aussie and was taken aback at her forthrightness.

"How do you know that?" she asked. "Lauryn probably fed you some load about Allegra stealing her credit cards." Scully nodded. "Well, it's not true. Laur found them in her room a few days after getting her in trouble for taking her credit. Meghan found out and made her apologize to Allegra for accusing her. Lauryn was plenty stirred up about it." Kylie looked so sad.

"Why are you telling me all this?" Asked Scully quietly.

"Agent Scully, I'm far from home, my parents are in Sydney where I grew up. I don't have any people here. I went around with Laur and Maggie because they were popular and I was insecure. They liked me because my parents are rich. I just got caught up in it all. I'm sick of what we did to her, and she doesn't have any people, either. She didn't do anything to us, I hate myself for saying all of those things." Kylie started to cry silently. "I deserved it."

Scully shook her head and patted her shoulder in an effort to comfort her. "No you didn't."

"I just want all this to end..."

Hickman Hall

While Scully waited for Mulder to meet her in the dorm's lobby, she took some time to examining the building. It was three stories and cinder block, rough hewn. It looked very different than any of the other buildings on campus, definitely much older. The interior was paneled in dark walnut and gave the lobby the look of an expensive hotel. It was sad, because in a way it was. Just a place the jet-setting rich could leave their kids and indulge their lifestyles while bragging about their children at school abroad. It was a status symbol for the parents, and what was sadder was that the kids were starting to believe it if her conversation with Lauryn Benton was any indication.

The thick oak doors at the front of the room opened to reveal Mulder, soaking wet. He stepped into the lobby and wiped his feet from the rain and looked around for Scully. He found her and bounded over to her with the walk of a man who'd won a bet. "Scully, I found it. I didn't expect to be all right, but the maintenance department all but proved my theory." Scully rolled her eyes and settled in for a story.

"The maintenance department confirmed that there was no power surge in the past week, nor was there a line down. Whatever caused the gate to malfunction and the TV to explode, it wasn't indicated with them. Also, they received a call about the malfunctioning gate from the girls on Friday night, but the serviceman sent out the next day reported nothing out of order. They were considering reporting the girls for mischief when the TV exploded, and they had better things to do. I also spoke with the dept. of water and sewers in town and they said that any change in water pressure significant enough to cause the damage in the bathroom would have shown up with them, and nothing was reported." Scully sighed. She hadn't been entirely convinced of Allegra's guilt, but she also hadn't expect to have Mulder's far-fetched theory be the most plausible one.

"There's more. I checked with the secretary at the library and found out that this building was bequeathed to the school when it was founded in 1930. Its previous owner was Alfonso Miestra, Allegra's great-grandfather. That got me interested, so I checked the boarding records. Allegra is the longest resident since her grandfather, Albertino Miestra, in the years before the building was bequeathed." He looked at Scully. "The manor is protecting its Lord, the only Miestra left!"

Scully laughed, but agreed that it was enough to go on for now. They had no other evidence anyway. They agreed that the only way for the accidents to stop would be to have Allegra move to another building. A laughing headmistress agreed, although more because it was time for Allegra to have her own room anyway, she said. Scully conceded, and followed Mulder to the elevator to talk to Allegra, although more because she was curious who all the fuss was about than she believed in the homicidal building theory.

"Mulder, why do we always take the elevator? Are you too out of shape to take the stairs?" she teased.

"Look who's talking!" He replied with a smile.

"Yeah? I'd like to see you walk on these stilts all day," motioning to the pumps she wore. They got in and the elevator doors closed, the car moving slowly upward. The lighted numbers above the door ticked off their ascension until slightly passed the second floor, when the lift stopped dead and the lights went out.

"Remind me when we get out of here to write a terse letter to the elevator licensing board of Washington State," quipped Mulder. They tried the emergency phone and the alarm, but succeeded only in frustrating themselves. Neither worked.

They waited for a half hour, then tried again. "Scully, there's a trap door down here," he said, gesturing to the floor. Mulder opened it and peeked his head down. "Scully, there's a ladder here. I'm going to climb down to the first floor and see if I can open the shaft doors."

Scully kicked off her shoes and shrugged out of her jacket. "I'm coming too."

Mulder shrugged. "Whatever."

They descended slowly to the first floor, and beat their hands raw on the metal shaft doors. No one answered. A click shot through the elevator shaft, and the two agents looked up to find the source of the sound. "Scully! GET DOWN!" yelled Mulder, tackling her to the ground and flattening their bodies against the bottom of the shaft.

The elevator car they had just left thundered down the shaft with a screech. This is it, Scully thought. We're over. I'm going to die here squished under my partner. They shut their eyes tight and gripped each other. Not three feet from Mulder's back, the car stopped dead. They let out a collective sigh and Mulder scrambled off of his partner. "Thanks," she said.

"Don't mention it," he said. "Just hope the elevator doesn't give again. It'd be your turn to cover me." Scully grinned into the darkness of the shaft. Mulder looked at his watch, who's indiglo light seemed to be the only light in the shaft. It must be stuck, he thought, noting the time was 6:44.

A minute later, the doors opened, revealing the burly security guard. "Agents! What're you doing down there! Looks like it was a close call!" He said, helping them out of the shaft.

"Did you cut the power a minute ago?" asked Mulder.

"Oh, no! I was just watching the desk like usual and then I saw Ms. Miestra sprint down the stairs carrying every thing she owned on her back. I chased after her to see if I could help her or anything, but when I got outside, she was gone. I came back to the desk and saw the elevator alarm. I came over as soon as I could get the key to open the doors." Mulder and Scully looked at each other, then back at him.

"When was it that she left?" asked Scully, gesturing to the clock above the door.

"Yeah, I saw the time as she left," he said. "It was almost quarter to seven."

X-File X56774
Investigating Agents: Scully, Dana; Mulder, Fox

"It is one of the greatest tragedies of our society that the strongest pick on the weak. It is evident in all areas, but rarely as damaging as when this phenomenon is present in teenage years, and nowhere so prevalent. Where do the weak go to for their help? Who will help them when there is no one else? My experiences on this case lead me to believe that the protector may not be a 'who,' but a 'what.' The building that had been Allegra Miestra's family's for a century was the only thing she had left in life, it was her refuge. By the evidence collected in this case, it was her protector, too. Who knows what bonds form between generations of a family and their domicile? If it was indeed the building lashing out to protect it's longest resident, then it can be concluded that Jenna Hurlihee was left unhurt on all occasions because of her peculiar alliance with Allegra and her defense of the weaker girl.

The incidents at Hickman Hall apparently ceased the moment Allegra Miestra left it, leaving no 'Lord of the Manor' to protect. No trace of the girl has turned up since Oct. 16th, and inspection of her room yielded none of her personal belongings.

In the matter of the assaults on Kylie Rourke, Lauryn Benton and Maggie Dynaster, there is no explanation for their injuries. No charges were lain, none pending.

Recommend classification under 'Unsolved.'

The End

There you go! My maiden effort in fan fic. I'm eager to hear your comments, please email me and let me know what you think. PS: To any Port Angelinos out there: You probably guessed that the school is fictional, but any inaccuracies about the town itself are purely my fault. It's been a long time since I was there.

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