Title: Two of a Kind
Author: Girlie_girl7
Date: 05-30-03
Rating: G
Category: Family fic
Spoilers: Existence then AU
Archive: anywhere
Disclaimer: Fox owns 'em.

Summary: M&S have a little chat.

Fox Mulder tiptoes into the room, aware of the soft breathing and the pleasant scent that permeates the air. He was certain he would never experience this sensation again but here he is. He closes his eyes and breathes in deeply while a soft smile crosses his face.

Scully soon joins him in the room. "Hey," she softly says, cinching up her robe then running her hand across Mulder's back. Mulder smiles down at her. She continues to rub his back in small concentric circles while leaning into him. "Mulder how many times are you going to come in here and stare?"

"Until I make sure this isn't a dream."

Scully softly laughs, "She is real Mulder, believe me I know I feed her." She reaches into the bassinet to run her fingers over her daughter's downy-soft head.

Mulder grabs Scully around the waist. "I know but we weren't suppose to get lucky the first time but this, this really is a miracle." He looks into Scully's blue eyes, his own wide in wonderment.

I don't know Mulder, I think Will is quite a miracle himself."

"I know Scully and I was so amazed when he arrived, and when he took his first step, and when he said his first word, and when he first called me dad. Even now he never ceases to amaze me."

"Well the 'amazing one' is due back from his visit to grandma's any minute."

"She's beautiful isn't she." Mulder sighs as he runs his thumb across the tiny fingers that peek out of the pink blanket.

"Yes she is. Ten toes, ten fingers and those inquisitive eyes, just like her fathers."

Mulder looks up from his daughter. "You think she looks like me, Scully?"

"Well, she has my hands and feet, unlike your son." Scully quietly laughs. "But those intense eyes and that mouth are definitely yours," she says nodding her head.

"Will has accepted her well but I really wish he would stop calling her 'da bee-bee'".

Scully snickers. "We did tell him about 'the baby' for nearly nine months."

Mulder laughs, "At least we did break him of calling you 'Cully'."

Scully shakes her head, "That was embarrassing."

"Oh, I don't know 'Cully, like father like son," Mulder says smiling down at her.

Scully tucks the blanket around the tiny being snuggled into the bassinet.

Mulder places his chin on Scully's head and wiggles one hand into her robe to come to rest on her pajama clad stomach. His other hand is holding Scully's much smaller one. "Tell me, if you could see into the future, what would you see in store for these two?"

"Mulder, it's so early, it's hard to tell."

"Come on, you're hedging."

"Okay," Scully sighs, "Will is happy and bubbly and a little devil just like I picture you at two years old." Scully can tell Mulder is grinning as she continues, "He's filled with love and loves an adventure."

Mulder looks down at Scully with the grin still on his face; "Did we get all the crayon off the bathroom wall?"

Scully laughs, "Most of it. He will see the world with wide-eyes and the world will know William Mulder has arrived."

Mulder snickers, "They can follow the crayon trail."

"I think he'll have out grown those."

"Soon, I hope."

Scully sighs, "Not to soon. It seems like just yesterday that he was born."

Mulder pulls her a little closer, "You getting all soft on me Scaly?"

Scully ignores Mulder. "He'll have your mind."

"And your questioning nature," Mulder interjects.

"We'll see." Scully is now smiling.

"Do you think he could grow up to be president?"

"I hope not. I expect him to be more than a politician."

"How about Pope?" Mulder teases.

"I wouldn't count on it," Scully softly laughs.

Mulder holds her tight. "What ever he wants to be, he'll do just fine, of that I'm sure."

Scully sighs and places her hand over the one Mulder has resting protectively over her stomach.

"So Scully what do you foresee for this one, what does your crystal ball say?"

"I don't have a crystal ball Mulder, I'm a scientist."

"Oh kay," Mulder mouths.

"I can see so much of you in her."

"You do?" Mulder questions.

She will be intense. I can see that in her dark eyes. She'll be quiet, not an introvert but not boisterous either."

"She'll be beautiful, just like her mother."

Scully turns to look directly at Mulder; "She does not look anything like me."

"Yes she does Scully. She's tiny with small hands and little stubby toes, just like yours."

"Mulder I do not have little stubby toes."

"Scully, you barely have toes!"

They continue to stand together in silence watching their daughter sleep.

"She has your lips and chin Scully."

"But she has your coloring and dark hair."

"Yeah, maybe." The room grows quiet.

"I see her as more grounded than Will."

"Are you saying Will's a flake?" Mulder teases.

Scully snickers, "No, not at all. She just seems as if she would be more serious that's all."

Mulder rests his cheek next to hers, still holding her tight. "How do you see our progeny Mulder?"

"Um, Will will be the All-American Boy. I see his hair getting darker, maybe a light brown. He'll always be fair, like his mother. He'll be tall. . ."

"Like his father," Scully interjects.

"With those same Scully-blue eyes I fell in love with and the girls will trail behind him like love sick puppies."

"Mulder!" Scully turns to look at him.

Mulder chuckles at her. "But one day he'll lose his heart to a woman almost as good as his mother." Scully swallows hard.

Mulder continues, "He'll fly through school, thanks to genetics, and with any luck he'll be athletic like the Mulder's."

"Mulder, the Scully's are athletic."

"Scully remember I've seen Bill run," Mulder teases. Scully has to laugh at that one. Then she asks, "And our daughter, what about her?"

"She's an enigma Scully." Mulder takes his hand from under Scully's and grasps the tiny hand peeking out of the blanket, suddenly tiny, dark eyes snap open.

"Hey there little one," Mulder softly says. The baby yawns and squeaks like babies do.

Mulder smiles at the antics his daughter is going through.

"Well Mulder? Scully chides.

"She will be fiercely independent, like someone else I know."

Scully glances at him knowing full well that Mulder loves to tease her.

"She might play with dolls but they will all end up autopsied before she's five."

"Mulder!" Mulder chuckles at Scully's shocked expression. "She'll be loyal, probably too loyal for her own good."

Scully leans into Mulder.

"She'll be beautiful but unaware of her beauty. Before she's done she'll break someone's heart. She'll be too good for any of the boys she brings home, I'll see to that." Mulder shyly grins.

Scully softly laughs. "But one day she'll find her perfect match."

Scully turns to face Mulder and links her arms around his waist. "Just like I did."

"Did you?" Mulder hesitantly asks.

"Mulder if our daughter finds someone who is half the man her father is I'll be happy."

Just them the front door opens and a tiny whirlwind runs through it with his grandma in tow. Maggie Scully takes her grandson's coat off and yells, "Dana, Fox we're back."

Will chimes in, "Da-dee, 'Cullee!"

Mulder laughs while Scully shakes her head. "Sounds like we need to work on that again, 'cully."

Scully pats Mulder's arm and leaves him to tend to her son. Mulder scoops up his daughter in his arms. "Katherine, you're gonna love your older brother," he says as he walks out of the room holding his daughter.

~ The End ~


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