Domestication, Dilemmas and Diapers

Author: Ann K

Rating: PG, V

Summary: Mulder adjusts to life as a father, with Scully as a domestic supervisor. Written in response to 450-word challenge on "diapers."

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He could handle most anything. Life aboard a spaceship. Torture by aliens. Chasing reptiles through underground tunnels. A long walk through the ice of Antarctica with an unconscious Scully. A thousand memories of the unexplainable and bizarre. How could this be so hard?

Mulder stepped back for a moment, rubbing his forehead in frustration. He scanned the sheet of paper again, looking at Scully's neat scrawl. The word haunted him. Diapers. Simple enough. He looked up at the stacks of diapers before him, stretching from one end of the aisle to the other. How in god's name could there be so many types of diapers for someone who weighed only ten pounds and couldn't even walk?

Absorbent. Ultra-absorbent. Overnites. Hefty. Boy. Girl. Ok, so he had the last part figured out. Could this be any more complicated?

Meeting the amused glance of a young woman walking down the aisle behind him, he sighed in resignation. Stepping toward the looming stacks, he casually tossed a bag into the cart.

Those looked good. Those, too. And some of these. And two of those.

When in doubt, pretend like you know what you are doing.

Finally arriving at their apartment, he struggled to reach the keys in his pocket, standing in front of the door with several bags of diapers in one hand and dinner in the other. God, when did he become so domesticated? In his frustration, he missed Scully opening the door softly, leaning against the frame with a soft smile. "Mulder," she said, startling him into scattering the bags across the hallway. "Need a hand?"

He was still amazed in the changes that had taken place in Scully. She looked different, softer somehow. He wondered if the proverbial change in women who became mothers was true. It was still hard to accept in his Scully. But it was nice. Her eyes glittered with perpetual warmth and she laughed often and easy.

It was beyond strange. He was still trying to find his footing, his place in this brave new world. William was change enough, Mulder's fascination with his baby never ending. Will would spend hours watching his toes in the air, trying to jam his fist into his mouth, babbling on about something that existed only in his small world. Funny, Mulder could relate.

"Worry we were going to have a diaper shortage, Mulder?" Scully's voice shook him from his thoughts. He met her wry grin with one of his own. "You know how that boy goes through diapers. We can never have too many in the house." She gave a muffled laugh, setting the table as he pulled dinner from the bag. "Ah, Mulder," she said, kissing him lightly on the cheek as she stepped into the kitchen. "You are too much."


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