Title: The Chosen Ones
Storylink: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2195292/1/
Author: crookshanksthe1st
Summary:A crossover between Harry Potter and The X Files - takes place after season 9.

Author's note: I was bored one day when I wrote this, and felt William and I are very similar in some ways.

Who am I? Are you sure you wanna know? If somebody told you that I was about as lost as anyone could ever be... They were right... If somebody told you I was a hero... Somebody lied...

My name is Harry Potter and this is the story of my life.

I always wondered about what my life would have been like, if my parents had been alive, if the prophecy had never been made, would I have been in any more danger from Voldemort than I am now? Whatever I do, no matter how hard I try, the ones I love will always be the ones who pay.

I do not condone what happened to my family my fault anymore, but it hurts, knowing that if I had never had been born, I could have saved them from dying.

Sometimes at night, when I sleep I dream about them, my Mum and Dad. I can't help but be comforted by the dreams; together we are the family that wasn't meant to be.

I can't help but wonder about my brother William. He is my adopted brother; his parents adopted me after the night Voldemort killed my parents. Like me, he bears a scar the same as mine upon his forehead except it is on the right side. You see, he like me is very different. His life too was very complicated from the moment he too was born. When my mother found out she was pregnant, it had lead to a prophecy being foretold before my birth, one that linked both William and I.

"The Ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lords approach... One the true saviour of the Wizarding World and One a true Miracle of the Earth…Born to those who have thrice defied them,…Innocent blood shall be spilled of one family to protect the One and the other family will sacrifice the other for his safety...born as the seventh month dies...And the Dark Lords will mark each of them as their equal, but they will have powers the Dark Lords know not...And either must die at the hands of the other, for none can live while the others survive...The Ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lords will be born as the seventh month dies"

This is our gift and these scars are our curse, it's like Dumbledore first told us when he began to train and nurture our powers, with great power comes great responsibility.

This was the very prophecy told to my parents. William's parents did not know about the prophecy at all. Sirius my godfather had saved me from the rubble of what was my home in Godric's Hollow. In William's case Lord Kevar had went to his adoptive parents home in America and killed them in front of him and tried to use his alien powers on William but it didn't work, the power rebounded off of him and cast his soul from his body, as did the Killing Curse on Voldemort at the exact same moment when he tried to kill me. He and his birth parents were soon reunited when Dumbledore sent Hagrid to collect him and bring them to Hogwarts from the danger of the Supersoldiers who vented revenge on him for the downfall of their Lord, as did the Death Eaters on me hours after Voldemort's disappearance. We were both brought to Hogwarts and grew up under the watchful eye of Dumbledore while he nurtured our talents.

Many of you may think why didn't Sirius and Remus have full custody over me? After Peter went on the run they wanted to hunt him down, to avenge my parents' death, to kill their so-called friend that betrayed them. Dumbledore would have let them gone if it hadn't been for me, which stopped them; they did however on times when they weren't working as Aurors for the Ministry catching other Death Eaters. They would look for Pettigrew. When William and I first met that night, we struck an unbreakable bond. That was the night we became brothers. Dana told me that when they were brought to Hogwarts they saw William and I sleeping in the same crib and saw the scars on both our foreheads, she knew that she had to protect us both. Fox and Dana adopted me a month later and we have lived in Hogwarts for ten years. Sirius and Remus asked if my name "Potter" would stay the same and everyone agreed, to keep a part of my parents alive. I have a few things that they managed to salvage from the house that night; in my room I have a photograph of my parents on my bedside table that Sirius enchanted for me, the Marauder's map and my father's invisibility cloak. William and I have been on many trips around and outside of the school, Dumbledore knows of this, he feels we have to still be treated like normal children. Even though we must remain invisible at all times. In the wizarding world I am known as the famous Boy-Who-Lived.

My brother, strange isn't it, how suddenly I lost a family and gained another in return. Dana and Fox have always been there for me as has Sirius and Remus. They were there when I first began to walk and talk properly. Fox even learned that he was half wizard and that his mother had been a witch and decided to not tell him after his sister was taken. He began lessons with Dumbledore, as did William and I when we were four years old. We learned that William's alien inherited powers are telekinesis, telepathy. I also have a small trait of this power, it's what has been able to link us to each other from the moment we met, and the scars interlink us not only with Voldemort and Kevar but each other, creating the bond of brotherhood.

William and I have been brought up to believe in ourselves, for ten years we have been protected, by the ancient wards that the Founders set up around Hogwarts.

Now we would like to tell you our story.

"Hey Harry, Harrryyy! Wake up, come on" said William as he telekinetically threw a pillow at me.

"What?" I groaned as I looked into the smiling face of my brother.

"Duh, come on Harry, it's our birthday or have you forgotten that? You've reminded Mum, Dad Sirius, Remus and practically everyone in Hogwarts every single day.

I grinned "Yeah that's true." I looked to my bedside table and looked at the picture of my birth parents when I was a year old. The years had passed quickly, and I was happy that I had a family that loved me. I was now the last Potter. Even though I did not call Fox and Dana, "Mum and Dad" they loved me nonetheless; to them I would always be their son and they understood my pain in times when I remembered James and Lily.

Together the four of us became a family, that became extended over they years with the Professors of the school and of course Remus and Sirius.

"Come on, Mum and Dad are taking us into Diagon Alley to get us our birthday presents and school supplies" said William about to throw the pillow at me again.

"Ok okay I'm up, Will." I laughed as I reached for mu glasses. Then my brother and I got ready for breakfast.

In the years we had stayed in Hogwarts, we learned that the castle could add rooms and make others disappear if it wished. Our parents had moved into the castle a small tower appeared on the opposite side of the castle, where it had become their home, 3 bedrooms a bathroom, study, kitchen. Dumbledore had preferred it that we would stay at Hogwarts so both of us would be protected.

Mulder had missed Muggle Technology to begin with, but a few times a month, we would portkey into London to phone Scully's mother Maggie, remaining family and of course their friends John Doggett and Monica Reyes, who were William's godparents, and their former boss Walter Skinner of the FBI.

Maggie had been astounded when she found that William, Dana and Fox had been reunited, and even more so when they brought me a month later with them to visit. She saw how much Dana and Fox loved us both and knew that no matter who or where I had come from I would always be her grandson. She also became used to the ways of the wizarding world communication and once the threat on their lives had been lifted a few months later she went to stay with us at Hogwarts, fascinated that a world such as it existed.

Both of us ran downstairs. "Hey Guys, Happy Birthday" said Scully as we approached the table. She was making our favorite, pancakes and syrup, for breakfast. "Morning" we both chorused. She kissed each of us on the forehead.

"Hey Mum, where's Dad?" said William as he sipped his orange juice.

"Talking to Albus, you guys still want to go into Diagon Alley?" she asked putting pancakes onto each of the plates. Both of us nodded as we ate.

After breakfast we went into the living room and heard the door open. "Hey boys, guess who I found lurking outside," said Mulder as he entered, carrying two parcels. A big black furry head appeared from behind him as he entered with it's tongue hanging out as it barked happily and a man behind the dog entered.

"Padfoot! Moony!" I said, and William got up from the couch and walked towards the dog who transformed into the form of Sirius Black and the man behind him Remus Lupin. Sirius looked into the face of his godson and William and I enveloped each of them into a hug, as did Remus.

Scully hugged them in return also they had become family to her and Mulder over the years in England. "So do you guys want your presents now?" said Sirius as he went outside and came back in with two long parcels.

We looked at each other and nodded. They all watched as we opened them to reveal a Nimbus 2000 broomstick for each of us. "How did you guys afford these?" said William as he picked up the broom hardly believing his eyes.

"Well, we all contributed me, your mother, Sirius Remus, your grandmother, John, Monica, Walter, most of the Professors and James and Lily," said Mulder, stressing on the last two names of the people I didn't expect to hear.

"What?" said I disbelievingly.

"Maybe this will answer your questions Harry," said Remus as he handed me a small pouch. I opened it carefully and shook it as a golden key fell into my hand.

"It's a key to the Potter vault in Gringotts, you are now the owner of it. Lily and James wanted you to have it," Sirius explained. I nodded and thanked everyone as I hung the key on a chain around my neck before William and I opened the rest of our presents.

We each got a book from Hagrid on different types of dragons, and an assortment of sweets from Professor Dumbledore, and we laughed as each of us pulled out a packet of sherbet lemons each. From John, Monica and Walter we received a Quidditch set.

"You guys can play with it when we get back from Diagon Alley," said Scully as she brought in their cloaks and handed them to us. I put the necklace safely under my t-shirt. When we headed back to the living room, they all decided that we'd travel by Floo powder.

William smiled at me as we each shouted "Diagon Alley" one after we other they disappeared. We all appeared disheveled at the end, in the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron.

William looked around excitedly and saw Hagrid approaching us, helping up our parents who still hadn't become used to traveling by Floo yet.

Remus and Sirius laughed, as they too appeared all covered in soot. "Scourgify" muttered Mulder, Remus, and Sirius, and within a few seconds they were all clean.

We walked ahead and made our way to Gringotts. Sirius looked to me as the Goblin asked me for the key. "Ah Mr Harry Potter" it said as it took the key into his hands and then handed me a letter. "Please only read this when you are at your vaults."

I turned to my adoptive parents and looked at them. William waved Sirius, Remus, and me off as he was handed his key to Gringotts from the trust fund Mulder and Scully had set up for him and moved their accounts to Gringotts.

I tore open the letter and began to read.

Our Dearest Harry,
Happy Birthday son today is your eleventh birthday!

We only wish we could be there to celebrate it with you, but we ourselves know the truth about who you are to become. You are the child we always dreamed of having, Harry, fate gave you to us and then it was against us when it decided to take away the most precious thing in our lives.

Know this Harry, we are everywhere you go and in everything you do and no matter who you become we will always love you. This is our birthday gift to you.

We leave you the key to the Potter family vaults that will be bestowed to you if you are to survive. Placing your hand on the door will activate the larger ones; only a true Potter can access them. There are things such as, possessions that belonged to both set of grandparents after they died, and they wanted you to have them. There is the estate to Godrics Hollow, which you now own. Sirius and Remus are to help you with the estate and the money. We only hope that you were placed in their care or by loving parents who could in turn love you as much as we do.

Never forget that we love you and that you are not alone in this fight, you may be young but you will always be our baby boy.

All our love forever and always Prongslet,
Love Mum and Dad aka Prongs and Lilikins – (that is your father's nickname for me)

I began to cry as I laughed a little and when I came to the end of the letter. I passed it to Sirius and Remus and they too began to read it, beginning to cry.

Griphook the Goblin stopped the cart and Sirius, Remus and I jumped out.

Griphook opened the first door to the vault with the key and then handed it back to me. When the first door swung open, he placed his hand on the second door. The door began to shine a golden color and then opened to reveal piles of Galleons and Sickles, rare precious stones as we walked further inside there were at least ten more vaults within this one.

Sirius smiled, "You didn't think they would leave you without nothing would you?" I began to laugh as I made my way round the first vault collecting enough money for the school term. I chose to take two small jewel encrusted daggers; when me and William are old enough, we'll come back and explore.

We left the vault and I sealed it again by placing my hand on the door. The cart spiraled forwards and ten minutes later we met up with the others.

Then we went to Madame Malkins to purchase new school robes. Scully watched as her two sons stood on stools and fidgeted as Madame Malkin tried to measure us.

Later on, after we had purchased all their books, and spell supplies, we made their way to Eyelops Owl and Magical Animal Emporium. I looked longingly at all the animals deciding on what to choose.

"What about an owl?" said Mulder as he watched we wandering around from animal to animal.

I nodded.

"Yeah, I mean they would be useful," said William as he looked up at a brown specked and black owl. "I like this one," he said as it flew down to him and perched on his arm.

Scully stroked its feathers agreeing with him. "He is beautiful," she said to Mulder and the others.

I looked around the rafters in the shop and spotted a beautiful white snowy owl. I cooed to her and she turned her head and flew down to him gracefully. "Hey, I think she likes me," I said laughing as the owl playfully nipped my fingers.

With that we purchased both owls and on the way named them. My owl was named Hedwig and William's called Arcemedes.

Now all that was left was to choose our wands. Mulder, Scully, Remus and Sirius decided to go to a nearby café to rest and let us choose the wands ourselves, insisting that this was our experience and they wished for us to go through it alone.

William and I walked inside and looked around the dusty old shop, piles of wand boxes littered the shelves from floor to ceiling. William rang the bell telekinetically and an old man jumped out from behind the counter staring straight at us, with a surprised smile upon his face.

"Ah, I wondered when I would be seeing you two," he said. Usually the first thing people noticed about us were our identical scars, but Mr. Ollivander seemed to recognize them from their facial features.

"Yes, it seems like only yesterday, your mother and father were in here buying their first wands," he said indicating to me and I looked up in surprise.

Then he turned to William. "Ah and your grandmother, I remember her well. Pity she chose to live as a Muggle later on in life - denying who you really are, is not what one should do," he said.

William looked at the old man curiously wondering how old could he be if he remembered so many things about their families. He shrugged his shoulders as Mr Ollivander waved his wand and tape measures appeared on both William and my right arms.

A few minutes later he appeared with an armful of wand boxes. He handed each of us a wand, but to William and I they did not feel right, as Mr Ollivander asked us to wave them.

That smashed several ornaments and blew up half of the shop.

Ollivander had almost given up when he looked in the back and found the two boxes that were covered in dust. William sighed and scratched his head as he put the wand down on the counter and looked to me. I shrugged my shoulders in boredom.

The End>

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