Title: Pampers

Author: Seulement Moi

Rating: PG

Spoilers: The truth, post-ep, Mulder POV

Disclaimer: If they were mine, I wouldn't have killed that many

people...specially the gunmen...:(

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We stopped at a gas station for the third time in four hours. No one has such a tiny bladder. Not even Scully. But she has been very uneasy and I understand. I haven't been Mr. Coolness myself. The drive is going to be long. She wants to make sure we are carrying all we need: enough food, water, clothes, batteries, anything that may come in handy. We can make no mistakes. Time is drifting away, every second evaporating into nothing.

We are getting our son back.

It was a difficult decision, but Scully had her mind made up and nothing or nobody was going to change that. She had woken up in the middle of the night, pacing the dark room. I could feel her rage, even sitting more than five feet away from her, I could sense the heat emanating from her being. She was up to something. I didn't need an X-ray vision to know that her brows were furrowed in thought, her fingers in her lower lip, her gaze lost in reverie.

I whispered her name, but her march didn't stop. I finally stood after three failed attempts of getting her attention. I walked to her, standing by her side.

"What's on your mind?" I already knew the answer.


Next thing I knew, we had taken out all the money from our bank accounts, packed, and called Skinner. We locked the house and glanced at it one last time, cause we both knew we weren't coming back.

And now we were here.

I knew what Scully was afraid of. Maybe we were endangering our son by doing this. But how could he be safer without us if we knew how to protect him? How could some strangers take care of a boy who was not normal but in appearance? Unless they were Martha and Jonathan Kent, the baby was as vulnerable as ever.

At least I tried to convince myself he'd be better with us.

The truth was that we'd be better with *him*.

My entertainment at tapping the steering wheel wore off. Scully was taking too long. She had wanted to stop to buy a coke and some chips. New thing I discovered about Dana Scully: she ate when nervous. Maybe she was a mortal, after all.

I smiled.

God, she was the strongest woman that had ever walked the earth.

I damned the men that tried to destroy her.

But how could I? They brought her to me.

I stepped out of the car and hurried to the Seven-Eleven. It had taken just a *bit* too long for her to come out. Call me paranoid, but I have my reasons. Powerful reasons.

I got in the mini market and spotted her red head in the second aisle.

She was staring intently at the shelf that held the diapers. Her gaze fixated on the logo displayed in the plastic bag.


She didn't take her eyes off the product.

"I always got him pampers, you know? I fell for the commercials."

She smiled slightly.

I stared at her, but her eyes were still locked at the wrapping. She reached out for it and carried it with her to the counter, along with her coke.

"Is that all?", the girl behind the cash register asked, staring at us.

I wondered what she could be thinking: that we were an odd couple? Or too old for a baby? Anything it was, she kept looking from Scully to me, and back.

"Yes", Scully said firmly, like if that question held more meaning than the one it really had.


Scully handed her the money. She grabbed her bag and started walking out.


Scully turned back to the skinny girl. "Yes?"

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

A big, goofy smile spread in my face. Before Scully could say anything, I answered for her: "It's a beautiful baby boy".

Scully, for once, looked at me. I fetched my wallet from my back pocket and showed her the picture. "This is William". I said proudly.

She smiled. Genuinely. "It's a beautiful baby".

Scully stared at me and I met her gaze. No deny on what we saw there: pride and love. Lots of it.

"Take care of that baby." She warned. "Although I'm sure you're great parents". She said, smiling warmly.

Scully and I turned to her. She smiled. "Who buys diapers at 4 a.m. in the morning? I mean, you should have enough in storage, but that doesn't keep you from coming for them. At this unusual hours, anyway."

I smiled and nodded. We walked out of there, our eyes shinning for a special reason: she was right. We didn't give up. Of course, in a very different context than the one she had offered.

Scully got into the car and fell silent.

I drove for ten silent minutes until she finally muttered, better said, choked out a weak "I'm sorry, Mulder".

"Don't be. Please".

"I shouldn't have given him up".

"You did the right thing, Scully".

She stared at the road, silent once more.

"We're going to get him and everything is going to be alright. It was the right choice at the moment. This decision is the right one now".

"What if it isn't? What if something goes wrong and..."

"Nothing will go wrong. You heard that kid. We are good parents".

I tried to smile.

"If she knew..." Scully mused.

"If she knew, she would have a much better reason for thinking it".

Scully smiled weakly.

"What if they don't want to give him back to us?"

I had thought about the same thing. But they had to understand. They could still claim their rights of adoption, but we could fight for him. Tell the court we couldn't take care of him. That was not such a good idea, they would lock us up in a mental institution instead of giving us the custody of William. Besides, the idea of subjecting him to the DNA analysis would be too dangerous. The only shot we had was for the couple to understand.

"They will, Scully. They will give him to us".

"How do you know?"

"A hunch."

"A hunch?"

I turned to her, and I hoped she could see in my eyes what I felt for her in that very moment.

"Yes, a hunch, Scully...and better diapers".

Scully smiled.

The road grew silent. We knew Pampers weren't the solution to our problems, but there was hope.

Maybe we were the best parents for William.

Maybe we weren't.

But that wouldn't stop us from trying.


The End.

Notes: Well, this could work as a sequel for "Remember Me" It was not meant that way, but it could work :) I needed to write this for my own piece of mind. I wish baby William to be with his parents, for there are no better parents for him but his own. I'd be cash money he would be safer with them :)

Feedback very much welcomed at: Seulementmoi101@hotmail.com

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