Christopher Ryan Scully Stories by Jori


Having a child certainly changes everything, and the arrival of Christopher Ryan Scully is no exception to the rule. Mulder and Scully now must learn to deal with the 'unexpected' joys Christopher brings to their lives and the way he changes their relationship forever. Of course, parenthood is also life's biggest adventure, especially when you add in a few shadowy, conspiratorial figures, some abductees and 'weather control.'

A series of alternate universe stories set in the near future, this series follows the life of Christopher Scully. Romance is involved, and some stories are NC-17, so if you are underage, please don't read those or skip that part. PLEASE remember I began this story before U.S. season six even began. There are people alive in 2002 in this story who didn't even make it to the end of season seven. And there are events from season seven (ahem.... 'Sixth Extinction,' 'Millennium,' 'Sein und Zeit' and most importantly, the episode of episodes as far as changing my story is concerned, 'Requiem') that I just never expected when I started this way back in September of 1998.

01 - One of My Own
Summary: In the future, Scully and Mulder find themselves expecting a baby after only one romantic interlude.

02 - Storm Warnings
Summary: Mulder recalls the events that led up to the creation of Christopher Scully and ponders if there was more to it than what they think.

03 - Sunshine and Shadows
Summary: Continuing story for my One of my Own Series. M&S have a baby now, but are still working on a relationship. The syndicate seems to be behind the baby, but no one knows how. In this story, Mulder struggles with his first time alone with Christopher and with Scully's emotions, while Scully struggles with Postpartum Depression, a crisis in faith and loss of control over the fate of her son.

04 - Autumn Moods
Summary: Mulder and Scully now have a son named Christopher Ryan. Scully faces going back to work, Mulder faces life without the X-files and a proposition from someone to take them over. Christopher faces being three months old and the beginning of teething.

05 - Dry Spells
Summary: Mulder and Scully move forwards with their relationship and discover one of the true joys of parenthood.

06 - When All Through The House
Summary:Mulder surprises Scully with his Christmas presents and they get past a dry spell in their relationship. Christopher celebrates his first Christmas like all babies celebrate their first Christmas: oblivious.

07 - Final Descent
Summary: Mulder faces several tragedies at once.

08 - A Ring Around The Rosy
Summary: Scully attempts to deal with Mulder's return after a crisis.

09 - A Pocket Full Of Posies
Summary: A day in the life of the Mulder/Scullys. Mulder goes digging for more information on the cause of his son's accident and Scully feeds the birds.

10 - Ashes, Ashes. . .
Summary: Mulder and Scully are paired up again to investigate a twenty-five year old mystery that may have a big effect on their lives.

11 - We All Fall Down I
Summary: Mulder and Scully leave Christopher behind to head to New Mexico to investigate a twenty-five year old abduction that may or may not have extraterrestrial involvement.

12 - We All Fall Down II
Summary: Mulder and Scully must be getting too close to the answers in New Mexico because certain factions will do anything to prevent them from digging too deep. The case seems to be spiraling downhill without much chance that it could get worse. But it does.

13 - Abandoned Spaces
Summary: Held captive, Scully once again has her mettle tested, as she undergoes unknown experiments and wild dream states.

14 - Sand Trap
Summary: Tired from her ordeal, Scully learns more than she wants to while waiting for Mulder to recover.

15 - Past Perceptions
Summary: It is time to come to terms with the past.

16 - Latitudes I
Summary: The events of New Mexico are still haunting Mulder and Scully, and the family takes some time away from it all.

17 - Latitudes II
Summary: Mulder and Scully spend some time in Florida healing from their ordeal in New Mexico.

18 - Simple Arithmetic
Summary: The results of their journey to New Mexico are still coming in on Mulder and Scully.

19 - Misbegotten
Summary: Recent developments raise even more questions and help the agents realize what is truly important.

20 - Illumination
Summary: A very special occasion is celebrated.

21 - Departures I
Summary: Scully begins to discover some truths.

22 - Departures II
Summary: Mulder learns how the past and the future are tied together.

23 - Departures III
Summary: Mulder learns more about how his past will effect the future.

24 - Departures IV
Summary: The surprise of Kestrel's existence effects everyone in the Mulder-Scully family.

25 - Homefront
Summary: It is time for Mulder and Scully to face the various complexities of their homelife.

26 - Cohesion
Summary: The family begins to come together.

27 - Puzzles
Summary: The family is coming together. What about everything else?

28 - Full Term
Summary: As the holidays approach, Scully gets a little tired of being pregnant.

29 - To Begin Again
Summary: The time has come for the newest member of the Scully-Mulder family to arrive, but will Mulder arrive in time?

30 - Scattered
Summary: After the birth of Samara, Mulder and Scully struggle to keep their family together.

31 - Bliss
Summary: A wedding, some more information and a lot of children occupy Mulder and Scully's time.

32 - Shifts
Summary: Mulder, Scully and family meet their future. (series finale)

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