Title: Man on the Moon

Author: Bralynne LeRae

E-mail: BralynneLeRae@aol.com

Disclaimer: I don't own them, CC does. But Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny give them life.

Category: MSR

Rating: G

Spoilers: Requiem

Summary: Scully and her child share stories about the child's father.

Author's Notes and Thanks: I'm usually not one to write happy endings, but my muse thought this one needed it. Thanks to my parents for giving me the courage to write what I feel and to my brother for letting me have the computer long enough to type it all up. Thanks to all you who read this. I hope you like it.

On to the show.....

Man on the Moon

I look at the sky above to find you

There you are, my man on the moon


I looked the other day at the moon and found you. There you were, the man on the moon. I pointed you out to our little boy, showed him your eyes and that man on the moon grin. His eyes lit up as he asked me how you got ''way up there''.

I had told him a tale of dark men and shadows. I told him how you were the light of my world. He had looked upset when he said '' I thought I was the light of your world mommy.'' So I then had to explain to him how you were here first, and how without you, there wouldn't have been him.

I finished the story, telling him how you'd do anything to protect me and that is how you got to the moon. He told me he'd protect me until you get back, and I had laughed as I tucked him in his bed.

'' Thank you Sir Aden.'' I had said as I kissed his forehead and smoothed his dark brown hair out of his blue eyes. At that moment I was taken aback by how much he looks like you. But of course, he should, you are his father.

He has tried his best to understand why his daddy isn't here. But sometimes, like that night, I have had to come up with tales, such as the Man on the Moon.

I turned to leave that night and he had grabbed my arm, much like you used to do. '' Do you think he will like me, when he gets back? Do you think daddy will like me?'' The baby voice sounded odd asking such an important question. His eyes were filled with worry and hope.

My heart constricted, '' Of course he'll like you Aden, he'll love you. You will be that light of his world, too.'' I tried to reassure him, but he hadn't looked convinced.

'' Why?'' He is so smart, that occasionally the conversation we have astonish me. He is the most curious three year old I have ever seen, he reminds me so much of you.

'' Why? Well, Aden, what's not to like?'' I answered a question with a question and regretted it the moment the words left my mouth. He hates when I do that, and it seems to make our conversation that much longer. He is your counterpart.

'' Mommy, don't do that.'' His eyes filled with tears, and I wanted to apologize, but he keep on talking. '' Why will he like me? Are you sure he won't think I'm weird?'' His IQ is so high that sometimes people call him peculiar, instead of saying he is extraordinary, which is what he is. But I always convince him that they are just jealous and that he is perfect in my eyes.

I laughed a little and tried to calm his fears again, this time I had used you. '' Aden, do you know what your father's name is?''

'' Absolutely, it's Fox, like me, Aden Fox Mulder.'' He had smiled triumphantly as he answered.

'' Yes. Now, don't you think that's weird?''

'' Yes, but I love it.'' He had said so


'' Aden, it's late, and we have to get up early tomorrow.'' I had said trying to coax him into closing his eyes. He seems to have obtained your sleeping habits too.

'' But I'm not tired, and you still haven't answered my question.'' He was not dissuaded ever, always wanted the answers.

'' What question?'' I had lost track of where this was headed.

'' Why will daddy like me?''

I sat there a few minutes and contemplated my answer. How was I to know? We had never discussed children, not really anyway. I knew you'd love our son, because he was our son. But I didn't know specifically why you'd like him. Then it came to me and I began, '' He'll love you because when he's not here, you protect me. He'll adore you because you're so smart, because you have my eyes and his stubborn hair.'' I again brushed his unruly locks with my fingertips and began caressing his baby face. He closed his eyes to listen. '' He'll love you because you are our miracle, and because you like baseball and old sci-fi movies. He'll love you because you have his nose and because you never tell lies. He'll adore you for your open mind and for crying when you're hurt. He'll love you because you gave me a reason to live when he was gone. He'll love you for your silly jokes and for never giving up. Daddy will love you, because you are the perfect combination of him and me. He'll love you because you are our son.'' I had glanced at him then and marveled at how tiny he was.

This little child had come to mean so much to me. This miniature you had become my everything. I knew looking at him then that you would love him Mulder, he was me and you, a miracle at its best. I looked out the window again and saw your smiling face, then I glanced back down at our child.

His eyes were open again, just barely, but I knew he was going to ask another question. '' When will he come home?'' He had whispered.

'' Soon Aden, as soon as he can.'' I then felt a few tears gliding down my face and his tiny hands reached up to wipe them away.

'' Don't cry mommy. You can always see him. He's the man on the moon.'' he stated emphatically and closed his eyes once more. '' Love you mommy...''

'' Love you too baby...'' I said and leaned down to place a kiss on his baby smooth skin.

The man on the moon bedtime story thus became one of his favorites. He'd ask me every night to tell him stories of you and he'd be asleep before I could finish. He placed your picture on the table by his bed and before I would begin the story he would give it a kiss and tell you he loved you. It was so sweet and innocent, and yet it meant so much.

You've have missed so much of his life Mulder, but he hasn't missed a moment of yours. He knows everything about you and is always telling people that when he grows up he wants to be '' just like my daddy, Spooky Mulder''. You should see Bill's face when he says this. You'd be proud of the way Aden makes my brother cringe.

This morning I woke from a dreamless sleep to find Aden in bed with me. He told me about a dream he'd had about the man on the moon. He said you'd be home today. He said in his dream you came to him and hugged him really tight. You'd told him you loved him for all the reasons I gave and so much more. I smiled at him and listened as he recounted his dream. He couldn't slow down and he laughed as he revealed a joke you had told him. I laughed with him. He didn't stop telling me about you for several minutes and when I thought he was finally finished he awed me by saying '' Daddy told me to tell you that you're still his one in five billion.'' I was shocked at first but he went on, '' He said it would make you believe in my dream.'' I had begun weeping without even noticing, but he did and said, '' I'm sorry if I shouldn't have said that, daddy made me promise to. I didn't mean to make you cry.'' He wore your panicked face at my tears.

'' Oh baby, that doesn't upset me at all, it makes me very, very happy.'' I comforted him with a hug. We laid awhile in the bed that we used to share and after I had finished absorbing the details of his dream, Aden lifted his head from my chest.

He looked at me with complete seriousness as he said, '' So you believe me?''

'' I want to believe.'' I told him and hugged him even closer.

'' Does this mean there will be no more man on the moon?'' His voice was muffled by my shirt.

'' I don't know.'' I told him honestly. I knew that it was just a personification of you, but it had become my only link to you and I wasn't ready to give it up without you here with me, with Aden.

The phone rang breaking the silence and our surreal moment. I reached over and grabbed it. '' Hello.'' I had answered absently.

'' Scully?'' It was the most gracious thing I'd ever heard.

'' Mulder?'' I didn't know what to say as my heart swelled and my world focused on your gentle voice.

'' Scully, I'm on my way.'' Then you hung up as we've never said good-bye.

So now we are tucking Aden in together and he has asked the question I have been to afraid to ask. '' Daddy, tell me about the moon?''

You smile and sit down on the bed pulling me onto your lap in the process. You begin a tale of a journey through the stars. You tell him of how beautiful it was up where you were. You tell him of the nights you'd lie awake and think of him and me. You tell our son that the sky was vast and sometimes dismal, but that you always had thoughts of us to keep you company. You tell him how impressive it all was, and then you tell him how hard it was to be away from your wonderful life down here on earth. When you finish he is sound asleep.

I grasp your hand and lead you to our bed. I want to hear all about your trip, but not right now, right now I want you to kiss me. And so you do in the moonlight, and now that you're here I think to myself how much I will miss the man on the moon.

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