Title: Dreams Come True 04
Author: Ruth
Classification: SRA - Mulder/Scully romance
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Redux I and II
Archive: Please let me know where and keep my name and address on it.
Disclaimer: The characters used in this story aren't mine. They are the property of Fox television and 1013 productions. I'm using them without permission but I'm not making any money of it. You could sue me but you wouldn't get much considering the fact that I am a student.

Summary: Scully gets the shock of her life when she goes to tell her Mother the good news, but it all works out in the end.

Author's notes: This is the fourth installment of the Dreams Come True series. If you haven't read the first 3 (which are available at Goss) then you'll be very lost.

On with the show...

When Scully was released from the hospital, the first thing she and Mulder did was go to her Mother's, to tell her the good news. Scully knocked on her Mother's door, when there was no answer she knocked a little firmer. Still no answer, which Scully thought was strange as her Mother's car was parked in the driveway.

"Maybe she's out in the garden," said Mulder. Scully riffled in her pockets for her keys and decided to let herself and Mulder in.

When they entered Scully said, "I'll go upstairs; you look down here and outside." Mulder nodded and off he went. Scully climbed the stairs and thought she heard a noise from inside her Mother's bedroom. She walked quietly up to the door in case her Mother was still sleeping. She walked in and was faced with the most unbelievable sight.

She had faced mutants, evil men and had seen things that would make others sick but nothing had prepared her for the sight before her; her Mom was in bed with Assistant Director Skinner.


"I'll wait downstairs." She replied trying to keep her cool. She left the room and went downstairs to find Mulder. She found him sat in the living room.

"No sign of her Scully, I don't think she's in."

"She's in Mulder. She was still in bed. And she wasn't alone."

"What do you mean?" Mulder asked, a little perplexed.

Scully didn't need to answer him because just at that moment Maggie Scully and Walter Skinner, both in robes, walked into the living room. Mulder just sat there looking like he'd walked in on the punch-line but missed the joke.

"Dana," he mother began, "this isn't what it looks like."

"Really?" Scully answered, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"That's a relief," she continued, her anger building, "because for a moment I thought that you had spent all last night screwing each others brains out!"

"Dana, I will not have you speak to me like that."

Scully scowled at her Mother before turning to Mulder, "C'mon Mulder we're leaving!"

Mulder shot an apologetic smile at Maggie and followed Scully to the car. They drove round the block and then Scully pulled over and started to cry. Mulder put his arms around her.

"Ssh, it's okay."

"It's not okay Mulder. How could she do this, does Dad mean nothing to her anymore?"

"I'm sure she still loves your Dad but she's lonely and needs companionship..."

"That looked like a lot more than companionship to me."

"Okay maybe that's the wrong word, but I'm sure she's not trying to replace your father." "Impossible."

Mulder was confused "Sorry?"

"It's impossible to replace him, he was unique."

"Ah. Look, I'm sure your Dad would want your Mom to be happy."

"Yeah, I guess, and he'd probably have had a right go at me for the way I just spoke to Mom. I didn't mean it, it was just such a shock."

"I know, I mean Skinner in a robe. Ewwwwww!!!" This made Scully laugh.

"C'mon Mulder, let's go home."

"What about your Mom and Skinner."

"They can wait, I just want to go home and relax. If Mom's worried enough, she'll come round later.

Dana Scully's Apartment: 6.05

Sure enough at 6.05 there was a very familiar knock on Scully's door. Scully turned to look at Mulder,

"10-1 that's my Mom." Sure enough, Mulder opened the door to find Mrs. Scully standing there, but again she wasn't alone.

"I'm not sure it's a good idea for you both to be here"

"Well. I think it is. Dana needs to grow up and deal with the fact that I'm not going to spend the rest of my life mourning her Father." Mulder stepped away from the door and let Mrs. Scully and Skinner in.

Scully looked sheepishly at her Mother. "Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to react the way that I did this morning, I was just shocked."

"I know honey, and I'm sorry for not telling you that Walter and I had been seeing each other." Scully smiled weakly. "Dana, I am not trying to replace your Father, and besides it would be impossible." Scully and Mulder exchanged knowing looks. "Being with Walter makes me feel happy, Dana. When I'm with him I know that nothing can hurt me. Isn't that the same thing you feel when you're with Fox?"

"Yeah. I don't know what else to say Mom I really am sorry. And, Sir, I must apologize to you as well. I was out of line this morning."

"Agent Scully, don't worry about it. I will ask two things of you if I may. One, and this applies to you too Mulder, is that you don't tell anyone in the Bureau about this. I'm not sure what my superior's reactions would be if they found out I was involved with an agent's mother. And two, when we're out of the office please call me Walter, it feels strange to have my partner's daughter call me sir."

"Of course, sir, I mean, Walter. Only if you call me Dana."

"So Dana, what did you come over for this morning anyway?"

"Mulder and I have news......We're getting married!"

"Oh my goodness sweetheart, that's fantastic news. Congratulations," said Mrs. Scully.

"Yeah, congratulations Dana, Mulder."

"Thank you Mom, Walter. In light of recent events I would like to ask you, Walter, if you don't mind, would you give me away?"

"I'd be honored, Dana. Truly honored."


Scully and Mulder were curled up on the couch watching the highlights of the latest Lakers game. "That was a nice gesture you made today Scully, asking Skinner to give you away. I have to say it surprised me though, I thought you'd ask Bill or Charlie."

"Well, Bill's not speaking to me, and I have no desire to change that situation, and Charlie's younger than me so, It doesn't feel right. And besides Skinner's watched our backs for the past 5 years, covered for us and helped us. He's been like a second father to me so he seemed like the logical person to ask."

"Think he'll stick up for us at the OPR hearing next week?" Scully chuckled,

"If my Mom's got anything to do with it, then yes."

"True, she'll probably dictate word for word what he's to say. Listen I'm meeting the Gunmen tomorrow, Langley's got a new theory on the JFK assassination. Wanna come?"

"As thrilling as that sounds, I told Mom we could go shopping tomorrow. You do realize that she's going to drag me into every bridal shop and every baby shop in Washington, don't you? Actually now that I think about a day with the three stooges does sound fun," she joked.

"Will you not call them that please?"

"Sorry. You gonna tell them about us."

"Of course, I'm so happy I want to tell the world."

"What about Samantha, you gonna tell them about her?"

"I don't know Scully, it's still so raw." Mulder sighed, and Scully felt his heart break into a million different pieces. She took his hand and placed it over her belly.

"Everything will be alright, Mulder, I promise." She made a mental note to visit the Gunmen herself, locate this woman claiming to be Samantha and give her a piece of her mind, for all the pain she has caused Mulder. As much as he brain was telling her not to interfere, she couldn't help it. Mulder needed closure, and she was going to get it for him. Whatever the cost.

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