Title: Just Fine
Author: Rebel
Category: S, A
Keyword: M/S married
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to the x-files characters.
Chris Carter, Fox, etc. own all the rights.
No infringement intended. No money made.

Summary: Mulder tries to get Scully to a hospital.

Mulder drove through the night trying to focus on the road ahead. His knuckles were white as both hands clenched the steering wheel. Every now and then, he stole a furtive glance at the woman gasping in pain beside him. He tried to reassure her as he fought down his own panic, "We're almost there, Scully. Try to hold on."

The car hit a small pothole and pain shot through Scully again. A moan broke from her lips. She was trying hard not to let Mulder know how much it hurt. He was no doubt already blaming himself for her being in pain. But as the minutes passed, it was getting more difficult to hold back.

Mulder pressed his lips tightly together. He had known soon after they were married that this would happen eventually. He would end up rushing her to some emergency room somewhere, praying that they would make it before it was too late. But what could he do? He couldn't leave her, and by this time it wouldn't do any good anyway. Scully would still be in danger if he left or stayed. As he glanced again at her drawn face, he remembered that leaving was never an option anyway. He would never, could never, leave her. But now she was suffering because of him.

At first he had tried to watch over her. But when she realized what he was doing, she quickly put a stop to it. She could take care of herself. After all, she was an agent, too. Did he doubt her ability? Of course, what could he say to that? But he had still kept watch, just discretely.

He looked up with relief when he saw the hospital up ahead. "We're here, Scully. Hold on just a little bit longer till I can get you in there."

Mulder drove up to the emergency entrance, jumped out and raced to the passenger side. He scooped Scully up as smoothly as he could and carried her quickly into the emergency room. The personnel on duty took one look at her and hurried over to prepare her for the operating room. In almost no time, she had disappeared behind the double doors and the attendant was asking for information.

It took Mulder a couple of minutes to realize what she was asking him. Next of kin? Yes, he was the next of kin. Actually, he had been listed that way almost from the time she had joined him on the X-Files.

Thinking about next of kin reminded him that her mother had to be called. He groaned. He had to call Mrs. Scully again from another hospital. He couldn't call until he knew what to tell her. But if Scully died before he called, Mrs. Scully would never forgive him.

He was still agonizing over making the call when he saw the doctor approach only forty-five minutes later. The doctor updated Mulder on all the pertinent information about Scully's condition. She was in the recovery room and he could see her briefly.

Mulder slipped quietly into the room and up to Scully's bed. He took her hand, giving it a gentle caress, and ran his fingertips along her face. He was delighted to see a small smile appear and her eyes flutter open drowsily. He whispered softly, "I love you." She smiled again and gave his hand a little squeeze in reply. Then her eyes drifted closed again, this time in restful sleep.

With a lighter heart, he dialed Mrs. Scully's number. When she recognized his voice, she became fully alert. "Fox! What's happened? Where are you? Where's Dana?"

"We're at Georgetown hospital. Sc--Dana's just fine. It's a boy."


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