Title: My One True Love
Author: Agent Leki
Rating: PG
Content: Scully POV
Category: MSR
Spoilers: "Christmas Carol/Emily," slight "Paper Clip," and "Requiem"
Archive: Yes! Please! Just let me know where it goes and keep my name and disclaimers attached.
Disclaimers: Mulder+Scully=Chris Carter. I don't own 'em, so don't sue me! :) I have no money anyways!

Summary: Here I lay... in my bed on this cold February night wondering what is to become of me and my unborn child.

Author's Note: I was bored on a cold night while my cat slept on me so bear with me here! :)

Here I lay... in my bed on this cold February night wondering what is to become of me and my unborn child. Mulder's been gone for how long now? Four months?

I reach down and put my right hand over my slightly swollen stomach. This has become a ritual for me. I've noticed that the closer to my due date I get, the more I try to assure my unborn child that hopefully, some day, he will know his father. I don't even know who his father is, believe it or not. I hope by all means that it's Mulder's. I don't know how it could be though. I haven't slept with him, yet.


That's the keyword here. Yes, Mulder and I discovered some feelings about ourselves not too long ago, but we never acted upon them.

God knows I wanted to so badly, just as I know that he did, but we knew it wasn't the right time for it. Before we could let ourselves go that far we had to make sure that this is what we really wanted. I know now that it is what *I* want. I just hope Mulder feels the same way.

I am both excited and scared for the life within me. I'm excited I'm having a child after I've been told I couldn't. But I'm afraid of it's origins. I'm also afraid that I'll never know who his father is. I'm afraid that when he gets older and asks where his father is that I won't be able to tell him. I'm afraid that he could be taken away from me just as Emily was. And just as Mulder was. And even as my sister, Melissa was.

My fear brings tears to my eyes as I wonder of all the possibilities of what could or could not happen to my child.

I'm also afraid that when Mulder is returned to me he'll think I've been with somebody else because of his absence. I'm afraid he won't accept what I tell him. That he'll push himself away and then I'll never know how he really felt about me.

My last thoughts are of my beloved Mulder as I drift off into yet another bleak, dark, and fearful slumber that has become my dreams, and I hope that when I awake in the morning I'll be in the arms of my one true love. Fox William Mulder.


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