Title: The End
Author: Emily Miller
Archive: Anywhere
Disclaimer: They belong to Chris Carter.
Classification: SR
Rating: G
Spoilers: Christmas Carol

Summary: Mulder and Scully talk after Scully finds out Emily's her daughter.

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December 25th, 1997

He was alone in the office, having no reason to be at home for Christmas, when she came in. He knew immediately that something had happened, something that had either scared her or hurt her- like when her father had died. She didn't see him at first, just went to her chair and curled up in it to cry.


She looked up quickly, then wiped her eyes with a shaky hand. "I didn't know you were here today."

"Mom went to her sister's house for Christmas."

"I'm sorry." As usual, she didn't seem to think her problems were problems for anyone but herself.

"What's wrong, Scully?"


"Please tell me, Scully."

She sighed, and looked even worse. He gripped the sides of his seat to keep himself from going to her- she would hate if he did that, she hated when he wouldn't leave her alone...

"You told me right after the cancer went away that I... I couldn't have children."

"Did you really want any that bad, Scully?"

"I didn't think I did. I'd never even thought about it... until I went to Bill's."

"Did he say something about it? Did you even tell him?" Mulder tried not to let it show how much he disliked Bill, but he knew she knew.

"Well, my mom told him. But all he said was... was that I'd never had a real relationship."

"What about US?"

"Romantic, Mulder... no, he didn't say anything that would hurt me. When he talks to you like he does.... I don't know.... his wife was pregnant."

"You told me that."

"But the way they looked, how happy they were... I knew then that more than anything else I wanted to have a child. Someday."

"You could adopt one."

"That's what's wrong... I... I got a phone call from somebody, and I found a little girl... her name's Emily. Her parents- her ADOPTIVE parents- were murdered. But when I first saw her, there was something familiar about her face... and I went home and looked, and... and she looked like... like Melissa."

"So you're going to adopt a girl that looks like your sister?"

"That's not all, Mulder... not only did she look like Melissa, it looked to me like she was her daughter."

"You found, of all the children in the world, the ONE that was Melissa's daughter?"

"She wasn't Melissa's daughter."

"But she looked like her? Did you find out who her parents were?"

Scully paused, and Mulder felt his heart beat faster, worried, when she suddenly started to cry again, silently. "Yes," she whispered.

"Did they take her back, Scully?"

"Only her mother... and she's... she's not allowed to have her back."

"Why not?"

"They said that her job wouldn't allow her to take care of Emily, that she needs constant care that only a mother, or father, could give."

"Scully? Why can't you just take her?"

The tears were coming faster and Scully was looking at the floor. She looked so miserable... so scared and disappointed and angry at the same time... that Mulder couldn't stop himself from getting up, from going over and stooping down to put a hand on her face, make her look at him. She stared into his eyes for a second, then fell off the chair onto his shoulder, just needing someone to hold her and listen and understand.

"Why not, Scully?" He asked softly, into her ear.

"I'M her mother, Mulder!" She whispered. He almost couldn't hear her.

"You could quit the FBI."

"I thought about it... but what about you? I know, I know, you did fine without me, but what..." her low voice trailed off, or got too quiet to hear.

"You said she needed a father."

Her head came off his shoulder so quickly that he was scared at first that he'd said something he shouldn't have.

"I think I could do that pretty well, as long as you'll still let me talk about my, um... collections... with Frohike."

"You know Mulder, I bet you could. Will you?"

"I wouldn't have brought it up if I wouldn't."

He signed the last paper, then turned to watch for Scully to join him in the room of the adoption agency. He saw her coming down the hall to him, smiled at her, then leaned over.

Clutching Scully's hand was the little girl, now Emily Christine Mulder, who was his first - and only, not that that was bad - daughter.

He got to hug her for the first time minutes later, got to help her get in the car... he had never known it was possible to be so happy.

He'd brought... no Scully... had brought an end to his miserable, lonely life.

A family. HE had a family. He couldn't help grinning to himself as he got into the car. Already in his mind he could imagine future vacations, birthday parties, schools... crying and laughing and yelling... happiness and tears and pain... it all sounded wonderful.

The End

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