Title:  Promise for the Future

Author:  Deanna Dilbeck

E-Mail:  dilbeck613@aol.com

Spoilers:  Existence

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Notes:  Well, friends we've seen the end of an era.  Sad, but true, things will never be the same again.  We've been thrown a few breadcrumbs, and yes we do know the truth.  Mulder and Scully love each other and will forever, at least now maybe our friends at 1013 have recognized what we've know for years.

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Promise for the Future

by Deanna Dilbeck


May 20,2001


She's inside.  That wasn't the answer that I wanted to hear.  She's fine, the baby's fine.  Congratulations.  Any of the above would have quieted my heart and stilled the adrenaline pounding through my veins.  As I walked through the open door and saw her there, I can't put into words what was racing through my mind.  Scully was covered in sweat, her eyes were red and swollen and she was staring down in utter awe, at the bundle she held in her arms.  She had never looked more beautiful to me.  Eight years, eight years of her being my closest friend, my 'best' friend, my savior, and I couldn't put a thought straight enough, coherent enough, to express what I was feeling.  All that we had been though this year, and for the last seven prior too, was worth this moment in time.  She looked up, sensing my presence, and the most radiant smile lit up her face.

"Come here, Mulder.  Come look at your son."

My son.  My 'son'.  It was too incredible, too unbelievable, to comprehend.  I walked slowly over to her, that stupid grin plastered all over my face.  I couldn't have stopped smiling if my life had depended on it.  Her eyes held mine as I came, speaking an unspoken language, our language, one only we knew.

I knelt in the floor and reached out to touch her face, gently wiping the tear tracks away, only to have more tears flow over my fingers.  The baby made a soft mewling sound, and I finally looked down at my son.  He was twisting his tiny face, lips moving in sucking motion, searching for something to satisfy his needs. He was perfect, ten toes, ten fingers and, thank God, 'not' my nose. Scully smiled again and held him out to me.

"He won't break."

"I know."  My voice was hoarse with emotion, almost a whisper.  Scully slid the sheet down and removed the sweat covered tank she had been wearing, baring her breast to this new life.  Ever so gently I laid him back in her arms, already missing the warmth of his small body in my arms, but fascinated, as I watched my son (I can't get enough of that phrase) latch onto his mother's nipple and eagerly start to nurse. 

"His first meal, Mulder.  The first, of so many firsts."

"And I want to be there for them all, Scully.  God has given us a miracle, I have no doubt of that.  Just like the story in the Bible, I followed the light and found, not a messiah, but a promise.  He's our promise, Scully.  Our promise for a future."

"Our future, mine, yours, and this child's.  Mulder, let's go home."

I smiled again, and picked her up in my arms, wrapping the sheet around her, baby and all.

"That's the best idea of heard in a long time, Scully.  Let's go little guy, your first helicopter ride awaits you."

The end

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