Title: MAssive Massacre
Author: ButterflyChic79
Authorlink: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1053731/
Category: X-Files
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Rating: R for violence and gore. If this is too emotional for you to read, please don't read!
Spoilers: D/R/S Future based fiction, Doggett, Reyes and Scully Fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Xfiles Characters. They belong to Chris Carter and to Ten thirteen productions as well. This isn't to gain profit or fame its to keep myself busy and to be creative and Explore other types of writing. It's also to just cure my many hours of complete boredom at home. Also if your wondering where I got this idea for the story, Columbine High School comes to mind and the other School shootings too . Wouldn't the world be a safer place if these Agents were real?

Summary: Doggett, Monica, and Scully all receive a terrifying phone call that their children's school is being held hostage by two young shooters who would love nothing more than to blow up the entire school. The young teens' bombs don't work, then they use guns to take over. Some students are injured and some are murdered. Can the agents stop these terrorists in time and save their children too?

It started out a normal day for both Madison Reyes and William Mulder. They had lunch in the cafeteria with their friends. It was just another day at their junior-senior high school for a lot of the students. No one knew something bad was about to happen. Other students finished their meals then headed to the library. Some had reports that needed to be done.

Jimmy and Dave were two very troubled students. They had trouble going on at home plus being picked on at school. They had finally had enough. Their plan was to wipe out the entire school with the special bombs they had made.

All their lives Jimmy and Dave had made homemade animated videos, most were of blowing up stuff and killing people. They thought it was one cool video game that they were a part of.

William and Madison knew Jimmy and Dave. To them they were outsiders and didn't fit in well into groups. William was friends with the two guys and he didn't know that they were very disturbed people. Had he had known he would have gotten them help.

But it was too late to help them now or was it? he wondered.

At the age of 13 his mother, a constant worrying FBI agent, gave him a cell phone for Christmas. "It isn't to be used to have conversations on, son, only to use in case of emergency or if you're in trouble," she had said. William had been thrilled to receive such an expensive gift. Even though it was to be used just for emergencies, it still felt incredibly cool to have his own cell phone.

Now hearing gunshots in the school building, William hid in the classroom underneath a teacher's desk . He prayed that his mother would answer the phone soon lucky she did.

"Agent Scully," she said it sounded like she was driving somewhere and he hoped she had Monica and John with her. "Mom, something is happening here. There's gunshots going off." William began to sound upset.

"Gunshots? At school? What the hell!" Scully demanded to know.

Doggett and Reyes looked at her alarmed wanting to know what was going on.

William swallowed and told his mother about Jimmy and Dave, the two outsiders at school. "I think they started this, Mom. I saw them." He then began to get scared the gunshots sounded closer.

"Okay, Listen William, Just try to remain calm, try to get out if you can is Madison there with you?" she asked.

William replied, "No, She's not I don't know where she is."

"It's ok, sweetheart, hang on tight we're on our way. I'm hanging up now. We don't want the shooters to find out that you're talking to the FBI."

"Okay," he whispered and the called disconnected.

Scully turned giving the other two agents a worried look.

Monica spoke up, "Dana, what's going on?" she asked frantically.

"It's Madison and William. A school shooting is going on at their school," Scully told her.

Monica felt the blood run cold in her "Oh God! Madison! We got to get their quickly Dana!"

Doggett, who had been quiet, finally spoke up. "We also want to call for backup, just in case there's too many."

Scully did just as Doggett suggested and within 20 minutes the FBI agents pulled into the school parking lot.

Even though they were concerned parents, they were still FBI agents and they had to take on the situation just like an agent would.

They walked into the hallway, trying not to react to the carnage. Six students had been killed, some girls and some boys. And eight were injured but still alive. Scully reassured the survivors that help was on the way but had to move on when it became clear that they would live.

Now's the time to find these pricks, thought Scully as anger burned inside of her.

They began to hear what sounded like Madison in trouble. She was lying on the ground already shot in the leg once. Jimmy stood over her ready to finish her off. "Do you believe in God?" he asked.

Madison looked up and said tearfully, "Yes." She then saw her parents and Scully approach. "And you will be soon joining him," she said, and the killer looked confused.

A gunshot was fired; it was Monica shooting Jimmy twice. No way was she going to allow a kid kill her own daughter. Jimmy had a surprised look on his face as he dropped the gun and crumpled to the floor.

All three agents immediately rush to Madison's side.

Scully looks her over, trying to assess her injuries. "Just a gunshot wound to the leg. She will be fine once help arrives," she told her friends.

Doggett scooped his little girl up. "I'm taking her outside. Can you handle this?" he asked Scully and his wife.

Scully and Monica nodded. "It's just one more to deal with, how hard could it be?" asked Monica. She was clearly determined to put a stop to the shootings.

"Right," Doggett said before carrying his daughter off and sheepherding other injured kids to safety.

Dave had found William behind the desk.

"Whos there?" he asked.

"It's me, Will," he admitted.

Dave walked around the desk, demanding, "Show yourself."

He kept his gun trained on him and William slowly stood up. "Dave, you need to think about what you're doing and who you're killing," he pleaded. "You're going to jail."

Dave looked at him "This wasn't supposed to happen Jimmy dragged me into it."

William listened. "Well it could all end now then we could tell everyone that you didn't want this to happen."

"It's too late, Will. I've already killed four people - I'm going to jail anyway. Possibly for life and I can't handle that," said Dave.

Neither boy heard Scully and Reyes approached the main classroom where William and the killer stood both quietly. They tiptoed in.

"Well, you know how long we've been friends, right?" asked William.

Dave nodded. "Yeah, You never made fun of us or picked on us, Will."

"And I never will," William told him. "I'm always here for you, Dave."

Dave broke into a slight smile. "Thanks Will, I like you so you may leave. But run before I change my mind."

William nodded back. "Take care, man." He patted Dave's shoulder and ran from the room.

Just a few seconds later Scully and Monica snuck up behind Dave.

"FBI freeze!" Scully ordered.

Just as Dave started to pull his gun up to shoot Scully, Monica fired her gun. She shot Dave too. Dave crumpled to the floor.

Scully arrested him and read him his rights. Only one of the boys was taken in alive. The other was dead. Dave would be spending the rest of his life in jail, no question about it.

Later that day Scully went to go check on Monica's daughter. "How is she?" she quietly asked John in the hospital waiting room.

"She will be fine. They got the bullet out and it didn't hit an artery. Good thing we got there in time."

Scully nodded and watched Monica and her daughter through the window. Good thing they did come in time for Madison and William and the other kids who made it. But she felt like she failed the other victims. But like her mom always told her she couldn't save everyone and be glad for those she did help.

The end!

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