Title: Asking A Favor
Author: Lynn K
SPOILER WARNING: It's post-Christmas Carol/ Pre-Emily. You figure it out.
CONTENT WARNING/CLASSIFICATION: V, MSR -- cause I cannot write anything else.
DISCLAIMER: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully are creations of Chris Carter (According to
Creative Loafing) and owned by Twentieth Century Fox.

SUMMARY: Scully asks Mulder to do her a BIG favor

AUTHOR NOTE: You knew I would not leave this one alone. So here is another perhaps-it-will-come-true pre-episode story. Well, it is a wish. . .

Dana sat on the doorstep. It was so weird being back in San Diego during the winter. Not as cold as D.C., but still a bit chilly. She rubbed her hands together waiting. . . wondering what she was going to tell Mulder. She just hoped she caught him before she confronted Bill and her mother with her plan.

Emily was her daughter. She had made so many readjustments in her live in the last few months and even in the last few weeks. Now . . . Why was this happening now . . . Unsure of what she wanted, Dana stood up on the tiny porch as watched as the MP let cars move by slowly. She barely noticed the one car slow and stop in front of her. Her eyes did noticed however the man getting out of the car and walking up the path to meet her. She was never happier to see him.

"Mulder." She smiled and her came up and hugged her. His arms felt good and she never wanted to leave their comfort.

"So what was this all important, can't explain on the phone, had to fly six hours to meet you in person to find this out news?"

"I think I need to tell you about this case . . ." Dana led him over to the step and told him about the Sims and Emily and her sister talking to her from beyond the grave. She slowed as she got to the PCR scan. "Emily turned out not to be Melissa's daughter. However, they compared the PCR to someone else and found a match. To me."

Scully looked up and saw that she had Mulder speechless.

"Mulder, when I petitioned earlier to adopt Emily, They said I won't make a good mother . . . to my own child."

"Scully, if you want me to testify to how great of a mother you'd make . . ."

"I want you to petition with me for custody."

"What?!" Mulder was standing, staring down his partner. She was scare at his reaction, something he had never seen in her face. This was difficult for her and he was not thinking.

Dana closed her eyes. She could only remember breaking down in front of this man two, maybe three time and she wasn't going to make that number rise. Telling herself she would just wait only made Mulder's move so strange. He reached around her body and took hold of her shoulder. She opened her eyes, watching as her face neared his and her body was pulled to his.

"You want me to be a father to Emily?"

Dana nodded. "I mean, you like kids and. . . "

"Scully, if it's your kid, I'll love it."

Dana looked up at the sound of his words. He really was not talking in innuendo anymore. His eyes were looking down at her and she could not turn away.

"I'm serious for once, Dana." He turned his body so he was facing her. "I wouldn't mind if you want me to be Emily's father. . . especially if you're her mother."

". . . Especially if you're her mother."

Mulder's words rang true in her ears. Did he really care enough for her to be a father to a child neither of them really knew? She felt his thumb sweep across her cheek as he wiped away a tear that had come to rest there. "Thank you," she whispered.

"C'mon. Let's get over to that agency and start refilling those adoption papers." He put his hand on the small of her back and led her to the car.

She closed the mailbox, idly flipping through the bills and junk mail. Scully's walking fingers came to a halt on a plain, white, legal-sized envelope bearing only her address and a San Diego postmark, and, in the top left-hand corner, four words: San Diego Adoption Agency.

She opened it with trembling hands, read the enclosed document, then ran back into the house with a shout of "Mulder!" leaving her lips for the icy afternoon air.

12:42 P.M.

San Diego Adoption Agency

He paced nervously around the room. Oh, God, how had he gotten into this? Mulder was rushing around as if Scully were giving birth instead of trying to adopt a child. Ever since they'd signed the final papers, he'd been a nervous wreck. He looked across the room at his partner sitting calmly on the bench that ran along one wall. How could she keep her cool at a time like this? But then she was good at that. When she looked up and patted the cushion next to her invitingly, he scuttled over like a child who wasn't quite yet sure if he was in trouble or not.

Scully sighed as he sat down. He worried too much, she thought as she patted him on the arm. At least he finally sat down. If he'd been allowed to pace like that another minute, she would have gotten seasick watching him. She was about to tell him as much when the waiting-room door in front of them swung open and a state agent walked in, leading Emily by one hand.

Scully knelt down on the floor and offered her arms to the little girl. "Hi Emily. Do you remember me? I'm going to be your mother."

Emily took a hesitant step towards her, looked back at the person in the doorway for confirmation, then flew into Scully's embrace.

Scully hugged her, turning her own eyes skyward as a single silent prayer left her lips: Thank you, God. Thank you.


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