Title: Just Like Normal People

Author: Bird (spookychic1@excite.com)

Rating: G

Category: Post-Truth, MSR, Baby-Fic, slight Angst Feedback: Sure! Spookychic1@excite.com Spoiler: Season 8 I Suppose. you do know there's a baby, right?

Archive: Wherever, just let me know where. Summary: Some time spent living... just like normal people.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mulder, Scully, or William if i did i would be rich and happy and I am neither.


The scent of fresh-cut grass and barbecue filled his nose in a perfume of a normalcy that was now, in his mind so used to the dank odor of dingy motel rooms, equivalent to ecstasy


This sensation of near perfection, this feeling of tasting a slice of heaven, only added to the thought that he might be dreaming the vision before him.

After all, he had done it many times in the months before.

Today, though... today was sweet reality.

Sitting cross-legged on the porch, he gaped openly.

The light from the lowering sun was so bright behind them, it stung his eyes to look.

But look he did. He knew that neither of them would never not look. They wouldn't blink, for fear of missing what they knew could be gone in an instant.

And as he watched them sway back and forth on the large bench swing, he held one hand over his eyes as a visor- never breaking his gaze.

The soft gurgling noises of their child, combined with her breathy "baby song", formed the most stunning duet he had ever heard...

"Okay," he realized with an internal shrug, "perhaps she's slightly off-key, but it's stunning none-the-less."

A smile found it's way onto his lips, a prelude to his last thought.

Her head was tilted down to their son's, as he sat upon her knees, her strawberry strands falling across him like a shimmery curtain.

Her song paused only momentarily, as she peppered her baby's forehead with kisses.

Engrossed, he watched tiny hands reach up, grasp at, and grab the cross hung from her neck, glinting with golden rays.

He gasped, and half rose, preparing to jump into action, when the child popped the small metal charm into his innocent smiling mouth.

She gently shushed him.

"Mulder," she chuckled with laughing in her eyes as well as her throat, "he'll be fine."

"See?" she said, fishing the small cross from their son's pink toothless mouth. It's on a chain, you know."

Tucking some stray hairs behind her ear, she admonished him affectionately. "Babies do that all the time."

William, apparently amused as well, actually let out what sounded like a giggle. His tiny face was beaming and grinning as Scully treated him to an Eskimo kiss and raspberries to the tummy.

"Oh" was all Mulder said, and feeling a bit sheepish, resigned to settle back into his place of observance for a few minutes when she suddenly spoke up again.

"Honey," she stifled a yawn, "can you hold him for a while? I need to go grab him a sweatshirt, it's getting chilly."

He nodded and rose, taking his baby boy in his large hands, while kissing Scully on the crown of her head.

"Thanks," she breathed, "I'll be right back" kissing him quickly on the lips, before disappearing into the house.

After a few acapella sessions of 'Take Me Out To the Ball-Game', father and son enjoyed some tickling and watched the sun sink below the horizon before Mulder noticed that Scully had not returned to the porch as she'd earlier promised.

"C'mon, big boy," Mulder sighed, taking his son to his hip and opening the screen door, "let's see what mommy's up to. kay?"

After circling the downstairs with no sign of Scully, the pair ascended the stairs to search out the bedrooms.

And there she was. Laying on her side in their large sleigh-bed, facing the open bay window. She was most definitely asleep.


Mulder could tell, because as much as she was loathe to admit it, Scully snored slightly. yes, only slightly, but still, he could hear the sleep in the tone of breathing coming from that side of the room.

"Shh," Mulder whispered to his son, "mommy's asleep. No wonder, she's been up with you all day."

He realized then that she'd obviously gone to find a sweatshirt for William, only to succumb to her inevitable exhaustion when she'd reached the second floor.

Mulder thought about how she doted on their son. How they both did.

If there was only a way to squeeze more minutes into their day, they would spend them all with him. Feeding him, playing with him. Just staring at him. The beauty that was the only physical evidence of their deep and eternal love for each other.

Picking up the quilt from the foot of the bed with one hand, and balancing William with the other, Mulder gently covered his wife before retreating to the hallway with their baby.

"Hey, William, who's ready for sleepy-bye?"

Although Mulder could have swore he saw a pout in his sons eyes at the suggestion of sleep, the baby went out like a light. And as Mulder crept over the hardwood floors back to his bedroom, he could hear his son resting peacefully.

"Scully?" he called quietly, "Sc-uuuuu-leee?"

No reply.

With all the stealth of the trained F.B.I agent within him, he snuck over the bed on all fours until he was leaning over his partner.

Still asleep.

He just watched her for a few moments. Drank her in.

He watched her sleep on their bed, in her worn levis and white cotton T and he knew he'd never tire of her beauty. Of her.

Bending low, dipping their box spring mattress to a dangerous level, at the risk of sending them both toppling off the bed, he brought his lips to her neck and kissed her tenderly.

"Mmm. Mul-her?" Alternately turning onto her back, and waking, she slurred his name.

"Hey, baby. what were you dreaming of?" He asked, watching her eyes refocusing on his, as she regained her sense of awareness.

Her arms came up to circle his neck, pulling him completely on top of her. He tunneled his arms behind her back to hold her as she buried her face in his shoulder for a moment. He swore he felt dampness on his knicks jersey, before she raised her mouth to his ear and whispered one word in response to his innocent question.

"hope." she said.

A tear sprang forth from his eye and she kissed him deeply, with a passion that only the two of them share, crushing him with her embrace.

"I was dreaming of hope."



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