Title: Worry
Author: Spookyteacher
Rating: G
Category: V
Subcategory: MSR
Spoilers: US8
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, William, et al, are the creative property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, and Fox Television. You guys have written them so well I can't resist having a go at it myself. I really am a classroom teacher, which is synonymous with POOR. Hint, hint...
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Summary: Mulder and Scully fret over their newborn son. Dialogue-only vignette.

Notes: My other stories can be found at my archive, http://www.reocities.com/spookyteacher (Spookyteacher's Classroom X).

"Scully... Scully, wake up."


"Come on, Scully..."

"Mmmm... Wh-what time is it..." "It's...it's two-fifteen."

"Two-fifteen? Mulderrrr... that's too early..."

"Scully... William's sick."

"What? What's wrong?"

"He's been throwing up. I heard him crying and went in there. He'd thrown up in his crib."

"His forehead feels warm and his cheeks are flushed. Let me get a thermometer."

"Shh.... Mom'll be right back. Shh..."

"You cleaned him up, Mulder?"

"I changed him, but I still need to change his crib sheets. He was such a mess. But, he was so sick..."

"Lay him on the bed..."


"It's okay, William. Shhh..."

"It has to go there, huh, Scully?"

"Mulder, we have to find out if he's got a fever. Although, I'm pretty sure he does."

"Well, can't you use that ear thing? I mean this is... This is just awful for the poor guy."

"Alright. I'll use the digital ear thermometer. But, if he has the least little fever, I'm going to use this rectal thermometer. I just don't trust the accuracy of the digital thermometers, yet."

"Well, then, go ahead and use it. Let's not put him through this more than once. He's squirming like a worm. He must know what's coming."

"Shhhh, William. S'okay. Let's get you feeling better."

"Should we take him into the emergency room?"

"That will depend on how high his temperature is and if he doesn't stop vomiting.... Let's see... ninety-nine point seven."

"That bad?"

"Just a little temperature. Let's get some Pedialite in you little William."

"Scully, are you sure we shouldn't just have the doctors check him out?"

"It's probably just a little bug, Mulder. Let's try some Pedialite. If he can hold that down, I'll give him some Tempra drops."

"Where do you think he caught it?"

"He could've picked it up anywhere, really. From us, probably."

"Us? We haven't been sick."

"No, but we don't have to be sick to carry a virus. Babies are more susceptible to viruses. He'll be fine soon.... Here, Mulder, take him while I get his bottle ready."

"Hey, big guy. Are you lucky or what? Your Mom's a doctor. And she's the best doctor I know.... You sure we shouldn't just have them check him out? His face is awfully red."

"Mulder.... It's just a virus..."

"That's exactly what that black oil is and look what it does."

"William does NOT have the black oil virus, Mulder."

"I know that!"

"Then what is it?"

"I... I just... I mean, I KNOW he's perfectly normal. But... after everything... I just want... I need to be sure..."

"He IS normal. And he's going to be fine. He's a special little boy, just like you said. He's a miracle. He's our miracle, Mulder. And he's going to be fine. This little virus will pass and he'll be fine. Now, just give him this bottle. Tomorrow he'll be laughing as usual when you make your Mr. Potato Head face for him."

"Okay... if you're sure..."

"Yes. We just have to rehydrate him and then get his temperature down so he can sleep. Sleep is best for him to fight it off."

"There you go, fella, take it down... This whole parent thing is awfully stressful, Scully."

"More stressful than mutants and monsters and aliens?"

"Well, a different kind of stress."

"Hmmm... And we're just getting started, Mulder. We've got to get through walking, talking, toilet-training, first day of school, accidents, fights, not to mention the teenage years..."



"You can stop now... I can feel the future heart attacks nipping at my heels, thank you."

"Let's just enjoy this time with him, now."


"Hush little William..."



"You sure he's going to be okay?"

The End

Special thanks to Susan: I'd never heard of dialogue vignettes before I read your masterpieces. Thanks! Please send feedback to spkyteach@aol.com Thanks for reading!

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