Making the Future Series by Claire Dobbins

Touch Down
In the story 'Little Steps' is the line - only Alex Krycek could make performing in the nasty little room a sexy and pleasurable experience - I just had to investigate what went on in the 'nasty little room' For a reason that will be apparent when you read it, this story, though written second, needs to be read first. m/m slash BF

Special Delivery
Babyfic with Alex and Walter! Alexander weighs in a little early. You have been warned. m/m slash BF NCC

Like a Tapestry
The strands of Walter, Alex and Alexander's lives weave themselves together into the pattern of a loving family. m/m slash BF/KF NCC

Fair Exchange
Who said grocery shopping was dull? m/m slash BF NCC

Getting it Right
Walter, Alex and Alexander celebrate a special day. m/m slash KK NCC

Little Steps
Alex and Walter discover what it is that makes a family work. m/m slash KK NCC

Once More, with feeling ...
Walter and Alex have to face an important decision. m/m slash KF NCC

Doing the Deed
Decision made, it's time to do the deed!

Growing Up is Hard to Do
Walter and Alex have a memorable Christmas. m/m slash KF NCC

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