Title: Wait till your mother gets home !! or "NO!"

Author: DiRisha


Date written: 3/26/95

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Wait until Your Mother Gets Home!! (or " No!")

The little boy had a firm grasp on the gameboy, "NO!"

At two years of age, little Sam Mulder had a hell of grip and just maybe more determination than his father Special Agent Fox Mulder. Because with his mother's stubbornness thrown into the mix the little boy was one day going to grow up to be a brilliant young man with the strong blue eyes of his mother and his daddy's killer smile. As it was the child knew he got away with far more then his schoolmates and cousins, his Grandma Margaret and Miss Karen had told his Mom and Dad he got away with murder what ever murder was..... but at this very moment he wanted to play with Gameboy and his Daddy wanted him to take a nap he did not feel sleepily at all....


"Come on Sam! Mom is going to be coming home from work and we were all going to go park! It's Saturday. Your cousins are going to be there" The boy stopped struggling so hard.


"Yes she will be there but first a nap ok?" Fox almost pleading. Of course his son would hook up with his sister-in-law's, Melissa's, little girl. She was a beauty he had to admit and just as big a pain as Sam could be sometimes. Must be in the Scully genes, he thought with a smirk.

Sam suddenly let go of the Gameboy and took off like a shot into the bathroom "NO! HATE NAP."

Mulder, who fell back with the Gameboy, got to the door just as the lock clicked home.

"Shit." Mulder thought he was sure he "fixed" the locking mechanism after the last time.

Who would guess he and Dana would produce a little McGyver? And thinking of Dana, she was going to KILL him. "Can't handle a 2 year old Mulder? Really..." then the look...

Oh man, not that. "Come on Sam, open the door... PLEASE." Feeling foolish talking to a door.

"NO" Sam smugly yelled back. He was getting tired but this was so much more fun!

When Mommy came home she would smile and hug Sam and then they would go see Katie... hmm till then he knew to NEVER touch any bottles if they were on the counter butů this brown rod thing Mommy plugged in the wall then put in her hair an made it

wavy sure looked interesting...after three attempts Sam got plug into the socket the little light blinked so Sam sat to watch and wait. Something good will happen he was sure.

Mulder was really starting to get mad. Sam was up to something, he was to quiet. Maybe his son took after him in that regard. He thought about breaking in the door after finding the handle so messed up it would not even turn anymore....But then Dana would know. He was still hoping to get Sam out of the bathroom and down for a nap before she came home.

Next Saturday he would win the coin toss to go in and finish paper work even if he had to get a two-headed coin! "Sam, wait till your Mother get's home your going to be in BIG trouble" Oh that sounded mature.

Fox sighed as heard yet another "NO."

But after 30 seconds all thoughts of boarding school's or leaving the little charmer by the side of the road flew from his mind when he heard Sam screamed out "DADDY OWWW!"

Mulder jumped back and with every ounce of strength slammed his shoulder into the door. "SAM," as the molding and woodwork around the door flew in a spray in all directions.

Mulder was down on the floor and holding his precious, precious, little boy "Oh Sam...what?"

Sam was really crying now his hand in his mouth. "Daddy, it hurts."

Mulder took Sam's hand out of his mouth and picked him up and started the cold water. "Shh, it's ok, baby."

As the pain magically disappeared Sam looked to his daddy, his hero. "You mad at me?" he asked in a small voice.

With a shudder of relief, Mulder hugged his son close. "No, but please Sam, don't touch Mommy's curling iron again ok?"

The little boy nodded but was getting sleepy "Daddy? If... if you were really, really mad at me... you not come to me?" Out of the mouth of babes.

Mulder pulling Sam up to carry him into the kitchen for some ice (Thank goodness it was just going to be a little red) "Sam, you listen to me no matter how mad Mommy or Daddy get with you if you need us to help you we will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS come to you OK?"

Sam sighed and rested his head on his Daddy's shoulder "Ok Daddy....." and started to fall asleep. So after he got the ice the Mulder Boys went to lay on the couch. With his son on his chest, both fell fast asleep.

At 2:00, Dr.Scully-Mulder came home to see which one of the men in her life had "survived" the battle of wills and found them. With a smile, she touched Mulder's foot. "How'd it go?"

"Oh fine... no problems at all." He looked at her with an innocent grin.

Dana just laughed.

The End

Author's Note: Thanks to my kids at daycare who make life just a little more interesting and keep me young?

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