Title: Evening
Author: little Starbuck*
Rating: PG
Category: kind of MSR, child... you decide!
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
Spoilers: Existence (baby)
Distribution: I would be happy to share, please keep my name on it. I'd love to know where it's going so I can come visit.

Summary: Ten years later...

~*Pleeze Enjoy*~

I am in the midst of preparing dinner when I hear the back door slam shut. Quick footsteps and greedy fingers rapidly find their way to the kitchen... and a bag of potato chips.

"Hey, Will!" I greet my son with a hug.

"Hey, Mom! Hope you don't mind if I have a few chips before dinner." This is own manipulative way of asking me to have permission to ruin his appetite. He plops down at the kitchen table and begins his feast! I return to the stove.

"Just a few, babe," I tell him.

"What is for dinner, Mom?" He doesn't give me time to answer, "Hey, guess what..."

"What? What happened at school today?" I ask curiously.

"Well, I almost got in a fight," he informs me with a mouth full of chips. There is a tone in his voice that could nearly be mistaken for pride. I supposed it's a "boy thing". Although, I can picture a grown man, like Mulder, saying the same thing with the same egotistical tone.

"Oh?" I try not to act surprised, though I am, "Well, that's um... that's not good. Who with?"

"With Ben Forest! You want to hear about it?" He chomps down on another chip before beginning his story.

"I don't know...Do I?"

"Okay... well, Ben and me were out at recess. He was playing basketball and I was talking to Chris on that bench under the tree. Anyway, so he comes up to me and says his dad and older brother, Frank, went on this fishing trip and his dad was gonna win the grand prize. I asked him how he knew that HIS dad would win. And he said that his dad always won." He takes a break to inhale another chip.

"Yeah. That sounds like a harmless conversation," I say.

"No, Mom, I'm not done. Then Ben asked me if MY dad ever won anything. I couldn't think of anything that Dad had ever been real good at-"

I have to interrupt him. "Well, you know Will, that isn't entirely true... Your dad did win that neighborhood sunflower seed eating contest last summer." I try to defend Mulder.

"Dad created that contest just so he could win!" He laughs. I can't help but giggle a bit myself.

"Aww, give him a chance, Will. He DID win something!" Yeah, he won my heart!

"Yeah, but that isn't the Grand Championship Trout Fishing Award! Anyway, so I said no, my dad hadn't won anything, but he did work at the FBI for ten years or so. I said he killed people before." He lets out a boyish giggle. I turn around and give him a stern look.

"William! You don't tell your friends about that stuff!"

"I'm sorry, Mom! But then, see, Ben got real mad. So he said, 'Cool! I bet you won a contest though, Will. Contest for the biggest nose on the planet!' All the kids laughed." My gaze turns sympathetic. I know how sensitive William is about the size of his nose. It's his dad's nose, one that I'm really quite fond of, actually. He's always been made fun of about it. I always try to reassure him about it, though, telling him it's the reason I married his father.

"I'm sorry, Will. Don't listen to what kids say about you. You are more special than any kid at that school. It might take you awhile to realize it, but you are!" I tell him kindly, "You're my little miracle, your father's and mine." I give my soup a quick stir.

"Sure, fine... whatever. I'm still not done, though. After that I got mad, but I didn't hit him. I am civilized, he isn't. But I did say, 'My Dad could take your dad down any day!' And Ben said his dad used to wrestle in college. And he won the state title. I said my dad was six feet tall. Then," He laughs as he speaks, causing a smile to find it's way to my worried face, "Then Ben backed down a little. I said, 'how tall's your dad, huh?' And Ben's all like, 'Five foot, eleven.' Oh my gosh, Mom, it was so funny. Cause, I've seen Mr. Forest and he can't be an inch more than five foot, six!" Both of us crack up laughing.

"Sounds like you had fun then. Maybe you shouldn't talk to Ben for awhile, though. Just let him cool off." I advise and turn back around to continue my cooking. I hear my son dutifully close the bag of chips and put it away in the cupboard. He returns to the table and taps his foot rhythmically on the tile floor.

"Hey, Mom?" he asks quietly.


"You think Dad could beat up Mr. Forest any day, don't you?" He asks. Aside from being the most well-spoken child I've ever had the pleasure to know, I've never seen one child more proud of their father than William is of Mulder. I turn around to face him and smile.

"You bet, kiddo!"


Author's Notes: This was another kinda short little spur of the moment thing. Hope you liked it. Feedback is always loved and always answered! Thanks for reading! Little Starbuck* signing out.

~All other work is at Ephemeral and Gossamer. Have a great one!~

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