Living Ever After

By: Awesomo Fox

Category: S/Angst, MSR, Character Death!

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Most of the Mythology Eps.

Summary: What if Emily HADN'T died?

Disclaimer: Dear Mr. Carter,

I know your beautiful, intelligent characters are not

mine, and they never were, and if I do make any money, (which

I won't, I can gaurantee you) I'll send it to you. If you like

my story and want to use it as a plot on the show, go ahead,

but under one circumstance: I get David Duchovny for a day.

Think about it, I swear it'll be worth it! ThanX

Yours ALWAYZ, The Awesomo Fox

Special Thanks To: CG, Heather, Melissa, Nolls and Al. Thanks for the

support and suggestions guys! You're the bestest!

Note: Hope you like this one better Mom!



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I have had many heartbreaks in my life. I had been ruined after the loss of every one of them. I always vowed I wouldn't fall in love again. I thought I would finally be able to stick to that vow. Little did I know that someday I would meet Dana Scully.

Yes, she was attractive. Yes, she was smart. Yes, she had everything I ever wanted in a mate, and Yes, she was available. Yes, I fell in love again.

As the years went on, and we were together more and more, I fell in love with Dana Scully. For 5 years I loved her, but the chance of being rejected was to much to bear, and I didn't tell her.

I should have, I know. Every single time that she was missing or hurt, or I was missing or hurt-It could have been my last time seeing her, not sharing with her my true feelings.

To add to the misery of my love-struck heart and conscience, was the fact that she had been through so much horror because of me. She could never love me, I thought, because I was the constant source of her anguish.

I thought I would never express my feelings to Scully. But I did.

She had found out that she would never have children (another thing I unknowingly did to her), but that Christmas, she got one. Emily.

I could see that the bond wouldn't take too long to form as soon as Scully adopted Emily, and they spent more time together.

But she confessed to me that the social worker was sure that she would not get custody because of her job and her being single.

So before I knew what I was doing, before I could realize how I felt, and thought things through, I bought a ring, went over to my best friend's apartment, and proposed to her.

I told her that she could quit her job, stay home with Emily, and I would become a Psychologist like I had originally planned. She was worried, but amazed and said yes to me. In the back of my mind I imagined her saying No, and throwing me out of her life forever.

But she didn't. And she confessed that she loved me too. We talked the entire evening and fell asleep cuddled on her couch. The first thing I noticed when I woke up that morning was how beautifully that ring looked on Dana's hand. I was to be her husband. I was to be her lifetime companion. We would have a child, Emily. Our one child that I would spoil to the brim and I would take to the zoo, and to the park. All that and Scully by my side. I once thought that I was doomed to a terrible life. I was wrong again.

We called up Scully's mother, and mine too, and started making plans for the wedding. Skinner was shocked and happy at the same time and I asked him to be my best man (I didn't know what I said til I said it, but I wouldn't take it back). Bill's wife was the maid of honor.

We were married on Valentines Day, almost 2 months later, and adopted Emily by late August of that year. She had been spending a lot of time with us, so the transition wasn't difficult to her.

She knew Dana more that she knew me, but it didn't take her long to warm up to her new father. She was almost 5 by that time, so kindergarten started in the fall. It was very hard for us to let go of her and see her go into that big red-brick school building, but we managed, and later I joked to Dana that soon we would be broke when she started going to the mall with friends.

Dana was happy. She taught a little a Quantico when Emily was in school, but the hours were such that she was home by the time Emily was home.

I was happy. My work as a psychologist was going well and we were living in a beautiful home in Alexandria. Somehow, my sister wasn't my first priority and it sort of scared me, but I knew that if God (we decided as a family to start attending a small Catholic church-Dana was very proud of me for regaining my faith) intended her to be in my life she would be. So I laid off on the aliens and conspiracies for awhile.

Skinner told us that he never realized how much he could miss two of his most troublesome agents, but was over for dinner almost every other week. We kept in touch and Emily calls him "Uncle Wally". It's really kind of cute how he changes when he is around her. I never knew Skinner had such good Barbie Doll voices in him! I always get a funny mental picture of us in his office when we were still FBI's most infamous and he would reprimand us, but instead of using his big "I'm the boss" voice, using his squeaky 'Generation Girl Kelly' voice. It cracks me up every time.

Skinner almost spoiled Emily as much as I did. He always had something in his arms for her when we answered the door. I'm just glad he asked us before he bought her a puppy! But she is the most adorable kid on the planet, I know. Very hard to resist those little eyes and that adorable 5 year-old charm. And I am her father. I am so lucky.

For almost a year we had a perfect life. Dana and I hardly fought, and the Cancerman and his gang weren't heard from. I was no longer a threat to them, so they were no longer a threat to us, which was actually shocking to me considering Emily's origin. But I never spoke of it. Ever.

Then, one November morning, after dropping Emily off at school, (<A big girl-A FIRST grader now!> [Daddy! Look, I can tie my shoes!] <My girl is getting so big! How about some ice cream?>) on one of my days off, Dana and I went to the mall and unknowingly walked in on an armed robbery.

I had the sense of deja vu that I kept getting about banks and hold ups, with Dana walking in and me getting shot, but this time it was different. Before I could jump in front of her to protect her, a bullet pierced her upper right atrium and she died in my arms.

It was the worst day of my life and today, 18 years later, I still haven't been involved in another romantic relationship.

One of my biggest regrets is that Emily, my and Dana's daughter, would grow up without a mother, to teach her to do all the things that little girls do and tell her how to meet boys and how to do her make-up right, and what to feel after getting dumped, and to go shopping with her, and to be her best friend.

It was hard to tell her, and she didn't understand why her mommy wasn't there anymore, which made it harder on me, but we both had the support of family and friends and we got it together within the year. It was an easier, faster recovery for Emily, but for me-well, I am still mourning my wife's death to the day.

I vowed at Dana's funeral to be the best parent I could to that little girl. I would LEARN to do her hair, LEARN to give advice, LEARN to be a good listener and I would do it well.

And I did. It was not easy, I'll tell you that. I would cry many nights into my pillow, missing Dana, missing my best friend, and begging God to give her back. She would have handled so many situations better than me, I know. But Emily is and was a good girl and she never got into any trouble or had any real problems.

She loved me, and I loved her. We were all we had, and she always treats me with respect. I think the world of her. She never criticizes me for the things that I couldn't do for her, or questioned my rules.

Her grandmothers and aunts were good female influences, however, sadly, my mother passed away in the winter of 2006. Margaret Scully is still alive and well. But it was good to know that if she needed a woman to talk to, there would be one there. But she always came to me first. No matter what it was.

Any questions she had/has about Dana, I answer truthfully, and I tell her all the stories I can think of about her mom when I can.

It was hard to start letting go. You think that your little girl will be little forever, but then they start getting interested in guys and thinking for themselves, becoming independent.

She was a Freshmen in High School in the blink of an eye, having sleepovers and getting her first boyfriend (with much grilling from me, I'll tell ya that much) and now she is through with college. I am so proud

of her. She exceeds at all she does, and now, here I sit, nervous and scared out of my mind, because in a few minutes I will walk my baby girl down the isle.

My only part of Scully will leave in that limousine with the man that Em is in love with. I couldn't be more devastated. But they will be living only 2 miles away and I know that she is going to continue to stay close to me.

Here she comes now, so beautiful in that white sparkling gown she's wearing.

She smiles at me through her veil and I can't believe how much she looks like Dana. My Dana who was taken from me, and now My Emily, who I am giving away. My throat is tight and I promise her mentally that I won't cry until the end. It's gonna be a hard promise to keep.

Now she takes my hand in hers. Her hands that look so much like Dana's. Wearing Dana's favorite perfume and the crucifix that Dana had given her.

The music is playing. My heart is beating. How I will miss her! She was my life for 18 years. 18 long wondrous years. I feel the tears well in my eyes. And we begin to walk down the isle.

I am smiling and crying when she tells me, "I love you Daddy" before I leave her at the altar. I am smiling because I know that my Dana is smiling with me in Heaven. And I am crying because she isn't here.

God Please watch over my 2 girls.




Authors Note: I am not a shipper. That is what you should know. I am a Normo, with a slight (and I repeat; **SLIGHT**) distaste toward MSR. But I respect those of you who like it, and looky here-I wrote one m'self


This idea was to good of an idea to pass up. I hope you liked it. I cried when I was writing it. I don't know if it was emotional, or if it was because I was home with a bad head cold the day this was penned.

This is only my 2nd fic, so forgive me if it sux. My first fic is archived (Hopefully) @ Gossamer and EMXC. It's called "Letters to the Lost" or possibly "Fox's Den". Not too sure-see, I named it one thing then changed it so...never mind.

I think that they are pretty good, and have gotten good reviews on them, so if you get a chance, check em out!

Feedback welcome. But only good stuff and constructive critisizm. E-mail me @

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Thank you and good X-Philing to you,

Awesomo Fox


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