Title: Merry Christmas, Baby
Author: Stephanie
Spoilers: None. I made the *whole* thing up!
Disclaimer: The characters in this story (all of `em) belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Studios and I'm borrowing them with no permission whatsoever.
Rating: PG, totally kid-friendly stuff.
Category: MSR to the extreme. Non-shippers bail NOW!

Summary: Scully gives Mulder an unusual gift for Christmas.

Dana Scully, like every year, was finished her Christmas shopping early. She new that her husband would be frantically visiting all the Midnight Madness sales in DC, but she had everything under control. Toys for her nephews, a sweater for her mother, and some ties and books (and other things) for Mulder. All except for one, small package that remained to be wrapped. She was saving that one for Christmas Eve.

Fox, Dana, and the rest of the Scully clan all sat around Margaret Scully's piano as she played favorite carols. Dana grasped Mulder's arm as his tone deaf voice attempted to blend in with her family's melodic ones. "I'm so embarrassed", he whispered in her ear as the song finished and they all went back to sit around the tree.

"Don't be," she smiled, "I'm sure that no one even noticed."

He gave her one of his intense looks that made her heart flutter and kissed her forehead. "You're just too nice to me, y'now," he whispered in her ear. "I know", she answered.

"So," said Margaret, "You know the rules. Everyone gets to open one gift. The rest are for tomorrow!" Bill Scully, dressed as Santa, passed around a gift to each person. He dropped a small box on Mulder's lap and winked at Dana. "I wonder what Santa brought you this Christmas?, " he asked Mulder jokingly. Charlie's sons frantically ripped the paper off a gift and the rest followed suit. Except Mulder.

"Why aren't you opening yours Fox?" Margaret asked.

"Orders from the big man himself," he laughed as he gestured at Bill. "There's a note on top that says 'To be opened only in the sole presence of Dana Katherine Scully' ." Everyone in the room looked at Scully.

"I haven't the slightest clue what that means!", she said sipping her eggnog.

Margaret Scully, however, had ideas of her own. She put two and two together and came up with and came up with a pretty good guess. "C'mon kids," she said, "You know Santa won't come unless you're asleep!" She motioned for Bill and Charlie follow behind her too, and soon Fox and Dana were alone in the living room.

Scully placed her drink on the coffee table and walked to the CD player. Soft music began to filter through the speakers. Mulder recognized it as "Merry Christmas Baby", a song he hadn't heard in years. She crossed back to where he was sitting and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him. "What's this all about Scully?" he asked, searching her face for a clue.

"Open it," she said. He pulled of the wrapping paper, quickly. He looked at the label.

"Kids Gap? Are you sure this is for me and not one of your nephews?"

"Positive," she answered. Mulder took the lid off the box and pulled out two bright blue running shoes, no bigger than his palm. He looked at the shoes and then looked at his wife.

She smiled. "Merry Christmas Mulder, baby."

"Excuse me? Am I missing something here? These are baby shoes, right?" She nodded.

"Which means..."

"I'm pregnant Mulder."


"That's it? Oh??" she said with a deliberate sarcastic tone to her voice. "Gee, Mulder for a second there I thought you might actually get excited! Silly..."

He stopped her mid-sentence with an unbelievably firm kiss on her mouth. After a few moments he pulled back and cupped her face between his hands. She noticed tears at the corners of his eyes.

"Dana Katherine Scully, I have never been so excited in my entire life. Thank you for giving me this wonderful present!" His face broke into an enormous grin and he kissed her forehead.

"I'm scared Mulder," she whispered.

"I am too, Scully, but will go through this together, okay? We won't have to be scared if we have each other."

She nodded and smiled at him. "Hey Mom," she yelled, "You're not going to believe this!"


Author's End Notes: Much thanks to my fantastic editor Lydia (Bruce_Twining@msn.com) and to the infant socks at the Yorkdale Baby Gap, who inspired this story.

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