Title: Megan
Author: Gilly-Bean
Rated: PG 13 for bad words and some sexual scenes. Nothing too big.
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Chris and Fox and 1013 Productions do. Gillian and David. Congratulations for your wonderful job. (Yeah, like they're ever going to read this :P 'Close my eyes' belongs to Mariah Carey
'When I need you' belongs to Celine Dion
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Summary: Scully discovers a secret about her partner, when he is arrested. Can she forgive him?

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This story is dedicated to my grams and my gramps. You raised me and I'll be always grateful for that. You gave me love and took good care of me. I'll always love you. Hope you live for many years to come. And mom, I love you and you know that. Daddy, ev en with all your mistakes, I love you, and you know that too. No tears are going to erase that. Love you. :)

"So don't surrender, 'cause you can win." Celine Dion - That's the way it is

Washington, DC FBI Building
Fox Mulder's Office 5:56 PM

Fox Mulder looked to the paper folder on his hands, but he couldn't say he was actually reading it. His mind was somewhere else. On Megan to tell the truth. The beautiful brunette with green eyes that was the owner of his heart. Part of it, of course. The other half belonged to Dana Scully and a tinny bit was gone with Samantha. But certainly Megan came first. Always did. Okay, she was a mistake, but he didn't love her less because of it. Megan came into his life like a hurricane. July 19th 1989. Ten years ago, Mulder met the most beautiful brunette he had ever saw. And that July 19th 1999, was Megan's birthday, and Mulder's heart was jumping inside his chest as he looked at the clock each 5 minutes, anxious for the damn thing to tell him it was 6 o'clock. But it was 4 minutes to it and Fox was almost sure he wouldn't be able to wait much more. Four little minutes and he would be on his way to meet with her.

Finally, at 6, he took his coat and keys and flew away from the office, his heart whole with joy. Megan was one of the only two people that could push the darkness that surrounded him away and bring a little joy to his miserable life. And that's why he loved her. Besides, who wouldn't love Megan?

Washington's Airport 6:30 PM

Mulder paced from side to side on the room, anxious. Where was she? Where was she? Megan lived in Oregon and promised Mulder she would take the plane and would be at the airport at 6:20 PM sharp. Well, what a punctuality... When Mulder and Scully went tooregon to investigate that strange case, their first case, Mulder went to Megan's for a visit. And she cried. Cried when he told her he had to go. Cried when he promised he would be back, and cried when he kissed her.

Five months. Exactly five months he didn't see her. Five months that were tormenting him. Mulder jumped when the unexpected ring of his cell phone interrupted his thoughts.




"Mulder, where are you? There's so much noise!"

Fox shuddered. She couldn't know. Nobody knew, only his cousin Brenda and her husband Sean. Not that Mulder did not trusted Scully. Not at all, but his heart was telling him that the moment she found out, their friendship was going to fly through the window.

"I'm in a restaurant, Scully. I passed by on the way home to grab something to eat. Where are you?"

"In my apartment, Mulder. Where else?"

Mulder didn't answer her question. His heart jumped when he saw a hand waving at him.

"Scully, I gotta go."


Too late. Mulder hanged up and run in the hand's direction. A green eyed brunette jumped on him and Fox circled her with his arms. She let a small laugh out and kissed Mulder on the lips, like she always did every time they met. He put Megan back on the floor and they left the airport hand in hand. But Mulder didn't see the man on a corner of the waiting room, taking pictures. A man that disappeared as soon as Mulder and Megan crossed the door and left the airport.

Washington, DC FBI Building
Fox Mulder's Office
9:00 AM
Two Days Later

Dana Scully entered the office she shared with her partner and found him throwing paper balls on the garbage can.

"Mulder, what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm training my basketball skills, Scully. And by the way, good morning to you too."

"I'm sorry. Good morning, Mulder. Now get your ass out of this chair and let's get going. Skinner wants to talk to us. And it's serious."

"How serious? Serious 'you're suspended' or serious 'I'm tired of saving your asses' babbling thing?"

"I don't know, Mulder. And that's what's bothering me."

Washington, DC FBI Building AD Walter Skinner's Office 9:10 AM

"Sit down, both of you."

Oh, oh. This time I'm screwed. What did I do?

Skinner took off his glasses and started to rub the bridge of his aching nose. How to start this conversation is what he didn't know.

"Agent Mulder, I received a package this morning, and we have a problem. I want you to understand that the only reason I didn't call the police is because I wanted to give you a chance to explain yourself. But if it isn't a damn good explanation, my fingers will be on this phone dialing 911 before you can even blink, do you understand?"

Mulder just nodded. What could he possibly had done to be under arrest threat? Skinner turned to Scully then, that looked at everything with her mouth opened.

"Agent Scully, I want you too know that you'll be free to request a transfer from The X-Files division if you wish to do so."

Skinner took an envelope on his desk and extended it to Scully. She opened it and the pictures she saw made her heart turn. No, not Mulder. He wasn't like that. He could be a little.... but not like that. Dana swallowed her tears and gave the pictures to her partner. Three, on total. Fox took the pictures with shaking hands. Oh, no. No, no, no. They were misunderstanding the whole thing. The pictures showed his bathroom, the airport and his room. All of them occupied by Megan and him.

"Agent Mulder, I want to know why you show up kissing, taking a shower and sleeping with your arms around a girl that appears to be no more than nine years old."

"I'll be your clouds up in the sky I'll be your shoulder when you cry I'll hear your voices when you call me I'm your angel"

Washington, DC FBI Building AD Skinner's Office 9:13 AM

Mulder looked at his boss behind the desk. He knew that Walter Skinner wanted to believe he didn't do what he was thinking he did. Fox knew better. If he exposed Megan, if he told the truth, they were going to use her against him. Against his work. Mulder preferred the jail then losing her. Her mother had died years before, but that didn't matter 'cause Megan talked to her mother just once. But Fox knew she missed her sometimes. So did he, casually. Back to the good times, he could see how naive he was and how much he loved her, even with her mother trying her best to break them apart. Vanessa was beautiful. Long dark hair, big green eyes and a body to die for. And was from her that Megan got her black hair and dark-green eyes. No, he was definitively not going to let her be taken like his sister was, pass by whatever god knows what and end up believing that some smoking bastard was her father. No. A lot of people died because of you, but not Megan, Fox Mulder. Not as long as your sanity allows you to save her.

"So Agent Mulder, start talking."

"Sir, may I give a quick phone call?"

Skinner looked at his agent, not believing. Ah, what the hell. Let him talk to who he wants before going to the jail.

Walter took the phone off the hook and extended it to Mulder. He got it and dialed.


"Kelly? Is Megan there? No, no I don't want to talk to her. I'm just calling to ask you to pick up my mail. I'm gonna stay out for a while. No, don't call Brenda. I asked her a little more time. As soon as I am finished with this I'll call and ask her to pick Megan up. Ah, and Kelly? Thank you."

Skinner and Scully look at him, mouths dropped. What the hell was he doing?

"Agent Mulder, I'm waiting for your explanation."

Fox looked at his boss, his eyes filled with sadness. I'm sorry Skinner. But you can't know, can't know at all. Mulder dialed another number and gave the phone to his boss. Skinner took it with more than shaking hands and put it close to his ear.

"Hello, John, I have someone for you. Yeah, no. He's one of us. Come pick him up, he's here in my office. Okay."

Scully was paralyzed. Why wasn't Mulder denying it? Why wasn't he arguing with Skinner like he always did? He was letting himself be arrested! For seducing and probably.... Oh, God no. Not Mulder. Why?

"Mulder, I want you to understand what you are doing. You'll be taken to a minimal security prison, but if you are convicted, you can get twenty years!"

"I know, sir."

"Mulder what are you doing? Say, tell him you didn't do it!"

Scully was crying. Oh, dear mother of god. It is so hard to do this when she is crying. Don't do this to me, Scully. Don't do this to me!

"I'm sorry, Scully."

But before Dana could say anything else, the office door was opened and two men walked into the room. Skinner pointed at Mulder and bowed his head. The men took Fox by the shoulders, making him stand up. They took him out of the room and closed the door softly. Scully got up drying her face and looked at Skinner.

"May I leave now, sir?"

"Of course agent Scully."

Dana turned on her heels and left the room. Oh, she was going to clarify this situation, oh, she would. She entered the office and sat down on Mulder's chair. Working was impossible. It would be 9 hours of pure torture until she could close the day and go to Mulder's apartment to investigate.

Alexandria, VA Fox Mulder's apartment 6:23 PM

Dana Scully took the copy of the key to Mulder's apartment and opened the door, closing it after she was inside the room. She heard strange noises coming from Mulder's bedroom and took her gun out.

"Daddy, Daddy, you won't guess what Kelly bought..."

Scully found herself aiming her Sig Sauer on a ten- year-old little girl. The child stopped in the middle of Mulder's living room, a china doll on her arms and eyes wide with fear. Eyes that suddenly became clear and understanding. She looked at Dana's gun one more time and then at the picture on the table. Scully put her gun back on the holster and looked at the little green-eyed girl in front of her.

"Hello, I'm Dana. Who are you? Where are your parents?"

The girl looked at the picture again and then at Scully, a big smile painted on her face. It was HER. The Dana Scully.

"Hi, I'm Megan Walsh Mulder."

"There's a certain freedom in being completely screwed. There is no place to go but up."

13º Police Station 6:00 PM

Mulder walked from side to side on his cell, hands on his hips. Oh, god, please don't let Scully go to my apartment today. Make her go there tomorrow, but not today, please. Mulder sat down on his bed and covered his face with his hands. Oh, Megan. What' s your old man going to do this time?

Alexandria, VA Mulder's apartment Same Time

Scully looked at Megan and kneeled down in front of her.



"Megan, what's your father's name?"

"Fox. Fox William Mulder."

"Oh, no."

"No, it's truth. My dad's name is Fox."

"Oh, God."

"Lady, are you ok?"

Scully got up and sat down on the couch. Megan sat down next to her and turned the lamp on. Only then Scully could see how much the girl looked like Mulder and Samantha. Her green eyes shone on her creamy face, the same color of skin that Mulder had. Her black hair fell half way on her shoulders, on a straight cut and she had the same birth mark on the cheek.

"Megan, are you alone?"

"Nah. The nanny left a few minutes ago. I think daddy forgot she stays only till six."

"And who's taking care of you?"

"No one. I'm already ten, lady. I can take care of myself until dad gets home. You know him, don't you?"

"Yes. I'm his partner. We work together."

"Oh, You are Dana? He talks about you all the time..."

Scully smiled. But couldn't stop thinking that it was a shame that she couldn't say the same about the little girl.

"Don't worry. I know you didn't know about me until now. Besides, no one knows about me, only my aunt Brenda and my uncle Sean. Daddy said that even you being his best friend...- Megan looked around as if she was looking for something, than came closer to Scully.- ... and between you and me, I don't think that's everything you are to him. Well, even you being his best friend, he was afraid to tell you, because he thought you would hate him for keeping the secret this long. Are you mad?"

Megan made a face and put her left leg on the sofa, her knee touching it's back.

"No, Megan. I'm not mad." Scully smiled.

"Cool. Now, since you're here... would you make something to eat? I kinda of told Kelly I wanted to wait for dad, but now I'm hungry." Megan made a face again and smiled. Oh, god. The smile. The kid inherited Mulder's smile. Oh, and the puppy dog face too. Yep, she had the whole package.

"Ok, Megan. Your dad is busy and he's gonna take sometime to get home, so let's do this, I'll take you to my mother's house and we're gonna spend the night there, okay? And tomorrow I'll bring you here and you can spend the day with your dad. What do you think?"

Megan stooped to think for a second and nodded.

"Fine, but is your mom a good cook?"

Dana laughed.

"She's a good cook, Megan. The best cook you've ever saw."

Scully said while she took the girl's backpack on Mulder's room and started to put her stuff in it. Megan took her coat from the rack and left to the corridor outside Mulder's apartment.

"Good, because I'm tired of eating pizza and sushi."

Scully smiled again and followed Megan to the corridor, closing the door behind her. Jeez, the girl even had the same sense of humor as her father. Could she be more like him?

Baltimore, MD Margaret Scully's House 7:00 PM

Margaret Scully answered the door after drying her hands on the dish towel. Her mouth dropped when she saw her little girl standing in front of her, holding another little girl by the hand.

"Dana? What are you doing here?"

"Hi mom. I came to dinner. We need to talk."

Maggie stepped aside so her daughter and whoever was that girl could come in. Dana took off her coat and hanged on the rack near the door. Then she took Megan's off and did the same.

The three women walked to the kitchen in silence. Margaret crossed her arms and backed against the sink, looking at her daughter.

"Dana, what's going on?"

Scully explained the whole thing, and Maggie found it a little hard to believe.

"Fox has a daughter?"

Megan approached Scully and started to poke Maggie's arm. The two of them looked down at the girl, who smiled.

"Hi, I'm Megan. Nice to meet you, Maggie. Dad talks about you a lot. I think he has something with this family. Well, not all of it, he doesn't like a guy named Bill."

Scully laughed and looked at her mother. She stretched out her hand to take a hold of Megan's e shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Honey. And, if you want to, call me grams. Fox is my adopted son, anyway."

"Okay, now, could you feed me? Every time I go back to Oregon, where my aunt lives, after spending two, three weeks here, she says that I'm thinner and keeps saying she's going to stop sending me here. I can't eat pizza and Chinese anymore. I'm starting to see little Italians playing the Macarena in my head. Not to mention that fish doesn't have the same taste for me anymore."

Scully smiled at her.

"I know how you feel. It's typical of your father to eat all this garbage food."

Megan sat on a chair with Scully next to her. Maggie put a plate in front of the kid with a glass of orange juice and sat down too.

"Megan, where's your mother?"

Maggie asked, hoping she hadn't hit a soft spot. But the little girl smiled at her. A big smile.

"My mother is Fox William Mulder. He's my mom and my dad."

"I know, dear. But what about your real mom?"


Megan put the first bit of food on her mouth and chewed."Wow, that's good."

Margaret grinned, but did not answer, waiting for the answer to her question.

"My real mom, killed herself years ago at prison."

Margaret and Dana looked at the girl, mouths dropped. Megan looked at them and grinned.

"My dad tells me everything. What he doesn't want to, I make him. My aunt is also too easy with her tongue. And besides, I made my dad promise me he wouldn't hide anything. And he doesn't break the promises he makes to me. We have the same problem. Photographic memory. It's a family curse."

Megan finished eating and walked to the sink, to wash her dish and glass. Maggie stopped her before she even got near the sponge.

"No, dear, I'll do this later, don't worry. Let's go to the living room and finish this conversation, ok?"

Megan nodded and dried her hands, going to the living room with Maggie and Dana right after her. The three of them sat down on the couch and Megan put her head on Maggie's lap.

"This is right. It's nice to have a grams to use like a pillow."

Margaret smiled and started to run her hands through the girl's long silky hair.

"Anytime, Sweetie."

Megan grinned, her eyes getting heavier and heavier with each passing second. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. Dana looked at the girl's peaceful face, resting on her mother's lap and smiled.

"She's out. I'm gonna take her upstairs, Mom."

Scully scooped the girl up and she instinctively hugged Dana's neck, rubbing her face lightly on her shoulder. Scully felt a shiver run up her spine, when thoughts of Emily filled her mind. And when she realized how much she was loving the little girl on her arms. Only because she was Fox Mulder's child.

Dana changed the girl's clothes and put her in bed, covering her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. She turned the lights off and closed the door when she left.

"Curiosity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought him back"

13º Police Station 2:02 PM

Mulder was on seating on his bed when he heard the keys. He lifted his head and saw one of the guards, unlocking his cell door.


He opened the door and stepped back. Scully entered the cell, impeccable as ever. The guard locked the door again and got away. Mulder felt like shit. Stubbles on his face, clothes turned and wrinkled.

"What are you doing here, Scully?"

God, he looked miserable.

She sat on the bed next to him and crossed her legs.

"I came to save my partner's perfect little butt one more time."


"Mulder, I know about Megan."

Fox swallowed hard. She knew about Megan? How? That was... Shit, that was... not good.

"I went to your apartment last night and found her. She was hungry so I took her to my mother's. She slept there and mom is taking good care of her while I'm here. Let's get moving, Mulder. I talked to Skinner and you're free to go."

He was reluctant. Scully got up and pulled his hand.

"C'mon, partner, your daughter wants to see you."

Baltimore, MD 2:39 PM

Margaret Scully looked out the window, impatiently and smiled when she saw her daughter's Sedan getting closer to the house. The car stopped and Mulder got out, Scully close behind. Maggie opened the door and stepped aside, so they could enter. She hugged Mulder tight and kissed his cheek.

"Fox ! Oh, I missed you so much!"

"Hi, Mrs. Scully."

Maggie pushed Mulder away just enough to look into his eyes.

"Fox, what did I tell you about this Mrs. In front of my name?"

"Sorry. Hi, Maggie."

Margaret grinned and closed the door. Mulder and Scully walked to the living room and Fox sat on the couch, visibly exhausted. Maggie went to the kitchen to make some tea and Scully sat beside her partner.

"Mulder, you look like shit."

"Jeez, Scully, thanks..."

Despite of all, she grinned, shaking her head.

"I took some of your clothes from your apartment this morning. Why don't you take a shower and we talk later?"

He raised his head and looked at her.

"Where's my daughter, Scully? Where's Megan?" "She is in my old room, playing. Take a shower and shave, first, then you talk to her. C'mon, Mulder."

Scully replied, getting up and stretched out her small hand for him. Mulder took her partner's hand and got up. Dana guided him to the bathroom and gave him some clean clothes. Mulder turned around to face her and squeezed her hand.

"Thanks, Scully."

She nodded and turned on her heels. She went half of the way to the kitchen when a soft melody caught her ears. It came from upstairs. She climbed the stairs and opened the door to Megan's room, slowly. Putting only her head in, she looked at the girl, w ho was sitting on the bed.

"Can I come in, Honey?"

"Sure, Dana. Can I call you Dana?"

"Yes. What were you doing?" Dana asked, sitting on the bed in front of the girl.

"I was listening one of my tapes. I hope you don't mind that I used your stereo."

"No, that's okay. And what's that?" Scully pointed to a notebook on Megan's lap.

"It's a music notebook. I put the lyrics of my favorites songs here. And then I put them on ciphers, so I can play them later."

"What do you play, Megan?"

"Violin. Dana, can I ask you something?"

"What, Sweetheart?"

"Will you dance with me?"

"Dance with you?"

"Yeah. My aunt used to dance with me when I was little, but she doesn't, anymore. Daddy does, sometimes, but I miss..."

Megan stopped, obviously embarrassed. But she didn't have to finish it. She missed a mother. Despite of everything that Mulder did, everything he tried to do to make her life better, to ease the pain, he would never be able to replace the kind of love that only a mother could give. Dana smiled and took the girls hands.

"Of course, Honey."

Megan opened a enormous smile and walked to the stereo, putting a tape in it. She walked back to Dana and extended her arms. Scully took the girl in her arms. Megan was only ten years old, but she was small and thin, and incredibly light. She encircled Dana's neck with her arms and put her head on her shoulder. Dana put an arm under the girl's thighs for support and the other on her back. She run her hands through the girl's hair and started to spin when the music filled the room. The singer's voice was sweet and Honey-like. Scully started to fell languid and closed her eyes.

"I was a wayward child With the weight of the world That I held deep inside Life was a winding road And I learned many things Little ones shouldn't know.

But I closed my eyes Steadied my feet on the ground Raised my head to the sky And thought time's rolled by Still I feel like that child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up a little too soon."

Scully felt two arms encircling her waist from behind and hugged her and Megan. She knew it was Mulder. She could Feel him, warm and still moist from the shower. His chest was bare. Megan raised her head enough to check the 'intruder' and put it back where it was. Fox put his hands on Scully's shoulders and turned her around, hugging her again. He set his chin on the top of her head, and they continued to swing around and around, with tiny little steps, and Megan squeezed between them.

"Funny how one can learn To grow numb to the madness And block it away I left the worst unsaid Left it all dissipate And I try to forget

As I closed my eyes Steadied my feet on the ground Raised my head to the sky And the time rolled by Still I feel like a child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up a little too soon."

Scully felt Megan's breathing getting heavier on her neck, and felt when her legs fell from the grip they had on her waist to rest next to her body. She didn't say a word. It just felt too good to have the child near, be able to feel the heat of her body.

Mulder's fingers traced small, lazy circles on her back, sending waves of pleasures to her tummy. Ohm god. That's too good. Scully wished she could stay like this forever, hugged with Mulder and Megan, like a picture.

"Nearing the edge Oblivious I almost Fell right over a part of me Will never be quite able To feel stable That woman-child falling inside Was on the verge of fading Thankfully I Woke up in time Guardian angel I Sail away the ocean With you by my side Orange clouds roll by They burn into your image And you're still alive (You're still alive)"

Mulder was on the verge of tears. The song represented a big part of his childhood. His family had fallen apart when he was 12. And like the song, he had grew up too soon. Fox thanked god for having Scully with him, and asked himself if he was making the same mistake his parents did. Was his daughter growing up too soon?

"As I close my eyes Steady my feet on the ground Raise my head to the sky And though time rolls by Still I feel like a child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up a little too soon."

The last stanza end, but Mulder and Scully continued to spin lazily. But seconds later, a completely different beat filled the room. It was a faster and louder song. Mulder broke the spell and turned the radio off. Scully had already put Megan in bed and covered her in a cocoon. They left the room silently e climbed down the stairs, ready to start a very difficult talk for both of them.

"I believe you can't appreciate real love until you've been burned."

"Love is friendship set on fire."

"Love is not ruled by what must be nor what is possible. Love knows nothing of this law, it has no rule, it knows no bounds."

Baltimore, MD Margaret Scully's House 2:43 PM

Dana Scully came back from the kitchen with two glasses of ice tea. Her mother went to bed a couple of minutes before, and now she could talk to Mulder in private. Of course, if she didn't throw the whole Bureau policy garbage to the air and put her partner on her lap, and hugged, and kissed him, to make it all better. Dana sat next to Mulder and gave him one of the glasses. Mulder took a sip and sighed, trying to put his thoughts in order so he would be able to start telling his story. The one he wished was forgotten a long time ago. Scully crossed her legs under her and waited. Finally, Mulder took another sip and raised his head to look at her.

"Everything started after I broke up with Phoebe. It was on the trip back to Washington that I met Vanessa. She was beautiful, Scully. The most gorgeous brunette I have ever seen. Long, black hair, dark-green eyed. She sat next to me and we started to talk. I asked her out, and, well, you know. Our relationship lasted almost 4 years, but close to the end of 88 we broke up. Two months later she called me and asked me to meet her. I thought it was really weird, because Vanessa was not a turn back on decisions kinda of person. She made a choice she stuck to it to the end. That's when she dropped the bomb and told me she was pregnant.

We talked and she decided she wanted to give the child for adoption. I refused the idea and said I was going to keep the baby. She agreed, as long as it was a secret. She said she was starting her life, and didn't want a baby, responsibilities. The doctor was her father. He took care of everything. But we had a little surprise. She started to have contractions at seven and a half months. That's when we found out she was pregnant with twins.

Two baby girls, completely identical. The babies were born and I took them away immediately, because she was hysteric. I left the girls with my cousin in Oregon. I visited them regularly and their birth certificate had only my name. When Megan and Monica were 3 years old, I decided to take them to meet their mother. I don't have to say that Vanessa hated the idea. She was leaving on a small farm with some guy. She screamed at me and said she didn't want to see the girls, and if the guy got home and found them, he was going to be very mad. I left Megan and Mony with her for a couple of seconds while I got outside to get the car. When I got back..."

Mulder swallowed a sob, but couldn't stop the tears to roll down his cheeks. Scully felt her heart ache and put her hands over Mulder's, squeezing for support. Fox sighed and kept going.

"She had gotten a brand, the ones you use to mark cows, it had the shape of a star, and she had marked Megan on the shoulder with it. Her left shoulder. When I got in the room, I saw Megan crying on the bed and Vanessa... oh god."

Mulder lifted his eyes and looked into Scully's.

"She drowned Monica in her bathtub, Scully. And she was willing to do the same with Megan. If I hadn't got there on time..."

Scully's mouth dropped. Vanessa had killed her own child. Her baby girl.

"She got arrested, and killed herself years later. Megan knows all this. I was never capable of hiding anything from her. I always said she was special, because the star was a symbol of luck. But she doesn't know, that I am the lucky one, 'cause I got there in time to save at least one of my baby girls. That star on Megan's shoulder is a constant reminder of my mistake. One I'll never forget. That's why I hide Megan from the world, to protect her. I'm sorry, Dana."

Scully couldn't stop herself any longer. She put her arms around Mulder's neck and squeezed. He had a hold on her waist so tight, she could barely breathe.

"I'm always bringing pain to the ones I love, Scully. And that hurts. Megan, Sam and you. Oh, God I'm so so sorry, Dana!"

"Shhh, Mulder. It wasn't your fault. You tried to do what you thought it was the best for the girls."

Mulder pulled back enough to look in her eyes. They flicked to her mouth and to her eyes and to her mouth again. Scully smiled and intertwined her fingers in Mulder's hair. Their lips were inches from touching. They were so close, Dana could fell his warm breath on her cheek. He kept his eyes on her mouth, his lips turned in a small grin. Her lips parted in anticipation and she run her tongue through them. They got closer, almost touching and... The spell was broke with a 'thud'. Fox pulled apart from his partner, not very happy and both looked at the noise's direction. Megan was on the floor in front of the stairs, laughing her lungs off. Her laugh was contagious, and soon, Mulder and Scully were laughing too. Megan was the first one to regain control and got up from the floor, cleaning her dress. She walked to the sofa and stopped beside Scully. Dana put the girl on her lap and both of them looked at Mulder.

"Sorry, guys. I was just trying to witness the moment that my father was going to have the guts to kiss the 'sweet and hot' agent Scully, but I think I got too much inclination."

Mulder laughed and started tickling her. Megan twisted on Scully's lap while trying to get ride of her father's inconvenient hands. Dana slapped them lightly and looked at him, eyebrow's up.

"Sweet and hot?"

"Megan, please remember you father of never letting Frohike baby-sit you again?"

Megan smiled and leaned back against Scully's breasts.

"I don't have to, you will. What reminds me of a little message I was suppose to give you and forgot."


"Yeah. Aunt Brenda wants to talk to you. She has some serious stuff to say."

Scully took the phone and gave it to Mulder. He dialed and waited.

"Mulder, didn't you tell me no one knew about Megan? What about Frohike?"

"He thought she was my cousin's child."



"Fox William Mulder, why did you take so long? You know, I could be dead right now?"

"Megan forgot to give me your message, little cousin. So, what's up, Bren?"

"Fox, Sean and I are going to move to Paris. We have everything ready, and we already started to send things there."

Mulder turned to a milky white.

"What? Brenda, but what about Megan? You can't take her with you."

"I'm not gonna take her with me, Fox."

"No, Brenda, no. I can't! I live in a one room apartment, my fish die for lack of food. I can't stay with her!"

"Fox Mulder, she is Your Daughter and I refuse to take her with me and make her not see her father anymore. She misses you, you know. She gets all excited when you call and say you're picking her up. It's just mean, Fox. She needs you, can't you see that? I already got a school for her there, and her stuff are already on the way."

"When are you living?

"In two days. Megan's school starts next week. Take care of her, Honey. She's special."

"Okay, bye Bren."

Mulder hanged up and looked at Scully and Megan.

"Brenda is moving to Paris in two days."

Megan's lip started to tremble and her body started to shake. Two small tears rolled down her cheeks. Scully hugged her tighter and looked at her partner, lost.

"Daddy, I don't wanna go!"

Mulder smiled and touched the girl's hair. He didn't want to break the beautiful picture Megan and his partner made together.

"You're not going, Honey. Calm down. But the problem is, haw am I going to raise you having to work almost 24 hours a day and traveling the way I do?"

"No problem."

Margaret Scully climbed down the stairs and walked to the sofa.

"Megan can stay with me. I need the company and you wouldn't have to worry about babysitters. Besides, she would always be safe here."

The girl's face lighted up like a candle. She jumped from Scully's lap and ran to Maggie.

"All right, grams!"

Mulder raised his eyebrows. Grams? But he kept his mouth shut. He smiled to the three women around him and made a 'I give up' sign with his hands.

"How can I say no?"

Megan smiled and run upstairs, returning with a tape in hands. She put it in the stereo next the TV and pressed play.

"I'll be a good girl and stay away from the stairs this time."

Megan took Maggie's hands and they left the room. Mulder grinned and got up, extended his hand to his partner.

"May I have this dance?"

Scully took the hand and saw herself in Mulder's arms. She put her own arms around Fox's neck and they started to swing.

"When I need you I just close my eyes and I'm with you And all that I so want to give you It's only a heartbeat away. When I need love I hold out my hands and I touch love I never knew there was so much love Keeping me warm night and day."

Mulder started to run his hands up and down on his partner's back, tracing small, lazy, incomplete circles on her spine. Dana rubbed her face lightly on his and pulled away just a little.

"Miles and miles of empty space between us a telephone can't take the place of your smile But you know I won't be traveling forever It's cold out, but hold out and do like I do

When I need you I just close my eyes and I'm with you And all that I so want to give you babe It's only a heartbeat away."

Fox ran his finger through Dana's lower lip and smiled. Perfect, simply perfect. His hand slipped to the back of her neck, pulling lightly, making her face gets closer to his. She licked her lips, almost dying with anticipation. She was thanking god, Mulder was supporting all her weight, because her knees were like a big poodle of goo.

"It's not easy when the road is your driver Honey, that's a heavy load that we bear But you know I won't be traveling a lifetime It's cold out, but hold out and do like I do Oh, I need you."

Dana grinned and put her hand on Mulder's cheek, her thumb moving from side to side on his jawbone. Fox smiled one of the thousands smiles on his list and touched her lips with his, so lightly it was almost like the kiss of an angel. They repeated it a couple more times, and Dana, completely losing her shit, took Mulder's full, gorgeous, incredible lower lip between hers and ran her tongue through it, sucking lightly and letting go. Mulder moaned, his body getting warmer with each passing second, his head's throbbing. Both of them. He pushed his tongue past her lips, dying of want for her taste.

Dana was feeling dizzy. Mulder's mouth was smooth and sweet and warm and wet and his tongue was incredibly talented. Their tongues were playing inside her mouth. Waves of pleasure and arousal running through them.

"When I need love I hold out my hands and I touch love I never knew there was so much love Keeping me warm night and day

When I need you I just close my eyes and I'm with you And all that I so want to give you It's only a heartbeat away."

They continued to kiss, barely noticing the song fading in the air. But the continued to swing. listening to the song that played only in their hearts. And they continued to kiss.

The End

Followed by Megan II: I Don't Know

End Notes: I know, I know, incredibly sappy. I just couldn't help it, sorry. :) But, I want to know what you think, okay? Did you hate it? Did you love it? Please, please, please, feedback! Flames are welcome too. I'll use them to toast Phoebe Green's butt. ;) ship per29@yahoo.com or babycatgilly@catsrule.garfield.com

This story is dedicated to my grams and my gramps. You raised me and I'll be always grateful for that. You gave me love and took good care of me. I'll always love you. Hope you live for many years to come. And mom, I love you and you know that. Daddy, even with all your mistakes, I love you, and you know that too. No tears are going to erase that. Love you. :)

"Offer what you can, I'll take all that I can get."
"Ask yourself, who am I? Keep asking until you get the right answer.


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