Title: Lost: A Christmas Tale of Love and Hope
Author: Rae
Category: MSR, S, Angst
Rating: Not even a bad word.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Although, I've heard whispers that they have more fun at my house...
Distribution: Feel free to link: http://www.reocities.com/rachellee7/lost.txt

Summary: Christmas isn't always merry.

UMMMM: This is un-beta'd. All mistakes are mine.

"If there is a God, whence proceed so many evils? If there is no God, whence cometh any good?"

December 23, 2005

Dana Scully wasn't doing it because she cared, or even out of some long forgotten sense of spiritual celebration, but because it beat the alternative of just sitting around and waiting for nothing to show, or happen, or...anything.

She'd long ago given up hope. After all, it had been more than three years since she had last heard from Mulder, and the rule was, come hell or high water, a message would be delivered by Christmas.

She and Mulder had hid in New Mexico until December 22, 2002. The date Mulder had been given had been off by ten years. The invasion had been swift and for the most part, ineffectual, which had led Mulder to believe They would be back. Except for the occasional unexplained blip on radar screens, the skies have been empty of menacing alien aircraft since December 24, 2002.

Within forty-eight hours, buildings had been leveled and lives had been lost, but the general infrastructure of the World had remained intact. Disease had followed and more lives were lost, but the electricity still ran and one could drink the water as long as it was boiled first, or one had chlorine tablets at their disposal.

The following day, Scully had stood in the open bedroom door, watching Mulder pack another bag. He told her he'd contact her as soon as he had information, or by the same time the following year, no matter what. His lack of correspondence for the last three years had led Scully to believe her love must have died and no one had known to contact her.

After placing the ragged angel on top, she stepped off the small ladder and took a few steps back to get a good look at the whole tree.

It certainly wasn't the best-looking Christmas tree. Most of the needles had already fallen off, and only half the strand of lights actually lit up when they were plugged in. Not to mention that more than half the ornaments were chipped or too far gone to even hang. It definitely gave off a look of 'dismal', but then again, everything about life, and the world in general, was pretty bleak, so why should a tree be any less so? Images from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" began to play through her mind and she almost smiled when she realized that the sad looking tree from that once beloved Christmas movie would look like the Rockefeller tree if placed beside the one in her living room.

The last two years, Scully had put the tree up as soon as they'd started selling them. She had been certain Mulder would make sure to get to her so they could spend the Holiday together. She'd watered the tree until no amount of water could keep it from dying. When the branches became so brittle that her ornaments would fall off, she'd reluctantly take it down. She couldn't stomach the thought of replacing the lost ornaments, or replacing the bulbs in the light strands, so each year the tree looked more and more pitiful.

Scully contemplated pulling out the flour, sugar, rolling pin and cookie cutters, but wasn't sure if she could bring herself to bake for just herself as she had during the previous years when the hope she held was still alive and she could feel it coursing through her veins, warming her enough to ward off the deep December chill.

For all the trouble she went through, Christmas just wasn't Christmas if there wasn't anyone to share it with.

"For in all adversity of fortune the worst sort of misery is to have been happy."

December 23, 2005

If she thinks real hard, Scully can almost remember what it was like to be happy. She remembers smiling and laughing and telling jokes. She even remembers tofutti rice dreamscicles and baseball and a beautiful spring day that led to a cloudless night with Mulder wrapped around her.

That had been the beginning of them. She and Mulder had been partners for years, but until that spring evening, she had still been Dana Scully, M.D. But after that, things began to change, and it wasn't long before she was only half of a whole. Very slowly, she became the Scully part of the MulderScully Couple. There were entire days that bled into each other so that a Friday night at Mulder's left her scrambling to find her shoes to meet her mother for church on Sunday.

In the beginning, it had been all innocence, as if they were two teenagers afraid of going too fast that they might not see the curve up ahead. But once they arrived at that curve, they just leaned into it and let gravity pull them through.

So much of her happiness is tied up in Mulder that it's nearly impossible to believe she's lived so much of her life without him. First, there was the long absence while she was pregnant, only to find him just in time for him to leave again. And then it happened yet again. It's like her life is caught in some loop where she is destined to share few precious months with her love, and then forced to live even longer in his absence.

And then she'd had to give up William.

"A man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven."

December 24, 2005

As Scully sat and nursed a beer while watching Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield chase a gopher around a golf course, the log in the fireplace popped and rolled. It wasn't the best way to celebrate the birth of Christ, but it was the best she could do at the moment.

It didn't help to think of past Christmas', like when she and Mulder had traipsed through a haunted house at the amusement of two pop-psychologist ghosts. She remembers how annoyed she'd been, but she also remembers that there's nowhere else she'd have rather been.

When the credits began to roll, she bit the head off another Santa cookie while trying to decide how to fill the next few hours before climbing into bed. She scrolled through the channels until she landed on "It's a Wonderful Life". At least Jimmy Stewart would get his Christmas Miracle.

The half-lit Christmas tree mocked her from its corner and Scully decided that she couldn't bear to watch George Bailey regain his life when hers was still in limbo. She clicked off the television and cleaned up from her meager dinner.

She stood in front of the tree and contemplated the angel on top: a messenger from God sent to lead Mary and Joseph and herald the birth of Jesus. Scully only wished that Mulder had an angel to lead him back to her.

She unplugged the tree and climbed into bed.

The End

Notes: This angsty tale was written for Robin, my secret Santa swapee. I hope you enjoyed it.

All the quotes are by Boethius, a Roman that lived long, long ago. However, he totally helped me out by breaking through my writer's block. I'd only written the first 3rd of the story when I came up against a brick wall. I stumbled upon these quotes, and they kinda set the stage for the rest of the story.

Title: And Found: A Christmas Tale of Love and Hope Author: Rae Category: MSR, S Rating: No one under 18 admitted without being accompanied by an adult. Disclaimer: Not mine. Although, I've heard whispers that they have more fun at my house... distribution: Feel free to link: http://www.reocities.com/rachellee7/found.txt

Summary: Christmas is a time for miracles.

Ummmm: This is un-beta'd. All mistakes are mine. This is a sequel to Lost: A Christmas Tale of Love and Hope that I wrote for the Secret Santa Fic Swap. It isn't necessary to read it first, but it does set this one up nicely.

For sallie. Because she asked. Well, actually, she issued a challenge.

Merry Christmas, sallie, dear!

"He who has calmly reconciled his life to fate can look fortune in the face."

December 25, 2005

Scully slowly awakened to a small hand patting her cheek, and the faint smell of cinnamon and sour milk.

She opened her eyes and gasped.

"Oh my God. William!"

"Merry Kissme, Momma."

"Oh my God."

She sat up and pulled her long-lost child to her breast, raining kisses on his head. She drew in a long deep breath of his hair, relishing the lingering scent of baby shampoo and sweat.

"William. William. William, my sweet boy. You're here! I can't believe it."

Scully looked up to find Mulder standing at the foot her bed.

"Mulder? How? When? Oh my God."

Mulder smiled and answered, "It's Christmas, Scully, and I made a promise."

"I've waited so long for this. For you. And for Willliam. And now you're here and I've got my baby in my arms and I still can't believe it. Tell me I'm not dreaming."

Mulder climbed into the bed and settled beside Scully. He wrapped his arms around her, told her she wasn't dreaming, and before she could answer, he kissed her long and deep, each reclaiming what they both believed they'd never have again.

December 25, 2005

"I knowed all along that they wasn't my mommy and daddy."

"How did you know, sweetie?"

Scully, Mulder and William were all still sitting in the bed, holding tightly to one another, afraid they'd lose sight of each other if anyone dared to let go.

"I heared them talking in my head, just like I heared you and daddy. When I was a baby, I didn't knowed who all those voices were, but I always heared you talking to me and telling me you was sorry."

Scully tried to smile, but realized how miserably she was failing when she felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. She wasn't sure if she was trying to reassure herself or William.

"I did what I thought was best for my baby to keep you safe. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But I promise, I won't ever let you go again."

December 25, 2005

"You should sleep, Scully."

They were curled into each other on the couch, watching the lights of the Christmas tree blink on and off. William had finally fallen asleep and Mulder had pulled Scully away from the bed so that the two of them could catch up.

"I can't. I just want to be here in this day, this moment, absorbing every detail no matter how minute. I still can't believe that you're here. And William, he's so beautiful. And he's here. When did you find him?"

"Three days ago."


"He called out to me."

"You heard him in your head?"

"Yeah. I think he finally figured out that if he could hear us, then we could probably hear him, and he started calling out to us both." "I wish I could have heard him. The two of you have this incredible connection. I can't tell you how jealous I am."

Mulder kissed the top of her head and ran his hands up and down her back.

"How did you get the people that were keeping him to let him go?"

"He was in an orphanage. His adoptive parents got sick and died in the days following the attacks. I walked into the over-crowded home and said I wanted to surprise my wife for Christmas. Money sped up the paperwork, and we came right here."

"Where have you been all this time, Mulder? I haven't heard from you in three years. I thought you were dead."

He gently wiped the tears from her face and told her how he'd been enlisted to help a renegade group run recons, and that through their hard work, they were able to stop the aliens from returning and destroying the remaining population. The work had been grueling, and once you were "in", it was almost impossible to get in touch with loved ones. In order to avoid mass hysteria, only those enlisted knew about the repeated attempts to attack the Earth. After three long years, those involved were finally confident that they'd destroyed the last of threats, and the human race could really start to rebuild Life.

"Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law."

December 25, 2005

When the soft, loving kisses had turned hungry, Mulder had pulled them both up from the couch, only to lay Scully on the floor beside the fireplace. "I need more room", he'd told her, and immediately set to the task of removing the clothes from both their bodies.

Scully bit her lip to keep from crying out. She had missed this so much. The tingle as Mulder ran his fingers from her ankle to her thigh, the butterflies that took flight in her belly as he took a stiff nipple between his teeth, and the long, liquid pull as he pushed himself inside.

The first time they came together, it was all about need. The need to be close, the need to feel the burn and the ache and the sweet release. The need to know each other again, to feel the ripple of skin beneath fingers, and the solid press of one body to another.

The second time was slow and tender. They reawakened the feelings they'd been forced to bury, reclaimed the love they held only for each other. The passion that flowed between them was stronger than it had ever been.

The third time was just for good measure. They'd been without each other for so long, and were determined to make up for lost time.

As the light came in through the windows, Mulder rolled onto his side and pulled Scully to him so that her back was against his chest and her head was tucked under his chin.

Scully softly whispered, "Don't ever leave me again."


"I mean it Mulder, the world could come crashing down around us, but you are to stay right here. They'll just have to do without you during the next apocalypse."


While the world around them unknowingly awoke to a safer, new dawn, Mulder and Scully climber into bed, cocooning William between them. They faced each other, clasped their fingers and entwined their legs, not wanting to lose any amount of contact they could maintain.

And they slept.

The end

Notes: This story was written in answer to a photo manipulation challenge. The photo can be found here:

As with Lost: A Christmas Tale of Lost and Hope, all the quotes are by Boethius, a Roman that lived long, long ago. He helped break through my writer's block in the last story, so I decided to use him again.

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