Title: Lost Time Author: AngX (formerly Trinity X, too many authors with that name) Rating: NC-17 Category:

Post-Baby Smut. Spoilers: None Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully do not belong to me, they are the property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, FOX and all stockholders of News Corp. Since David Duchovny has decided to become a movie star, this is the only way we'll be able to continue the story of M&S. Archive: Yeah, just please e-mail me to let me

know where you have it. Summary: Post-Existence.

Mulder and Scully try to get it on with a new baby around the house.

Answer to a challenge.

Part 1 of a series which will answer the question:

will Mulder and Scully ever get properly laid again?

The kiss came as welcome relief to her; a confirmation of all she had hoped was true. He loved her she was certain of that now. She gripped his arm tightly as the tentative kiss between them continued, the act itself new, but not unfamiliar. It was new in the context of the feelings being expressed in its consummation, but familiar in its revelation of their past encounters, the product of which squirmed slightly in Mulder's arms. The baby's cries pushed through both of them, forcing an abrupt end to an intimate moment long overdue. Dana looked at him and smiled. "To be continued," she whispered, taking the child from him. "To be continued," Mulder echoed grinning.


Dana Scully had not returned to work. It surprised her that she could just turn her back so quickly on her career, but everytime she looked into her son's eyes it made more sense than she could ever imagine.

When she left for maternity leave it was agreed that she'd be gone for three months. But those plans had changed, as she expressed to A.D. Skinner when he called last week. He had been wondering what her plans were and she couldn't answer his question. She only knew to tell him that right now the only thing that was important to her was being there for her baby full-time, everything else took a backseat. Nothing else mattered to her. Skinner reminded her of the FBI's maternity leave policy and that she was entitled to more time. There was no pressure to return. Agents Doggett and Reyes were doing fine. He sounded genuinely happy for her and Mulder.

Mulder. The ever present force in her life since the baby. He was there every day, helping as much as he could, learning everything that he could. They had lost themselves in caring for this tiny helpless little human and in the process had very little in the way of a relationship. That was to be expected, so Maggie Scully thought during a visit one afternoon. Mrs. Scully noticed the pillow and blanket on the couch and instantly knew that Mulder had made his bed there. Dana had shrugged off any questions regarding their relationship, but her mother knew better.

She knew that the circumstances surrounding Dana and Fox made for a situation that was far from the ordinary, yet the basic principles were still the same. Dana Scully, like any other new mother had made her child the priority in her life. Whatever relationship she had shared with Fox Mulder, however tentative, was on hold. She wondered whether this was an issue between them, or whether they were still simply too enraptured with their own son to even care.

Maggie went over to the couch, gathering the bedding in her arms. "Mom, what are you doing?" Dana asked.

"I thought I would do some laundry," she responded.

"Its okay, those were just washed a couple of days ago," she said as she continued her task of loading the dishwasher with baby bottles. "Oh, maybe I'll just go change the sheets on your bed then and clean up the bedroom a bit."

"Mom...." Dana said, sounding a warning through the tone in her voice.

"What?" I'm just trying to help," Maggie responded.

"Changing my sheets? What are you going to do then, wash them and then hang them outside for the neighbors to see?"

"Dana, what are you implying? I just want to help."

Dana couldn't help but smile at her mother. She knew well that Maggie Scully was about ready to explode unless she knew for certain the nature of the relationship between her grandson's parents.

Aside from herself and Mulder, her mother was really the only one to have questions.

To the outside world, she and Mulder seemed like a couple. He had practically moved in, spending little if any time at his own apartment. He helped with the changing, the feedings, he enjoyed being a father as much as she enjoyed motherhood. All indications leaned toward a strong bond between them, and that bond did exist. However, it didn't extend beyond caring for their child. The proof of that being that Mulder made his bed on the couch, while Dana slept in the bedroom. No one knew this except Maggie, and she was beginning to wonder whether this was more than just simple priorities and new parenthood.

"He sleeps on the couch every night?" Maggie asked tentatively.

"Mom..." another warning tone.

"Dana, look I care about you and I just want to make sure that you are happy."

"Mom, I AM happy. I have something I'd never thought I'd have. My son is the most important thing to me right now."

"What about Fox?"

"What about him? He's been great, more than I could have hoped for actually. He loves William more than anything and its better than I could have ever imagined. Things are fine."

"Then why does he sleep on the couch?" she said, a smile sneaking across her face. Good question. Dana asked herself. Why does he sleep on the couch? She couldn't answer that. It wasn't as if it was a conscious decision made between them after that first night with the baby.

When they brought him home from the hospital, Mulder was still in watchdog mode and refused to leave her alone. Not that she wanted him to. So he just slept on the couch, waking up from time to time as the baby did, helping Dana with whatever he could.

But he always returned to the couch. Dana thought it was because he wanted to give her space, to be there for her but not so much as to confuse her with any other issues. She was beginning to realize now that one of those main issues was their relationship. Mulder was willing to take a backseat; he wanted her to focus on the baby.

"Dana?" Her mother's voice pulled her back into the conversation. "I know that it is none of my business...."

"Yes," Dana responded, cutting her off. "It is really none of your business...I don't mean to hurt you Mom, but this is really not a conversation I want to have with you."

"There's nothing to be ashamed of Dana, it takes a while to for things to get going again after a baby comes into the picture. That happens in an ordinary situation, in this one even more so because of the circumstances." She moved closer to her daughter, placing her hand on her face. "Still, I can't help thinking that you and Fox are avoiding each other in a way, and that can't go on forever."

"It went on for seven years, didn't it?" she responded half-talking to herself. "Mom, my relationship with Mulder is...complicated."

"You're telling me, you don't even call the man by his first name." Dana laughed out loud at this statement. "Listen, all I can say is think about it, because I know he's thinking about it." Maggie stated in as plain a voice as she could muster.

"Thinking about what?" Dana asked, feigning ignorance. Maggie Scully raised an eyebrow. Dana shot her a look. "Like I said Mom, we are so not having this conversation."

Dana Scully was tired.

After putting William down for his nap, she lay on her own bed taking the opportunity to rest before he woke up again. She couldn't help but think about her mother's words. Was she avoiding Mulder? Was he avoiding her?

The thought had creeped in from time to time over the past few months, but she was so busy she simply dismissed it. They were together in every sense of the word except physically. Their relationship was so new when he was abducted. Then when he returned, she was pregnant and the danger surrounding her made it impossible for them to really be together in any way. It's amazing, she thought, how two people could spend so much time together, yet be so far apart. But were they? Maybe it was just a question of sex. But Dana knew better, she knew that the kiss they shared was the first and last acknowledgement of their feelings for one another. Aside for some affectionate touching here and there, Mulder treated her like she was made of glass, and she let him. Why? Dana betrayed herself with a quick response: she was afraid. She had opened herself to him in every way before, and then he was gone. It wasn't his fault, she knew that. But the months she spent alone, pregnant, and then grieving were still fresh in her memory. It had all happened after they'd spent those first weeks together. To open herself to him again, to allow him into her being so completely was to risk annihilation. If something happened to him again...she wouldn't survive this time.

She heard the key being inserted into her door and then steps as Mulder entered the apartment.

Dana had dozed off and didn't realize what time it was, only that it considerably darker outside than before she'd lain down. Mulder walked in to the bedroom and headed straight for William, leaning over his cradle. Dana heard him whisper something, but couldn't make out what it was. She opened her eyes just as he sat next to her on the bed. "Hey," he whispered.

"Hey," she answered groggily. "Where've you been?"

"I had some errands to run, stopped over at my place. How's he doing?" he continued, leaning in closer to her as he spoke. "Okay, he's sleeping like a baby," she said smiling.

"So were you, why don't you go back to sleep," he said, pushing himself off the bed.

He felt her hand on his arm and sat back down. "No, don't go," she said softly.

She pulled on his arm, motioning for him to lie down next to her. Mulder was taken aback by her actions. He wasn't entirely displeased; in fact he'd been waiting for a signal from her regarding any kind of interaction.

Interaction, hell, he was thinking about sex. He thought about it all the time. As much as he loved his son, he ached to be with this woman; but he kept his distance knowing that their priority, her priority, was to be there for the baby. After all they'd been through, he knew that this was important for all three of them. The first couple of months weren't bad, he was so thrilled with being a father he couldn't think of anything else.

But then things changed. Mulder couldn't pinpoint the exact time it happened. Maybe it was when he saw her putter into the living room late one night dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Dana's body had recovered quickly from pregnancy and childbirth. If anything, she looked even better now. Through her t-shirt he could see her breasts, they were bigger since the baby and she wasn't wearing a bra. He'd felt an involuntary twitch in his pants as he imagined his hands on them, cupping, squeezing, and massaging each breast until he made her dizzy with wanting him. But he shook the thought right out of his head when he heard the baby cry, and saw Dana dart back into the bedroom.

After that it became harder and harder for him to ignore his feelings, feelings he didn't think Dana Scully shared. So he continued sleeping the couch and found his only release when he took a shower. It was there that he was able to pleasure himself so that he could ease his desire and quiet his thoughts. But now she wanted him to lie down next to her, and Mulder didn't know what it meant.

He could only hope that it meant she was ready for him again. She moved over slightly giving him enough room to lie down next to her. She lay on her back, while he lay on his side, propping himself up on one elbow. He watched her intently, and she stared back at him. Dana reached up to caress his face with her delicate fingers, the feeling sending chills down his spine and a quiver in his pants.

He missed her so much.

Mulder smiled down at her and she smiled back. The communication was silent, but they both understood what it meant. She brought her lips quickly to his, their kiss hard and hungry. They locked in an embrace; their bodies pressing together as tongues explored each other's mouths.

He rolled slightly until he was on top of her, praying to God that he wasn't going too fast. He was so hard that his cock was straining against his jeans. He arched his back upwards to relieve the pressure and was surprised when Dana reached down and undid his jeans so quickly that before he knew it they were around his knees. He responded by pulling at the waistband of her shorts, yanking them down along with her panties.

"Its okay, isn't it?" he said, pulling his mouth away from hers long enough to ask. Then continuing his assault before she could answer. She tasted so good, he couldn't wait for that answer. "Been okay for a while now," she responded quickly, mumbling against his mouth. Dana didn't know how much she'd missed him until he touched her. She was so hot now, the wetness between her legs seeping down her thighs. She wanted him inside her and she wanted it now. Mulder reached down and explored the side of her neck with his mouth. She moaned softly at the feel of his tongue lapping against her skin. He was between her legs now, and she could feel his erection against her.

It had been an eternity since she held his beautiful cock in her hands and she scrambled to pull down his shorts with one hand, while she grabbed him with the other. He gasped at the feel of her hand wrapped around his pulsing cock. "Shhhhh," she pleaded. "We've got to keep quiet." She began pumping him slowly, but realized he was already rock hard. "Just put it in," she said breathlessly. "Now, Mulder, do..it..now..!"

She felt him dive inside her, a groan escaping his lips as he felt her wet pussy tight around him. She threw her head back, their mouths pressed together, tongues flicking inside. Mulder wanted to take his time with her, he wanted it to be slow, passionate, sensual. But they didn't have any time; this had to be fast as they both soon realized when they heard William stirring in his cradle at the other end of the bedroom.

He began to pump her, slow at first but increasing his rhythm rapidly. Dana ground her hips against him harder meeting him with each thrust. Their lovemaking was frantic, almost desperate. It was as if each had expected the other to disappear at any moment, and were trying to take in as much of the other as possible before the inevitable separation.

"OhhhhMulll......" she whimpered. He responded by quickly covering her mouth with his in an attempt to quiet her. It was hard enough keeping himself quiet, as he groaned against her mouth. The headboard hit the wall with the force of each of his thrusts, the thumping noise becoming louder and louder. It was this sound that finally woke the baby. He began to whimper then cry in earnest as Dana and Mulder slowed down reluctantly.

"Shit," she said, her teeth clenched. She had been so close. Mulder didn't respond, he just pulled out of her quickly and headed toward the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Dana lay there momentarily, feeling the loss of his cock inside her. She then sprung into action, pulling up her underwear and heading toward the screaming infant. Naptime was over.

Mulder was in the bathroom leaning against cold tile, his erection still evident and almost painful. Before he knew it his hand wrapped automatically around his throbbing cock covered with Dana Scully's juices. This provided the ultimate lubricant and he began pumping himself furiously. In his mind he was still inside her, he could feel her pussy spasm around him and hear her labored breathing against his mouth. He felt his orgasm build up in his balls and shoot up out of him, his come hitting the side of the bathroom sink nearly a foot away. "Christ," he muttered to himself as he sank down onto the floor.

"Mulder." Dana called through the door. "You okay?"

"Yeah," he managed to respond slowly.

It's been a while since I've seen the way the candles light your face,
and it's been a while but I can still remember just the way you taste.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Mulder called out through the bathroom door. Just fine, he thought, except for the fact that I was busy finishing myself off instead of taking care of my son. Dana stood wondering what had just happened. How did they manage to get from making love to being on opposite sides of a bathroom door?

"Mulder, c'mon out here please. Will is fine, he just needed a quick changing."

"Scully...." he responded slowly. Shit, she thought, he was calling her Scully. This was not good.

"Oh, so now it's back to last names again?" she called back.

After some silence, during which Dana pondered just walking away and finding a small corner to crawl into, he finally opened the door. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," he responded. More silence. They just stood there staring at each other. She noticed the desperation still in his eyes, either that or it was merely the reflection of her own need that she was actually seeing. "I didn't mean to just bolt like that, it was just so intense I couldn't..."

"You couldn't stop." she interrupted. "Nothing wrong with that, I understand completely. You were past the point of no return, believe me I was there with you." She explained, and then she smiled at him.

He loved her smiles, they provided forgiveness, an eradication of all sins past, present and future. It was her way of making him feel that he could do no wrong. He walked out of the doorway and took her into his arms, her head pressing gently against his chest. She closed her eyes and listened to his heartbeat. The moment seemed to last an eternity and she realized just how much she loved this man. She looked up at him, eyes pleading for him to kiss her and he complied.

She bit his lower lip softly and he chuckled, then sucked in his breath. The baby began to cry again. "Feeding time," she said hoarsely, trying to hide her frustration.

"I'll take care of it, why don't you take a break?" he said looking down at her.

"I could use a bath."

"Go on, we'll be fine." Mulder headed toward the cradle and carefully picked Will up. "Okay guy, what'll it be...pizza, Chinese, Indian, you name it." He joked as he headed into the kitchen.

She smiled as she watched them walk away. He was so good with Will, she had nothing to worry about. What she did have was an overwhelming need to get into a hot tub. She only wished Mulder were able to come in there with her.

She began to remove her clothes as hot water poured into the tub, its steam rising and filling the bathroom. The bath gel she added smelled like vanilla and she took in the fragrance as she removed her panties, letting them fall to the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized how long it had been since she'd had a moment like this. Her hair was still slightly mussed from their interrupted sexual encounter, nipples were still erect, and face flushed crimson red. Mulder had that effect on her, always did. She was used to longing for him, missing him, wanting him. Their entire relationship had been one long struggle for completion, like an elusive orgasm during passionate lovemaking. Fox Mulder and Dana Sully had been making love to each other since the first day they'd met. They made love to each other with every word, every gesture, every expression that came between them.

The actual consummation of their relationship was a physical grounding of this transcendent lovemaking. These thoughts brought Dana back to those first days they spent together and she became further aroused at the images they conjured. Mulder kissing her, touching her, licking her, fucking her till she came so hard she could barely say his name.

She was making herself wet and couldn't fight the urge to reach down between her legs, running her index finger along her slit until it glistened with her juices. She closed her eyes and imagined putting it into Mulder's mouth, watching him as he tasted her. He loved to lick her pussy. She'd watch as his tongue laved the length of her slit, working his way up toward her clitoris. He'd use his tongue on it first, quick teasing flicks before taking it softly between his teeth until she couldn't help but shudder from the sheer ecstasy of it. She'd beg him for more, beg him to wrap his lips around her nub, beg him to make her come. She wanted that feeling right now, ached for it, ached for Mulder. Dana slowly lowered herself into the bathtub, immersing herself in hot water and vanilla bubbles. She leaned back, every muscle, every nerve ending in her body going limp in response to the heat enveloping her. Her breasts bobbed on the surface of the soapy water, nipples hard as she traced her finger around one, then the other. She shuddered at the sensation she gave herself, feeling her pussy quiver down deep. She continued caressing her nipple, as she worked her other hand lower until it was between her legs again. Circling the opening, she couldn't help but think about what had just happened only a short while before. Mulder was on top of her and she could feel his rock hard erection. Then she felt him push his way in and all her senses exploded, nerve endings raw as he nearly split her in two. She plunged two fingers into herself as she relived the memory. Her motions mimicking his as she remembered the way he moved in and out of her, faster, harder and deeper. She spread her legs wider, her hips grinding against her hand. He was still inside her, he had never left. She rubbed her thumb against her clit, using the palm of her free hand to squeeze and massage her left breast. Soft moaning sounds began to come up from deep within her as she regained the feeling she thought she'd lost. He was pumping her now, his hands beneath her firmly gripping her ass as she whimpered that she was about to come. He groaned in response, having suddenly lost the ability to speak. She felt his cock get even harder, and then his felt his body jerk slightly as he emptied himself into her. She was breathless now, the thought of Mulder coming inside her pushing her over the edge. She came hard, her pussy spasming around her fingers. Dana let out a long sigh as she slumped back, relief now evident in the smile that creeped across her face. She hadn't experienced herself as a sexual being in months, but now, tonight, she couldn't see herself as anything else. Motherhood had its rewards and she wouldn't deny them, but it was time that Dana and Fox (yes, she would start calling him by his first name) picked up where they had left off.

After drying herself, she wrapped a white cotton towel around her torso securing it tightly at the side. She walked out of the bathroom and walked over to the bedroom doorway, looking into the living room. Mulder, er, um, Fox, was lying on the couch with Will draped on top of him, both wrapped like candy in the blue neon glow of the TV. She couldn't tell if he was asleep or not, until she saw his head pop up slightly. He looked in her direction and saw her, clad only in her short white towel. There was no clear reaction from him, he just stared. Then turned his head toward the TV again. She was taken aback slightly by his behavior, Dana was sure her state of undress would interest him more. At the very least she thought she deserved a leering glance. She turned around and walked back into the bedroom, heading toward the white cotton bathrobe she usually wore after a bath. She picked it up and hesitated; white cotton was not going to elicit any response she thought and went toward her lingerie drawer. She opened it and reached for her blue silk robe. The cool silk against her skin made her feel sexy, and ready for just about anything. Tonight he would not be sleeping on the couch.

Mulder, um, Fox, walked into the bedroom, a sleeping Will in his arms. He put him down gently, covering him with a soft blue Winnie the Pooh baby blanket. Dana walked over and stood beside him, reaching down to stroke the baby's head as he slept soundly. He looked at her as she did this and noticed her choice of robe. What intrigued him further was that it was left practically open, the sash barely tied around her waist. The view was breathtaking, her breast nearly peeking out from its blue silk covering. What was she trying to do, kill him? He perceived their earlier attempt at intimacy as a total failure and what's more he didn't think it was going to happen again.

Will's interruption and Dana's response to it reaffirmed his feeling that she couldn't be anything more than a mom right now. She didn't have time for anything else and he fully understood. Maybe when he got older they could reconnect, but not now. The baby was the most important thing. He turned and walked out of the bedroom toward the living room. Mulder, um, Fox, grabbed the remote and lay back on the couch, one arm behind his head. He began to channel surf, hoping to find something interesting.

He looked up and saw Dana standing over him. "What are you doing?" she said quietly.

"What do you mean?" he responded, slightly puzzled. It was obvious he was doing what he always did at this time of night, he watched TV while she went to bed. Eventually he would fall asleep and wake up whenever Will did.

"Nothing, I just thought that..." she hesitated, suddenly feeling self- conscious.

"What?" he said, genuinely surprised at her query. "I thought that maybe tonight you'd be sleeping in the bedroom."

It took all he had not to leap up from the couch, rip off her robe and fuck her right there. He'd been wrong, there was room in her life for him, for them. Her obvious come on took him by surprise, but he was ready for her.

"Sleeping in the bedroom is fine, but I think we already proved that anything else is pretty much out of the question," he said smiling. She laughed at his remark, realizing that he was probably right. "Come here," he whispered.

She lowered herself onto the couch by swinging one knee over his legs, straddling him. She sat upright, rubbing herself against his crotch and placing her open palms against his chest, kneading his skin. He could feel the heat coming from between her legs as her robe nearly came undone and he couldn't resist the urge to reach up and stroke the soft spot between her breasts. Head tilted back and eyes closed she was an erotic sight, all he could think of was the many ways he would have her tonight.

"Fox..." she began.

"What?" he said, suddenly startled and then abruptly stopping his motions. "What?" she repeated, just as startled.

"I thought we cleared up this Fox thing a long time ago."

"Oh c'mon, I've heard other people use your first name I thought that it was about time that I did. Don't you think its odd that after all we've been through and the fact that we have a child together that you're still Mulder to me. Not to mention that you've started using my first name, so I thought it was about time, Fox."

He cringed at her calling him by his first name and she saw that.

"Why does it bother you? She asked, wondering what the big mystery was all about.

"It doesn't bother me," he said flatly.

"Yeah, it does." she countered.

"No, it doesn't. You can call me Fox if you want. I don't have any problem with it, Dana," he said this with a hint of sarcasm and she sensed there was more going on. He looked kind of disappointed.

"Alright, out with it," she demanded.

"Out with what?" he replied looking at her intensely. She had her answer. It was then that she got it.

"Oh, she teased. "Its okay for others to call you by your first name but not me. You want to be Mulder to me because it turns you on. You're the big G- man conquering his partner, breaking the rules...."

They both began to laugh as she leaned down, covering him with her body. "I'll bet you don't like calling me by my first name either. You want me to be Scully, don't you, Mulder..."

His hands explored her sides and he looked at her intensely. "That's what I like about you Scully, even though we hardly ever agreed about a case, you could always figure me out." He ran his hands over her ass as she kissed him, biting his lower lip. "You're not wearing anything under this robe are you?"

"Nope." His breath came out in a hiss as she ground herself against him, their mouths pressing, tongues locked together. The bulge in his pants made itself known to her and she stroked it with her heat. He undid her sash and the blue silk curtain parted to reveal a gloriously naked Scully. Mulder's mind was filled with all kinds of images, all kinds of ideas. He grabbed her, and sat up.

"You want it like this? " she said seductively, bringing her knees up to wrap around his hips.

"No," he said. "I want it like this."

With that he pressed her body to his and they rolled onto the floor, landing with him on top of her.

"Oooh, nice," she said, giving her breathless approval. He helped her out of the blue silk sleeves that still bound her. The robe provided a nice covering for the floor. If they closed their eyes they could pretend they were on a bed lying on silk sheets. Imagination was the key here.

"Scully,....he hesitated before starting, the mention of her last name bringing a wry smile to both their lips. "I didn't think that you wanted this, not now. You're priorities seemed to be with more important things than me."

"That wasn't it, Mulder. I was just afraid, afraid of losing myself in you again. Last time I did that, I lost you. I couldn't bear it if......." she was interrupted by his kiss.

She cradled his head in her hands, her fingers entwined in his hair as they tasted one another. It had been a while. He stopped and looked down at her, brushing strands of red hair from her eyes. "I'm not going anywhere." he professed. She looked like she was going to cry. "Scully....." his voice was sharper now, "I'm not going anywhere. Everything I have is right here. I love you and I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what? she said, fighting a lump in her throat.

"Sorry that I didn't get to tell you how I really feel. I have trouble with this kind of stuff, its no excuse I know but....goddamn it you know I'd do anything for you. You know that, right?" he said pleadingly.

"I know."

"I'm sorry about everything you had to go through this past year."

"It wasn't your fault Mulder. Its okay." She reassured him. "It wasn't like you haven't gone through enough yourself. We're both victims of circumstances neither one of us understands," she whispered. They resumed their kiss, only now it was different. It wasn't just need and sex, but love and understanding. She tugged at his t-shirt and helped pull it off. While he licked down the side of her neck, planting quick open mouth kisses on her chest, she undid his pants. He wiggled his way out of them until he too was naked and they reveled in feeling themselves bare against one another.

This was not the desperate lovemaking they'd experienced earlier in the day. This was simply...making love. He wanted to feel every inch of her, and she wanted all of him. He kissed his way down past her breasts, licking the soft skin of her stomach until he reached her inner thighs. He licked each one until suddenly and forcefully lapping the length of her pussy, until he reached her clit. He began to make her bathtub dreams come true.

She was panting now, making small whimpering noises as he twirled his tongue around her rapidly engorging clitoris. "Oh, Mulder......I....love you..." she breathed out and entangled her fingers in his hair. Her arousal was like a drug, and the room began to spin. She picked up his rhythm with her hips and began to feel her orgasm building.

He looked up at her and saw her beautiful face, lit up with the soft blue light coming from the TV. The images flickered across the screen behind them, their figures mere shadows in the dark. He knew she was going to come and inserted two fingers into her so that he could feel it. It enhanced the sensation for her and she bucked up when she felt the sudden penetration, then down again, circling her hips against his mouth and fingers until the familiar tingling began. Scully's mouth opened wide and she threw her head back as her orgasm washed over her in waves. He could feel her pussy pulse around his fingers as the sounds coming out of her grew from low whimpers to soft high-pitched moans. He loved it when she made that sound.

She stopped moving and collapsed her hips to the hard floor. He licked her one last time as he withdrew her fingers and slithered up her body. She tasted herself in his mouth, how she missed that. "Good?" he said.

"Um-hum," she replied, the power of speech eluding her. She could feel his growing erection against her, and she spread her legs, wrapping them around his waist.

"Oh, you are ready, aren't you?" he mumbled against her open mouth as she licked his lips.

"Gotta make up for lost time, right?" she said smiling, grinding herself against him. Scully felt his cock against the length of her wet and ready opening. He was rubbing against her, teasing her, making himself even harder. He was taking his time now, he would make this last longer. But she knew that he could only tease so much, a fact evident and as felt the his head begin to tease it's way inside her. "

You ready.....Mulder?" she teased.

Just as he was about to thrust into her......the baby began to cry, loudly. Mulder retreated from her and tumbled off to her side.

Scully was too startled to move at first, but then quickly reached for the robe and wrapped herself in it. They looked at each other briefly, the frustration evident in their eyes. "I don't know Mulder, maybe he has some kind of special radar or something," she said wearily as she stood up.

"Well, they did say he was special," Mulder said smiling as he stood up slowly and they both made their way toward the bedroom.

It was supposed to be a night of erotic lovemaking. What had started out as all-consuming passion was soon interrupted by the screaming cries of the infant to which they each had assigned the highest priority. They were content for a good while to make that child their lives, forgetting about each other in the process. But things were different now. The past 24 hours had shown that they had not forgotten each other. It was still there between them waiting to be rediscovered like some long buried X- File. Mulder was beginning to wonder whether Will's impeccably timed actions were the result of some plot by an unknown force to keep him from being with her again.

Morning found them both spooning on her bed, Scully still naked under her robe while Mulder was shirtless and still in his jeans. She felt his arms wrapped tightly around her as she woke from a brief sleep. Judging by his even breaths into her neck, she could tell he was still asleep. Will had only woken up a couple of times and they took turns attending to him. When he finally fell asleep for good, they had flopped down on the bed and had fallen asleep before they knew it.

They were tired and she suspected the frustration of interrupted sex had as much to do with it as the baby did. Scully was still excited. It surprised her because she'd read that new mothers had nearly zero sexual desire in the months after giving birth. But this was different. They had never had a chance to really be lovers before or after the baby. Now they both wanted it desperately, but it was proving to be nearly impossible for them. She sighed at the thought. Her mother had been right.

She felt him stirring and turned her face to meet him. "Good morning."

"Morning." He mumbled, eyes filled with sleep. "Feeling okay?"

"Fine, not like I haven't gone without much sleep before. How about you?"

"Fine," she responded flatly.

"For two people who are fine, we don't sound like it do we?" he chuckled. She smiled back and turned to face him. He trailed the collar of her robe, his hand darting inside to massage her breast. It was soft to the touch and he squeezed it slightly while running his thumb over her nipple. "You didn't get to come," she said.


"I came, you didn't."

"That's okay, next time we'll...." he was interrupted by her shoving her hand down his pants. The button was already undone, and the zipper lowered itself automatically as her hand stroked his crotch. "Baby, don't..," he said, stopping her hand with his. "We'll wake him up again." She wasn't listening. "

Its okay, I just wanna make you feel the way I did last night...." and then she kissed him, licking his lips. Mulder knew what she meant and his dick responded before he had a chance to.

They kissed long and deep for a few moments before she broke away from him, pushing him onto his back. She rose up onto her knees and pulled at his waistband. He arched his back up as she slid them off, his dick, already hard, popped out and bobbed against his stomach. He watched her as she brought her mouth down on him, feeling her lips wrapped around the head of his cock while her hot tongue swirled around it, stopping to massage each crease and enter each crevice. She wrapped her hand around the base and began to stroke softly as she took him in deeper into her mouth.

"Oh, baby...," he whispered, his head sinking back in between two pillows. She pumped him faster with her hand, her tongue stroking him with long even laps. Both his hands were now entwined in her hair, holding her head in place.

He watched her cheeks hollow as she drew her mouth all the way up his length, sucking him long and hard. She plunged back down onto him and ran her tongue up the side his shaft, stopping to circle her tongue at the head of his dick before continuing down the other side. He felt her free hand reach down and cup his balls, squeezing and massaging them until he couldn't help but let out a gasp of pleasure. He shifted himself downward and brought up his knees, giving him enough leverage so that he could thrust upward each time she plunged her mouth deeper onto him. She was working him hard now, her head bobbing over his cock, her lips smacking noisily against his hard hot flesh.

He moaned softly and she knew he was close. "Scully.... I'm gonna...uhhhh....Danaaa..." he mumbled in between groans, his head thrashing slightly from side to side. His cock twitched in her mouth and she couldn't help but lurch back as the first shots of his come filled her mouth. He let out a long gasp as he emptied himself into her mouth and she swallowed hungrily. She had never done that for him before. The taste of his semen was in her mouth and she reveled in it. Reveled in the way she made him feel, the way she was able to bring him off. He had lost control. His motions ceased and he sank back down onto the bed, his legs collapsing around her. She had slowed her movements considerably, and was now lazily tonguing him, licking him clean.

He reached down and touched the side of her face, stopping her. She rested her head on the inside of his thigh as she wiped her mouth. "Good?" she said confidently.

"Goddamn.... that was unbelievable!" he said in between labored breaths.

"I take it you feel better thenm" she continued as she slinked up to meet his lips.

"For now," he responded, meeting her open mouth with his. They loved to kiss and their kisses seemed to grow more intense every time.

"For now?" she teased, puzzled by his response.

"I still haven't had the chance to fuck you," he said against her mouth.

"We fucked yesterday, don't you remember?" she laughed.

"Nah, that didn't count."

She knew what he meant. It wasn't the same, wasn't as good as it had been between them in the past.

"I want you all to myself. I wanna make love to you all night long, Dana."

"Oh, you're calling me by my first name again. What does that mean?"

"It means we have to find a babysitter."

"A babysitter?" she repeated, an apprehensive look on her face.

"We could use a break, time alone together, don't you think?" Mulder responded.

Scully stared back at him as if the thought hadn't, couldn't even cross her mind. She wanted to be alone with him, desperately wanted it, but she felt uneasy about leaving Will. "What?" he prodded, noticing her conflicted look.


"What? he pushed further, taking her by the shoulder. "I've never, we've never, left him alone," she answered finally.

Mulder understood her feelings, the hesitation evident in her face. It was true that they hadn't been separated from him since he was born. Scully had never left his side, and Mulder, except for quick trips and errands was always in that apartment with them. Maybe that was the problem. Mulder reached over Scully and grabbed the cordless off its base on the nightstand.

"Mulder, what are you doing?" she warned.

He ignored her and quickly began running over the buttons with his thumb, pounding out a familiar number. When the line began to ring, he handed the phone to Scully. "Hello?" the voice on the other end answered. There was no immediate response. "Hello?" the voice repeated with a hint of irritation.

"Mom?" Scully finally spoke.

"Dana? What's wrong honey? Why did it take you so long to say something?"

"Nothing Mom, everything is fine. How are you?" Mulder rolled his eyes at her as she made small talk with Maggie and then waved his hand toward her in a "get to the point" gesture. God, her mother had really been right, he must be horny as hell.

She hadn't been paying attention to her mother's ramblings after asking how she'd been; she was too busy looking over at him. More specifically his bare muscular chest, the ripples in his stomach and the way his mouth turned up at the corners when he got that determined look on his face. Then she saw that bottom lip and its subtle but powerful little pout and she heard herself saying the words. "Mom, would you mind looking after Will for us tonight?" she said finally, the words pouring out of her.

Maggie Scully stood at the other end of the line and smiled to herself. She knew the call would come. It was just a matter of time. "Oh honey, I would love to spend time alone with my grandson." Scully could hear the "I told you so in her voice" and signed in defeat.

The knock came at exactly 6pm. Dana Scully opened the door to find her smiling mother, who instantly made her way into the apartment. She was about to close the door behind her when she felt it push back and was surprised to see Bill. "What are you doing here?" she said, reaching up to hug her older brother. "It was a surprise," her mother responded from the living room.

"Tara and I are in town for a few days and we wanted to visit Mom, and you, and our new nephew. Where is he by the way?" he said looking around. "

Right here," Mulder responded, coming out of the bedroom holding Will in his arms, his little face laying on its side on his shoulder, Mulder's hand carefully cradling his tiny cotton-covered back patting it gently.

Bill Scully and Fox Mulder were never the best of friends. Hell, it was a safe bet that if Bill ever got the chance, he'd probably try to beat the crap out of him. He hadn't forgotten what he'd put the family though, and probably never would. But Bill knew when to put those feelings aside, and looking at his nephew he knew this was one of those times. Scully was relieved when she saw Bill features soften; she always got nervous when he and Mulder were in the same room together. Bill walked over to Mulder and looked down at the drowsy infant. "Hey little guy, welcome to the family," he began, touching his fingers lightly on the top of his tiny little head. "Another William Scully." He beamed.

"Mulder." Fox Mulder corrected him.

"What?" Bill looked up suddenly; the softness quickly leaving his face and being replaced with that look that made Dana nervous.

"William Mulder. He's named after my father." Bill looked over at his sister, then at his mother. They weren't married, why should she name him after HIS father.

Maggie glowered at her son, her expression said it all: back off Bill. And he did. Maggie walked over to Mulder and held out her arms, taking the baby from him and wrapping her expert arms around him. "Did you pack his things?" she said looking over at Dana.


"His bag, his bottles, you know, the usual."

"Mom, I thought you would be sitting with him here."

"Oh no, I think it would be much, much better if he came over to my house. I've got a nursery there, don't you remember?"

"Yeah, I know, for Matthew. But since he's there now I don't think there's enough room for both of...."

"Nonsense," Maggie continued cutting her off. "He'll be fine. He has his grandmother, aunt and uncle and older cousin there. It'll be a good change of scenery for him, and you two won't have to worry about rushing home." Her lids fluttered up toward Dana, shooting her a look that said everything. Real subtle Mom, Dana thought. We should just fuck right here in front of you and Bill since you both seem to know what this is all about.

"We're just going out to dinner, and maybe a movie. We won't be long." Dana stuttered as she said those words. She was such a horrible liar.

Mulder was no help. He just stood by the kitchen table, observing the exchange and taking some twisted delight in watching her squirm with embarrassment.

"Whatever you want sweetheart. Fox, would you mind gathering some of Will's things for me?" Mulder didn't answer, and walked straight into the bedroom.

Bill followed him. He watched as Mulder carefully filled a diaper bag with the necessities. He reached into the crib and took out a small plush Winnie the Pooh and placed it inside. "His favorite?" Bill asked, making his presence known.


"Never pegged you for the type, Mulder."

"What type?"

"The father type. But you seem to have a handle on things pretty well and I respect you for that. I just have to know...."

"I love her," Mulder said, cutting him off. "I love my son and that's all you need to know. She may be your sister, but she and Will are MY family. It's all I care about now."

Bill was taken aback by the passion in his voice. This was not the same man he'd known several years back, the one who placed his goals above everything else. He couldn't help but have respect for him now. Mulder finally had his priorities straight, and it didn't surprise him one bit that his sister was the one who'd finally shown him a world outside of his own existence.

They emerged from the bedroom, Bill Scully taking the diaper bag from Mulder on his way to the door. "I'm gonna go down to the car, see ya Dana" he said, reaching down to kiss her. She kissed him back and braced herself for what came next.

Maggie turned to follow Bill. "Say goodbye to Mommy and Daddy," she cooed.

Dana touched Will's arm and held his little hand, almost reluctant to let go. She kissed him tenderly on the head, feeling like she was going to cry. "You be good, sweetie," she said, her lip trembling. Mulder walked over and kissed his little forehead.

"Have a good time guy. We'll see you latah," he said glancing at him tenderly.

When Maggie had gone, and the door closed behind her, Mulder turned to see Scully standing staring at the door while tears rolled down her cheeks. He suddenly felt guilty, like he was doing something wrong. Maybe this was a bad idea. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She buried her face in his chest, letting out a small sob. "Hey," he said reassuringly. "Its okay, we're gonna get him back, you know."

"I know..I just. I miss him already and he's only been gone for like two minutes. Its silly, I know. I'm sorry."

"Don't be, its okay. You wanna change your mind and forget the whole thing? Maybe it's not time yet." She looked up at him and stared deeply into his hazel eyes and remembered the events of the past couple of days. She felt him stroke her sides with his hands as he spoke and the feelings she'd been suppressing came up through her and she kissed him. "Wow, that was a quick switch," he said, still holding his lips against hers.

She smiled at him, the realization of having the entire evening ahead of them overtaking her. She missed her baby, that was for sure. But she missed his Daddy too. It was the right time and she knew what she wanted. "Your place."

"What?" Mulder said while sucking the side of her neck softly.

"I wanna go to your place," she said breathlessly.

When the door opened, she stepped in first while he followed locking the door behind him. There were so many memories here. Scully was overcome for a moment by the flood of images that filled her mind: her searching through his desk for the tape that would form an X on his window in a desperate attempt to find his contact, and find Mulder; sitting on the couch while searching through a case file, debating facts and arguing over theories; Holding his sobbing body the night he learned of his mother's death. "Scene of the crime." She mused almost silently.

"Scene of many crimes," he added seriously. "Why are we here Dana? I was thinking more along the lines of a really great restaurant, and then a hotel room," he said, coming up behind her, his hands sliding around her waist. "Or just a hotel room with really good room service." He kissed the side of her neck and she titled her head in response.

"Sounds nice, maybe next time."

Mulder was confused. She preferred the plain, masculine surroundings of his apartment to the satiny feel of a luxurious hotel room? The best they could do here was order take-out and watch TV. Same as they had done for years. He rubbed his face into her hair, his hands still holding her tightly at the center. Same as they done for years, the thought came at him again. This place was as much a part of them as anything else, he thought finally.

It was, of course, the place where they'd first made love. The place where they'd conceived, although unbeknownst to the two of them at the time. He remembered well that first time together, when they gave in to years of pent up frustration after a night of talking about paths not chosen.

Dana Scully was deep in her own thoughts; many of them contained the same memories. But hers also held others, memories that Mulder knew nothing about. He knew nothing about the nights she spent here alone, lying on his bed taking in the scent of his sheets, his pillow, his clothing. Anything that would preserve her connection to him.

She remembered the fear of thinking she'd never see him again, that all she'd have left of him was what was left in this apartment. She was two people then, a professional and determined FBI agent during the day; a desperate and scared pregnant woman at night, curled in a fetal position wondering if she would ever get the chance to tell him how she felt. Worse, she was afraid he'd never know about the miracle they'd created together. Crying herself to sleep became a nightly ritual for her then. Just thinking about it brought tears to her eyes now and she couldn't fight them.

"Hey...." Mulder swung around to face her. "What's the matter?" he said, softly caressing her cheek.

Then she told him. And he understood. This was more than sex. This was more than just needing a break from being parents. This was about healing pain. The pain they'd both felt at their separation. His abduction had come at a time when they'd just begun to experience each other, to trust one another with their souls as well as their lives. He knew that for him that time had been filled with horrors he wanted nothing more than to forget. But now he knew that she had felt those same horrors along with him, through the connection that had already been formed between them. He looked into her eyes and saw the fear, the longing, the loneliness she suffered and it eclipsed any physical torture he had suffered. Why didn't he see it sooner? He lied to himself. He had seen it, he just didn't know how to handle it. All he knew was to avoid it.

"Mulder...I know you went through hell. I know that my experience doesn't even come close..." He silenced her with a tender kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as his lips opened hers and she felt his tongue enter her mouth. His hands gripped her lower back hard pushing her into him, feeling the length of her body. He ran his hands up and down her sides in between intermittent open-mouthed kisses that made delicious smacking sounds he was sure his neighbors could hear. Not that he cared.

"I just want to make it all go away Scully." He breathed into her mouth.

She pulled back, lips swollen and stared into his eyes. "Then make it go away." He led her into the bedroom, his hands gripping her from behind, kissing her neck. She gasped lightly as she lowered herself on her back onto his bed and he laid on top of her. Mulder took both her arms and pinned them above her head, looking into her eyes, then touching his lips to hers in a chaste sweet kiss that reminded her of what now seemed a distant past in their lives. Rubbing himself against her, she could feel his arousal and her body responded by moving underneath him, bucking her hips lightly against his until she could feel him grow harder through his pants. His breathing grew heavier, more labored as his kisses became harder. She reached down and pulled on his shirt. He rose up onto his knees and shucked it off, throwing it onto the floor. She began to unbutton her own shirt, when he pushed her hands away and took over the task until she was freed from its confines. She wasn't wearing a bra. Mulder didn't waste any time and buried his face in between her breasts licking and sucking the skin there until he felt her begin to pant, her chest rising and falling as she held his head against her, fingers grasping his hair almost painfully.

She kissed the top of his head as he tongued her left nipple, eliciting a soft moan. He remembered that it was the sensitive one, the one that seemingly had a direct line down to her clit. She felt pussy throb and contract as he sucked on it hungrily, the felt the wetness pour out of her when he bit down on it. She almost screamed.

Mulder could feel her nails digging into his scalp and didn't care that it hurt. He only knew that he was making her lose control and he wanted more of it. He released her nipple and got back up onto his knees, unbuttoning his pants. She sat up, bringing her head level with his waist and unzipped his pants. Before he had a chance to stop her, her hand darted inside and wrapped itself around his hard cock. He wasn't wearing any underwear. She pressed her head against his lower stomach, her lips touching the bare skin just above his groin as she continued stroking him. He could feel the softness of her hair brushing against his stomach, his crotch, falling along his cock and let out a stifled moan when he realized he needed to get off the bed to remove his pants. Pulling away from her long enough to do it, he quickly returned to his position on his knees.

He couldn't hide his disappointment when she dropped back onto the bed away from him, but realized it was necessary in order for her to free herself from her jeans. They were off and thrown to the floor before either of them knew how it happened. "So much for slow and sensual," she said laughing softly.

"Yeah, we don't seem to be too good at that. He responded as he lowered himself onto her, her legs spreading in response. She could feel the tip of his cock at her opening, pushing its way in and sucked in her breath. He covered her mouth with his, his tongue making its way inside her mouth as he slipped inside her moist wet flesh. She whimpered into his mouth as his cock filled her completely. He didn't move, but instead assaulted her mouth with his lips and tongue, almost bruising her lips in the process. Their height difference made it necessary for him to arch his back so that he could maintain lip contact while he was inside her. This increased the pressure against her clitoris and elicited an automatic bucking response from her hips.

"Wait," he said breathlessly. Scully knew what that meant, he was trying to delay, to keep from ending this too soon and she stopped moving, feeling him full inside her. Mulder brought himself up on his elbows and pulled out of her slowly until only the head of cock was in her. She moaned in protest and he smiled down at her.

"Wha...what are you doing?" she gasped, her hands gripping his hips trying to pull him back in, he successfully fought her off, continuing to tease her opening, never pushing in more than an inch. Scully was discovering the delicious feeling this produced, squirming beneath him and circling her hips around the teasing flesh prodding her dripping wet opening. "Oh God...Mulder...that's soooo....ah, she mumbled. It felt like the nerve endings around her labia were ready to explode.

"You like it huh?" he breathed, biting his lower lip enjoyed the look of ecstasy on her face. "Shit, I feel like I could come like this."

"Do it, rub your clit." She took her index and middle finger and placed them around her clit touching it softly at first, spreading her juices all over it, shivering from the sensation of it while feeling the continuous tease of Mulder cock at her vaginal opening. She gradually increased the pressure, her hips in rhythm with her fingers and with him. Her ministrations caused her to brush against his dick, as her rubbing became more furious, bringing her closer to the edge. Her entire body felt like it was going to explode from the tease. She was so close.... so close and so ready. "God, Mulder...oooh, I think I'm gonna come......she whimpered, her head tilted back.

"Do it!" he commanded.

"AH, she squealed....I'm com......her hips bucked harder as her orgasm started deep in her clit, enhanced by the feeling of the throbbing head of his cock buried in her vaginal opening. He felt her tremble as he peaked and knew that was his cue. She screamed as he plunged into her, her pussy contracting around his full throbbing cock. OHMYFUCKINGGOD! she yelled.

He was sure the neighbors heard that, and still didn't care. He was inside her now and wasn't holding back. As she came down from her orgasm, he caught her on the tail end with his pumping, coming up onto his hands for more leverage. Her legs were wrapped around him, thighs crushed against his hips as he drove into her again, and again, and again until he could hear his own moans mingling with hers, filling the room with the exquisite sounds of their lovemaking. She reached her hands up around his neck pulling him down onto her, kissing him open-mouth, the tips of their tongues flicking. She wanted all of it now, all of him.

She wanted to be fucked into oblivion by this man. "You are so fucking good, don't stop.....don't stop..," she said in between gasps. "No......uhh....never going to stop. I want you so bad....I just wanted to fuck you every time I saw you...every...." his voice trailed off as he began to lose himself and his movements became more frenzied. He was pounding into her and she was doing a great job of keeping up with his rhythm, grinding herself into him. She tightened her muscles around his cock and he groaned, coming up on his hands again for more leverage. "Yeah....oh that's it deeper....you....got....it..." the words struggled out of her mouth. She brought her legs down and her knees up, her feet on the edge of the mattress so that her hips were tilted down as he fucked her, the base of his cock rubbing against her still throbbing clit. She came up on her elbows, her face against the base of his neck. He could feel her breath against his skin and it excited him beyond belief. He had slowed his pumping somewhat but now increased it in this new position, knowing that it wouldn't be long before he would come. He wanted to delay it as much as possible, as much as he wanted it, he wanted to stay inside her more. She felt so good.

He leaned back and glanced down between them, watching his cock as it he drove it in and out of her, glistening with her juices. She saw him looking down and brought her own gaze to the scene between them, pushing up against him harder. "You like to watch it, don't you?" she teased...

"Yes..." he answered, still looking at her pussy being invaded by him.

"Fuck me harder......" Scully groaned.

She continued tilting her hips down as he sped up, and reveled in the feeling of him drilling her. She felt it all come out of her, the pain, the longing the frustration and everything that had been taken from them was returning at this very moment. Their lovemaking was an exorcism, and all the demons were now retreating back to Hell.

"Scully....I'm gonna....can't hold it....AHHH.." he groaned, his mouth open.

"C'mon, come for me....Do it....Mulder I want you to come inside me so bad. I need it so bad." She pleaded, whimpering. "I need YOU so bad. Missed you so much.....so much....make it all go away baby, c'mon...DO IT!" she cried as her orgasm took her by surprise, nearly strangling his cock with its contractions.

"OH GOD....I missed you too..." he managed, thrusting into her as she came screaming. He exploded, coming harder than he felt he'd ever had in his whole life. His head went back and he moaned as she kissed his neck making soothing noises into his hot sweaty skin as he came down, slowing his motions until he stilled himself inside her.

She fell backward and he fell on top of her, their sweat-soaked skin meeting in a sticky embrace. Mulder pulled out slowly and she gasped her disappointment as he rolled off to her side, exhausted.

"Jesus." He breathed.

"I know," she said, trying to bring her shaking legs together. She curled up beside him and placed her head on his chest, his heart still beating furiously against her ear. She draped her arm across his stomach, and his arm curled around her neck until they were wrapped together.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too."

"Did I make it go away?"


"You know, I wouldn't mind doing this for the next forty or fifty years, Agent Scully."

"Agent Mulder, is that a proposal?" she responded looking up at him smiling. He looked down at her, then she realized he was serious. "Fifty years huh?" she said, looking into his eyes, bringing herself up on one elbow.

"Fifty years, eternity....whatever. It's not the most romantic proposal I know but you already saved me, now you get to make an honest man out of me. What's not to love?"

"I can't think of anything I couldn't love more." She brought her lips to his and they kissed with a passion that brought all the answers to all the questions they'd ever asked and they both realized that they'd found the truth after all, in each other.


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