Title: Oxford Reunion
Author: Starbuck_Jayne and Chessity
Rating: PG13 (Violence but not much)
Spoilers: None
Keywords: MSR, KidFic
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to us we are just borrowing them for a while. They belong to Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox.
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Summary: A university reunion takes an unexpected twist

Author's Notes: Ok, this was written last year so is post season 8, rather than post season 9, and is set in the future where Mulder, Scully and William are a family.

The elevator drew to a shuddering halt on the floor of the J. Edgar Hoover building. Fox Mulder tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the doors to open, but as they did he was not impressed to discover that inside were three other agents, including one James Hartinger - not exactly one of Mulder's best friends. He sucked in his breath through a forced smile as he was greeted with: "Hey! Spooky Mulder! Long time no see, how's it going down in the basement? Ohhhhhh that's right! You don't work there anymore!" Mulder chose to ignore the agent's comments and instead selected the button on the elevator's control that would take him down to the building's lowest level. To his great relief his three co-workers disembarked on the first floor and he continued the trip alone.

The agent knocked lightly on the door of his old office, but entered before receiving an invitation. He found Agent Doggett and Scully to be behind their separate desks, and seemingly engrossed in their work as there was no conversation. The office, although no longer his, was strangely comforting. He and Scully had experienced many of life's ups and downs in that very room, and the memories were still there.

His former partner looked up from the computer screen and he saw the panic in her face when she saw him standing there. Doggett suddenly looked uncomfortable and checked his watch, mumbling something about a coffee break. Mulder smiled as the agent left the room, and looked at Scully, "Isn't that a nice effect to have on people?" he laughed. Scully seemed to lighten up a little as she realized that Mulder obviously wasn't here with bad news.

"What's up, Mulder, is it William?" She rose from her chair and the panic face returned for a moment.

"Relax, Scully, everything is fine," he moved towards her and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips. She smiled.

"Don't you have work to do?" She knew he was bored back in violent crimes, but he was lucky to even have a job with the FBI at all; he really shouldn't abuse his duties in this way.

"Define work," Mulder grinned. "No, seriously, Scully, can't a guy come down to visit his wife without getting the third degree?"

"Mulder, we have been here ten minutes." The problem with the FBI was that marital partnerships were not exactly encouraged, and so after Kersh had left the bureau, following a nervous breakdown, and Skinner had given Mulder his job back, he had still been advised to take a job outside of the X- Files division.

"This arrived this morning," Mulder tossed a slim envelope onto Scully's desk, which she regarded suspiciously.

"What is it?" She asked, "this better not be an X-File that you want to pursue Mulder."

He laughed at her, thinking how well she knew him. But this time, however, she was wrong. He watched as she turned the envelope over in her hand, and came across the British postal stamp.

"Oxford University, Mulder?"

"Yeah, a reunion actually. I was thinking we could leave William with your Mom and take a few days off," he asked tentatively, fairly sure she would be unwilling to leave their son alone for anything longer than a few hours. He was, of course, right.

"Mulder, we hardly get to see Will enough as it is, what with both of us working. If you think we're gonna ditch him in our vacation time as well..."

Mulder cut her off, "Ok, ok, we can take him with us! Just make sure it isn't me who has to keep a three year old child entertained during a nine hour flight to Europe."

The plane to London was more than crowded. The previous flight had been delayed, and many of the passengers had decided that catching the next flight out was less hassle than waiting the five hours remaining for their own. As a result, the airline had insisted that Mulder hold William on his knee, rather than giving the toddler his own seat. William was delighted for the first few minutes, because he had a better view out of the window, as well as of the TV screen at the front of the plane. When he realised, however, that outside there were only clouds and the movie on TV was not too interesting for a three year old, he began to look for alternative entertainment. With childish fingers he tried to grasp the glass of orange juice resting on his mother's table.

"You thirsty, sweetie?" Scully helped her son to hold the glass as he squirmed in Mulder's lap.

"Scully, would you just let him hold the juice?" Mulder grumbled from beneath his son. His wife reluctantly obliged, and let go of the glass. In one swift movement, William had grabbed hold of it, swivelled round on his dad's knee and eagerly began pouring the glass' contents over the horrified woman in the white trouser suit to his left. A satisfied grin spread across William's face whilst Mulder hid his own smirks behind his son's back. Scully, on the other hand, was forced completely from the light sleep she was trying to accomplish by the woman's shrieks, as the juice began to soak into her trousers in a very conspicuous place.

"Jesus, Mulder!"

"Do you think this is funny?" The woman was screaming at Mulder, who looked as if he was about to say, yes, he did think it was funny.

"Can you not even look after him for a few minutes without him getting into trouble?"

"What kind of irresponsible parent are you?" The woman and Scully appeared to have sided in the battle against Mulder.

He looked from the woman to his left back to Scully who was certainly not enjoying having her skills as a mother questioned. She lifted William onto her own lap and shot her husband a glance that assured him that the next few hours were not going to be pleasant; not after the mortification she had endured and seemingly now blamed him for.

The plane touched down in London just as the sun was setting. William began to fuss as Scully awoke him and tried to get him to stand up and walk. He would not move from her lap, and Mulder picked him up and made as if to carry him. Scully stopped him.

"How do you expect him to become independent if you're always giving him his own way? You're going to spoil him!"

"Oh yeah, *me* spoil him!" Mulder snapped back. "I notice you made no attempt to scold him after the little fiasco on the plane!"

"That's because it was your fault!"

"Like hell it was my fault!"

"Mulder, people are staring," Scully hissed before turning to her son. "Come on, William, sweetie, let's go find a cab shall we?"

Once at the hotel in Oxford, Mulder listened in shock as his wife calmly requested two rooms instead of one.

"Scully, what are you doing?" His question was answered simply by one of her looks, at which he snatched a very confused William away from her and led him towards the elevator, dragging his suitcase behind him. He remained disturbed by Scully's sudden outburst on the plane, and the fact that her annoyance with him had lasted for so long. He was smart enough to know, however, that the look she had given him was a warning not to bring up the subject until they were alone. He sighed as he set the suitcase down outside the room he intended to share now with William only. This was supposed to be a chance for them to spend time together as a family, and already things had started to go wrong. All over some stupid stunt William had pulled, innocently enough? It was so unlike Scully to lose her head over something this trivial. No, this definitely went deeper than a glass of spilt juice, and Mulder had every intention of finding out what it was.

The reunion was due to start in half an hour, and Mulder tried desperately to find his bow tie without having to ask Scully where it was. As if the fact he had to be out of the hotel in thirty minutes and still wasn't dressed wasn't enough, throughout his frantic search, he was also fielding questions from William that consisted only of his new favourite word: "why".

"William, can you see Daddy's tie?"


"Because I want to wear it."


"Because I have to look nice in front of all the people at the big party."


"It's called making an impression, son, I'll explain it when you're older."


"Would you please stop that?"


Mulder stood up straight and sucked in his breath, all in an attempt to control his temper. He gave his son a look that was universally understood to mean, "Stop it now or else".



"Can we go and see Mommy now?"



Mulder knocked hesitantly on the door of his wife's room, hoping she had calmed down enough for a rational conversation. He prayed that when she opened the door he would find her ready to leave, and not having decided instead that she didn't want to go. He was half right. She stood in the doorway dressed in a black silk evening gown. It reached her ankles and so revealed her beautiful strappy sandals. The outfit was stunning, but on her face she wore a dark expression that Mulder was unable to place. He thought that maybe she was also confused by her anger, but was going to keep up the charade of being annoyed with him anyway. He groaned and pushed past her.

"You ready?"



"Where's William?"


"Good. She's probably a more competent parent." He just chose to let that one slide.

"Scully, what's wrong with us?"

"There's nothing wrong with us, Mulder."

"Ok, so what's wrong with you?"


"Oh! I get it! This is all my fault! Of course! How could I have been so stupid as to not realise that?"

"Can we just go and get this over with?"

"Oh so you don't want to go?"

"Did I say that?"

"You implied it, yes."

"Mulder, I am not one of your criminals to be profiled."

"And so what's with all the separate room crap anyway?"

"I just need to think about this."

"About what? Scully why can't we sort things out together anymore? This is insane!"

"Oh! So you're calling my feelings insane?"

"What feelings? Why have we suddenly regressed back to this "I'm fine" routine? Scully, we are supposed to be married."

"Let's just go, Mulder," she swished past him, a black whirlwind of anger and confusion.

"Dammit Scully, I love you!"

Scully paused to check her watch, "Mulder, we're late." XXXXXXX

"Spooky? Spooky Mulder?" A large man dressed in a white tux said with a raucous laugh, causing Mulder to cringe through a fake smile. The man grabbed hold of Mulder's arm and gestured to a nearby group of people, in doing so splashing red wine all over Mulder's shirt. "Hey! Everyone! Look who's here!" He turned back to the two FBI agents "hey Spooky, this the missus?"

"This is my wife, yes." Mulder introduced Scully, who seemed sadistically amused by the mess her husband had already managed to make of his shirt.

"Scully, this is Rob Burke...my old room mate."

"Scully?" Rob looked at Mulder as if he was crazy. "Is that, like, a pet name or what?"

"No, it's just..." Mulder stopped mid- sentence as he realised Rob had lost interest and staggered off in another direction. He turned round to face Scully and realised that she too had disappeared. Just about to leave in search of alcohol, Mulder instead became aware of an unpleasantly familiar presence. "This evening just gets better and better," he mumbled as he turned around to face Phoebe Green.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" She smiled thinly.

"A very stressed out guy looking for his wife", was what Mulder wanted to say, but instead he greeted the detective with a cool "Phoebe".

"Well, I didn't expect to see *you* here. But since you're alone, how about a drink?"

Mulder desperately didn't want to spend another second with his ex-lover,

"Well, actually I was just..." But somehow a dark side of him saw this as the perfect opportunity to get back at his estranged wife. "You know what, ok." He agreed, putting on a wide, artificial grin. "We haven't seen each other in ages. Any major changes in your life I should know about?" With these words he grabbed Phoebe's arm and dragged her to the bar on the other side of the ballroom.

Thirty minutes and four rounds later, Mulder was feeling kind of the worse for wear.

"Hey, Mulder, isn't that your partner?" Phoebe was decidedly more composed than her drinking companion. She pointed to a far corner of the room where Scully was listening intently to a tall man with a crisp business suit and rugged good looks. Mulder looked up from his folded arms and his face dropped.

"Yes, yes it is," he slurred only slightly before heaving himself off his stool and onto unsteady legs.

"Woah!" Phoebe caught his arm as he stumbled over her purse. "But I thought you were here alone!" She blurted out, tightening the grip on Mulder's arm.

"Well, no I'm not," Mulder told her without looking at her, shaking her hand off he made his way through dancing and chatting people without taking his eyes off his, obviously very preoccupied, wife. Mulder frowned when he suddenly caught sight of that pseudo gentleman taking her hand without Scully complaining at all. Mulder was so engrossed in watching the scenario, especially Scully's gleaming face, that he didn't notice the lights being dimmed and a spotlight being switched on. The dance floor suddenly cleared of people, and Mulder realised he was alone in the middle of the beam of light with everyone's eyes on him.

"Aww crap."

"And last, but definitely not least, Fox Mulder! Seeing as you are so eager to take the stage, why don't you come on up and tell us a bit about yourself?" The evening's host was asking. "Erm, you know what? I'd just rather find my wife first."

"She isn't going anywhere, Spooky, come on up."

It wasn't as if he had a choice or anything, two burly young men escorted the bemused FBI agent onto the stage.

"Am I under arrest or something here?" He wanted to know.

"Now, here we have five of our most promising graduates at the time. What have you been up to since you left Oxford?"

A small mousy woman stepped forwards and announced she had since been promoted to production manager at "British Biscuits". Mulder managed to sit through peoples' confessions of being tax inspectors, married, and tree surgeons before deciding he couldn't take anymore and lunging towards the steps at the side of the stage. His attempted escape was brought to a swift end as he felt to strong arms on his shoulders.

"So Spooky, still after those little green men?"

Mulder looked longingly towards the open door, and decided to get the speech over as quickly as possible. In a slightly dazed, but nevertheless hurried, tone he proceeded to enlighten the audience, telling them of his career in the FBI and marriage to his ex-partner; deliberately avoiding entering a discussion on the X-Files.

"Way to go, Spooky! Finally settled down!"

"Yeah, about that, can I just say..."

"Hey, everybody, let's have a big hand for Spooky!"

Mulder's intoxicated attempt to ask for his wife's forgiveness was lost in a clamour of applause. However, Scully seemed to have understood and began making her way towards the stage. At the same time Mulder caught a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. It was a matter of seconds before the realisation struck him, and he sobered up almost instantly. His hand moved automatically to the gun he kept in a holster around his ankle, and he pointed the weapon with excellent aim towards Phoebe Green.

"I've waited for you for twenty years, Fox Mulder! I'm not gonna let you just walk away again! When I came to America all those years ago and I found you with her," At this point Phoebe swung her arm around Scully's neck and gestured towards her with a gun that hung loosely between her fingers. "How do you think that made me feel? You just don't get it, do you!? You were the only man that ever loved me."

Mulder was tempted to say that the only woman he had ever loved was Dana Scully, but decided that it would not be wise to antagonise the, seemingly insane, woman who was more or less holding his wife hostage.

"Put the gun down, Phoebe!"

"What is it? Is it the red hair? Do you want me to dye my hair? If I kill her you'll have to love me!" She raised the gun to Scully's head, but before she had chance to pull the trigger, the bullet from Mulder's own gun tore through her shoulder, causing her to drop the weapon. As she fell to the floor she dragged Scully with her and they hit the ground together.

Mulder leapt from the stage and through the stunned crowds, to where Scully was lying on the floor, crying, and covered in Phoebe's blood. Mulder was shocked by his wife's tears, not understanding why she would be so upset by all of this.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"Mulder, I need to go to the hospital."

"Why? You'll be okay! She didn't shoot you, did she?" He wiped some of the blood away from her cheek.

"No, I'm worried about the baby."

The End

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